My ODDyssey: It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night… (After Dark part 3) No ratings yet.

My ODDyssey: It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night… (After Dark part 3)
This Story is part 3 of 5 in the series My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts

My ODDyssey: It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)


Author: sisterchastity


Bonne Annee guys and Dahlings, sorry to have kept you waiting…fucking bloody busy as usual

(Save a Prayerplaying)

It’s not very often that I get this kind of sensual excitement, I’m not your garden variety hypersexual (the archaic term is nymphomaniac) as I’m mostly into women, I don’t get this “attacks” often it but when it doesI can’t help myself, it’s fucking overwhelming, unavoidable, I must and will always give in, it’s a very bizarre if not a rare kind of nymphomania. (you could say I’m a wee bit of xenophiliac or teratophiliac?)

I’m not even a bipolar, andI don’t go like “Oh gawd not again” or “fuck! not now please” like someoneturning into a werewolf or any monster, a sexual Jekyl and Ms. Hyde, I have no feelings of guilt, shame or inadequacy asI’ve enjoyed every wild sexual encounter very much and sometimes more than the last, getting really turned on being uber daring, wild and crazy, but not stupid and careless as I’m very careful keeping a low profile and covering my tracks.

I’m mostly into other hot females, but an episode during my early teenage years had awoken hidden sensual desires I never thought I had, and now my body would crave these wild, bizaare orgasmic pleasures from time to time.

The “feeling” I had when I looked up at the moon as I was walking towards the restaurant, the tingling, heart racing, churning, steamy-air-inside and butterflies-in-stomach kind of feeling, as always, an omen of an inevitable orgasmic maelstrom.

Oh by the way I said Lex remind me so much of my dear sweet Cheesecakes (Saeko) looks, attitude, boobs, body, well hmm Lex look a wee bit Japanese, think of a slightly morenayoung Tina Yuzuki aka Rio, but with nicer, rounder boobies (I think she’s prettier than the (very) overrated Maria Ozawa) she’s Lex’s kahawig. (talaga lang ha?well ok, super cute and sexy jpop girl idol si Saeko and pangit if not kadiri vajayjay ni Maria Oz, teehee – Lex)

(picking up from where we left off)

“Uhn, b-babes aa-uhngkhk-no?” bo uttered stutteringly, sputtering, quivering, looking very confused and hesitating, but his eyes gleaming with bestial lust.

“hubaran mo kami…go” Lex said again in a rather aching tone (whilst sucking lips with me), turning her body to bo.

Bo seemed at a loss, frantic, looking very hesitating and confused what to do next probably because he can’t fucking believe this is all happening, especially to someone like him. Lex and I went on passionately sucking lips as we undo the buttons on her plaid flannel shirt. bo’s hands joined in, shaking as they pop off the last 2 buttons.

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He groaned and swallowed hard, eyes bulging as I expose Lex’s lovely firm bosoms. I pulled her shirt over her shoulders and she lets bo totally take them off, freeing her arms of the sleeves.

Still kissing torridly, Lex pinned me against the cushioned backrest of the bamboo sofa, going so ferally erotic on me, hand inside my blouse, exlploring and caressing.

The bamboo couch is very low, like a little over 10 inches up the floor, and the cushioned seat wider than most regular sofas, almost as wide as a single bed and would’ve served as such.

Bo’s slightly bloodshot eyes stared at my cameltoe, as my soaking wet (bikini type) semi-translucent
knickers went clinging to my crotch like a second skin. I teased him more by spreading my legs as Lexie’s hand slowly slide down and then dipped inside my panties, he watched with delight as her supple fingers went loving every inch of my crotch and going very hard on my clit and pussy lips with my hips slowly bobbing and swaying very sexily.

“Ohhh gawddd that feels sssoo goood babe!” I uttered gasping and arching as I felt her supple fingers enter my lovehole. “Uhmm sikip talaga nang puki mo girl ahhn tang inaaah ka! fuuck tang ina shit you’re so fucking tight!!! ” She uttered in a sexy aching tone as her fingers go in deeper. (kakagigil naman talaga puki nya, ang tambok and so fucking tight – Lex)

“D-deeper… ohh gawd pasok mo pa uhhh push them all in” I said in a sexy aching tone, caressing her hand. “like this? huh?” she replied pushing all her fingers in making me arch. “Ohh gawd yes ohh!!” I yelled.

“You like that girl? sarap ba ?” Lex said lovingly whilst finger fucking me in a sensual legato, fingers pulling out slowly and then going in very hard and deep, hitting my g-spot getting my hips and body swaying and bobbing even more sexilly.

“Mm-mmhh ohhh” I uttered, nodding lightly with a winced smile. “Talaga?” She asked, looking so delighted. “Ang sarap mong i-finger girrlll uhmm putang ina kaa uhmmm! ang sikip sikip nang puki mooo! uhmmhh” she utters going bite lipped shoving her fingers really hard and deep, making me moan loudly. I smiled back at her, bite-lipped whilst fondling her bosoms with my right hand.

bo went grunting as his very bony and corded dark hands slowly slide from my knees to my thighs, shaking and kneading lightly as they went and then held each of the bottom sides of my blouse. Very libog and confused, he stupidly try to pull my buttoned poet blouse up but it’s pressed between my bum, my back and the couch.

bo then grabbed the middle part of my shirt then roughly ripped them open, making me and Lex gasp, and shewent “ay shit!” and giggling as all 3 buttons snapped off at the same time. His bloodshot eyes went bulging and welling up even more as he beheld my exposed, nice and firmbosoms, beads of sweat rolling on them. His eyes went back and forth on our exposed wet boobies, looking hungrily and muttering something in his dialect.

