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My ODDyssey: Afterdark Et Fin
Credits: sisterchastity
This Story is part 4 of 5 in the series My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts
My ODDyssey: Afterdark Et Fin
Credits: sisterchastity


Author: sisterchastity


People this is a repost of Afterdark Et Fin, I made some corrections since we write our stories quite drunk and high, all info from my personal journals, it is a tad longer because I’ve added some more details so, think of it as like a director’s cut or better yet an Extended cut film. So there you go folks


We’ll try to post stories more often anyhoo as I’ve mentioned before the night isn’t over, so let’s get the bloody ‘ell right to it.

(“Once in a lifetime” by Gregorian feat. Sisters of Oz playing)

So there I was or rather, we, passed out after Lex and I had gushing orgasms, bo collapsed on top of me after shooting his spunk, his thick hot tamod inside my puki.

“Babe?, hoy babes, oi girl, behh hooy!” Lex kept murmuring as I wake up to her soft kisses and light tapping of my cheeks, and feeling bo’s hot breathing on my chest, his titi still hard and throbbing inside my love hole.

“Nakatulog ka din girl?” she asked chuckling “huh-uhmmnh? how long was I out?” I asked sleepily sucking lips with her. “Uhmm same as I have, uhm I think? gising ako about siguro 4 uhm 5 minutes ago?” “We were probably asleep for like 10 – 15 minutes siguro”.

…Nunca sonaste algo igual (You never dreamed about something like this)

When you’re near me, I close my eyes
I want to feel you by my side

“I don’t think so babe” I said, eyes rolling as I listen to what’s currently playing on the phone

I want to feel you by my side
When you kiss me, I close my eyes
I want you by my side

When I realize there’s no telling lies…

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“hmm I reckon by the song we must’ve been snoozing for like about 45 minutes”.

“No shit! t-alaga?” she exclaimed, “ay fuck oo nga!” she said seeing the time on the iphone.

Making love to you, every time it’s new, 
You know you’re my once in a lifetime 
Todo tu cuerpo temblara ( All your body will tremble )

“I haven’t passed out after an orgasm, well I haven’t cummed so hard like that, and putang ina it’s my third!” she said sounding giddy like a silly schoolgirl.

“true story, babe?” I said beaming

“Naman!” she said chuckling “I mean, uhmm you made cum hard dun sa resto, twice and omg sheeet, major major napaka daring wagas! never ko imagined, never crossed my mind I would do something like that!”

…Colder chills run down my spine
When you take me, it’s hot in love
– Can’t get enough!

“And then now, I haven’t gushed so fucking much! AGAIN! ”

“You’re welcome” I said with an eyebrow raised and then pouting a kiss.

“Damn you girl, ang super hot mo kasi, nakakalibog ka sobra tang ina ka!” she said giggling squeezing my cheeks.

“You’re wicked hot too baby girl” I said caressing her behind her ear and then lazily running my fingers down her neck then going for her nipples, gently twisting and pulling them.

Giving all I’ve got, I’m your love-me-not
You’re my lover, once in a lifetime
Taking care of you, every time it’s new
You know you’re my once in a lifetime

“uhmm, talaga?” she said smiling then going bite-lipped.
“I’ve never been this fucking hot and wet sa totoo lang girl, no one has ever made me feel like this, I mean honestly I’ve never been such a fucking potty mouth, not until now”

“Ang super hot mo talaga girl, shit tang ina, never thought I’d be so fucking sapphic hahaha! it’s like watching a super super hot hentai pero live ahahah!”

When you’re by my side and I want you hot
When I close my eyes then I touch the skies

“You watch hentai too? wicked” I said.

When I realise there’s no telling lies
Making love to you Everytime it’s new…

“Uhh i-yeah, got into it because of an ex, he’s kinda nerd, into anime, sci-fi, lord of the rings and such”

“Sooo he, your ex, got you into hentai?”

“No” she said making circles on my hand as it lovingly caress her boob.
“I found his stash in his laptop, and from then on I would watch from time to time, pero di alam ni current honeybeh ko ahihihi”

“Oh” I said lightly chuckling as I reach for a slimmy then lighting it, I put it to her lips after blowing out a smoke.

“How long you guys went on for?” I asked as she tilts her head blowing out smoke.
“Ni ex?” she paused, coughed lightly “tagal din, we met in college and he was my first serious, he’s cute like my honeybeh now, but we didn’t go past kissing and touching, I did my first fellatio on him though” she said head bobbing and then takes another puff.

When you’re near me, can’t get enough
Once in a lifetime…

“Soooo, m-asarap ba?” she asked eyes gleaming with excitement, squeezing my hand.

“hmmm?” I uttered blowing smoke
“did it feel good?” she said a little hushed, then went pointing to bo with her lips.

“sobra, fucking wicked babe, and uh what are your words? GRABEH! BONGGA!” I said and we went laughing.

“my g-d those words sound so frikkin’ posh being said in a British accent, ang sosi! ahahaha” she remarked chuckling.

She then took my hand to her face, muffling her voice a bit.

“did it, hurt? you were moaning very loudly and whimpering with tears”

“so were you” I said as I put the slimmy to her lips.

“Well” she paused and takes a puff “kakaiba eh, I mean it’s blazing hot passion I haven’t experienced before, I’ve never felt so beautiful, so fucking sexy with my body”

she then pressed my hand to her cheek,

“Pero, girl uhmm did it, hurt? masakit?” she said in hushed tones with a squeamish look on her face, lightly squeezing my hand.

“Well, It did hurt” I said whilst blowing out a smoke “It hurt at first as it went ramming hard, masakit medio, pero na masarap, a cocktail of pain and seething pleasure”

“well it’s big, uhm well not that big as in big big” she went on “but a little bigger than average, like it must be six inches probably, also it’s taba and curved, not to mention so fucking hideous” she said giggling

“by the way his titi is still hard and throbbing inside my holey” I said

“Hah? ahahah it’s still inside and hard pa din? hu-wow! Grabeh!” she said looking very amazed

bo then started snoring

“Ngek! nakatulog ang pangit!” she exclaimed as our light then went dimmer

“hoy dong!” she yelled and slaps bo’s dark bums quite hard “hoy dudong gising na oi! ang saya mo, tayo na jan!” and she slaps it again

“tang ina pangit nang puwet nito ang itim parang watermelon na bulok (chuckling)! Hoy dudong ano ba?”

“mmhmm? babes? uhnggh” bo uttered sleepily, mouth drooling, and then saw me looking at him smirking with an eyebrow raised “ay mam!” he uttered and smiling sheepishly

“eeew?” Lex remarked with a disgusted look “tulo laway pa, o ano na maniac? nakapasok pa yang ano mo!”

bo slowly removed his very sweaty body from me, arms and legs shaking, a wee tad grunting as he pulls and his still hard titi went squishing out from my swollen and still pulsing lovehole.

“ang weird na dick talaga, tang ina katakot” Lex mumbled giggling as wee looked at the hideous dark beast still throbbing with cum stringing from it and the pubic hairs with my hairless pussy.

bo got weak at the knees and he lost his balance and slumped on the floor

“Unghh agghhh!” he uttered and went grimacing because his jacksie (puwet) hit the bamboo floor quite hard, and we went snickering.

bo sat, back propped on the table, takes a long drink of redhorse and then his eyes slowly closed as his head lowered, his titi gradually becoming flaccid, later he appeared to have passed out again.

“nanghina ang matandang unggoy sayo girl, daming sigurong nilabas na cum sa fifi mo” Lex remarked chuckling

“Yeah, sobra na daming dami” I said chuckling

“patingin nga?” she said giggling as she went stooping over and saw tamod spattered all over my crotch and thighs, and it oozing out of my lovehole with my juice to the plastic covered cushion.

“grabeh! fuck shit ang lucky wagas talaga nang pangit na to naka fuck nang super ganda!” she said chuckling

“Indeed very lucky” I said “he got twice the hotness, double the fun” I said winking at her

“so you say it’s masakit na masarap?” Lex mumbled “but it’s not bigger nor even the biggest dick that ever entered your vaj, yes? She said still holding my hand to her face, nibbling my palm with her soft lips.

“well I don’t get fucked by blokes very often” I said chuckling whilst blowing out smoke “weeell, I do make love with my nephew from time to time” I said rather sheepishly.

“ay (giggling) is he good? Masarap ba si cutiesoy nephew mo? Pwede pa try?” she said giggling squeezing my hand

“of course you may?” I said “you have to get in line though aaand he’s got a girlfriend now” I said chuckling

“Wow, grabeh, 12-year old heartthrob ba to? ahahahah!” she remarked “so tell me a little more about him”

“Well, uhm…” I said exhaling smoke “he was quite the nerdy type back then, shy with glasses, very cute but with no sense of style, and very asthmatic, I became his first a month before he turned 12, and then got another (making quotation signs) love lesson from his other tita Cai (Veenie) “your cousin Cacai diba?” she interrupted

“Yeah, uhm, aaaand then (head swaying, eyes rolling to her) at 12 years old he was Ace, Li, and Saeko’s first” I said

“Ayeiiiii!” She went screaming timidly followed by giggling. “talagah?! Sheeet grabeh, s’ya nakauna uhm he was the first to fuck them? Soooo how d-did it happen?” she asked sheepishly, eyes gleaming with excitement.

“Well they came to visit me a few months ago Saeko arrived first, after doing a series of concerts, Ace, Li and Jade came 2 days later from London.

“well Saeko became his third and him her first, you know being in a Jpop girl group, one has to be available but NOT available so virginity is quite extended for some….”

“Yeah I know about that regarding Jgirls” she interrupts

“uhuh, and it was funny when she saw Ace riding him and she went taray yelling ‘hei yeu beetch! Zats mai boyfurend!” I said and we went laughing

“ahahaha! Ang cute! But then how ’bout Li? You said she’s the most tomboy in the group as in she has never got any hots for men” she said

“well we got really bloody drunk and high one night in our garden which was dimly lit, the teens weren’t with us as it was school night. We all got naked except for Feebz and Jade who were already down and snoozing on the pendulum swing chair over the pool in their knickers and shirts. I called in or rather out my nephew and he got bloody flabbergasted seeing all of us naked in the garden.

“If it is school night then why was your nephew there?” she asked

“Well, it just so happened that he extended his stay for the weekend since we sometimes drive him to school.

“oh ok and then what happened?” she asked looking so excited

“well we got him naked, got him more in the loving mood, and as his titi was slowly going in Li’s pipi Li was like ‘o my g’d, oh my g’d oh s-shit shit, o-my-g’d! it’s in- it’s in! it’s bloody in! ohh fuck!” and we went giggling.

“ahahahah, tang ina that’s so funny and so darn cute and sexy, aaaand did she like it?” she asked

“uhmm well, me and the girls came home one day from shopping , Jade and Feebs were at the shop, Cai at work, and we saw the telly and playstation on, bags of crisps, pizza, bottles of beer and sodas on the table, but no one’s playing and then we heard ‘sexy sounds’ coming there, from the sunken living room, we crept in closer and we saw Li and my nephew, naked and getting it on the carpet, and we were like ‘oooohkay’ and we went snickering as we quietly went to the kitchen”

“Ahahaha tang ina grabeh ang cute and hot! Ahahah so Li’s a woman after all” Lex said

“mhmm” I uttered beaming and giggling as I take a sip of pinot noir.

“sooo mabalik tayo, uhm I-ehr I mean going back, hindi yan (mouthing on bo’s titi) it’s not the biggest dick that fucked your vaj diba? Soooo, what’s your dick history? She said giggling and I went chuckling

“my dick history,(chuckling) seriously luv?” I said and takes a puff “well my first adult cock wasn’t so big just barely above five inches, it was hideous just like bo’s, but uncut, very dark and veiny, and then followed by smaller ones like 5 and a tad longer than 4” I said whilst exhaling smoke.

“sooo what’s the biggest cock you’ve encountered?” she asked squeezing my had a tad tighter.

“about 7” I said, “and they’re from locals, and then some”

“really? (takes a puff and exhales) sooo you haven’t been fucked by uh w-white guys and uh black dudes?” she asked a tad sheepishly

“m-hm” I uttered shaking my head as I was taking a puff.

“ahahah, (pausing) and ano bang feeling beh? I haven’t been creampied before,” she asked with an excited inquisitive tone

“piece de resistance ma chere” I replied “exquisitely fucking hot feeling” teasingly taunting

“wow… talaga? pero mhmm aren’t you concerned about uhm-g-etting preggy…uh… let alone stds?” she said with a wee bit squeamish look

“I have measures to avoid getting preggy from unprotected sex, remember I told you I also have a lovely young girlfriend doctor diba? a women’s specialist at that aaand, as for STIs well I don’t just go fucking any random bloke, even when I’m so fucking libog, I read them first, I’m a psychology major so no worries”

“U-huh,o-ok, ganon? so what do you use? pills, patches, calendar? turuan mo ko ha? (chuckling)”

“I touch Myself” (The Divinyls) playing

“does it still hurt babe?” Lex then murmured teasingly caressing my thigh.

“Kaunti, uhmm-why, w-what do you have in mind you dirty sexy whore hmmm?” I said with an eyebrow raised

“Do you want me to uhh” she said looking teasingly, eyes rolling to my vagina as her hand went “walking” to it.

I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me

She lock lips with me, we torridly kiss whilst she caresses me all over.

I forget myself, I want you to remind me

“Uhmm babeohhh Lexxx babe oohhh gawdd!” I keep saying as her luscious mouth went sucking and licking my earlobes and neck, her supple fingers loving every inch of my cum-sticky crotch, squeezing my pubis and rubbing hard between my pussy lips and clit. Her hand would go back and forth fondling my boobs and pussy.

I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no

“mhhmm I’m glad to have met you b-babehhh mhhm” she whispered whilst kissing shuddering breath,
“you so fucking hot, I want you more and more!” she went bitelipped as her fingers went probing inside my puki.

“moi aussi ma cherie, me too” I murmured head tossing.

“ang ganda ganda mo talaga ‘teeehhh, ang tambok tambok nang puki moooo girl, and so fucking tightttkkk-kakagigillll mmmmhhh” going bite-lipped squeezing my puki.

You’re the one who makes me come runnin’
You’re the sun who makes me shine

“mmh? ikaw din matambok puki” I said sliding my hand inside her soaking wet knickers and fondled her puki.

“mas matambok sayo, ang tambok tambok sobra nang puki mo garutay tang ina kaaammmhhhhh!” she replied squeezing my pussy again.

When you’re around, I’m always laughin’
I want to make you mine

“masakit pa girl?” She murmured as she looks down on me.

“mm w-ell uhhh…”

“do you want me too…. uhmmm l-lick and suck your pussy?”

I close my eyes and see you before me
Think I would die if you were to ignore me
A fool could see just how much I adore you

“Oh I’d love that sweetie, but uhmm it’s puro pa spunk ni bo pa?”
(spunk meaning semen, jizz, tamod – Lex)

“I don’t fucking care, I want to do my first cunnillingus on you girl” She then sexily suck her fingers.

I’d get down on my knees, I’d do anything for you…

Her lips then went kissing, licking and sucking, working their way down from my face, neck, bosoms, tummy and got me arching and moaning loudly when she got between my open thighs, her sexy mouth went pleasuring every inch of my womanhood, hands squeezing and clawing my bums and thighs.

I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no

I fondled my bosoms whilst my other hand caress her head, she was wickedly good for a first-time pussy eater

(talaga ha? – Lex)

No shit really, her mouth was wickedly seething, it got my body writhing in sexual agony, I became so fucking libog and dripping wet, bo also got me writhing and twisting, hot and dripping, going wickedly beastly and savage on my puki, but Lex’s was very passionate and romantic.

I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me

I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no

Clawing at my thighs she pulled me and had her tongue go deep and probing, tasting my insides . “Ohh gawdd shittt Lexxx shitttt baby ohhhh fuckkk!” I yelled arching, a wicked sexy gleam went across her eyes, as she’s delighted at my reaction to her wicked hot pleasuring, her tongue went even deeper and harder and got my pussy even more pulsing.

I want you
I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah ah oh ah

her hands slide up to my boobs and fondled them as she went on pleasuring my pussy with her luscious mouth, I then turned and saw bo awake and watching, mouth open, his ghastly dark titi getting hard and throbbing again. “Oh, hello theah!” I murmured sexily at his horrid dark beastie.

I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself

After getting my pussy so fucking burning hot and wet Lex slowly crawl up, her mouth not leaving my flesh.

I touch myself (I don’t want)
I touch myself (anybody else)
I touch myself (when I think about you)
I touch myself
I touch myself (I don’t want)

“Like mo beh? how was I?” she murmured whilst necking me, her face so wet of my lovejuice.

I touch myself (anybody else)
I touch myself (when I think about you)

“ma chere, you’re bloody wicked, a fucking sex goddess so fucking magaling ikaw babe” I said

“Talaga? mmmh and you taste so heavenly sweet babygirl” and we went sucking lips

I honestly do
I touch myself (I don’t want)
I touch myself (anybody else)

“masakit pa fifi mo girl? does it still hurt?” she said in a sexy tone

“No, but it feels like it’s burning hot” I said and made cutesy face

“talagaaa? I made it that hot?” swooning , and then she went giggling like a silly little girl.

I touch myself (when I think about you)
I honestly do
I touch myself
I touch myself

after some minutes of tender kissing, she then murmured in an aching tone “Babe, I-I want to fuck you”

playing “Burning up” by Madonna

“I’m yours babe, I’m your love slave” I murmured back

Don’t put me off ’cause I’m on fire
And I can’t quench my desire
Don’t you know that I’m burning up for your love…

Lex pulled her wet thong knickers to her knees, and began rubbing her lovely body with mine, her bums sensually bobbing and rocking between my thighs.