Lex went down and hungrily suckled my boobies, whilst she kept on fucking me with her supple fingers, her sexy tongue went snaking and flicking, getting my nipples more fucking stiff. “Ang sexy talaga nang boobs mo girl, uhmm” Lex said staring teasingly. I watched bite-lipped as she suck-pull each bosom with her luscious mouth again and again and then looking at me teasingly as she toyed with them with her teeth, her fingers going a wee bit faster, hitting my g-spot with her thumb pressing and rubbing my clit hard.

“Yours are very sexy too” (really they are, like my other girls) I said as I fondle her lovely firm bosoms with both hands. “T-talaga?(beaming) uhh shitt ohhhh fuckkk!!” she uttered wincing as i twist pull her stiff nipples smiling teasingly bite-lipped. “Ang naughty naughty mo talagaaahhuhmm!!” she said going bite-lipped shoving her fingers deep and hard “mhmmm-nnghh!” I uttered wincing, but smiling bite-lipped and then giggled softly.

“Ohhmmgee ang saraapp girl, uhhngh that feels so good ba-bhy” she uttered moaning as I suckle and knead her bosoms “uhmmgirlll…ang sarap mo talaga mag ohhhshit tang ina kaaaa! ohh fuuckk uhhh!!”

bo went drooling watching the scorching spectacle, the raging beast inside his briefs throbbed even more with it’s ghastly purplish head with skin folds peeking above the garters.

I planted soft kisses on Lexie’s face as I lovingly held it, she pulled her hand from my soaking wet panties and sexilly sucked and licked her fingers. “Mmmhh you taste so fucking sweet girl mhmmm” she then coiled her arms around my neck and we lovingly suck lips. “I love you baby uhmm, I love you so much” she kept uttering, whimpering with tears falling, between kisses.


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Lex and I gasped and moaned as dark, zombie-like hands grabbed each of our bosoms. We went moaning loudly whilst kissing, getting very sensually electrified by the very hellish feel of sweaty and very course (a wee bit like wet sandpaper), quivering palms on our bosoms as bo greedily knead and squeeze them, “Maammmh unghh babes ang uhngk ganda ganda n’yoooo!!! ang gaganda nyo talagahhh!” he kept uttering loudly grunting and groaning with desire and looking very fierce and breathing heavily as he went.

Our hands joined in the fondling and then went exploring each other’s body. Bo went drooling even more and a warm drop of it fell on my tummy near the navel.

(Because the Night playing)

I reached for bo’s briefs and he lets go of our bosoms and went grunting, looking stunned as I slowly pull his underpants down, grinning naughtilly bite-lipped, releasing his raging beast, his very nanggagalit na titi! 

“Ohh my god, g-giiirrl aaayyiishiiiiitt !!” Lex exclaimed ending in a fainting timid scream and then giggling softly, folding her legs under her, pressing her cheek with mine as we beheld bo’s ugly throbbing titi. I further pull his knickers down revealing his dark testicles. “Tang ina shiiiit, anong klaseng titi yan girrrllll ?!! tang ina ang weird, ang scary hihihi!” Lex murmured giggling as I slowly I pull his briefs to his knees with my toes.

I reckon it’s about 6 (not absolutely sure but it’s definitely more than 5) inches, with a very bulbous, purplish glans (head) glistening with sticky pre-cum and a very dark, veiny, slightly curved shaft that taper to his hairy groin. It was ghastly looking, like a grotesque and burnt chicken drumstick with the top part still very raw, or a variant of the chestburster (duhh? Aliens?).

Completely naked, bo’s very ugly physique can easily land him a role in a new planet of the apes movie as an almost hairless gangly ape with a revolting, unearthlylooking titi (tee-hee – Lex).

“UhngghhMaamm… UHNGG!” he groaned, flinching and quivering as my fingers slowly closed over his ghastly, throbbing dark meat. He went grunting and groaning, getting weak at the knees as I lovingly stroke the full length, going back and forth from the head to the hairy base, getting it more throbbing, sticky and slimy.

I pulled his titi and he stumbled (because of the briefs at his knees) and fell but was able to lean on his many scarred knee on the couch and had me gasping and moaning as it pressed very hard on my crotch.

I went on lovingly stroking the hideous, stiff and very sticky throbbing beast and bo went spasmic and sweaty drops of his cold sweat fell on us.. “Uhh! m-maammm unghhh…..sheet(and something in his dialect)!” he kept uttering, sputtering, monkey face grimacing with erotic pleasure, his many-scarred knee, pressing and rubbing my crotch.

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“Play with me baby” I whispered to Lex, as my thumb caress the sticky head. “Uhh ha?!” she uttered timidly as she was a wee bit reluctant at first and then her hand slowly and a bit quivering went for bo’s titi. “Uhhh shittttaayieee!” she went screaming timidly, wincing as her supple fingers slowly closed around the ugly, slimy, throbbing shaft.

(Once in a Lifetime playing)

“Shiiiit giirrlll tang-ina a-ang t-tigass, omgeeeiit’s so fucking hard, ughhh pu-t-tang inaaa hiihihihishit ang sticky!” Lexie uttered, as I make her stroke it, wincing and giggling with excitement, behaving like a silly little girl playing with a cock for the first time. “Ayyy-ayyyieee” she went screaming timidly, wincing and giggling as I make her other hand play with the ugly dark testicles.

We lovingly stroked and played with bo’s titi and balls, and it became more slimy and sticky, making squishy sounds with our hands “Ahhhrrggh shet sheeet put ungghhh!” he kept uttering loudly, hands kneading our shoulders, panting and grimacing with the burning pleasure as his hips began to rock and his knee went pressing even harder on my wet pussy.

Staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, Lexie caressed my face with her cum sticky hand, fingertips ran lightly over my lips. She winced bite-lipped as I sexilly suck her cum soaked fingers. “Sarap?” she whispered with a cute wince.

I let go of her fingers and smiled sweetly “sarap ang cum niya?” she asked in a low tone whilst fondling my left bosom. “mmmhh” I replied doing a cute wince bite-lipped. She giggled as her hand slide down and dipped inside my wet panties again. “Ohmmhh baby” I uttered as she fondles my pussy with bo’s knee pressing her hand even harder. I also dipped my cum sticky hand in her thongs, and fondled her.

“I want your puki to taste his cum too” I said as my fingers go very hard between her soft, wet pussy lips and throbbing stiff clit. “Ohh shiitt ka baby, ohhh fuck tang inaaah shit shiiit!” Lex uttered, her hold on bo’s titi became tighter making him flinch. “Uhhng b-babes! uhhngkk!” Bo yelled wincing andcrouching.

Eyes closed, we suck lips, tonguing, locking mouths, fondling each other’s pussies whilst playing with bo’s ugly cock and balls.

I then felt the cold, sticky head pressing on my cheek and then it went sliding on to Lexie’s cheek. “Ayyy shit!” Lex exclaimed timidly. I looked at her teasingly and she gasped as I began licking and planting soft kisses on the horrid, sticky, bulbous head and then nibbling it sexily with my lips, bo went grunting and groaning,panting and muttering “mm-mam uhnng (and something in his dialect).

“Ohh m-gee g-girlll! oohh f-fuucckkk!” Lex murmured, eyes widened as my mouth went licking, kissing, sucking and nibbling, on the dark, veiny shaft, and then sexily ran my tongue from the balls to the tip.

She gasped and uttered “Ay shiiiiit” going bite-lipped as I wrap my lips around the ghastly looking purplish head and slowly took it in, hungrily sucking, tongue flicking, moaning sexily as I went.

“Ahhhh, unnhgggn maaamm uhh nakupu putt! (and something in his dialect) moohhh! ungghh!” bo yelled grimacing, flinching, as his ugly, throbbing, dark veiny cock went deeper in my mouth.

“Oh my god shit ang kinky mo girrlll!” Lex whimpered achingly, watching as I suck, tongue flicking and rolling on the shaft. “Tang ina shittt ang wicked moo!” and then she went kissing and sucking my cheek and neck, nibbling, suck-pulling my ear, moaning, whimpering and moaning as she went. Her fingers then enter me again, hand shaking as they go in deep and hard. “Ohhh putang inaa ka nakakalibog ka talagaa girl tang ina ka shitt mhmmm…you’re so fucking hotttt mhmmm” she said whimpering whilst loving me with her sensuous mouth.

My fingers slowly enter her tight wet lovehole, wriggling and squirming as they go in. I fingered her slowly, going deep and hard whilst hungrily sucking bo’s cock.

I gagged a bit as the head touched my throat, I took deep breaths and slowly let it slide down my throat until my lips were pressing on his hairy crotch, nearly 6 inches (or somewhere around that) of throbbing dark titi completely inside my mouth. I slowly retreated, took breaths and went again, slowly letting it slide down my throat until my lips pressed on his hairy crotch.

“Mamm uhngg” bo kept uttering whilst groaning deeply, as do it again and again. I was able to do another successful deepthroating on another lucky guy but it was short (only lasted less than 5 minutes I think) kasi his titi is slightly curved and I kept gagging.

I let go of of bo’s cock and turned to Lex, cum and saliva stringing from my lips and the horrid purplish head. I pulled her by her nape and we kissed long and hard, making her taste bo’s precum from my mouth.

“Join me baby” I said achingly and Lex paused for a moment and then lovingly sucked my lower lip and whispered “y-yess babe, I-I love to” she whispered amorously.

Her lovely mouth mimicked my every actions, as we went licking, kissing, sucking and nibbling bo’s ugly cock, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes .

“unnghhh babesss unghhh! maammm unghhh (native dialect) unghh!” bo kept yelling, grimacing, between loud groaning, and grunting.