…And this pounding in my heart just won’t die
I’m burning up

Though it’s another pussy “fucking” me and not a penis, it felt wickedly exquisite, our pussies went pulsing as our warm lovejuice poured profusely from them.

I’m burning up, burning up for your love
I’m burning up, burning up for your love

“mmhhmmhh I love you, sheeet I love you sobra babe mmhhh! grabehhh tang ina ang sarap sarap moooohh” she kept yelling achingly, whimpering, eyes welling up.

I’m burning up, burning up for your love
For your love

Lex kept whimpering between kissing licking and sucking all over. “Sheeet grabeehh! your vaj feels so good babe, ahhh putang ina ang sarap sarap nang puki moooh girrlllmmmhhh!”

her sweaty body felt so fucking feverish (and so was hers grabeehhh – Lex)

“fuck me babe, ohhh gawddd harder Lex , fuck meee!” I kept whimpering loudly with tears.

squishy sounds went rising to a crescendo as the grinding of our soft wet pussies become harder.

…To justify my wanting you
Now tell me what you want me to do
I’m not blind and I know

I reached for bo’s knobby ( titi), and he flinched and went grunting when my fingers wrapped around it and it became more stiff and throbbing. He went even more flinching and grunting when my fingers caress the bulbous head, as I lovingly stroke and tug the shaft

That you want to want me but you can’t let go
Come on, let go!

“Uhnnghhh mam nnhggh aghh (and something in his dialect)!” bo kept saying, grunting and groaning loudly as I pleasure his titi, his body went flinching. It only took seconds for it to become fucking slimy and sticky, soaking in pre-cum.

I’m burning up, burning up for your love
I’m burning up, burning up for your love
I’m burning up, burning up for your love
For your love

“C’meah you wee beastie!” I murmured referring to the raging meatpuppet in my hand, as I pull it up and getting bo to take a knee. (nakaluhod on one knee, ok entiendes? – Lex)

…Unlike the others I’d do anything
I’m not the same, I have no shame
I’m on fire
Come on, let go!

bo went groaning even louder and then his dark gnarly hands went for our boobies.

Again we felt the very course, sandpaper feel of his sweaty palms, gentle fondling which then turned to greedy kneading and squeezing.

He then went down and hungrily suckles the tit he’s squeezing whilst Lex suckles the other.

Lex then locked lips with me and we torridly kiss, moaning loudly, my toes caressing her calves and feet I tugged on bo’s titi getting him up and his knees propped on the cushion’s edge, one hand propping on the backrest cushion.

later the purplish sticky head went pressing and sliding on our cheeks, not sure if it was because of my giddy tugging or bo’s doing.

…Unlike the others I’d do anything

Overwhelmed with seething passion our mouths hungrily went sucking and licking on the throbbing dark sticky shaft and its now shrunken goolies (testicles), moaning and whimpering loudly as we go, and taking turns taking the fucking ugly thing in our mouths, and I will suck it till my lips touch the pubic hairs (can’t do deepthroating lying down).

I’m not the same, I have no shame
I’m on fire!

“ahhhh m-maaam! babesssunghh! (and something in his dialect)” bo kept yelling between groaning and grunting, hips rocking, knees shaking, hands clawing and pulling on the backrest cushion and gripping hard on the armrest.

Ooh, yeah, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)
Ooh, yeah, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)
Come on, come on, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)

Lightning flashed followed by loud thundering and the dim light in the hut totally went off but we still have light from the posts

Uh, uh, uh, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)
Ooh, yeah, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)
Come on, come on, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)
Ooh, yeah, I’m burning up (Burning up for your love)
Uh, uh, uh (Burning up for your love)

bo’s scrawny hips went rocking faster, his titi sliding between our mouths, as we go on sucking and flicking our tongues on it.

We stared achingly at each other knowing the other is close to another gushing feminine orgasm

Lex shut her eyes whimpering, her mouth pushing down on the bo’s cock hard as she came, hot juice went out gushing drowning my pussy and I followed soon after

we went on rubbing bodies as warm juices keep flowing from our pulsing loveholes until,

“Ay fuck! tang ina ano ba yan! sheeet!” She went yelling and then went timidly giggling as bo’s titi went shooting hot thick spunk , spattering on our faces.

I took the throbbing thing in my mouth, wanking and hungrily sucking it as it still shoots semen, and I swallowed some of it. I gently pull Lex down by her neck and had her suck it too, she then pushed bo and again he slumped on the floor

Lex and I torridly kiss, tasting semen in each other’s mouths and faces

“babe I love you sooo much, ohhhh gawd love you much….!” we went whimpering,whilst panting, lovingly petting each other.

“Kiss Me” (Japanese Version ) by Sixpence non the Richer, playing

“Beh may wipes ka?” she asked as we were seated and cuddling sharing a smoke and bo seemed to have passed out again propped against the table.

“huh? Oh wet towelettes” I said and took out a pack of it from my duffle.

“Shit ganun pala lasa nang cum nang pangit, yeachhh!” she said as she was wiping her face with a wet nap and we went chortling and I shaking my head whilst blowing out smoke.

“actually, I haven’t tasted semen before, just pre-cum” she said as she went on cleaning the rest of her body.

“Pa puff nga beh!” she said and I put the slimmy to her lips.

“let me clean you up sweetie” she said pulling out some wet towelettes

she then took a bottle of beer to her lips, swishing the liquid in her mouth before spatting it out the window and then she took a sip of the pinot noir, swishing the wine much longer before swallowing it and then she passed the bottle to me.

She then procedeed in cleaning me up with towelettes

“I love you” she whispered whilst planting soft kisses and buttoning up my shirt, “nhnghhh!” she uttered going gigil pulling my earlobe with her teeth.

we went on cuddling and petting shirts buttoned up and knickers back on.

“May sweeds ka pa girl? light ka naman yung strawberry, or apple” she said her chin on my shoulder, arm over me.

“I reckon we had too much already, later nalang ok?” I said “Ok sabi mo eh” she replied a tad buggered.

“Shit bigla ako nagutom!” she then said rubbing her tummy.

“huh, eh?” I uttered

“I feel fucking starving girl, feel ko mag food trip”

“uhhh?” I uttered looking puzzled

“I feel like pigging out sabi ko, don’t you feel hungry too?”

“Well I kinda feeling that as well” I replied

“shit effect ba nang marijuana to?” “and uber hot sex! tang ina I’ve never felt this hungry!” she said chuckling

we then ate what’s left of the crisps and dips, washing them down with beer

“fuck, ubos ko na chips and I’m still starving!” she exclaimed and took a drink from the bottle we’re sharing

she then looks at bo

“Hoy! bo gising, oi diegong thunder pangit, kiko matsing oi!” she uttered, prodding bo on the forehead with her foot.

bo woke up with a gasp, “uhngnh babes?!”

Lex folded her legs and had an arm pressing her bosoms.

“bili ka nga nang food, and uh (turning to me) sweetie gusto mo pa mag beer?”

“Yeah that’ll be cool, I reckon we can booze some more, and uhm, babe kaunti na lang cigarettes na lang din”

“ah ok, o bo dali na!” she said

“uh b-babes medyo gabi na chaka mala-” bo said scratching his head

Lex grunted looking at him with a stern face (very hot if I do say so myself)

“sige babes sige ok” bo went stutteringly as he quickly gets up off the floor.

“gabi na? mag i-11 palang tungak, madaming bars pang bukas and 24/7 7-11 at ibang fastfoods”

“uhmm babes banyo mona ako” he said holding his clothes over his titi

“bakit maliligo ka pa? wagnaaahh!” she went yelling

“pangit at mukha ka pa din naman mabaho” she then murmured snickering.

“baby, you’re harsh” I said snickering

“uhmm babes a-ano din uhhh” bo said scratching his head

“wi-weewee o pu-poopoo ka? ok go, bilisan mo!” she again went yelling

bo went running for the loo, clothes pressed against his crotch

“talaga tong matandang pangit na to! he got really lucky tapos ayaw pa bumili” Lex said chuckling

“matanda? you keep referring to him as such, how old is the bloke anyway?” I asked

“tingin mo girl-uhmm how old do you think?” Lex replied

“his scrawny face looks forty-ish, with a gangly, lanky and short physique, uhm I reckon he’s about mid-to late 30s something I reckon also by his style and behaviour ” I said

“correct ka jan girl, he’s actually turning 39, he told me his real birthdate, but to him, his barkada and relatives I’m already 27 (I’m actually just 22 and a half at that time – Lex)”

“why are you dating him again? how did you guys meet?” I asked before taking a puff

“well, I created a pseudo facebook account out of boredom, wala lang just tripping, I’ve met so many guys but bo kinda intrigued me the most, he’s interesting in a funny, stupid kind of way, tukmol na trying hard magpaka-bagets, wannabe-cool, knight-in-shining but very harmless, the only one who used his real mug as his profile pic, unlike the others who have logos, anime, and other stuff, though they have shared pictures of themselves, cute, but who knows if it’s really them in their pics”

“tukmol, bagets..” I said in a pondering tone

“uhmm tukmol na bagets uhm a very stupid ugly person, a very ugly dumb ass, trying to look stylish and youthful”

“oh, I see, very harsh, heh” I said “and did you share any of yours?”

“Pics oh, ahhaha no no no nevah! I have pics of Momiji (Ninja Gaiden), Tomoe (Queen’sblade) and Kanu Unchou (Ikkitousen) as my profile, weeks ago unang nakita ni bo beauty ko ahihihihi”

“Uhhh who are those bitches again?” I reckon I’ve heard those names somewhere before”

“characters from a video game and anime babe” she said

“Uh yeah, I remember that Kanu from Ikkitousen” I said

“you’ve watched that too?” she said with an excited tone

“yeah, though I’ve skipped episodes also Queen’s blade, and played Dead or Alive on my PS” I said

“Oh ok, and then since I’ve never been to Puerto though I’m a Palawenya and I was lucky to get a long leave I decided to go on an adventure by myself while visiting my folks, I met up with bo and flirted with him, wala lang, just tripping” blowing smoke

she then puts her arms around me “and then I met you babe” she murmured staring lovingly “you’re the best thing that has ever happened in my little adventure, I’m sooow bloody glad to have done this” (forced English accent) and she went sucking lips with me.

“Hi, I’m (real name withheld)” she then said smiling, eyes gleaming with delight.

“huh?” I said looking puzzled

“babe, it’s my real name, Lex is what I use in my pseudo account in social medias and my nickname is (also withheld kasi I work at COD bluhhh! – Lex)”

“oh, I see, pretty and sexy but I think Lex is sexy too” I said

“what about you babe? is ****** your real name?”

“Yes it is, tell you frankly I’m not into giving out my name to random sexual encounters, I just let them ravish me, if females I often go by the name of either “Ash” or “Athena” or some other name I get from shows and movies.

“s-sooo, why did you tell me your real name?” she asked sounding excited

“Wellmachrie d’amour, I felt something special about you” I said

(MaCherie Amour by Stevie Wonder is not correct French unless you want to speak
Franglais wink wink – Lex)

“talagaaa?” she said in a swooning tone

“truly, I’m not fucking shitting you babe”

“Ako din girl, I also felt something strangely special about you when we met first time sa bar, at first I thought kasi you’re celebrity, I thought you’re…”

“shut it!” I said sternly but smiling.

“ahahaha, ok sorry babe, 2 artista naman talaga sobrang kahawig or rather kamukha mo eh, anyhoo I felt a connection that’s why I came back and invited you to join our table, I mean I’m strangely drawn to you, shit buti I haven’t told bo your name ahiihihi”

after some minutes I said “and what about bo?”

“wehh?! I had no intention of going serious with him let alone having sex, told you earlier I just let him make beso beso sa cheeks, but because of you I’ve never been so wild, felt so fucking bloody hot, wet and sexy, still can’t get over I got naked, got touched, and suck a fucking ugly titi of a bloody ghastly thunder ahahahah!” (forced accent)

“eh? thunder?” I asked, looking puzzled

“meaning matandang pangit ahahahah!”

“oh, that, wickedly harsh” I said chuckling

(minutes later)

“uhmm but do you want bo to uhh fuck you?” I said caressing her inner thigh

“hah?! well I dunno babe, pero (pausing) it was so hot watching you na parang nire-rape nang pangit, an uber horrid creature, like in the hentais I watch, and in (all) fairness (to him)…”

“malaki ang dick ni bo compared with my boyfriends’, his was the biggest, weirdest and fucking hands down ugliest looking cock I’ve ever encountered, YET! My honeybeh’s is only 5 inches fully erect, na pinkish ang head kay bo is like 6, ang itim sobra like a black dude’s at ang taba nang head purplish pa and parang baluktot na burnt chicken drumstick, tapos ang thick pa nang pubic hair ahahahah!”

“well if you like watching hentais, I promise you it would be fucking pleeeeasurable” I said teasingly

“I really d-umm well sige, we’ll see” she said, sounding hesitant with a hint of excitement “but I haven’t been fucked na walang condom”

“Sometimes if no condoms my bf’s cock would go rubbing hard on my vaj, either him on top or me riding him, sometimes pa nga he would cum and ako bitin”

“bitin?” I asked again looking puzzled

“I mean I will be left hanging, unsatisfied” she said sighing

“oh we can fix that, no worries luv” I said caressing her arm

bo then came out of the loo wearing his shirt and zipping up a pair of cargo shorties, hair dripping and he smelt of cheap deo soap. (parang amoy safeguard – Lex)

Lex and I pooled our money and she handed the wad of notes to bo

“eto o bili ka sandwiches, pizza if meron, uhm meron na bang kahit Yellowcab or Shakey’s dito?”

“di ko alam babes”

“ok then kung wala sandwiches nalang and beers, tsingtao (ching-dow) ulit, premium or kahit yung san mig apple beer”

“or if you can find Chick light beer and or X-Rated Fusion Liqueur pink” I said

“o yun bo kung may makita ka sa bars or 7-11, teka sulat ko, also yung yosi ganito” she said showing boxes of Esse and Vogue lights, “dalhin mo na kaya to ma nga box, uhmm (turning to me) girl what if wala?”

“any non-menthol light slimmies or any light cigarette? marlboro, winston?” I replied looking quizzical, head bobbing.

“oh ok, (turning to bo) bili ka din nang redhorse if like mo also napa-gas mo na yung car?”

“oo babes poltank pa, uhhh hamborger, hatdug babes gusto n’yo ni mam?” bo asked as he takes the list

“tungak sandwiches pa din yun sira! hala go na!” Lex snapped

“eh kung kanin ulam o panset kaya babes?”

“Ayokooo!, tang ina naman tatang sige go naaa!” she again snapped

bo proceeded to the car and we watched it go until it makes a turn.

“shit para akong naglilihi, I’m thinking of pastrami, clubs, subs, BLT, philly, deepdish pizza sheeet!

“parang ikaw nag-li wot?” I asked looking puzzled with a furrowed brow

“I mean I bloody feel like a pregnant bitch having cravings babe” Lex replied chuckling

“oh, wicked” I said chuckling

Later as I was making another song playlist

“Shit ang sticky sticky ko naaaa!” she exclaimed irritated

She raised one side of the bamboo blinds and clear tarp and leans out the window as the rains begin to pour in buckets again

She went down on the sofa and puts her arms around me.

“Ligo tayo sa ulan, babe!” sounding excited

“what do you think babygirl hmmm ? come on sige na mmmhhh” she murmured caressing the other side of my face whilst planting kisses on my cheek and neck and then teeth pulling my earlobe.

“yeah, sure I’d love that sweetie, let me finish my playlist first”

After setting up the player on my phone we walked barefoot to the porch extension of the hut
and went like silly school girls giddily enjoying the night rain in shirts and knickers, it was raining so hard as if it would not let up that we had to talk yelling

New songs added to playlist: Light my Fire by the doors, Cat People by David Bowie, Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane, The Warrior by Patty Smyth,Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes, The Look by Roxette, A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins, Madonna – Who’s That Girl , Centerfold by J. Geils Band, Simply Irrestible – Robert Palmer, Dangerous by Roxette, A View to a Kill by Duran Duran,Call Me by Blondie, I Just Died in your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew,Fading Like A Flower by Roxette, Heaven is a place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle, Hungry like the Wolf by Duran Duran, Joyride by Roxette,Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love, I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Poison by Alice Cooper, Fading Like A Flower by Roxette, You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi, It’s no Good by Depeche Mode,How Soon Is Now? by the Smiths,The Cardigans – My Favourite Game, t.A.T.u. – All The Things She Said

(Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane playing)

When the truth is found
To be lies
And all the joy
Within you dies

“You really like old songs huh?!” Lex yelled as we go dancing in the rain

Don’t you want somebody to love
Don’t you need somebody to love

“I’m very selective of my music it just so happens that most of the songs I like are old ones” I also went yelling back.

“What about current songs, like Taylor Swift, Gaga, or Katy Perry?” she yelled

“Bleghh!” I uttered tongue sticking out and she burst out laughing.

“I do have fave songs from 90s and 2000s bands” I said “from cold play, greenday, lifehouse, linkin park, soundgarden and many others and despite the hate, nickelback”

Wouldn’t you love somebody to love
You better find somebody to love, love

When the garden flowers
Baby, are dead, yes
And your mind, your mind
Is so full of red
Don’t you want somebody to love…

The rains died down a wee bit, we went on dancing arms around each other’s necks

Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes playing

…..Her lips sweet surprise
Her hands are never cold
She’s got Bette Davis eyes
She’ll turn the music on you
You won’t have to think twice

“Let’s get naked babe” she then said, eyes gleaming with excitement

She’s pure as New York snow
She got Bette Davis eyes

“Haha are you serious girl?” I said chuckling

“fucking hell yeah babe, (starts unbuttoning her shirt) hubad na tayo, c’mon let’s take them all off!”