Bo caressed and knead our nape and shoulders as his hips slowly rocked, his throbbing, dark titi sliding between our sexy mouths.

Overwhelmed with lust Lex wrapped her luscious lips around the head, and lovingly sucked the titi, moaning sexilly as she slowly get more of the dark veiny meat into her mouth. I smiled and planted soft kisses on her supple cheeks.

“babes uhnggg sarap mo dinman m-mag uhhhhngandam-mhuu aahhh!!!” bo yelled, grimacing and groaning.

Lex so drunk with extreme libog, hungrily sucked the horrid looking cock with her eyes closed, whimpering and moaning loudly as she went. Her eyes would occasionally open halfway, eyes rolled back, showing only the whites. I went licking and sucking along the dark, veiny shaft and then I slide my mouth down the dark wrinkly testicles, licking and sucking them, making bo go even more spasmic and flinching.

“Uhmmm you’re so sexy Lex” I murmured as mymouth went exploring Lexie’s cheek, neck and shoulders, nibbling, kissing, sucking, licking whilst fingering her deep and hard, Lex also went harder and deeper, fucking me with her fingers whilst hungriy sucking and stroking bo’s cock.

“Babesssuhnng (and something in his dialect)” bo uttered breathing heavily, kneading and caressing my shoulder, his left hand onLexie’s nape pushing as his dark scrawny hips went rocking fast.

I sensed that bo is near cumming, I stopped finger fucking Lexie and gently pull her from his cock . “Ohh baby..” she whimpered, panting, wincing, looking at me with eyes tearing up, aching in erotic agony, pre-cum and saliva stringing from her lips and bo’s cock.

I planted soft kisses on her face as I lovingly held it, she pulled her hand from my soaking wet panties and coiled her arms around my neck and we lovingly suck lips. “I love you baby uhmm, I love you so much” she kept uttering, whimpering with tears falling, between kisses.

Dark, zombie-like hands again grabbed each of our heaving bosoms and we went gasping and moaning loudly whilst kissing, getting very sensualy electrified by the very sensually hellish feel of sweaty and very course (almost like wet sandpaper), quivering palms on our bosoms as bo greedily kneads and squeeze them, looking very fierce with desire, groaning and grunting like a beast as he went.

(Get into the Groove playing)

bo went down and hungrily suckled and licked my bosoms, grunting and groaning loudly like a hellish beast, sinking his crooked teeth, thick ugly lips looking like very fat leeches as he went suck-pulling the stiff nipples, his tongue went snaking, wriggling and lapping like a slimy fat pink worm. “Uhmmm uhhh mmhhh shiittt, that’s so good yesss uhh!” I kept uttering very loudly, whilst arching and twisting, head-turning and grimacing in erotic agony.

I went on arching and squirming, moaning loudly with Lex whilst torridly kissing, as bo continue hungrily suckling me, whilst his hands squeeze and knead our bosoms very hard. My head went turning left and right, as I go gasping and moaning loudly with lex lovingly exploring my neck and shoulders with her mouth.

bo’s mouth slowly went up, sucking and licking, hands not letting go of our bosoms and I felt his slimy sticky titi rubbing on my groin and tummy and would “fuck” my navel as his ghastly mouth feasted on my neck and shoulders.

He tried going for my mouth but I turned and locked lips with Lex. His horrid mouth sucked and licked our cheeks and then slowly slides down Lexie’s supple neck toher sexy bosoms.

Lex went gasping and moaning loudly “Uhhh fuuckktang ina shit shiiit!” (and oh my gawd was it so fucking sexy!) as we suck lips, turning her body, letting bo’s ravenous mouth feast on her lovely firm bosoms.

“Uhhhf-fuckk tangina shiittt!!!” Lex yelled whimpering, tears falling, wincing in erotic agony, her body also went arching sexily as bo hungrily suckled her, whilst squeezing and kneading our boobies, beads of sweat kept rolling all over our bodies.

bo’s ravenous mouth went back and forth on our boobies, I moaned gasping, head turning and arching, as Lex lovingly explored me again with her sensuous mouth and then it went slowly, kissing, sucking, licking towards my bosoms.

“Ohh Leexx uhh my gawwddd b-babyyy!!!” I yelled, whimpering, eyes welling up as she suck, lick, and fondle my boob moaning loudly and sexily as she went.

I went arching, twisting, moaning and whimpering loudly with tears falling, wincing in erotic agony as a very lovely moaning Lex and a loudly groaning, ghastly looking bosuckling, fondling and kneading my boobs, making very loud sucking, squelchingnoises with their mouths.

Lex’s hand slide down and again dipped inside my knickers, fondling my soft, wet pussy, slender, supple fingers going hard on my stiff clit and between my pussy lips, whilst she suckle and lick my bosom.

I watched the throbbing dark monster as it often touch and rub on my skin, I reached for it and lovingly stroke it, making it “fuck” my navel whenever bo’s mouth would go sucking and licking my neck and shoulders. Lex pulled her hand from my soaking wet knickers and joined me fondling his cock and balls.

bo’s hips rocked and bobbed as his titi again make squishy noises with our hands. Lex stopped suckling me and we stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“I-I’m enjoying this so much girl” she murmured “Yeah?!” I said smiling, brushing hair behind her ear, wincing lightly as bo went on hungrily suckling and fondling our bosoms. “Uhmm god yesss!, I-I’ve never been this fucking burning hot and wet!” Lex whimpered with an aching look.

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We held each other’s face with cum sticky hands and kissed torridly, as bo slowly went down, sucking and licking every inch of my abdomen in beastly fashion, including the sides, his revolting tongue probed my navel like a slimy fat worm.

“Ohh lexxiee I love you! gawd I love you lexieee!” I whispered, sucking each other’s fingers, “Uhmm I love you tooo uhmm sssooo much! g-girlll I loovee you so much!” she gaspingly whispered back.

Dark, sinewy hands clawing at my legs as bo ravenously sucked and licked my inner thighs, going up and down, grunting and groaning like an animal.

His hands then slide to my knickers’ sides, grabbed the waistband and slowly pull my panties off but left it hanging on my left leg.

Iteased him by spreading my thighs wide, hips bobbing and swaying, going slow and very sexy and his face looked very stupid as he stared at my exposed wet pussy, the hairless, supple smooth fleshy mound flushing and glistening with sweat and love dew.

His eyes then went bulging and burning with hellish delight as he lazily ran his long dark knobby thumbs all over my pussy and the course feel made sensual electricity run up and down my spine and all over my body.

My body went tingling even more, heart racing with excitement when he parted my pussy lips with his knobby dark fingers and looking even more hungrily and went drooling at my open flower.

“Uuuuhhhnghh!!” I yelled gasping and arching and then went groaning bite-lipped as bo rubbed his ugly face so fucking hard on my crotch that muffled his loud, heavy groaning, whilst sinewy, dark hands went clawing, kneading and squeezing my thighs and bum.

(Burning up playing)

His pudgy nose, “fucking” my pussy, going so hard between the lips and clit, with hot breath blowing on the tender swollen flesh had me gasping and moaning loudly as my body went arching and bending forward, lifting and bringing my thighs together, squeezing his head.

He kept my thighs open by coiling an arm around on one and a hand pushing and clawing the other, as his beastlymouth ravished every inch of my womanhood, licking and sucking my crotch and inner thighs, licking and suck-pulling my pussy lips and clit very hard, as he did our nipples.

bo wasn’t an experienced pussy eater, not very gentle nor passionate, but rather very bestial and chaotic. I reckon he hasn’t been with hot girls ever, and now he’s able to release his inner beast, all repressed desires and fantasies unleashed in full fury.

It was very fucking chaotic, beastly savage I must say but nonetheless an immensely scorching, fucking devilishly seething, toe curling and head turning sensation, it mademy body go squirming, twisting, writhing and arching in ecstasy even more, as warm nectar kept pouring profusely from my pulsing lovehole.

I went from wincing to grimacing, gasping, whimpering and moaning loudly at the maddening hellish pleasure. My clit became more fucking stiff and throbbing, I saw my pussy lips become swollen reddish pink as they drown in his hot drool.

Parting my pussy lips with his thumbs his tongue went licking from anus to pubis making my pelvis bob and quiver with every hard pressed lap. His tongue would sometimes go flicking and wriggling, like a seething, frenzied, pink slimy creature. Sweat went rolling all over my body as my pelvis, my entire body went tingling and swaying with feminine instinct.

“Ohhh shitttt ohhh my gawwdd!” I gasped arching, as I felt bo’s revolting tongue as it slowly enter me, like a horrid slimy pink slug creature forcing itself into my tight wet lovehole. “Girl?” Lex muttered as I went whimpering, wincing with eyes welling up. “Baby what’s wrong?”

“N-noth-ing b-abe, ohhh gawwdd uhmm” I uttered wincing and panting, forcing a smile as the ghastly tongue went deeper and deeper, probing my tender insides with hot breath blowing on my pulsing flesh.

“Ohh my god shit!” Lex uttered gasping, eyes widened as she saw bo tongue-raping my pussy. She pressed her fingers to her lips, as bo he went on sucking and lapping ravenously, grunting and groaning between loud slurping and sucking noises.

She watched the horridly erotic spectacle flabbergasted for some minutes and then bit her lip and groaned in a sexy low tone. “Girl, shiiiitt a-ang hot panoorin, th-that look so fucking hot shitt!” she uttered. “T-talagh-a?” I breathed, sexilly fondling her boob. “Oh yess shiitttt hihihi” she replied timidly.

“fuck shit ka talaga girl uhmm, shit ang ganda ganda mo talaga putang ina ka nakakalibog ka sobraaahhh uhmmmhh!” Lex muttered with a tone of aching desire as she plants hot sexy kisses all over my face and neck.

She mouthed I love you with an aching look on her lovely face and then went bite-lipped. I mouthed I love you too and we locked lips. We french-kissed sexilly groaning and moaning, it was long and hard and then her lovely mouth went kissing and licking towards my boobs.

She suckled, licked and fondled my boobies, watching bo as he went on gorging every inch of my womanhood,bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. My clit was so fucking throbbing and stiff and my smooth fleshy pubis became more flushing pink as it drowns in a warm mixture of sweat, drool and love juice.