And she’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
All the better just to please you
She’s precocious, and she knows just

“What if somebody sees us?” I said though we’re pretty much screened by the overgrowth and I’m also bloody fucking excited to do it.

What it takes to make a pro blush
She got Greta Garbo’s standoff sighs
She’s got Bette Davis eyes

She paused and looks at the road, and as vehicle lights went cutting and streaking through the leaves…

….She’ll expose you, when she snows you
Off your feet with the crumbs she throws you
She’s ferocious, and she knows just
What it takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she’s a spy
She’s got Bette Davis eyes

“If they see us, e di wow!” she replied looking sassy and we went laughing.

And she’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
All the better just to please you
She’s precocious, and she knows just
What it takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she’s a spy
She’s got Bette Davis eyes…

She then went swaying sexily like a stripper as she proceeds to unbuttoning her soaking wet plaid flannel shirt

A Girl Like You Edwyn Collins, playing

“Woooohh!!!” she went whooping and laughing loudly swinging her shirt above her head and then she threw it on the bamboo beam of the sofa’s backrest.

We went on dancing sexily as she undo the lace of my poet blouse and then she rip them open making me gasp

“you naughty girl” I said

and she went giggling naughtily grinning bite-lipped and then threw my blouse next to hers.

The Look by Roxette, playing

walking like a man
Hitting like a hammer
She’s a juvenile scam
Never was a quitter
Tasty like a raindrop
She’s got the look

Heavenly bound
Cause heaven’s got a number
When she’s spinning me around
Kissing is a color
Her loving is a wild dog
She’s got the look

She’s got the look (She’s got the look) She’s got the look (She’s got the look)

We kiss torridly hands exploring bodies then dipping into each other’s wet knickers.

What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue
When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you

She then looks at some passing vehicles as their lights went cutting through the leaves then turned to me smiling wickedly and sensually pulled her knickers down to her feet then kicked them on the side

And I go la la la la la she’s got the look

we again kissed torridly , fondling bosoms, bodies moving like strippers
her hands slide down and held the sides of my knickers, and she slowly went downwards, kissing and licking, pulling my knickers with her, looking teasingly at any passing vehicle as she suckle each of my bosoms, doing the same when she got to my pussy as she brought my knickers to my feet.

Fire in the ice
Naked to the t-bone
Is a lover’s disguise
Banging on the head drum
Shaking like a mad bull
She’s got the look

She went on eating my puki, squeezing and clawing my bum as I free my feet of my knickers. I turned my body to the road, putting a foot up on a low bench. I went swaying sexily like a whore, as vehicle lights went dancing on our naked bodies, one hand caressing Lex’s head, my bosoms with the other, relishing to the possibility, the unexpected odds of being seen

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Swaying to the band
Moving like a hammer
She’s a miracle man
Loving is the ocean
Kissing is the wet sand
She’s got the look
She’s got the look (She’s got the look) She’s got the look (She’s got the look)
What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue
When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you
And I go la la la la la she’s got the look

I then had Lex sit by the window, on the bamboo sill, we went kissing and fondling, rubbing bodies, she locked her legs around me as I go fucking her hard with my pussy,

“Yesss, oh yes baby fuck me hard ohhhh, fuck me hard as they watch!” Lex kept uttering loudly as my hips went rocking and bobbing between her thighs, light streaking on our bodies from time to time

I went down, I began eating her pussy for the first time, I hungrily sucked and licked every inch of her crotch whilst squeezing and clawing her bum and thighs

Walking like a man
Hitting like a hammer
She’s a juvenile scam
Never was a quitter
Tasty like a raindrop
She’s got the look

“Oohhh god babe, shittttt! ohhh fuck” she went whimpering, calling out my name as I go fucking her puki with my tongue, going hard and deep as I can

She goes (na na na na na na)
She’s got the look

She’s got the look (She’s got the look) She’s got the look (She’s got the look)
What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue
When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you
And I go la la la la la she’s got the look

Lex went moaning and whimpering loudly holding on to the beam above, thighs spread wide, her luscious lovehole pulsing, her shapely body quivering and writhing in ecstasy

What in the world can make you so blue
When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you
And I go la la la la la (na na na na na na)
She’s got the look
She goes (na na na na na na)
She’s got the look, she’s got the look

“Babe, ahhhh shit ohhh god fuckkk ahhhhh ohhhhh (calling out my name)!” she went yelling as her body went writhing, hips spastic and swaying sexily as I make her cum hard again

She goes (na na na na na na)
She’s got the look, she’s got the look
She goes (na na na na na na)

I suck and lick the sweet warm love juices that went pouring from her pulsing puki, I went up and she locked her arms and legs around me as we torridly kiss, letting her taste her sweet nectar.

Centerfold byJ. Geils Band, A View to a Kill by Duran Duran, Like A Virgin by Madonna, Dangerous by Roxette, Reamonn – Supergirl, Call Me by Blondie, I Just Died in your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew,Fading Like A Flower by Roxette, Heaven is a place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle, My Favorite Game by the Cardigans, Hungry like the Wolf by Duran Duran, Joyride by Roxette, I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Poison by Alice Cooper, You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi

We resumed bathing and dancing in the rain, singing along with the songs as if we’re doing a wet and wild music video. (I don’t really know the lyrics to some of the songs sumasabay lang ako kay Bru – Lex)

It’s no Good by Depeche Mode, I Want You by Savage Garden

“Beh! ang ginaw na pasok na tayo, let’s go back inside na!” she went yelling, looking very cold

Indeed it was very maginaw na, we picked up our knickers and went running, arms folded, back inside the hut.

The light in the hut was still out as we towel each other off with the really fucking big towel I always have in my duffle, and why the bloody fuck I have a wicked big towel? Well just because.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun playing

“Babe pano yan basa pa clothes natin?” she said arms folded about her breasts, looking at our dripping knickers hanging from above (and the shirts na nakasampay sa may couch – Lex)

I took out some rolled clothing from my duffle, cotton girly bikini knickers, cotton camisole and a filmy slighly worn out undert-shirt

“Here you go luv” I said smirking, tossing one of the knickers with a wee lace on them to Lex “sorry I’m not into wearing thongs and g-strings”

“hu-woww! cute naman nito (sniffs) smells like candies ah? anime panties ba to?” she remarked giggling examining the knickers with a wee lace “ang bongga wagas siguro nang panties, nang underwear brands mo no?” she said as she puts them on

“not really luv, I always opt for comfort and quality, and feeling and looking sexy at the same so brands don’t really matter”

“Sexy din naman ang thongs ah” she said as I was putting on the other pair of knickers

“yeah? but not for me, never liked wearing them, I hate the feeling of something between my arse cheeks”

“taray mo teh!” she remarked chuckling

she opted to wear the cotton spandex camisole

“you don’t throw away old shirts babe?” she asks , commenting on my tad worn out deep v-neck cotton underTee with few holes and tears on it

“I kinda like them that way, feels more comfy and sexy, especially in tropical weather”

“shit ang sexy mo naman lagi pag weekends babe pag di ka madre ahahaha, and you don’t really wear bras?

“I do, but not very often, even when wearing the sister uniform, it’s so fucking init”

“The naughty nun ahahahah” she went teasing as she puts on the camisole

“I’m a catholic sister not a cloistered nun, there’s a difference bitch” I said making taunting faces
“We do wear the same uniform, being called sister or madre, vows of chastity and shit”

Sugar Rush by Akb48 playing (3x loop)

Donna michi datte (No matter the road)
Massugu janai darou? (It’s not straight, is it?)

“so how do I look sister **(*name witheld*)**?” she said turning “very kawaii ba lola mo?” doing sexy cute swaying

“mmmhh yummy, my gawd dahling you look absolutely ravishing” I said as she did look very kawaii, like a very sweet and sexy Japanese schoolgirl,

Sou magari kunette (Yeah, it’ll have twists and turns and potholes)
Dekoboko shiteru hazu sa

“I’ve been a bad girl sister *******” she said pouting and then biting her index finger, other hand pulling the cami down, body swaying doing her impression of a sweet, innocent anime teen.

she then turned and bends over, showing her sexy bum

Tsurai koto toki ni wa aru yo ne (There’ll be times when it’s tough)
Bokutachi wa soredemo hashiruyo (Even so,We’ll keep speeding along)

“do you want to punish me with your uhm RULER? sister?” she said, index finger at her lips trying to make her voice sound like a silly little girl.

Amai mono demo ikaga? (How about Something sweet?)

“LUKARET! KIKAY!” I yelled and slaps her bum, and she went flinching and burst out laughing

“Aiyeee ahiiii!”

…S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car say
Sugar Rush hey! Sugar Rush! ….

in case you people forgot I did mention that a young Tina Yuzuki aka Rio is kamukha ni Lex

(buti naman, di ko type si Maria Ozawa, sa boobs puydi pa kami twinsies, malaki pa boobs ko kay Rio, puydi din ako Aoi Sora ahihihihihi joke! – Lex)

Kanashiku nattara (If you’re feeling sad)

“Hu-waw! ang kawaii kawaii mo naman girl! g’d tang ina ang super sexy moooohhhh!” she remarked after I put on the deep v-neck tee

Mabuta wo tojite goran (Try closing your eyes)
Hora yume no naka nara (See, in your dreams)

“ang hot mo even if it’s an old and with butas butas, palit tayo ahihihihi”

“you think? thanks sweetie” I said as I towel my hair

“You were a model kasi, you’re tall pa, long sexy legs” she remarked

Namida mo wasurerareru (You can forget all about your tears)

“how tall are you again?” I asked

“I’m 5 feet six inches, why?” she said

“Well 177 cm isn’t that tall, me that is” I said

she puts her arms around me, squeezing my bum

“basta ang sexy sexy mo teehhh! ummhm-ummhhh” planting kisses all over my face and neck

Moshi kokode ensuto shitatte (Even if our engines stall here)
Bokutachi wa awatetari shinai (We won’t have to worry)

“Ayyyy hihihihi” she uttered as I push her and we fell on the sofa.

Amai mono demo ikaga? (How about Something sweet?)
…S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car say Sugar Rush, Sugar Rush hey!….

later the light in the hut went back on, a wee bit brighter than before, as we were cuddling on the sofa wrapped with the big towel, hairs tied up in messy buns, partaking a strawberry sweedy, eating chocolate truffles and talking about trivial things like local celebrities and shit

“so what else do you have in that duffle of yours babe? An espresso machine, a gun?” she said chuckling

“actually I do have one” I said smirking

“A gun? seryoso?! omg what the fuck?!” she exclaimed

“just jokin’ luv, I do have defense sprays, and a taser but I do have a gun sa house, a glock 43 and it’s licensed”

“oh by the way, here” I said as I reached into my duffle and handed her travel bottles of tonics, and young coconut water

“drink up sweetie, we need to re-hydrate, detoxify and re-energize, after all the gluten and alcohol” I said

“and draining hot sex” she said giggling

“aaaand that too” I said chortling

I then had her drink some herbal concoctions flavored with honey.

“what’s this beh?” she said looking a wee squeamish after taking a sip

“preggy contingency babe, so drink up” I said

“ito ba secret mo, do you take this often?” she asked lips-smacking

“that and among other things, and no this just for quick fix I also use other natural methods”

“how soon will this take effect and for how long?” she asked

“15 to 20 minutes tops after taking, either before or within 12 hours after sex and the effect usually last for 3 – 4 days”

“did you drink some of this stuff earlier?”

“No” I replied shaking my head and smirking with an eyebrow raised

“really? hu-wow grabeehh!”

“mind you, you might get preggy with ugly babies, but then again, your genes may be stronger ahahaha” she said chuckling pinching my arm

I made taunting faces, she then bites my arm

“nghhhhhh!” kakagigil ka talaga tehhhh!!!!” she said wiping the bite mark

“does that concoction have side effects babe?” she asked

“uhn noo, unless you’re into taking drugs like crack, coke, ecstasy, sick with any disease, taking meds but I reckon you’re a healthy lass”

“eh mj, sweedies?”

“Nope” I said shaking my head whilst taking a puff. “these special Li party sticks got herbs, spices, fruits mixed with the strains”

“sooo di ka pa nakapagtry nang ibang drugs?” she asked.

“Nope and never” I said “tweaked marijuana, nicotine , caffeine, and alcohol are the only narcotics for me”


(minutes later)
“hmmm bakit ang stiff pa din nang nipples ko?” she said rubbing her nips from outside the cami “effect ba to nung drinks mo?”

“maybe” I said giggling

…S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car say Sugar Rush, Sugar Rush hey!….

“ang super stiff talaga o” she said sounding amused lightly twisting and pulling her nips.

“ay ahiiihihii you too babe, ikaw din you got the stipples!” she said giggling as my nipples were showing through my shirt

She pulled my shirt up, exposing my bosoms to the cool and damp night air blown by the wall fan

“ang ganda ganda talaga nang boobies mo babe ahiihihihi stiff stiff din nang nipples!” she said seeing my bosoms in the light, fondling, lightly twisting and pulling them, “ang super pink!” she remarked as they were really stiff and flushing.

“pa suckle ulit babe ha?” she then went down her tongue went snaking and flicking on my nips and she went moaning as she lovingly suckle me, getting me tingling down my spine and all over my body.

“masarap ba ako mag suck?” she said planting soft kisses on my boobies.

“yeah?” I said then blowing out sweedy smoke to her face

“sino mas masarap mag suckle si bo or moi?”

“uhmm well bo goes very beastly on them, you, well, have so much burning love and passion going”

“masakit mag suckle si matandang pangit, pero I fucking enjoyed it too, weird nga eh” she said

she then took a puff and of the sweedy and blows the smoke to my face

“so who do you enjoy more?” she said and takes another puff and went suckling and licking gently slowly exhaling smoke.

“mas masarap ako mag suckle di ba babe?” looking at me teasingly tongue snaking and flicking and pulling my nips with her lips.

I blew her out a kiss as she went on loving my boobs with her mouth

“babe, mhmmmhh you’re getting me burning up, stop na, uhnghh!” I said timidly giggling, quivering getting more aroused, going bite-lipped.

“mhmmmhhh babe I love suckling you, shit! I can’t stop (slurping), ang sarap sarap mmhhhh” she said in an aching tone as her suckling become more intense.

…S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car say Sugar Rush, Sugar Rush hey!….

“you like it (slurping) baby? mmmhhh huh?” she said as she began rubbing her crotch on my thigh

“yes, babe, mmmh gawd yessss!” I said moaning

her gentle fondling became kneading, I caress her cheek and behind her ear and neck, she fondles her bosoms whilst hungrily suck-pulling my mine.

beads of sweat went rolling all over our heated bodies, our knickers became soaking wet of sweat mixing with pussy juices.

she dipped her hand inside my wet knickers, again her supple fingers pleasured every inch of my crotch, rubbing hard between my pussy lips, getting hips bobbing and swaying.

She went on hungrily suckling me whilst her fingers fuck my pussy

“you taste so good babe! mmhhh!” she murmured in an aching tone “and so fucking tightttt! making me want to grow a dick, a really big dick so I can fuck you hard and cum inside you again and again!” and I went gasping and grunting as she push her fingers even deeper and I go arching and moaning loudly.

I pull her camisole up and fondled her bosoms, she then pulls her fingers from my puki, dripping and stringing of my juice and she suck them.

“mmmhhhh your pussy tastes so sweet my baby girlllmmmhhh” in swooning tone as she sexily suck her fingers

karada no HAIUEI kakemeguru yo (Race down your body’s highway)

We torridly kiss fondling each other’s firm bosoms, her hips moving sexily as she rub her crotch hard on my thigh

her mouth slowly went down kissing, sucking, licking all the way back to my bosoms and her hand slowly slide down and again dipped inside my knickers

toubun wogenki no GASORIN ni… (with sugar as your energizing gasoline…)

she went on suckling whilst finger fucking me

Wooo woooo wooooo

I slide my hand down from her bosoms and she lifted her hips so I can dip it inside her wet knickers

She went grinding even harder as i fondle her puki she went moaning even louder as my fingers enter her tight and pulsing love hole.”ohhh shit baby deeper, oh fuck please go deeper!” she went whimpering with tears

We took turns suckling each other’s bosoms whilst finger fucking, were so fucking hot that she didn’t notice that bo had arrived, driving the car up the hut.

“Ay shit! ” she exclaimed when she heard the car revving. She pulled her fingers from my pussy and quickly pull down my shirt.

“fuck naman bitin, sheeet!” she said looking so buggered but giggling as she fixes herself.
(buggered – pissed or annoyed/frustrated – Lex)

“dahling as if he hasn’t seen us naked and doing it let alone taking part in it” I said giggling and she taunted with her tongue sticking out

“I’m not yet sanay, besides I was fucking hot and it’s medyo madilim not like this,(holds my arm) hey babe!” she exclaimed in a hush tone pulling my hand from inside her knickers.

I grinned naughtily bitelipped and she went groaning when I pushed my fingers deeper

“Ahhh shit babe, tang ina ka!” she said twisting my nipple

“Hey babe ano ba! ayan na si thunder monkey!” she said panickingly and giggling timidly
(thunder monkey, ano pa ba? di matandang unggoy – Lex)

…S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car say Sugar Rush, Sugar Rush hey!….

I pulled my fingers from her pussy, squishing as they go, my hand so wet and stringing of her sweet nectar.

“mmhhhh!” I uttered teasingly, taunting her as I suck my fingers

she sat with her legs folded and me with thighs wide open, hand with sweedy on an upped knee.

“ano ba yan! Tch! ” she exclaimed frowning as she covers me with the towel as bo comes in with heavy plastic bags, leaning to his left as bottles went clinking, the other bag dripping as it has ice, and the smell of food began to fill the air.

He put a bag on the table and took out something from it

“mam, babes yosi n’yo ni mam o wala nung boge (vogue )” he said handing in packs of slimmies, 2 KISS freshapple, Strawberry and an Esse super gold leaf

“Oi bongga, Kiss at Esse super slim gold leaf, meron sa 7-11 nito?” Lex asked

“inde babes, don sa may isang bar na mejo sosi, di penoy may-are dun ko den nabele yong drenks ni mam wala lang nong singtaw at tseks (tsingtao Chicks) obos na daw”

“Talaga meron? eh food ano nabili mo?” she asked

“meron babes (turns) ”

“meron, ano ngaaa?!” Lex snapped

“teka lang may nalimot ako” bo said and he hurried back to the car, and took something from the rear compartment and came back groaning with a fucking big bucket.

“o ano yan?!” Lex scoffed snickering

“bomile ako nang balde para sa drenks” he said as puts down the fucking thing, and we saw it already half filled with ice and bottled drinks, he took out two x-rateds and a redhorse, then puts more bottles and emptied the bag of ice in it

“o, o, o, wag mo gawin yan, akina na nga ma nga yan!” she snaps as bo was about pop open a bottle of x-rated with his teeth, and he hands the bottles to us.

We opened the bottles after wiping them clean with the swiss army and clinked the bottles in a toast before drinking, bo opened his drink with his teeth.

“mmh, mhmmmhh ahhh ang sarap lamiiiig!” Lex exclaimed after we took a long drink, and then went rolling the bottle to her cheeks and neck

“O ano to may change pa? patingin nga nung nabili mong food” Lex said as bo handed some notes and a handful of coins

Les just took the notes and told bo to keep the coins, bo brought out big hotdog sandwiches he bought from a 7-11 and packets of condiments from a bag

“yan lang nabili mo? wala bang sandwiches or pizzas dun sa sinasabi mong bar?” Lex said

“anu babes kase, uh (scratching his head) meron e di mo sinabi kong anu gustu nyu ni mam kaya…”

“ay tang ina bobo!” Lex muttered and I went “baby?!” rebuking, pinching her thigh

“Babe I was referring to myself as well” she said

“so yan lang?” she said scornfully

“eto babes oh” bo replied and he took out a big sausage-shaped thing wrapped aluminium foil and hands it to Lex.

“mmmh ang bango ah, ano kaya to? buritto? but it’s so frikkin’ big” Lex said excitedly as she unwrap the thing

“uy wow! bongga grilled chicken sub!” she exclaimed, eyes gleaming with delight “baby let’s eat”

we shared the big sandwich washing it down with x-rated and then sharing a bottle of apple beer

“o ikaw ano? kain ka na din” she said talking with her mouth full

“oki nako babes, komaen nako nang hatdug habang pabalek, a teka lang babes, uh mam” he said nodding to me sheepishly and he stood up and went to the loo

“ano yun pu-poo poo na naman? langya mukhang unggoy pero parang aso kung pumupoo” she said chuckling

Lex’s appetite was so huge (parang kay Li pero di lagi bleehh! – Lex) that we finished the samich very quickly.

“sarap, pero (loudly chews) shit parang bitin” she said before taking a drink

“hotdog?” I offered as I reach for one of the sandwiches on the table

“Yoko n’yan baby, pangit bread nang 7-11” she said frowning, shaking her head.

“Well then…” I took out the fat brown sausage from the bun then tossed the bun to the table but it bounced and fell to the floor instead

“mmm?” I uttered teasingly shaking the sausage to her face

“hm?” she uttered smirking with an eyebrow raised.

I then sexily lick the sausage then slowly takes it in my mouth, and went as if I’m blowing a willy

“kinky mo teh!” she said giggling then she took the other end of the sausage, we both suck it, moaning
before taking a bite each, a small piece fell between her thighs and she picked it up and then dipped it inside her knickers, rubbing it on her pussy for a while before feeding it to me, “mmm” I uttered as my mouth took in the piece and went sucking her fingers.

“another?” I said chewing the cum-sauced gobbet

“don’t mind if I do luv” she replied doing a forced English accent and she took out another sausage from a bun.

” parang dick ni bo!” she remarked chuckling, dangling the sausage ” as it is also slightly curved and with a slit giving an end part the appearance of a cockhead

“I think bo’s beastie is more horrid looking” I said

“True! ahihihihi!” and she went giggling

“I have a funny story about a hotdog” I said

“Oh do tell” she said, and she listened whilst tapping and sliding the sausage tip to her lips.

I told her of an incident during a fiesta cum birthday celebration of our nun boss (mother superior), and there were plates of big red cooked cheese hotdogs on the table, and there’s this one peculiar looking sausage, someone got bloody tired of putting slits and cuts before cooking the weinies, so this one looked more phallic than the one Lex is holding.

“ahahaha, and why did you have so many jumbo cheesedogs?” Lex asked tapping and sliding the sausage to her lips.

“well they were from a sponsor, anyhoo, they’re mostly for the kiddies” I said

“ah ok, tapos? uhm go on”

“I casually took the wieny with a tissue, then I slipped out the party and went to a spot not very far and canopied and screened by clumps of leaves. I was sitting on a rickety bench as I examine my weiny, I became more fascinated with it kasi it really looked like stiff curved red titi”

“talaga? ahhahah tapos what did you do?” Lex asked, very excited

“I looked around began sucking the weiny as if it were a real willy, I got heated so much I pulled up my skirt and unbuttoned my uniform, lifted my undershirt exposing my bosoms, and I went touching myself, fondling my boobs, dipping in my knickers whilst sucking the sausage”

“hu-wow! ang naughty ni sister, ahahah ang kinky mo teeehhh!” she went giggling “soooo, did you uhmm…” she asked eyes gleaming with excitement

“I was getting to that luv” I said chuckling

“I was totally engulfed, ang got my knickers soaking, I took them off, had them hanging on my other thigh, watched bitelipped and went moaning as my edible lovetoy slowly enter my puki”

“soooo how did it feel?” Lex asked “masarap ba?”

“let’s say I went on fondling my bosoms, as that thing gradually went from slow to hard, deep and fast, and it made me very drippy”

“so nag cum ka nang bonggang-bongga, uhm I mean did you cum hard?” Lex said

“well I climaxed and as I was close to cumming, somebody saw me”

“Whattt?! (giggling) shit omgee you got caught? tang ina sino, nino?! who saw you girl?!” Lex exclaimed giggling but sounding very concerned, squeezing and shaking me arm.

“Well it was just a kid, a 2 or 3 year old boy I reckon, I was like oh fuck, shit! and instinctively tilted my thigh to shield what I’m doing to my puki as he went closer, mouth open looking amazed”

“tapos anyareehh, what happened next?”

“Well it wasn’t the first time that happened, sooo I went on going really wild and sexy, letting the wee urchin watch, with my thighs wide open, hips bobbing, body writhing and twisting, boobs went heaving. I went bitelipped to keep myself from going loud as I came hard gushing”

“tang ina grabeh ka sister ahahhah, pak sheeet you’re so bad, then what happened next?”

“well after panting and gasping I wrapped the weiny with the tissue and said to the boy as I fix myself up “hey shows over muffin, did you like it? well you can fuck me next time” and we went back to the party”

“ahahaha tindeh mo teh! so what did you do with the hotdog?”

“well I put it in a bun and gave it to this pretty but a wee bit bitchy guest nun”

“and did she eat it?”

“oh ho ho yes she did, she really enjoyed eeeevry bite of it hahahah” I said laughing before putting my bottle to my lips.

“ahahaha grabeeh ka talaga sister!”

“sooo, I’m curious have you had any uhm special relationship with any of your fellow sisters, or nuns?” Lex asked and then she took a drink from my bottle.

“well yeah, I told you about Feebz yes? a really hot lass from a well-off family in Cebu, she got out of the habit last year and is currently living with me, I made her a partner and is helping me manage the shops with Vinnie.

“Uh yea, si Feebz, and Vinnie, s’ya si Cacai na cousin mo di ba?”

“mhmm” I uttered nodding and drinking

(You’ll get to know Feebz and Vinnie in the Kindred Spirits chapter, if you like big but not pornstar big firm round boobies you’d like Cacai, na hawig ni Kristin Kreuk mas chinita lang, and Feebz kasi kamukha daw ni Phoebe Cates, well I don’t know, pag ngumiti siguro but I think mas mukhang Kendall na may halong Ruby Rose ahihihi – Lex)

“and anyone else?” Lex asked

“Well there’s this visiting Belgian novice nun, a hot honey blonde lass.

“so what happened to her?”

“Well after getting her (making quotation signs) “enlightened” she also got out of the habit, she’s bisexual though, currently living with a girlfriend, a hot German model in Denmark, she’s doing pretty well as a travel blogger and web designer”

“You still keep in touch with each other?” Lex asked

“we’re still mates, we email or more often vibe or webchat each other from time to time, here…” I said as I get my other phone from my duffle and then showed her pictures of my mates.

“Hu-wow! is this her now? Ang preeety ni ex-sister ha?” Lex remarked swiping the screen “parang now she looks like uhmm Anya-Taylor Joy? but before pag naka-habit parang si Scarlett Johansson hahahah”

“Yeah I think so too luv” I said whilst lighting a slimmy

“At ang wankata, super yummy ah ganda nang boobs” she said looking at her naked pics.

“wankata?” I said with a furrowed brow as I blow out smoke

“oh uhm katawan, body, figure” she said

“and who’s this pretty girl? she looks like Malina Weissmann, tisay na tisay ah” she said looking at a nudie

“Oh that? that’s Cassie” I said (age 15)

“this is Cass? ganda ah, how old is she here?”
“Oh she sent me that the other day I just forgot to delete the nudies” I said
“And these two pretty girls with her are Alex and Chloe yes?” (14 and 15)

“u-huh” I uttered taking a puff

“dahling would you delete all the pictures there?” I then said

“Why sayang naman, they’re all so pretty parang professional photoshoot” she said pouting

“I don’t like keeping pictures in my phones, even non nudies, I always remind my girl mates about doing the same”

“You’re so discrete” she said giggling whilst swiping pictures

“Just being careful, as gadgets may get lost or stolen and besides we have tons of pictures of ourselves in digital frames sa house, some nudes” I said

“pwedeng pasali ? ahihihi” she said giggling

“absolutely dahling you’re one of us now” I said

“so anyareh? what happened then I mean after the hotdog thingy?” she asks whilst deleting the pics

“Well from then on I would make cuts and slits on sausages, Feebz and I would do that even sa nun house. We got really good at getting sausages like andouilles, chorizos, and kielbasas to look like penises, after boiling or grilling, some with “foreskins” we often plate them with scotch eggs or deviled eggs for goolies (testicles) and parsley,chives, green onion curls, for pubic hair, my teen girl mates would go bonkers with those whenever we have a barbecue pool party sa real house namin”

“kinky ah” Lex remarked giggling

“and Feebz and Sofi (Belgian girl) had their cherries popped by cock sausages”

“really? did they bleed?”

“Well they didn’t, I was careful and besides not all girls bleed the first time, also if the pussy isn’t so wet or the girl isn’t very aroused bleeding will likely occur, also many girls like my cousin Cai, Cass, and Sofi are born with very little hymenal tissue to begin with, so it may seem like they don’t have a hymen at all”

“ah ganun? ako din di nag bleed with my first time siguro kasi maliit yung kay honeybhe ko hahaha” she went chuckling pinching my arm “joke! maybe because, I’m active with yoga, gym, biking and I started using tampons during my senior highschool”

“and those too” I said

(I also didn’t bleed with my first adult cock, I thought I did but saw that it was my pussy juice, I was 15 then, but that’s another story)

karada no HAIUEI kakemeguru yo (Race down your body’s highway)

Lex then became spaced out sliding the sausage across her lips

“Babe? oi babe!” I said caressing her inner thigh with my toes

toubun wogenki no GASORIN ni… (with sugar as your energizing gasoline…)

Wooo Woooo 

“boo!” I yelled prodding her groin with my toes.


“uhhn huh? sorry, I got fascinated and aroused sobra by your sausage tale, ahihihihi” she said

“talaga?” I said, I then took the sausage from her hand

“you want to try it?” I said teasing her crotch with the hotdog, making circles

“h-huh? uhmm” she uttered, looking both hesitant and excited, then she looked at the bathroom as we hear splashing sounds

“Well, baby?” I said pressing the sausage hard on her mound making her moan.

then her phone went ringing

“uhm wait baby” she said as she gets her samsung

“Well aren’t you going to answer that?” I said still caressing her cunt with the sausage, as she just looks at her phone

“BFF ko sa work, uhm wait” she said and puts on a bluetooth earpiece

“Oh hey (name witheld), uhm w-whats up?” she said a bit shaky “no no no, uhm you didn’t wake me up, di pako natutulog, soooo bakit ka napatawag?”

I went on teasing her with the sausage, and she became uneasy. she held my arm and mouthed “babe” and opening her thighs wider.

I pulled her wet knickers to one side, and rubbed the sausage on her puki, going hard between her pussy lips and clit.

“unghh ahhh sshhhitt unggh! huh wala, ano naiipit ko binti ko nagkacramps o ano sige na ano, oo I’m going to buy those, cashews, daing na pusit, ano pa? pearls ok pag may nakita ako langya bruha ka bayaran mo ko dun sa pearls ha? oi gawa mo ko cashew tarts ha? mas madami than last time, o sige na bakla nightie mwah!”

“bakla?” I said looking puzzled “your workbestie is gay?” I said blowing out smoke

“huh? Nooo, ahhaha it’s just girl talk , para lang kikay, garutay, but she does act like a screaming faggot!” and she went laughing.

some minutes later she then gets another phone call.

“Oh si honeybhe!” she exclaimed, she took deep breaths before answering the call.

“O hey honeybhe! bakit? ****** told you gising pako? …. talaga you can’t stop thinking about me? hihihi how sweet”

I went on rubbing the sausage hard on her wet pussy

“You’re going to be on your lunch break in 12 minutes? what will you eat? huh? me? Ahahaha”

she then looks at me and I went nodding smiling wickedly, pressing the sausage even harder making her grunt bitelipped

“may ma nga unghhh utaw ba sa ahh shit, (grunting) sa E-lounge? huh? nothing may makati lang”

“wala? or what about dun sa office mo or sa uhmm penthouse suite?” she said fondling my bosoms

(penthouse suite a storage room at the top floor where my bf and I would have sex sometimes, if the real suites and rooms aren’t available I made video of that one time and my bf wasn’t aware of it and I sent it to the Bruhas ahihihihi- Lex)

“well, nothing I’m just thinking, umh if you bloody miss me so fucking much (forced accent)” she said teasingly looking at me and twisting my nipple.

“ahahhah nothing, (giggles) I’m just drunk, don’t you think I’m sexy when I talk dirty?”

I sucked the sausage drowning it in saliva and went on rubbing her pussy hard with it and she would go moaning and grunting whilst talking with her sweetums.

“Uhmm, ahhhh sshitttt! uhm I was thinking if you want us to uhmm awwwgawwdd! uhm continue?”

“di ba nabitin ka? and I miss your sweet cock sooo fucking bad baby” she said teasingly whilst squeezing my bosom.

“you want to fuck me baby? you want to fuck my pussy so bad? my pussy is so hot and wet for your cock babe, I want you fucking my pussy hard so bad” she said aching and swooning

“uhm my, uh yung friend ko? (looks at me) she’s right beside me, no she’s tulog, sobrang drunk eh” she said giggling, winked at me twisting my nipple.

I began necking her whilst rubbing the sausage hard on her clit and between the pussy lips.

“No I don’t think we would wake this pretty bitch up (winks at me)….trust me.Ok honeybhe, I can’t wait hihihi mmwuah!” she murmured

I slowly push the sausage inside her wet tight puki, she went groaning and gasping and squeezing my boob harder as she watch the fat brown meat shaft go in deeper.

“unghh” she utters grimacing in sexual agony “deeper babe” she whispers as the hotdog fucks her.

I shoved the whole thing deep in her pulsing lovehole, she flinched gasping, bringing her thighs together, clawing my bosom and pinching the nipple

“ohhhh fuckkk, baby shitttt ang saraapp!awwwwg-dd!” she whispered, head tossing, hips sexily rocking.

we look at each other, she went grimacing bitelipped, caressing the hand fucking her with the sausage

her other hand lets go of my boob and held my nape she pulled me to her and we kissed torridly

She went moaning achingly as we go frenching, lips smacking, vying with juicy sounds coming from her dripping pussy.

“uhm honeybhe? uhm I’m touching myself, I want to be very hot and juicy for….. ok baby ready ka na?” she said in a teasing tone “make it slow honeybhe, I want to cum very hard for you”

we went on kissing and fondling, sausage fucking her hard whilst she’s having phone sex.

“ohhh yess babe, I miss your cock so much shit…. ” she said as she fondle her boobs
“sige eat my pussy….suckle my boobs hard, bite my nipples baby!”

My mouth went licking and sucking, exploring her neck, making sexy sounds as we both held the sausage

“uhm what baby? ah ano I’m watching porn too” she said giggling “where? uhmm sa laptop nang friend ko”

Lex became totally lost in sexual limbo, head turning and tossing, body writhing

as we were frenching bo came out of the bath, shirtless and dripping, he stopped to take off his flops and procedeed with his head low, unaware of what’s going on as the light went dim again.