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Lex lets me suckle her boobs, whilst she fondles mine, twisting and pulling the stiff nipples, watching bo as he went on licking, sucking and tongue raping my wet and swollen love hole again and again. She got so fucking turned on her pinching and squeezing became hard and wee bit painfull but still pleasurable.

I climaxed and soon felt myself so fucking close to cumming. “Uhmm stop, uh stoppuhh!!” I uttered gasping as I struggle to push bo as I don’t want to cum yet but he wrapped his arms around my thighs and went even harder, almost chewing my swollen pubis and pussy lips, I grabbed on his hair, struggling to get him off my pussy, but the overwhelming pleasures made me so fucking weak.

I arched forward gasping, moaning loudly as I can no longer hold myself from cumming my entire body going spasmic, breathing heavily, chest upheaving. My hips bobbed and rocked sexily as I push his head harder with bo squeezing and clawing my bum . “G-girl uhmmhh I-I’m cumm-ing!” I whimpered to Lex caressing her nape, wincing in erotic agony, tears falling. She locked lips with me whilst kneading and twisting my bosoms. “Cum for me baby girl, I want you to cum for me uhmm!”

bo’s left arm went snaking around my waist as I’m seconds away from an explosive orgasm, his other arm still coiled and clawing on my left thigh as my very stiff throbbing clit felt like it’s going to burst in his mouth. I wrapped my arms around lex, not wanting to let go of her lovely mouth, but the seethingly overwhelming wave after wave of pleasure made me let go gasping with mytoes curling and ankles pushing and rubbing hard on bo’s back.

“Ohhh mmgawwdd Uhhh fuucckkk !!!” I yelled ,tears falling as I cummed very hard, body swaying and going spasmic, sweet warm nectar went gushing from my lovehole, my first orgasm for that night (week actually). “ohhh baby uhmm you’resooofuckinghottt baby uhmm…” Lex kept uttering as she plants sweet kisses all over me.

Lex and I kissed long and hard, moaning loudly, slowly sinking on the sofa, as warm lovejuice kept pouring out of my pulsing lovehole.

We went on kissing, our moaning toning down, as did my swaying and bobbing, caressing bo’s head as he wentsucking and slurping my sweet warm juices.

(I Feel You playing)

About some 15 minutes have passed and bo kept on eating my pussy whilst Lex explored me all over with her very sensuous mouth. I felt myself heating up again my thighs sloply open wide with feminine instinct with myhips bobbing and swaying. My hands caressing and pushing bo’s head, as he continue sucking and licking my pussy, but a wee bit gentler and less savage this time whilst kneading and squeezing my bum.

His mouth then slowly went up, not leaving my skin, licking, sucking and he again hungrily suckled our bosoms, tongue snaking and curling and flicking and suck pulling the stiff nipples, his titi’s head touching and rubbing on my pussy.

I again played with his ugly, sticky, stiff dark cock, rubbing the head hard between my pussy lips. It got him excited and his mouth went even harder on Lex’s bosoms “Uhhh shiittangina uhhh!” She yelled wincing.

Bo stopped suckling us but kept on fondling our bosoms, still breathing heavily and groaning as he went.

“Suck him babe!” I whispered to Lex, lovingly stroking bo’s titi “mmh?” Lex uttered “suck mo titi niya as I watch” I said staring lovingly into her eyes. “Ok” she said smiling “for you babe” doing a cutesy face “mhmm!” she uttered smiling bite-lipped then kissed me.

Bo went groaning and grunting as Lex sucked, licked and played with his cock and balls. looking at me teasingly going very fucking sexy, I made a cutesy face then mouthed a kiss at her.

She smiled and pulled me to her and had me join her into licking and sucking bo’s ugly dark cock.

“Do we make him cum?” Lex whispered then giggling lightly “no” I replied between sexy licking, sucking and nibbling “just keep it very (pause) throbbing hard (pause) more wet (pause) slimy (pause) and sticky”

bo again massages and kneads our nape and shoulders, grunting, groaning, breathing heavily as his hips went rocking again, his dark throbbing titi sliding between our luscious mouths.

We took turns taking the hideous looking titi in our mouths, whilst one hungrily sucked it the other would lick and nibble the shaft and balls.

Our mouths ended up sucking and licking the bulbous head, cum and saliva stringing from our lips. I held her face and locked mouths with her whilst slowly sinking, falling back on the couch.

We went on exploring each other with our mouths and hands and bo again went kneading and squeezing our bosoms.

(Stripped playing)

I stared teasingly at bo as Lex went on loving me with her mouth and hands. I took his hands to my bosoms, and I went moaning and swaying very sexilly as I fondle my boobies with him.

“D-do you want to f-fuck mh-mee?” I uttered in an aching and very sexy tone looking teasingly at him whilst my hands slowly went sliding and caressing his dark scrawny arms, “Ohhhmmgee shiiittt” Lex uttered timidly as my hands slowly went sliding down his bony frame.

My hips slowly swayed and bobbed sexilly as I lovingly stroke his throbbing ugly cock and then I part my pussy lips with my fingers. “Do you want to fuck me?” I asked in a sexy aching tone, sexilly bobbing my hips as I pull his titi. “Uhm ungkhh mam unn….?!” bo said rather sheepishly, stuttering and sputtering.