He got stunned when he came about 2 yards from us, I hushed him with an index finger to my lips then beckoned him to come closer.

“Uh mam?” he said sheepishly as he walked closer again I shush him.

I went on loving Lex as he stood before us, quivering as he watches the hot spectacle, unaware that Lex is actually talking with someone on the phone.

I pulled out the sausage from her pussy and put it on the window sill, I continue teasing bo, kissing and fondling Lex, hand going inside her cami squeezing her bosoms, and then dipping inside her soaking wet knickers.

I then pull her cami up, exposing her boobies and bo went swallowing grunting as I sexily fondle and lick them.

Seeing his bulge I then sexily pull the straps of his shorties. I flinched as I was unzipping him because the throbbing dark beastie suddenly pop out, as he wasn’t wearing underpants.

“uhnghhh mam! (something in his dialect)” he uttered, groaning and grunting, hips spastic, as I kiss and lick the cockhead whilst I pull his shorts and let it fall to his feet

Lex fingers then closed on the throbbing shaft, as I was still sucking the head, and began stroking and tugging bo’s titi

I took his hands to Lex’s boobies and they went hungrily squeezing and kneading them, we then went down on her, necking and fondling her as she plays with bobo’s titi

“Is it hard for me babe? uhmm is your cock so fucking hard for me? yeah?….” talking with her bf

we all went moaning, whimpering, grunting and groaning with Lex being the loudest

“it’s the porn I’m watching honeybeh ano ka ba hihihihi I told you I’m watching porn diba?”

“but I’m thinking of you, only you, you’re my pornstar baby!”
(actually I was thinking or rather imagining I’m in a hentai ahihihihi – Lex)

I took bo’s hand to her crotch as we were suckling her bosoms, and we fondled her puki from outside her soaking wet knickers, I then said in a hushed tone “take her knickers off”

I went closer to his ear and went a wee louder “bo, alis mo , uhm hubad mo panties niya”

bo went up and slowly pull her knickers down, exposing her wet flushing pussy, with few soft hairs on the mound, Lex was still holding on to his titi so he was only able to bring the knickers to her knees

I help Lex free her legs of her knickers and she then brought her legs up on the sofa, she had her thighs open wide, I parted the pussy lips and went sucking and licking it, looking teasingly at bo

Lex lets go of his cock and I pulled him down by the ear and pushed his face on Lex’s puki, together we hungrily went sucking and licking Lex’s pulsing wet pussy, our tongues flicking each other, getting Lex even more writhing, arching and twisting

bo tried to go for my mouth but I turned and pressed my lips hard on lex’s pussy, and his mouth went sucking and licking across my cheek

“mam ang ganda mo mam ang ganda mooo (and something in his dialect)” bo kept saying as he was necking me, and fondling my bosoms

he then ripped my shirt sending sensual electrical surges all over my body, making me go even harder on Lex’s puki. I became more hot and loud as I relish the feel of very course wet palms on my bosoms
as bo greedily squeeze them.

I stroke and tug his horrid throbbing beastie, as he was suckling and squeezing my bosoms,

He then dipped inside my wet knickers, and got my hips quivering and swaying as my raw pussy felt the very gritty feel of bo’s sweaty palm and fingers,

my hips went spastic as the wicked hand pleasured every inch my cunt, as my nipples again became very sore from bo’s ravenous suckling

I went grunting and moaning as his long gnarly fingers enter me, they went very deep and hard making me suck harder on Lex’s clit and labias

bo went back to necking me, with squishing and squelching noises coming from my crotch as his fingers fuck me, very deep and very hard

I let go of his cock and push his face on Lex’s pussy, and he went ravenous on it just as he was on my pussy earlier, as Lex went on having phonesex.

I pulled his hand from my knickers and got back on the couch, she put her arm around me as I go necking and fondling her.

“you want to fuck me baby? my pussy so hot and wet for you!” she said whilst sucking lips with me

I grab bo by his dyed hair, and pulled his head from her pussy, his face became so wet of love juice

I stroke his cock and then suck it, my lips went pressing on his hairy crotch as I deepthroat him, drowning his throbbing shaft with saliva and pre cum before letting go of it

“fuck me now babe, fuck me hard with your hard cock, I want it so bad” Lex yelled to her sweetums on the phone.

“fuck her bo, kantot mo si Lex, pasok mo titi mo” I said in a sexy hushed tone, parting Lex’s pussy lips with my fingers.

bo got on the sofa and and position himself

I guided his raging beastie on to Lex’s pulsing love hole, and it slowly enter her

“aawwwggg-ddd!!! baby! deeper!” Lex said whimpering

bo then shoved his cock hard, making Lex go arching and moaning loudly grabbing on to bo’s scrawny arms.

“Ahhhh! ohhhmy-gg-dddd!!! she went yelling

I planted soft kisses on her as I pet her, she went moaning and whimpering, tears falling as bo fuck her hard, clawing at her hips, his horrid cock making squishing and squelching sounds with her puki

“Ahhhh babes ang sikep sikep mo din (and something in his dialect) parang kay mammm agghhh!” bo went yelling as he pounds her hard
I quickly hold his mouth, to keep him from saying anything very loud again, though there was thundering when he yelled but just to be sure

squeezing his cheeks I brought his ghastly mouth to my bosoms and let him suckle them whilst fucking Lex.

and I then went moaning and talking sexy as to make Lex’s honeybee really think she is indeed watching porn

“Harder baby! I want you fuck me harder and cum inside me babe!….. yess I want you to cum inside me, fill my pussy with your hot cum!” Lex went yelling and whimpering on the mouthpiece

I pushed bo from my bosoms and I went down and suckled Lex
bo then joined me suckling her as his hips go in a frenzied staccato, with a crescendo of squelching and squishing sounds.

“y-you’re cumming baby?….sabay tayo honeybhe, fuck mee h-harder (shuddering breath), I want you to cum inside meee!” Lex yelled gasping and panting

bo’s grunting and groaning became louder as he suckles her hard as his hips went rocking faster, squeezing and clawing her bum

Lex stopped talking and just went on moaning and whimpering loudly, body going spastic, head tossing

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bo again went groaning loudly like an animal, body shuddering

“Ohhhh uhnnghhh awwwwggg-dddd!!!” she went yelling as she came hard, I watched as her lovehole went gushing on bo’s crotch

and bo also had cummed inside her seeing spunk on his titi as it continues to fuck her puki, hips going legato.

after some minutes of gasping and panting she pushed bo from her and he slumped on the other side of the sofa looking fucking spent

Lex turned to me, puts an arm and a leg over me, still on the phone with her beau, eyes puffy but gleaming

Head over Heals by the GO-GOs playing

“dami ka cum honeybhe?…… talaga? ako din I cummed hard for you” and she winked at me

“talaga?…… lalo mo ko namiss? ” she said giggling “I can’t wait to go back and fuck you for real, ahahaha…. oh ok break almost over? oh ok sige I’m antok nadin, bye miss you call me later mhwuah!”

she then takes the earpiece off her ear and went sucking lips with me

“sooo did you like it?” I said

“bloody hell yeah luv” she said giggling doing a forced accent

“shit ang hot nang cum as it fills my pussy”

“so how was it?” I asked rubbing her side

“tang ina ang saraap sobra sheeet!” swooning, face grimacing and we went giggling

she open her thighs and we saw cum dripping from her flushing and still pulsing pussy

“it’s amazing, bo already cummed twice earlier but dami pa din niya nilabas sa fifi ko ahihihihi” Lex said

“did you cum too baby” she asked sliding her finger on my lips

“uhmm w-well I got fucking hot dripping from bo’s suckling and finger fucking but…”

“but what ? did you cum hard?”

“uhn n-no I became occupied to make sure that you do” I said

“oh baby” she murmured and plants kisses all over my face

“shit my first time cumming hard doing phone sex”
“and fuck omgee whilst cheating on my boyfriend” she said giggling

“technically you are cheating luv but, well you don’t have any romantic feelings for bo yes?” I said

“Well, y-yeah? she said in a rather condescending tone “I don’t feel guilty, in fact it was fucking exciting!”

“then you’re not really cheating, think of it as just pleasuring yourself on some kinky sex toy” I said

“ahahahah, well ok sabi mo eh, actually I wasn’t thinking of my honeybhe most of the time habang nire-rape ako ni bo”

“really now?” I said

“yeah, I was imagining I’m in a hentai video, being raped by a hideous creature, demon, or what have you”

“or even by a very old and ugh-ly scrawny geezer ahahahaha” she said

“you actually went like that dahling” I said

“talaga? para akong hentai girl, babe?”

“sooo how was I?”

“You were fucking sexy, writhing, screaming, whimpering, convulsing like an anime girl being raped by a ghastly creature” I said

“talaga? (chuckling) sana ni-record mo with your phone tapos sell natin online

“LUKARET! BAKLA!” I yelled and we burst out laughing

“Was I very hot?” she said making circles on my mouth with her finger

“oh fuck you were seething luv, I wished there’s another ugly bloke fucking me as I watch you” and we went giggling

bo then went snoring and we went snickering

“napagod si thunder monkey fucking you” I said with an eyebrow raised “madami siguro naglabas nang tamod sa pipi mo”

“copycat!” she said pinching my nipple giggling
“I want that old monkey to rape you later” she then said and I went smirking

(after some minutes)

“ay babe what happened to your cute shirt?” she asked giggling holding the other ripped end

“well ask your sex monkey over there” I said referring to bo

“sobrang nalibugan ahahahaha! he did the same to your blouse buti nalang pop buttons”

“I got lots of these” I said as I get up and then tying the bottom ends of the ripped shirt into a bow, turning the shirt into a hugging tie knot croptop

“Hu-wow model talaga lola mo!” she exclaimed

she then got up and went squeezing my bosoms, “ganda ganda mo talaga teehhh!” she uttered going bitelipped, squeezing bosoms.

“babe, nawi-weewee ako” she then said as she pulls down her cami over her bosoms
“Ok let’s go” I said

She picks up her knickers but didn’t put them on and we proceeded to the bathroom

(it’s totally fine for girls to say “cr tayo girl” as it’s very common for females to go to the washroom together, but if guys say “pre cr tayo” what would you think? – Lex)

we went out of the loo, about 20 minutes later, freshened up, shirts and knickers on, hair up in messy buns

“tulog na tulog pa din ang unggoy” Lex said giggling as bo went snoring she then stooped down and stroked his titi

“tulog talaga aahhahah!” she said and lets go of the cock

“sooo what now?” she said stretching

“well we got drinks left” I said “aaand uhmm 2 hotdogs”

“let’s go to the beach babe!” she then said

“hmm that’ll be fun, is it still raining?” I said

“drizzle nalang babe” she said

we took two x-rateds from the ice bucket and I slipped a pack of slimmies in my knickers

“babe dala tayo sweedies” she said in a cute begging tone, lips pouting

“well alright just take two” I said

“Yay!” she exclaimed going up and down clapping lightly and took 2 sticks each a different flavor from my tin box.

we checked for any incoming vehicle from behind the leaves then went running for the beach squealing, giggling, after seeing the lights of an approaching vehicle.

we went walking along the shore arm in arm, smoking and drinking, carrying our sandals as we let the waters wash over our feet, as the drizzle fell like feathers from the cloudy night sky.

later we went playing, going like giddy lolitas, chasing and splashing water at each other

we went running back to the hut as the rains begin to pour hard again

she then pinned me against the car and starts necking and fondling me, I put my arms around her and we went frenching

“I love you” she murmured making cutesy faces and I did the same, we then went to the loo to wash the sand off

after leaving our sandals at the threshold we went up the hut, frenching and fondling, bo still sound asleep and snoring

“ano babe? uhmm you ready to get fucked?” she said whilst kissing

“well lover boy still in la la land, you think you can uhm ‘wake-him-up’?” I said looking sexily at her

“watch me baby girl” she said smirking and she pushed me and I slumped on the sofa

she went over to bo and puts her foot up on his knee and shakes it

“bo oi bo!” she kept saying as she wakes him up and he did so with a gasp

Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer playing

“uhmm babes?” bo uttered sleepily

she then starts swaying to the music as she slowly undresses starting with the cami and throws them to me and then sexily takes off her knickers and throws them to me and me catching them

bo watch with his mouth open as lex continues to dance sexilly touching herself, then teased bo with her toes going up his leg to his genitals, bo went grunting as her toes play with his knob and goolies.

she stooped down and stroked his titi getting it even more raging and throbbing and then she takes it in her mouth, looking at me teasingly as she hungrily sucks it.

“unghhh babes!” bo went groaning, his hand went caressing her hair but she

she then straddled bo and had him suckle her bosoms as she rub her pussy hard on his raging cock. She went moaning as her sexy hips went swaying and bobbing, later she had the cock inside her wet pussy

I watched propping on an elbow getting more aroused watching Lex as she sexily rides bo, moaning loudly, and with squishing and squelching sounds coming from between her thighs.

she then pushed bo and got off him and went crawling over to me

bo got off from the sofa and walked heavily over to us, cock wet and throbbing, his scrotum had longer loose and floppy again,

Lex went kissing me as she undoes the knot of my shirt and my getting my bosoms exposed again, and Lex went suckling and fondling them. I reach under her and fondled her wet pussy, getting her hips swaying sexily.

I went bitelipped staring at her lovely eyes as my fingers enter her tight wet love hole and she went swooning

“bo hubarin mo panties n’ya!” she said teasingly and he stooped down and pulled my knickers off

I spread my thighs getting them really wide as my hips went swaying sexily

Poison by Alice Cooper playing

bo went down and began sucking and licking my pussy, going ravenous on it like he did the first time, clawing and squeezing my bum and thighs, my pussy became very hot and went dripping, as a horrid creature went gorging on it

“oh fuck that is so hot! ohmyg-dd that’s so fucking hott!” Lex said a wee bit swooning with shuddering breath, as she watches bo gorge on my pussy, her hips went spastic and her pussy went dripping even more 2 on my hand

as I was close to cumming bo slowly went up mouth not leaving my flesh and gets up on the sofa, and joins lex in suckling me

he went on suckling my bosoms as Lex and I stroke and tug his titi

Lex then pressed bo’s titi hard on my pussy

“ungh maammm! unghh” he kept saying as his scrawny hips went rocking, his titi rubbing hard on my clit and between my pussy lips with Lex holding it down.

“I want to watch you as get fucked hard baby” Lex whispered whilst kissing and fondling me, as she guides bo’s titi to my pulsing hole and lets go of it

bo and I went grunting as it slowly go in, hips rocking, “uhgnn mam! (something in his dialect)mooo aghhh!” he went whilst holding on my hips

He again shoved his uglie beastie in very hard, getting all of it inside my lovehole, making me go yelling and arching as my other hand grab on his scrawny arm

bo’s arms coiled around my thighs, as he went fucking me hard, mouth drooling

It’s my turn to get lost in sexual limbo, head turning, body writhing, head tossing and turning, my moaning vying with the squishing and squelching sounds coming from my crotch

Lex went on top of me, necking and then locking lips with me as her body went rubbing hard against mine

The sensations overwhelmed me, I went shuddering as I let myself cum hard

bo continues to fuck me for a few more minutes before pulling out his cock.

“Aghhhh sshhitttt, ohmy-g-ddddd!” Lex went yelling as bo then shoves his titi hard in her pussy.

“babb-y (shuddering breath) shitttt babe, I haven’t been doggied before uhngggh” she said gasping as bo fucks her clawing on her hips

I slowly went sliding down, licking and sucking her body as I went, till I got to her pussy

I went hungrily sucking and licking her dripping cunt and bo’s wicked cock as it kept on pumping in hard

Lex went clawing and pulling on the cushions, whimpering and moaning as her juice flowed profusely, dripping down her lovely thighs

“b-babes unghhh babes (and something in his dialect)!” bo went yelling grunting and groaning as his scrawny hips went rocking faster

later Lex went calling out my name “baby uhhnnnggghh ***** I-Im cumming ohhhh g-dddd!”

her body went convulsing as she came hard on my face, and I sucked and licked the hot sweet nectar mixed with bo’s spunk that went pouring from her pulsing flower

“shitt ohhhh (shuddering breath) shitttt tang ina ka bo, ohhh fuck!” she went whimpering as bo slows down

bo then pulled his cock from her, and slumped onto the sofa panting, Lex sank down and straddled me and went hugging me tight, whimpering and panting,

our bodies went pressing and rubbing, as I go necking her whilst caressing her sides and kneading her bum.

“babe I got doggied shit!” she murmured as our foreheads rest on each other

“first time?” I said

“yeah!” she whispered shuddering “tang inang titi yan uhhh!”

“masakit pero ang sarap sobra!” and she went giggling

“you were very sexy baby” I said

“yeah? but about you babe, did you…?

“I cummed hard on his dick before he went fucking you luv” I said and she went giggling timidly and then we went frenching

“gawd I love you so much, shittt” she said “I still love my honeybhe so much, but what I feel for you is different, I’m yours body and soul”

“You’re part of my world now sweetie” I said staring lovingly at her eyes

“I can’t wait to meet my new sisters, I can’t wait to make love to all of them” she said

“brace yourself then luv” I said and we went giggling

we then had a selfie, and sent it to all of my sweeties, primarily Saeko, Li, Ace, and Jade

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by David Bowie, playing

seconds later I got text messages and video calls from them, texts like “hi ate ****** you look hot or hi sis you look yummy, welcome to the coven, hello luv, lots of love from London blah blah blah” etc. etc.

Lex became a wee embarassed as we go camming with some of them, as we’re both still naked and she would either go folding her arms on her bosoms or pressing her body with mine giggling

and Saeko went from her cam “Hey ****** chan! yeu ruk beri puriteee beetch, a reu a tuween sheestah obu Reeoh’z (Rio)? ahahah yeu tseu ruk beri mach-arayk! ahahahah” (Rio aka Tina Yuzuki)

“ay ahiihihi tang ina sheeet ang cute nang boses ni kikay!” Lex remarked giggling and Saeko went looking puzzled

” Arigato Saeko-chan! You look very pretty and sexy too ang cute cute mo so kawaii nghhh!” Lex uttered going gigil bitelipped as Saeko is wearing only knickers and the camisole I gave her (or rather she made hingi from me)

“ay ruk beri kawaii ? (giggling) sank yeu!!! mwuah (blowing kisses)” Saeko replied.

and then those present in the webchat all went acknowledging Lex by flashing their boobies and or sending close up pictures of their pussies, most with the labias parted. Veenie (Cacai) did her flashing very quickly as she is at work.

“My gawd you’re all so fucking hot, bitches!” Lex exclaimed chuckling “love you lots mwuah mwuah mwuah!”

“right back at you whore!” Li said and then blows us kisses

“my god tang ina babe they’re all sooo pretty, all so fucking hot! nakaka-arouse, so nakakalibog sheeet!” Lex remarked giggling “at ang kikinis, ang smooth nang ma nga fifi ah”

“you haven’t seen all of them luv” I said as Jade, Feebz, Chloe, Elle (Korean girl), Didi, and Jesi weren’t present

“si Ace ano, she’s a spitting image of Anne Curtis” she remarked

“oh puhleeze babe, I believe our Acey is a tad prettier” I said

“naman!, mas maganda boobs and natural beauty si Ace, and you also told me she sings very well” she said.

“Shit kainggit naman talaga ma nga vaj n’yo girl so fucking smooth and supple, lalo na puki mo girl

walang ka effort-effort as you don’t grow hair there even sa underarms mo” she said

“uhm, w-well” I uttered lightly bobbing my head.

“ako I shave din though my pubic hair isn’t that thick and curly (parang cat hair ahihihihi – Lex) samahan mo when we go back ha?” she said

“Uhm where dahling?” I asked looking puzzled

“sa salon, can you recommend a good one? papa wax ako or perhaps laser removal” she said

“dahling you don’t need that unless you want to have a Bermuda, a martini glass, or even a landing strip fem-scaping, If you want to go Brazilian don’t ever opt for laser, we can just do it at home with warmed olive oil and honey” I said.

Later we went to the bathroom to relieve and freshen ourselves up, we went smoking and drinking in the nude afterwards with the light out.

and then we tried to have another round of hot sex with bo but we’re so pissed (drunk) and fucking spent, we all fell asleep naked on the cushioned bamboo bed, with Lex on top of me

Lex and I woke up after some hours later, at around 4:10 am as I remember it, it was still raining hard

We saw bo still sound asleep and snoring and with a morning boner

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

Lex and I looked at each smiling teasingly and we wake up bo sucking and fondling his titi, getting it more raging and he did wake up.

We took turns sitting on his face whilst sucking and fondling his titi, later we went tribbing with the titi between our wet pussies (the first time I did this was with my cousin Cai, when we were in Boracay, we were 16 then but again that’s another story)

We went kissing and fondling each other , as our bodies and hips went sexily swaying and rocking, with the titi sandwiched between our fannies, and it went sliding between our pussy lips.

fuck him babe” Lex murmured staring at me achingly “fuck him as I suck and lick your pussy”

I straddled bo and did a reverse cowgirl as Lex suck and lick me.

bo’s hands went sliding up from behind me, got me shivering at the feel of wet sandpaper on my flesh,
he went kneading and squeezing my bosoms whilst Lex suckles them

Hungry Like a Wolf by Duran Duran

As Lex and I went frenching, hands exploring each other, bo got up and went sucking and licking my nape, my body became very numb and weak with seething sensations that he was able to push me and went fucking me doggystyle, clawing and squeezing at my hips and bum. I get random images of big gangly mongrels and voracious hentai devil dogs fucking me, raping me in that manner.

Lex went up and sat on the window sill, and I lick and suck her pussy whilst bo went on raping me like a ravenous beast, as vehicle lights would go cutting and streaking on our hot sweaty bodies from time to time.

(I’m not a big fan of doggiestyle, but I let it happen sometimes)

The winds went howling from every direction, bringing the cool rains through the window, drenching us, but unable to put out the fires of lust, instead it stokes them to blazing.

later she went under me, her legs over the window sill, rain water went running down her body, her hips raised by pillows as we do 69 whilst bo continue to rape me in that position.

after getting our faces wet with each other’s sweet warm nectar, bo’s titi slipped and I turned over and he again shoved his titi in my swollen and pulsing pussy and went fucking me whilst gorging on my bosoms.

Lex and I then push him on the bed, and she sat on his face

We went frenching and necking whilst fondling each other, our hips sexily rocking and bobbing, she rubbing her pussy hard on bo’s ugly face whilst he suck and lick it and I riding him hard, as his dark gnarly hands went clawing and kneading my thighs and hips

we suckled each other’s bosoms, and took turns stooping, sucking and licking the other’s wet and flushing pussy

and everytime I go down on Lex’s pussy, bo’s wicked hands would go sliding to my boobs, kneading and squeezing them, giving me sensual tingling sensations as our tongues would go lapping each other on Lex’s dripping cunt, making me want to stay down longer

“b-babe ohmyg-ddd! (shuddering breath) I’m cumming, shit !” Lex yelled whimpering as I was necking and fondling her.

“m-me too babe, (shuddering breath) ohhh fuck, me too” I also uttered whimpering and moaning

“sabay tayo babe, fuckkk! ohhhh g-dddd! I want to cum hard with you!” she uttered achingly

We locked lips and went kissing torridly, whimpering and moaning with tears, our bodies convulsing as we cum hard. I went cumming more as I feel bo’s hot tamod shooting inside my puki.

We collapsed on the bed, and went hugging each other tight with a leg over each, we went kissing and petting until we fell asleep.

I later woke up, around 710 to 15, t’was still shady and I thought it’s just six am

I stared at Lex’s face, looking so pretty as she slept,

She went moaning and smiling as I plant soft kisses all over her face,

“mmmhbabe…” she softly uttered eyes still closed, I then felt her finger as it slowly went circling my nipple, I got tingled and as it become stiff and she gently twist and pull it, my hand then slides to her crotch as I proceeded to plant soft kisses on her neck

“babe!” she uttered frowning and groaning but then softly went giggling closing her thighs as my fingers gently fondle her pussy, her hand then went sliding to my bum

“nghhh!” she uttered bitelipped, eyes still shut, squeezing my bum.

“I need to go to the bathroom” I whispered

“mmhhm” she uttered lightly nodding, eyes still closed.

I kissed her lips and and got up from the bed and saw bo naked and sleeping soundly and snoring with a feet on the floor, a little nudge and he would be falling from the bed.

I did some stretching and twisting and then lit up a slimmy and then chose a song on my phone and turned up the volume on the station.

Girl from Ipanema by Astrud Gilberto playing

I went walking around the hut, I fully raised the blinds and tarp as moist wind went blowing in, feeling cautious I had my arms over my bosoms as I go around as it is no longer night time, though it’s very gloomy and the rains still went pouring in buckets, and the cold moist wind went howling from all directions, caressing my body, I walked around swaying to the music.

I then felt very sexy and daring and proceeded to the porch

feeling excited but a wee hesitant, as the downpour became a drizzle, I cautiously step out the porch going bite-lipped, the bamboo creaking under my feet got me more excited,

I kept on walking feeling the droplets on my body till I reach the edge, the threshold of the deck.

I saw through the leaves a couple of a vehicles approaching,a trikecab and a scooter, I slowly expose my bosoms, my heart went thumping with excitement as I lean with both arms on the baluster as the wheelies come closer.

they made a turn and the riders didn’t look at me, it may be because the blokes were busy talking with each other I thought. I became bolder and took a long puff and flicked the cigarette and walk down the deck, slowly blowing out smoke as the soft wet grass went squishing as I walk barefoot on them

I ran my hands through my hair feeling the cold wet wind on my body as I walk farther away from the hut. My heart went thumping with excitement again as another vehicle approaches from the opposite bend, a motorcycle, with a helmetless rider

I went sensually running my hands all over my body as I keep on walking, and then the drizzling became a downpour again

My heart went thumping harder as the rider seemed to be looking at my direction, I went quivering with excitement as I fondle my bosoms

and then he made a turn, looking at his path, the rains and the clumps of leaves seem to be screening me well

I walked out even farther and slowly sank to the ground, and went squatting with the knees on the grass, I continue feeling and fondling myself , even when the wind went blowing the leaves and grass stalks that were providing me little cover as more vehicles came, a van, a couple of trucks, and a few more bikes and trikes . I went peeing on the grass as the rains poured more in buckets.

It then became a drizzler a few minutes after I relieved myself as sunlight came streaking through from the east, I continue feeling myself, as few more vehicles would pass by and then I stood up and casually walk back towards the hut, I checked on Lex and saw she’s lying on her back with her legs apart and bo still snoring but lying on the floor I then proceeded to the bathroom

As I was in the middle of my shower I begin to hear noises, it was muffled and it got me curious, cautiously I open the door and I saw lex getting her pussy eaten by bo, her body writhing, head tossing and turning

“hmmm” I uttered smirking and went back to finish my bath minutes later I heard her crying out in agony

I quickly got out of the bath, naked and dripping and hurried to the hut and saw bo pinning her on the bed, holding her arms down and fucking her hard, sucking and licking her all over, as if raping her and she went yelling and moaning, body writhing and head tossing and turning

the blazing spectacle got me very aroused as I slowly walk towards them, as it looks like she is being ravished by some horrid imp-like creature, a hentai demon, or whatever

“baby!” she whimpered to me, as I get on the bed, tears falling, grimacing in extreme sensual agony

I stoop down and went necking her and then I join bo in suckling her bosoms

she was able to free one of her arms and it went for my boobs, fondling them and then went sliding to my pussy making my hips go swaying and rocking

I then went up and we torridly kiss, she puts her arms around me as I lift her up and made bo lie on the bed

I sat on his face , and he immediately went gorging on my pussy,

Lex and I went on like what we did earlier except that the roles are switched as she now riding on his cock like a seething sex goddess.

we went frenching and necking whilst fondling each other, our hips sexily rocking and bobbing, I’m rubbing my pussy hard on bo’s ugly face as he ravenously suck and lick it and Lex riding him hard, dark gnarly hands clawing and kneading her thighs and hip

we suckled each other’s bosoms, and took turns going down sucking and licking the other’s wet and flushing swollen pussy

bo ‘s gnarly dark hands would go sliding up to my boobs, My entire body would go spastic at the sensuous, grainy feel of his sweaty hands on my skin

he would greedily go squeezing them and the sensations would go up with Lex suckling them at the same time

also every time Lex would stoop down to my pussy,bo’s wicked hands would go kneading and squeezing hers boobs,

“babe I-I’m (shuddering breath) cumming!” I uttered whimpering with tears grabbing on to her arms

“w-wait for me (shuddering breath) babe, uhhhh gusto ko sabay tayo, p-pleeassse I want us to cum hard together” she said panting in an aching tone, squeezing my bosoms and pull twisting the nipples.

“Oh-o-k!” I uttered panting

it’s erotic torture for me struggling to hold back my orgasms as wave after wave of burning pleasure wash over me

I struggled to keep myself from cumming until I saw spunk spurting from her contracting lovehole like mucus and she yelled “babe!” we locked lips and went kissing torridly holding each other tight, whimpering and moaning with tears flowing as we cum hard.

I went squirting on bo’s ugly face, and Lex uttered “babe oh-g-ddd (panting) it’s feels so hot s-shittt!” as bo’s titi keep shooting spunk up inside her then coming out from her pulsing flower like mucus mixing with her warm sweet nectar

We went collapsing on the bed , kissing passionately

“babe, oh-g-ddd! (panting and moaning) ooh g-ddd I love you sooo much” we kept uttering as we went hugging each other tight, legs over each other. We went on kissing and petting until we pass out.

I woke up later, to the howling of winds, I went up rubbing eyes and temples and then went stretching I saw Lex sleeping in a fetal position, I got up from the bed and took the towel from the sofa and I covered her with it. There were a few leaves blown in and scattered on the floor and then I saw bo naked and snoring with bottles of redhorse lying beside him and an unfinished hotdog sandwich

It was still very gloomy but I didn’t bother to check the time. I went to the loo for a pee and a washup, I then put on one of the knickers hanging from above..

The winds kept howling and there’s a light drizzle, I decided to explore the other side of the hut, I put on Lex’s plaid flannel, and pulled my hair up in a messy bun, and slipped a pack of slimmies in my knickers.

I lit up a slimmy as I step down the ledge but didn’t put on sandals and walked barefoot on the grassy lot.

I saw garden stuff, like jars, benches and unfinished construction slowly being overtaken by nature.
the soft wet grass I walk on is overgrown garden grass, and I would sometimes feel path tiles under my feet.

I stopped at a broken down fence tangled with overgrowth, I lit up another slimmyand went looking out the sea, and to some outrigger boats.

I stood there puffing and blowing out smoke, with the wind blowing through my hair and the shirt I’m wearing exposing my knickers.

“Oi kikay!” Lex yelled from behind, I turned around and saw her wrapped with the towel looking like a gyro or a burrito , her head and legs sticking out as she walks towards me.

(for those of you who don’t know, gyro pronounced “Yee-ro” Greek food na parang shawarma – Lex)

“suot mo pala yan, shit ka, hanap ako nang hanap I thought it was blown away by the wind!” she said bit frowning but giggling.

“Oi hey!” I uttered and I put my arms around her and we kissed “do you mind?” I said

“it’s ok babe, it looks good on you, you look so hot and yummy nghhhh!” she uttered going gigil gritting her teeth then takes a puff of my slimmy.

“ang daring mo kikay ha people might see you nakapanties ka lang” she said blowing out smoke as the wind keep exposing my knickers and there are some outrigger boats not too far out at sea.

I pull her close to me pressing her body with mine and she yelled “ay!” giggling

“gawd ang ganda ganda mo bru!” she said making a frowning cutesy face as we stare lovingly at each other, seeing each other in daylight for the first time.

“ikaw din lukaret” I said and we went giggling and then sucking lips

“ay, hihihi b-babe, w-wait um” she utters timidly giggling as I open her towel

The winds went blowing and howling and I got aroused more as I beheld her lovely nakedness in daylight

“uhmm babe people might-um see us” she said smirking

“let them” I said smirking back

“naughty ka talagahh ang landi landi moooo!mmmh” she utters squeezing my bosom.

she then went bitelipped smiling devilishly as she unbuttons the shirt (I only had 2 on) and slowly opens it, exposing my boobs.

“awww babyyyy” she utters swooning looking at my bosoms as she fondles them.

“so how are you?” I said running my fingers on her neck.

“medyo masakit ang fifi ko babe, that and a mild headache woke me up” she said

“I know a very natural uhmmm “organic” remedy for that” I said smirking and raising an eyebrow.

“Oh?” she uttered smiling naughtily “and what is it?” looking excited hands still on my bosoms.

I locked lips with her, and we went moaning kissing torridly and necking each other, as the towel fell to the grass

lips still locked she help me take off the shirt and knickers and we put them along with the towel on the window sill facing the sea.

totally naked and looking and feeling seethingly hot, I took her hand

“babe san t-tayo… where are you taking me bitch?” she uttered sounding uneasy timidly giggling, arm folded over her bosoms as we make our way through the thicket.

we went to where I was getting naughty with motorists earlier, which is an extension of the balinese type garden, screened by clumps of leaves, bushes and grass

“Ay!” she yelled giggling pulling us down on the grass as a trike went vrooming by.

“tang ina sheeet!” she uttered giggling

“let’s do it here baby” I murmured as I went necking her and she went moaning, head turning holding on my arms.

“uhmmm baby, it’s so kinky, so daring, babe baka m-may, we might get caught” she uttered sounding worried and timidly giggling but with a hint of excitement

I made her sit on a low bench, fondling and kissing her all over

“ohhh babe , ohhh g-ddd babe!” she kept uttering between moans and groans.

her hips went swaying and rocking sexily as I finger and eat her pussy

“oohhh fuuuck! Babe, sssshiiittt! Ohmyg-ddd!”

later we went rubbing bodies whilst kissing torridly, “ohhh baby fuck me, harder bab-y, fuck mmee!” she keep uttering whimpering as my hips went rocking sexily between her lovely thighs

she then suckled my bosoms with her hands on my bum, squeezing and pulling, later I’m the one on the bench with her fingering and eating my pussy and then she went fucking me hard with her pussy.

We then find ourselves on the soft wet grass, tribbing, fondling, locked lips, the wet grass went squishing under our bums vying with the crescendoing sounds of our pussies, we went on relishing the pleasure of each other’s body, as vehicles go zooming and blaring just a few yards from behind the leaves and grass.

we came hard moaning and whimpering struggling to keep it low as our warm juices went flowing down the grass beneath us, and then after some resting and getting heated up again, we went rolling on the grass giddily doing a 69 till we cummed again.

“still masakit?” I said as we lay on the grass panting

“what masakit? may masakit ba sakin?” she replied and we burst out laughing giddily, she then rolled over to me

“I thought you said ‘organic’ remedy baka orgasmic you mean?” she said making circles on my boobs.

minutes later we got up from our “love” grass. Our sweaty bodies got bits of grass and leaves all over
we casually walk back to the other side of the hut to get the clothes and the towel and proceeded to the bathroom.