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“Fuck me mmmhhhyou ugly revolting beast, I want you to fuck me, pasok mo titi mo…..kantot mo ako… hurry!” I uttered in a sexy begging tone, wincing and he muttered with a hint of excitement “Uhhhng mam (something in his dialect) eyes bulging.

bo freed himself of his briefs and got on the couch and positioned himself, my thighs over his dark and slightly hairy, scrawny ones. Holding his titi, breathing heavily and shaking with excitement as he guide the throbbing raging horrid creature to my pussy. I parted my pussy even wider as the sticky purplish head touched it, “Unngghddhh!” I went bite-lipped as it slowly go in.

In his excitement and also perhaps because of the tightness of my pussy, bo’s titi “slipped”. His hips then rocked slowly, rubbing his titi on my pussy, pressing harder with each stroke and the feel of the wrinkly skin grazing my clit and pussy lips got me more excited.

“Fuck me…. now, p-please! pasok mo titi mooo! rape me you ugly beast!” I uttered again in a sexy begging tone, my body sexily swaying and tingling with excitement.

Lex and I watched bite-lipped as the sticky purplish head slowly disappear in my pussy. “Uhnghhnhhh!” I uttered wincing bite-lipped as I feel it go deeper. I let go of my pussy lips and bo held my hips, almost clawing as he push his cock even deeper.

“Uhhnngghnnhh uhhhh!” I uttered even louder, teeth gritting, gasping and arching, as the cock went barely halfway in, bo retreated and pushed harder, grunting and grimacing and muttering something in his dialect. I grabbed on to his scrawny dark arms, holding on very tight, whimpering and wincing bite-lipped at the maddening cocktail of pleasure, excitement and pain.

“Ohhh push it all in, ohmmm I want all of your ugly cock inside me, uhhh fuck me… pasok mo pa titi mooo!”

bo’s long knobby fingers went clawing on my hips, as he rocked his hips, breathing heavily. I spread my thighs as wide as I can, holding on his scrawny dark arms as my warm lovejuice flowed even more from my throbbing, pulsing lovehole, lubricating his cock.

bo then shoved his titi so fucking hard growling and groaning loudly like an animal.

I went screaming loudly and arching at the intense feeling of pain and pleasure as all of his ugly dark titi is inside me, prickly pubic hairs pressing hard on my smooth fleshy pubis. My pussy went dripping, clamping around his titi as it went throbbing inside me.

“Oh my god ohmgod girl shit! babe? are you ok? mmmh baby?” Lex said in a panicky voice caressing my face looking so fucking worried.

I turned to her wincing, forcing a smile “masakit ba? ha girl?” she asked stroking hair behind my ear. “mmhnnnhhh” I uttered to her grimacing in erotic agony, caressing her nape, pushing her down. “Oh babe…” she whispered back and we locked lips kissing passionately as bo began to grind and pump, grunting and groaning loudly like an animal as he went.

(Afterdark playing)

“Song natin girl uhmmm” Lex uttered softly “You’re so fucking sexy uhmmm you’re making me so fucking hot and wet babeuhmmm!” as we suck and nibble each other’s soft wet lips.

It was a wee bit painful with each thrust at first, I went moaning and groaning loudly, tears falling as he would pull then ram all of his ugly dark throbbing titi in really fucking hard and deep, a wee bit painful yet saturated with seething sensuous pleasure, I became more dripping wet, the squishing and squelching sounds become more pronounced with each passing moment as my dripping pussy clamped even more around his titi.

“Ohhh fuck, you’re so hot babe! uhmm ohh god you’re so fucking hot” Lex kept uttering as she plants hot wet kisses all over me, and I went moaning loudly, gasping, head turning, sweat ran down on our smooth supple skin whilst my entire body swayed with feminine instinct, as bo fucked me very deep and hard, grinding his scrawny dark pelvis on me, growling, groaning and grunting like an animal, breathing heavily and drooling on my body.

“Sarap ba girl, hmmm?” Lex whispered sucking my earlobe and neck and I replied with a very sexy moan fondling her sexy boobies. “Uhmm tangina shit kakalibog ka panoorin, it’s so fucking hot!”

“Ohhh, babyyy!” Lex uttered in low tone smiling when I dipped inside her soaking wet panties and my fingers went loving every inch of her womanhood. She went gasping and moaning, wincing so very cute as my fingers slowly enter her tight, pulsing and dripping lovehole. “Ohh shit gggirrrlll yesss s-sige pasok mo pa, ohhh fuck deeper baby shitt tang inaaa!” she uttered, sexilly bobbing her lovely hips.

We stared lovingly into each other eyes as our bodies swayed in a very erotic rhythm, her dripping pussy clamped around my long supple fingers as she grindsher pelvis down onto my hand.

The tingling, churning, steamy-air-inside and butterflies-in-stomach kind of feeling went off the scales, I became weak as always as my entire body went limp, totally consumed by blazing hot passion.

bo’s pumping and grinding became more intense, hands sliding and clawing at my sides and his eyes went rolling back, muttering in his dialect between groaning, grunting and heavy breathing.