(to make wiwi, poopoo, and ligo, di na siguro need to give you details of those – Lex)

we make do of the soap that’s available there (safeguard lang and a bottle of johnson’s – Lex)

we got out of the bath, after almost an hour and 30, we applied some lotion on our bodies before putting back on knickers, camisole…

“pahiram muna poet blouse mo ha?” she said as I was tying my “crop top” shirt

“sa iyo na” I said winking at her

“talaga? yay!” her eyes widened and she went jumping like a silly little girl. “thanks babe, mwuah mwuah mwuah” she utters clutching the blouse on her bosoms and swaying.

she wore the camisole under the filmy blouse, wearing it off-shoulder on either side and I wore her flannel not fully buttoned

“babe I think we better go na” she then said

“what about him?” I said mouthing on bo, still naked and snoring lying among standing and rolling bottles of redhorse

“eh? ” she said as she gets his phone “I may not able to control myself and let him fuck me some more”

“what you doing theah luv?” I asked as she was doing something with his phone.

“the flirting ends now, I’m deleting my picture, our pictures, my number, texts, and my fb account”

“what about pictures with his mates?” I said

“I never had selfies with any of them” she says ” I refuse everytime”
“clever girl” I said mimicking a line from Jurassic Park

“What about your little adventure?” I said holding her close

“it has officially ended, my dear sweet girl, as I am embarking on a much better one, a lot more exciting” she said bringing our faces together “I’m on a ship called the ODDyssey. Request permission to come aboard, ma chere Madame Capitaine?” she murmured saluting as we stared lovingly into each other’s eyes, as we slowly bring our lips together

permission accorde, bienvenue a bord de ma belle mariniere” I murmured back and we kissed tenderly and later became torrid.

She then checked our phones “ay shit ang daming kong miss calls and texts from my honeybhe ahihihihi” she exclaimed giggling “you too babe, dami, from your boss nun, and also from a sister *****”

after talking with her sweetie for a few minutes she went about picking up bits n’bobs, bottles, receipts, used towelettes, wrappers, cigarette and sweedy ends putting them in plastic bags “para walang ibidinsha” she said

“eh? ibi-wot?” I said looking puzzled

“well you’re very discrete, and you said you like covering your tracks hmmm?”

“Uh yeah, clever” I said and I help her pick up rubbish

she even went out in her knickers and sandals to pick up the sweedy and cigarette ends from the porch and grass, and feeding the hotdog buns to a stray dog.

she took the “dildo” sausage from the window sill and puts in a bun before giving it to the pooch

“here o, special yan” she said giggling giving the sandwich to the dog.

“babe he might follow you after eating that” I said chuckling

“ahahaha, do you have a pet at home?” she said

“We have a cat at home, the teenies named him skittles, Cass and Alex and sometimes Didi would take turns looking after him, especially when no one’s at home, I’m thinking of getting a dog, perhaps a malamute, lab or samoyed” I said.

we just left the bottles of redhorse and the balde, and after putting our stuff in the car, rubbish bags in the compartment, we scanned the hut for any detail we missed.

“does he know where you’re staying?” I asked as we were wiping marks off the sofa

“uhn no, he bloody doesn’t, it’s quite malayo from where he lives, we only meet halfway” she said

Lex puts a hundred, and some 50 and 20 notes under bo’s phone on the table

“there you go, I’m sure he can go home with that” she said

“ok, babe let’s go na before old sex monkey wakes up” she said giggling and tugging my arm

we proceeded to the car, wearing shirts and knickers

“babe can I drive?” she said

“you sure luv?”

“yeah, di pako sanay but this is not Manila, and this is an automatic so keriboom lang” she said

We drove off from that place, windows down, playing music from my phone and singing along as we go, she’s wearing my ray ban’s as she drive.

Don’t you (Forget about Me) by the Simple Minds, Burning Love by Elvis Presley, I Melt With You by Modern English, Joyride by Roxette, Roam by The B52s, Vacation by the Go Go’s, , Sugar Rush by AKB48, Orinoco Flow by Enya, Mickey by Toni Basil, Venus by Bananarama, Who’s that Girl by Madonna, Raspberry Beret by Prince, Simply Irreristible by Robert Palmer, Rockstar by Nickelback, Allstar by Smashmouth, Material Girl by Madonna, Head Over Heals by the Go Gos, Las Isla Bonita by Madonna, You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate, Kiss on My List by Hall & Oates, Got my Mind Set on You by George Harrison, I’m a Believer by the Monkees, Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Manfred Mann, Sugar Sugar by the Archies, Locomotion by Kylie Minogue …

We drove on, smoking, singing and swaying along with the songs, laughing like wanton college girls on a road trip. I know these songs were before my time, let alone before I was born, but they’re a reminder how SHITTY, how bloody RUBBISH most of today’s music are, and I’m a millennial
(and so am I – Lex)

(also we’re not stupid SJWs, nor leftist liberals, that means in local terms di kami dilawan ahaha– Lex)

later she’s trying to break an sd card with her teeth

“dahling what the bloody fuck you doing? you’re going to break your teeth with that” I scolded her

“getting rid of lose ends” she said grinning the card still between her teeth

“bloody give me that girl!” I said taking the card from her mouth and I destroyed the bloody thing by burning it with a torch lighter and then cut it with shears on the swiss army, and then throwing them out the window.

(about 30 minutes later)

Sugar Sugar by the Archies, Locomotion by Kylie Minogue, Sugar Rush by AKB48…

We rolled up the windows and turned on the AC as the rains began to pour.
“babe I think we’re lost” she then said sounding a wee bit worried

“then we should ask for directions” I said blowing out smoke.

We then saw a group of boys playing in the rain on the side of the road

“I think we passed by these kids earlier” she said

“I bloody reckon too” I said “I recognize the shirts they’re wearing

Lex drove to the other side of the road and stopped the car about 20 feet from them, she rolled down the window a bit and beckoned to them with her fingers. A short, shirtless, swarthy kid probably around 11-13 years old went running from behind the car and another kid a 2 or 3 year old went running after him.

Lex rolled down the windows a bit more, as he holds on them with dripping hands, he became stunned when he saw her and he went stuttering as he gives directions (kasi ang ganda ganda ko, oops namin pala ahahaha – Lex)

We weren’t able to understand him so I went over and pressed the button to roll down the window

“Ay shit babe!” she went yelling as I fully roll down the window “tangina ka sheeet!” giggling as she went pulling the blouse over her thighs

“pwede ba ikaw magsama nalang sa amin and you magtuturo…” I said smiling to the boy who got bloody tranced seeing us in our knickers and me with the shirt unbuttoned showing the filmy crop-top t-shirt (na butas butas pa! – Lex)

“babe?!” Lex murmured buggered and frowning from behind the sunglasses.

“pwede?” I said smiling

“a-no p-po a-te?” the boy said stuttering

“dong sabi niya, pwede ba daw samahan mo nalang kami at ituro mo kung saan, di namin ma-gets directions mo eh” Lex said

He looks at his mates and said “uh s-s-ige po ate” Lex then unlocks the rear door and the boy went in the car, dripping as he goes in and we drove off with his mates calling at him.

We went driving with the boy telling us where to go, leaning on the front seats and dripping , Lex no longer uncomfy and even had one feet up on the seat as she drives. The boy kept looking down on our thighs, and I even let the shirt fall off my shoulders letting him see more.

“uh a-ate ar-artista po ba kayong dalawa?” He then asked stutteringly

Lex and I looked at each other and went giggling

“siguro dong, ano sa tingin mo?” Lex said snickering “bakit mo naisip na baka artista kami?”

“ang gaganda niyo po kase, parang n-naketa ko na si ate, ikaw po (pertaining to me) parang naketa ko na sa tebi (TV)”

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“hoooh boy, here we go” I said sighing and Lex burst out laughing

“alam mo ba pangalan niya? Siya si…”

“babe, SHUT IT!” I snapped but a little smiling

Lex went snickering making zipping gestures across her lips

“eh ako dong, nakita mo nako sa TV?” Lex said chuckling and the boy thought for a moment

“p-parang po”

“wooshoooo!” Lex yelled laughing

“ano palabas mo ate?” he then asked Lex

“koreanovella!” Lex answered and we went chuckling.

We drove pass a 7-11, some neat looking bars and we then saw and recognized the grill-bar where we met the first time, and a few more bars after making turns and then the boy told us to just go straight and we’ll get to Puerto princesa proper,

“Babe pababain uhm I think we should drop him off, and give him some money too” Lex suggested

“I think we should give him a tip” I said

“Ye-ah?” she uttered in a condescending tone “sabi ko nga let’s give him some money, before we drop him off”

You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

“Oi babe what the bloody fuck you doing?” she went yelling, as I recline my seat and then taking off my knickers and throwing them at her

“keep driving luv” I said as I went crawling over to the back seat, causing the tarp and naugahyde to rip

the boy went numb and sweaty as I straddle him, seeing my naked pussy.

“baby?!” she said looking from the rear view then turning her head as I undo my crop-top knot

“sheeet babe! You’re really going to do it? Fuck oh my g-d!” she utters giggling timidly shaking her head “babe baka may makakita sayo kikay ka!”

“Oi babe ! I said people might see you!” she went yelling

“the windows are a little tinted and it’s a downpour, besides that’s the fun of it yes?” I said and winked at her and blowing a kiss

“ahahahah kikay ka talaga LUKARET!” she said chuckling, shaking her head
I slowly expose my bosoms to the boy and then I took his trembling hands to them

I went moaning as I let him fondle my boobies

I then pull off his shorties to his knees and he wasn’t wearing any underpants, his dark titi is very hard and throbbing, and not too shabby at almost 4 inches, also he’s uncut (not circumcised –Lex)

“you’re not going to fuck him are you?” Lex said looking at me

“that’s the idea” I said smirking at her

“seryoso?! You’re sooow bloody kinky! So fucking randy (forced accent) Ang tinde mo teeeehh sheeet!” she said chuckling, shaking her head

He went grunting as I lovingly stroke and tug the wee beastie pulling down the skinfolds, exposing the glans, as he went on squeezing my tits

“babe how do you say suckle my tits?” I said a bit panting and whimpering getting my boobs closer to the boy’s face

“dong!” she yelled “sipsipin mo suso ni ate ganda!”

“ohhh f-fuckkkk, yessss uhmm that’s ohhh that’s it give it to me my wee beastie!” I uttered moaning as he hungrily suckle me, my nipples became very stiff, I went on playing with his titi, whilst I go rubbing my pussy hard, getting it more hot and wet

“babe! Uhngghh h-he suckles l-like (shuddering breath) like bo!” I said moaning and a bit panting

Turning my body and the boy clinging on my bosoms

“ahhahaha, wagas ba babe? Junior thunder!” she said looking on

I then went rubbing my pussy hard on his willy until it became wet of my juice and more sticky and stringing with pre-cum

I got overwhelmed by libog and let it go inside my lovehole

I fucked him slowly, going down very hard, my hips go sexily bobbing, swaying and rocking

And then gradually going faster, squishing and squelching sounds crescendoing, his squeezing and suckling went even harder, making my nipples sore and my bosoms flushing

Lex drove the car to the side of the road but kept the engine running, I turned around and saw that she is watching with the sunglasses on her head, chin propping on the back seat, bitelipped. So I moved ourselves so she can see better. (di na nakasandal si kid sa seat but supsop and lamas wagas sa boobs ni bru ahihihi- Lex)

“m-my g-ddd, you’re so hot and kinky babe!” she murmured

I went on fucking the boy until his mouth lets go of my bosom, drool stringing to my nipple and went groaning loudly, grimacing as he’s about to cum

I let myself cum as soon as I feel hot spunk squirting inside my lovehole. I kept on fucking the boy and later got off him when I felt his titi going flaccid and I slumped on the backseat

As I was cleaning myself with sanitizer and wet towelettes, Lex handed him some notes.

“eto dong o, baba ka na, thank you poooo!” she said to the boy

The boy looked very dazed as he tremblingly took the money and puts them in the pockets of his shorties which were at his feet

The boy got out of the car naked, leaving his shorts still looking flabbergasted

“oi dong yung shorts mo!” Lex yelled laughing and throws him his shorties

I blew him a kiss as we drove off, and he kept his eyes on us in the rain and then realized he’s naked and quickly puts on his shorties.

I went back to the front, knickers and crop-top back on, and as I was putting on the flannel I saw Lex’s blouse open and her camisole pulled up above her bosoms, knickers pulled almost to the middle of her thighs

She then drove to the opposite side of the road and stopped to ask for directions from a bloke selling corn

“babe?” I said as she was rolling down the window whilst a lanky man approaches.

“huh? What babe?” she uttered looking at me “mm-mh” I uttered as I button up, motioning down with my face

“Ay shit! Omg!” she exclaimed and quickly pulls down her camisole and then lifted herself as she pulls up her knickers. I went over to her and rest my chin on her shoulder and after confirming directions with the old man we drove off.

Still with my chin resting on her shoulder, I went smirking and taunting her with blowing, whilst caressing her thigh

“babe, I’m driving” she said sounding a wee bit mataray

“did you…?” I uttered caressing her behind the the ear fingers going down to her nape and she got tickled.

“Yes I touched myself, ok?” she said very taray “you got me so fucking libog watching you, bitch!”

I slide my hand over to her crotch and she went grunting when I dipped inside her wet knickers.

“and you cummed!”

“mhmm” she uttered then she looks at me and she went snickering and then we went giggling which turned into a hearty laughter.

“gosh babe, my gaawd (gasping) we could go to jail with that, let alone burn in hell!” she said giggling

“on what charge?” I said still resting my head on her shoulder

“duh? Ate? exploitation of a minor?” she replied, in a melodic condescending tone, eyebrow raised

“if that lad ever go squealing to his friends, would they believe him?” I said making circles on her neck with my index finger

“hmmm good point” she said “and would the 5-Os (police) believe that two hot-looking celebrities got down and dirty with him?”

“there you go” I said “besides, it only looks really bad when an older male does it to kids yes?”

“yeahuh” she replied “Yuck, kadiri kaya nun, sobra!”

“that is one hell of a fucking tip sister ******, “she went on “and that is one fucking happy and bloody lucky kid” her accent almost Cockney-like

“Amen to that!” I said and we went giggling

We finally reach the edge of the city proper and she drove the car to the side of the road so we can switch places as she is not sanay driving on busy roads.

As I was driving she leaned over and rest her chin on my shoulders, and went caressing my thighs “can you drive very well ma cherie?” she said in a teasing tone.

Oui ma jolie cherie, pourquoi?” I said looking at her and she smiled teasingly.

“You were sooo hot mhhhh” she murmured whilst planting soft kisses and necking me and I went moaning.. Her hand then went inside my shirt and fondled my bossoms.

I went driving slow, below cruising speed, so some vehicles would often honk and overtake us, and incoming vehicles would go zipping by.

“It was so kakalibog watching you fucking that kid shit babe mmmh g-d I can’t fucking get that bloody hot scene out of my mind (forced accent)” she said in an aching tone unbuttoning my shirt then slowly pulls up my cropshirt and exposing my bosoms

I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts playing

She went on kissing and necking me whilst fondling my exposed bosoms, she then went suckling them as she dips her hand in my knickers and got them sopping wet fondling my fanny.

I reach for her bosoms and fondled them then went dipping in her already wet knickers getting them more wet fondling her pussy

Then the rains died down to almost a drizzle, but we kept the wipers on and still going a tad below cruising speed.

…You took my heart, then you took my pride away…

“oh fuck this!” she yelled and takes off her knickers and then pulls off mine. I put my left foot up on the seat with my knickers hanging up on the knee.

I hate myself for loving you
Can’t break free from the the things that you do
I want to walk but I run back to you, that’s why
I hate myself for loving you

She continue fondling and suckling me as we finger each other’s hot pussies, and me foot went pressing hard on the accelerator as we both came hard and our juices went dripping on the seats. I then slowed down and stopped the car on the side of the road, and we went fondling and kissing torridly.

…I think of you every night and day
You took my heart, then you took my pride away

I hate myself for loving you
Can’t break free from the the things that you do
I want to walk but I run back to you, that’s why
I hate myself for loving you
I hate myself for loving you
I hate myself for loving you…

(buti nalang the traffic wasn’t that busy – Lex)

“My g-d babe, you are fucking good driver ma cherie” she said panting and gasping, “Suis-je?” I said and we went giggling then burst out laughing. “My gawd babe, (gasping) tang ina dami ko nang first time with you” she said . We then continue driving after fixing ourselves up.

We shared a slimmy as we were driving through Puerto, her head on my shoulder and arms around me. We rolled down the windows halfway to let out the smoke

“babe kain muna tayo, I’m starving bitin yung sandwich last night” she then said still resting her head on my shoulder, arms around me.

“ok where do you want to eat?” I said and she said “hanap tayo”

We passed along several restaurants but unable to pick one

“ah I know, there’s this cafe along (I forgot the name of the street) that has some good reviews from food bloggers”

“oh ok, do you know how to get there?” I said

“well we can waze it” she replied

We finally reach the place and we quickly put on our jeans before getting out of the car, We entered the cafe , looking posh and sultry, despite having hairs in messy buns, ripped denims, stained and not fully buttoned shirts showing much skin, including belly buttons and some cleavage, I reckon you guys reading this right now are imagining we are doing a slow walk like in the bloody movies yes?

(I was wearing the bigay niya na poet blouse off-shoulder, lace untied, buttoned only on the mid part, so navel and tummy showing – Lexi)

and we got a lot of looks and ogling especially from the blokes

after placing our order for every highly rated dish, that is almost everything they have on their menu, including breakfast items like tapsilog, milkshakes, smoothies, and desserts, we went out to their open area for smokers and waited for our food whilst smoking and drinking beer in big frosty mugs, also San Mig Negras.