(Burning Up playing)

Ohhh gaawwdd yesss ohhh gawd yes fuck me!! fuckmeee!!!

My boobs went heaving more as I goswaying, twisting, arching, I was screaming and moaning so fucking loud in erotic agony and hadn’t for the heavy raining I, we could’ve been heard from afar.

Hot lovejuice went squirting from my pulsing lovehole with each hard pump, on bo’s hairy groin and my thighs, dripping down my anus and onto the couch. Lex’s pussy also went squirting, drowning my hand with her sweet warm juices, the squelching and sloshing sounds from our pussies more pronounced than ever, it was fucking maddening!

Harder! deeper !!! fuck me harder you ugly beast!!

Bo went down and his mouth went licking and sucking all over my body as his fucking became frenzied, very fucking wild and beastly, with his hands clawing, kneading and squeezing my bum and thighs. It was a wee bit painful but overwhelmingly pleasurable.

He again hungrily suckled my heaving tits whilst Lex plants soft wet kisses all over my face, and then she went down and joined bo.

“Uhnggnnhh” I uttered bitelipped as I watched them sucking and licking on the same boob with Lexie kneading and fondling them, their tongues snaking, flicking and lapping with each other.

My head went turning, hand clawing and scratching on bo’s arm and then all over his back as his mouth went ravenous on my neck and shoulders, grinding and pressing his dark scrawny body on mine,his bodyhairs felt a little prickly on my smooth supple skin. It was so fucking hentai, I felt like those lovely young girls being raped by horridly ugly beasts.

He tried going for my mouth again but I turned and suckled and licked Lex’s left boob and he went licking and sucking my cheek, neck and ear and then joined me in suckling and licking Lexie’s lovely firm titties with our tongues lapping each other.

“Uhnnghhh fffuuckkk oohhhh fuckkk shit shit tanginaaa!” Lex whimpered loudly, tears falling coiling her arm around bo’s head pushing it.

I climaxed as bo again went ramming his cock hard, going much faster and harder, grunting and drooling. “B-baby uhmmm uhhh I-I’m c-cummingg ohhhh!” I yelled whimpering and gasping, “M-me tooo babe shhhhittt uhhh gooddd!” Lex also whimpered gasping, tears falling, “S-sabay tayo girrlll ohhh I wh-want to cum with you!” grinding her sexy hips even harder and faster.

“Yess babe ohhh yesss uhmm” I whimpered pushing my fingers harder into her tight, dripping and wildly pulsing pussy.
She went down and locked lips with me, hands pushing and caressing each other’s heads.

(Wild Thing (by the band X not Joan Jett sorry) playing)

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Lex and I let go of each other’s mouths and we went gasping, moaning very loudly, our sweaty bodies going spasmic and swaying sexily.

bo again went groaning and grunting loudly like an animal, squeezing and clawing my bum, hips grinding harder and faster than ever in a frenzied staccato, pushing his titi deep and hard as he can.

“yess that’s it fuck me you horrid beast… uhngghh! cum inside me ohhh fuckkkk!!!”

He then went growling loudly as he came, his raging titi throbbing intensely, as it went spitting its hot venom inside my lovehole, and I came screaming (at the opening guitar riff) as soon as I felt his hot thick cum shooting inside me, filling me up and then it went squirting out from my lovehole and all over my crotch and thighs whilst my hot love juice went gushing from of my wildy pulsing puki.

(Wild thing!, you make my heart sing! you make everything groovy! come on wild thing…)

Lex also went screaming as she also had an explosive orgasm, hot sweet nectar from her pulsing flower also went gushing on my hand and onto the celo covered couch.

(Wild thing, I think I love you, but I wanna know for sure! come on and hold me tight, you move me…)

“Oh babe uhmm I love you so much uhmmm I love you sooo much…”Lex and I muttered at each other gasping, whimpering and panting with tears falling sucking each other’slips as our hot juices kept flowing from our pussies.We’reliterally sitting in a puddle of our own warm sweet juices.

Bo again hungrily suckled my bosoms, groaning heavily as his spasmic hips kept on ramming his cock hard and deep, but a wee less frenzied going between staccato and legato, as his throbbing titi spits the last of its tamod inside my puki. He then fell on me panting and gasping, hot breath on my breasts, grinding hips getting slower as my warmlovejuice mixed with his tamod kept dripping down my anus.

Lex wrapped her arms around me, pressing her cheek with mine as we catch our breaths, My fingers still inside her pulsing tight pussy, her hips slowly bobbing and swaying.

(Cherry Pie Playing, Pour Some Sugar on Me Playing)

“Girl? Babe? hey uhmmh hoy!” Lex uttered giggling lightly as I woke up to her soft kisses on my face. “Uhmmh” I uttered squinting. “Nakatulog ka din girl?” she asked chuckling “huh? how long was I out?” I asked sleepily sucking lips with her. “Uhmm same as I have, uhm I think? ako din I passed out, gising ako about siguro 2 minutes ago?”

(I Feel You playing)

Bo seemed to have also passed out as he lay on top of me, breathing hard, hot breath on my bosoms, histiti still hard and throbbing inside me.

(It’s a fucking long wet night, to continue guys mwuah!)

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