Our food came in by sets as per requested (besides we only had a small round table for two and were given another table for the sobras – Lex), appetizers and samplers came first, fish & chips (hey I’m English remember?) Japanese style seafood fritters, mini clubs blah blah blah

Then came in pastas, pizzas, big sandwiches and sandwich rolls, tapsilog, omelettes, ribs etc. each for single serving

We went pigging out with a foot up on a chair (taray no? – Lex) getting food smears on our faces, who gives a fuck? And whenever we look around people would be looking away, or to another direction

I, we hahah don’t actually eat or behave like that in public ahahaha , often

(maganda pa din, we still look posh and hot even if we eat and behave not-so-lady-like, the others pa sosi, pa demure PANGIT pa din ahihihihi – Lex)

and then lastly desserts; shakes and smoothies, we barely got to half of each, and we both went burping loudly not giving a ratzazz.

The food is fairly good really but no different from places like Tipsy Pig, Friday’s and Fish&Co, we may have a smaller menu in our shops but I believe the food have more quality and pizzazz to them
(taray ahihihi – Lex)

After paying for the meal, my treat, and had the leftover food we enjoyed more including the chippies (fries) that came with the dishes in bags to-go we drove off to her place.

She’s staying at an inn, many refer to as a pension house, or transient house, the units were designed like flats with a patio, pergola or was it a gazebo, near the entrance, I really can’t bloody tell what to make of it as it is poorly landscaped, enshrouded by an assortment of tropical plants and vines.

she has a fairly decent unit with a queen-size bed , nice bath with hot water, a flat telly (TV), an inverter type AC and a small fridge all for 1200 php a night which includes breakfast (mura pa nun 2016 kasi – Lex)

as we were undressing, getting ready to have a shower my phone went ringing, I asked Lex to answer the phone and think up of an alibi, any fucking credible sounding excuse.

She answered the phone and introduced herself as:

“H-hello? Y-yes uhm sister uhm I mean mother ****** how are you po, good evening, uhm yes I’m sister ******’s cousin, uh m-my name’s uh London ehr I mean Britannia uh I mean Britanny (I was so nervous and can’t think of another name and sawa nako sa Lex, do you reckon I choose Euphegenia Doubtfire? – Lex) she then told my superiors that I became sick, with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea because of seafood. And weren’t able to reply to text and calls because, the phone got left inside the car, and we only found about it just this afternoon.

as a sister I’m or we’re, not allowed fancy smartphones inside the compound, so I still have an Iphone 3gs, but we can have girly stuff like lotions, and getting nails done and only clear polish of course.

Anyhoo she tells them I’m ok, just resting and she will accompany me to the retreat house the next day.

They told her how worried they were about me and was about to go to the police.

We then had a long hot bath (without sex) and we also washed my clothes, Lex had the food we took home reheated in the inn’s kitchen and giving away some of them to the people there, including the chippies which were quite a lot. And after watching some vids and on the telly whilst boozing and eating left overs we went sleeping in the nude, because my undergarments were all wet and hanging by a fan and I didn’t like wearing her thongs

Next morning whilst Lex was in the shower, there was a knock at the door and then a ringing of the doorbell to which I really woke up to.

“Babe would you get the door please? I’m in the shower!” Lex yelled from the bath

“Ate? Mam?!” a male voice went calling out the door “brikpast niyo pooo!” in a rather melodic tone typical of Filipinos. “Wait lang!” I replied also in a melodic tone as I put on fresh knickers and then my semi-dry “crop-top” which got my nipples stiff , because it was still a wee bit damp and the AC is on, I then put on another of Lex’s flannels

I was still so sleepy I only had one button on, at the mid belly then walked to the door whilst tying my hair up in a bun.

I opened the door and saw a gawky, native-looking lad carrying a tray of Lex’s ration-ehr breakfast.

“Mawnin?!” I said sleepily, looking from behind the door, finishing buning my hair, and the lad got stunned seeing my face and went stuttering “uhm mam gud marnin po,uhh ano po uh brikpast po ni ate” holding up the tray.

“Oh” I said and lifted the green plastic mesh dish cover.

“iwan ko n-nalang po ditu mam?” he said stooping down to the doorsill with the tray of Lex’s ration ehr-I mean breakfast of fried rice, link sausages, scrambled egg, some tomato slices, a cup of hot water with a sachet of instant coffee (great taste 3 in 1 – Lex) 2 slices of mango and a banana.

“no, no uhm come on right in, uhm dala nalang mo iyan in sa loob” and he went nodding sheepishly, and he got even more shaky seeing me in a shirt showing cleavage.

“oops” I whispered as I remembered I’m dressed in such a manner, oh what the bloody ‘ell I thought

I slumped on the bed and the left side of the shirt fell over my shoulder, revealing the filmy crop top with stipple showing through.

I sat cross legged as I lit up a slimmy and the boy’s eyes got glued to me, “uhm mam san po ko puydi uh….” He asked as I was rubbing my eyes whilst blowing out smoke

“huh oh, uhm here nalang po” I said patting on the bed, he went over to me and I went a little naughty and slyly unbutton my shirt and the fan which was drying clothes, blew open the shirt showing a lot more of me. The boy went shivering as he stoops down, putting the tray on the bed beside me, I can tell he got a boner looking at my bosoms with stipples showing through the filmy shirt (na butas butas pa! – Lex) and my crotch and legs.

He got out of his “trance” and bloody got into another when Lex came out the bathroom, not wrapped with a towel but instead pressing it against her boobs and draping down and her sides and back are .exposed but he didn’t see her bum.

“Beh nakita mo ba yung anoo…?” she said as she was busy with her phone and didn’t notice the helper standing and looking at her.

“what?” I replied, getting excited to what’s going to happen next”

“Nakita mob a yung….ay sheeet!” she went yelling and quickly went wrapping the towel around her.”uhmm ate uhm mam ate” he went stuttering “delnala ko po brikpast mo po”

“ah o-ok, sige thank you” Lex said stuttering holding on to her towel, the boy then quickly went out the room.

“Biatch!” she yelled at me and then she jumped on me, pouncing like a lioness and began tickling me, giggling

Tang inang kikay ka I’m naked , why did you let him in?” she went yelling straddling and hitting me lightly, “often I would have the food left at the door, or have it brought inside if I’m properly dressed.

“well I reckon he might as well bring it in” I said chuckling

“tang inaka ang naughty-naughty mo talaga!” she said frowning and pouting

“I’m sure the lad is wanking to us now as we speak” I said

“I know why you’d let him in, you bitch!” she said “oh? So why-did-I?” I said grinning devilishly with an eyebrow raised.

“You wanna fuck him, you whore (forced accent)!” she said in a low tone, tickling my sides “You wanna fuck him yeah?! Hmmmmunghhh?!” going bitelipped. “ang landi landi mooo, kikay!” going gigil clawing my sides.

“No…” I said looking devilishly sexy as I open her towel “you want to fuck him” I murmured sexily running my hands on her body. “you want him to fuck you so bad”

“and why would I want to do that?” she murmured stooping down “huh?” staring devilishly sexy into my eyes lightly rubbing herself on me.

“because…” I murmured

“I-don’t-think-so-babe!” she murmured tauntingly, closing her eyes and locking lips with me.

“so uhmmm b-babe, mmmhh did you s-sleep well?” she said in a muffled voice as she went necking me, whilst rubbing her body with mine.

“mhmmm” I uttered head turning as I enjoy her mouth.

“did you dream?” she went on, “mhmm” I uttered sliding my hands on her body

“s-so w-what did you dream?”

“I dreamt about you babe?” I murmured

“Yeah? (giggles) go on” she murmured back as she continue necking and kissing me.

“we were in the car” I said “m-hm, uhuh?” she said getting excited, as continues to love me with her mouth.

“you were in the backseat, with six urchins, as I drive…you were wearing only knickers and a shirt”

“oh? Ok, (giggling) do they look like lucky boy from yesterday?” she said whilst necking me

“uhm yeah, some, like those goblins in hentais and also para sila na kamukha ni bo” I said and she went chuckling.

“oh, ok, papangit pala talaga, ma nga mukhang unggoy! (giggling) ok and then?” she said

and they began ripping your clothes off, and went all over you, every inch of your lovely body got sucked and licked, your body got very hot , beads of sweat went rolling and got drooled” and she went moaning and had her hips bobbing and rocking on mine ” the kids took turns suckling your bosoms and eating your pussy, drowning them in their saliva, you want them to stop but your body became numb from pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby, go on” she murmured achingly, rubbing herself even harder on me, and I’m feeling the wetness of her warm crotch.

“your nipples became very stiff and sore from their ravenous suckling” I said as I fondle her boobies and twist-pulling her stiff nipples “your bosoms became flushing pink as they drown in their saliva, as does your pussy as it went pulsing and lovejuice went flowing profusely, you were screaming begging them to stop, as you go writhing in sexual agony, whimpering with tears falling”

She went up and began untying the knot of my “crop top”

“and, d-did the kids fuck me?” she said achingly, as she exposes my bosoms and went fondling them

“They did, they took turns raping you, and you went screaming very loudly, moaning like a schoolgirl as they go fucking you hard and cumming inside your pussy, again and again and again”

“ahhh shit, fuckkk!” she went swooning she collapsed on top of me and I went suckling her bosoms as her lovely hips went grinding even harder, her pussy wetting my belly. I took of my knickers and we went rubbing pussies with her on top.

“their ugly dicks, all (shuddering breath) w-went i-nside mh-me?” she said achingly eyes welling up

“yes, and their dicks were all dark and uncut, squishing loudly as they go ramming in your pussy” I murmured. “ohhhh fuck ssshittt!” she said swooning.

We got up, mouths locked, moaning as I totally get naked. She went straddling me as I squeeze her bum and then we went scissoring whilst fondling and suckling each other, pussy sounds went crescendoing

I got her reclining on some pillows with her thighs spread and I went fucking her hard.

“I g-got very (shuddering breath) very wet as they r-rape mh-me?” she said achingly, panting.

“very wet, you we’re screaming, and writhing, as they take turns fucking you hard” I said panting as my hips went sexily bobbing and rocking between her thighs as I fuck her hard. “ohhh, g-ddd! Shhittt! That’s so hot ohhh g-ddd yessss!” she said swooning, tears falling.

“and what about you b-babe, (panting,) were you just watching as I get raped by street kids?” she murmured as we suck lips.

“so?” she murmured panting squeezing and pushing my bum “what about you baby? w-what happened next?” she said in a aching tone.

“well (shuddering breath) I drove the car to a shady spot screened by clumps of mango leaves

“yeah?! Go on…”

“I got you off the car while the kids are sleeping, and we ran off to this small run down hut, kinda like our “love shack” but not so pretty, it had an old cushion on the bamboo floor and we fell on it, it was only screened by leaves and bushes from the road, and vehicles would go passing by”

“oh-o-ok, (panting) go on” she said

“the boys woke up and came out from the backseat, they went running naked across the street towards us.

“Y-yeah baby w-what happened (panting) n-next? Uhh shitt g-go on…” she said moaning and whimpering as I go harder and faster

They all pounced on me, like wild dogs, pinning me down on the cushion, ripping my clothes, getting me completely naked in seconds and then just like you, every inch of my body my body got licked and sucked, my bosoms and my pussy went flushing and throbbing, drowning in their saliva, my nipples became stiff and sore like yours.

“ohh b-baby that’s uhhh g-ddd th-that’s so fucking hot shittt!” she went whimpering. “w-what about me babe?”

“you went down and we went kissing as the little monsters continue to ravish my body, and then…”

“and then?”

“they took turns raping me (panting moaning) they took turns fucking me hard with their ugly dicks, whilst the others continue suckling my bosoms, holding me down and and keeping my thighs open.

“ohhh yesss babe (shuddering breath, swooning) I want them fucking me hard!”

“fucking and cumming inside our pussies unghhh again and again!” I muttered whimpering and panting

“ggg-dddd shittt! Yesss baby oh fuckkkk yessss!” she cried out as we both came very hard, our warm sweet juices went flowing down our thighs and wetting the sheets.

“my g-ddd baby (panting) I’ve never been this fucking hot, so fucking libog” she went whimpering and panting as I lay on top of her.

“I’ve never wanted sex so fucking bad! Never had this so much sex”

“it’s lovemaking with us, (real name)” I said panting

“yeah? I can’t wait to make love with all of my new sisters babe!” she said.

Later we went cuddling as reclined on the pile of pillows.

Did you really dream all that baby? Is that how it really happened or was it all fucking rubbish? (forced accent) hmmm?”

“uhmm well” I said “there could’ve been a wee bit of embellishments”

“Yeah? (giggling) well no matter, I like your dream, I bloody like it so fucking much!” and we kissed torridly.

After cuddling we got up and shared her ration-ehr I mean breakfast, I keep saying ration sorry, most of the hot water from the cup got spilt on the tray.

“uy I got extra for breakfast?” she said as she checks out her tray “I got an extra fried rice, 1 extra longganisa, medyo big yung scrambled egg, 2 mango slices and a banana, hmmm, baka siguro kasi you’re with me but then again there’s only 1 cup for coffee or maybe because I shared some food with them”

“or maybe some bloke has a crush on you and is wanking to us right now as we speak?” I said tauntingly

“Lukaret!” she snapped chuckling “ah siguro kasi walang pandesal included, usually it comes with 2 pieces of big hot pandesal and a blue bonnet chiplet or jam”

“Is this what you always get every morning?” I asked as we eat in the nude.

(nagsusubuan kami nang nakahubad, say n’yo? – Lex)

“di naman lagi, uhm not always” she said talking with her mouth full “sometimes I get plain rice, daing squid or danggit…” “is that the heart shaped salty dried fish?” I interrupted her “oo, yes it is” she said “if not daing boneless bangus, tapa, tocino, any longganisa, tapos may atchara or tomato and or cucumber slices, tapos eggs sunny side, or like this, scrambled, sometimes with tomatoes and onions, then 2 pieces of pandesal and a piece of fruit”

“and this?” I said dangling the coffee sachet “ah oo!” she said laughing, her hand below her mouth to catch any morsel that might fall out.

“cheapangga 3 in 1ang beverage nila, I just have the hot water or the juice in my fridge”

Do you have to pay extra for me?” I asked whilst eating the other half of the mango “for spending the night here?”

“No, babe actually this room is for two, honeymoon ek ek” she said as I feed her mango with a teaspoon “eto nalang available and it’s frikkin cheap pa din, and no matter how many people you make sik-sik or squeeze in, it’s still 1.2k, dapat nga, um they should be giving me two breakfasts ahahahah!”

I then half-peeled the banana and made some cuts and slits on it with the teaspoon, then showed it to her

“mhmmm?” I said smiling devilishly as I taunt her with the carved fruit and she went laughing.

“ay! Ahhahhah, ang galing para talagang dick!” and she went giggling, as she takes it from my hand looking very fascinated with the “fruit art” I’ve made.

“try natin?” she said giggling eyes gleaming with excitement

“dahling it might break” I said chuckling “uhm let me try” I said and took the fruit dildo

She opened her thighs and spread her pussy lips with both hands, and I slowly push the banana dick in her pussy and she went “ooohhhh baby!” she said swooning and giggling like a silly girl “deeper”

I carefully push the fruit in deeper and then I stopped and pull it out

“hey babe, why?” she asked

“think happy thoughts babe? I said

“huh? Wha-oh ok gets ko” she said giggling and she closed her eyes and starts fondling her boobs and rubbing her pussy and till it became juicy.

“ok babe (panting) fuck me with it” she said going bitelipped, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers

I drooled on the banana and went rubbing her clit with my thumb as the banana cock slowly disappear in her wet lovehole, her juice went dripping out as the fruit goes in deeper, I went on until I’m holding only on 2 inches of it.

“oh my g-ddd! Fruit fucking! Sheeeet!” she murmured, lighly giggling and barely moving as not to break the fruit inside her pussy

“have you pleasured yourself or another with bananas babe? She asks

“only with the peel on” I said

“so this is another first?”

“mhmm” I uttered

After pushing and pulling the banana cock I carefully pull it out and began sexily licking it teasing her

“ako pa try babe, hold mo muna” she said and bends down to my pussy “think happy thoughts baby” she murmured teasingly and winked at me.

She licked and sucked my pussy whilst fondling my bosoms and then she got up after making it wet, she took the kinky fruit from my hand, her eyes went gleaming with excitement and went bitelipped as she push the banana in my wet puki, I watched as it slowly disappear going in halfway and then as it went deeper still she then slowly twist it.

“Ay Shit! It broke!” she yelled putting a hand to her mouth, “babe, I’m sorry ” lightly giggling but panicking. “how do we get it out?” she said getting a bit hysterical yet still giggling as she looks around, as more than 3 inches of the banana got stuck inside my pussy.

“baby?” she said holding the teaspoon in her hand. I just smirked teasingly and I popped the fruit from my pussy, and it went out squishing.

She breathed a sigh of relief and puts the teaspoon back in the tray,

“gawwddd that was bit scary!” she said as she picks up the piece of the sticky fruit, she then pops it in her mouth, bites it , then takes in the other piece.

“mhmmm” she uttered chewing, teasing me, I took the remaining piece of the banana from hand and pops in my mouth and mimicked her.

We put the tray outside, and turned off the AC and did an hour of nude yoga, then took a shower together after resting.

I then put on my uniform, the uppy and the skirt with matching dark stockings

“My gawd babe, para kang, uhm you look like some highschool or college student from an exclusive all girl catholic school” she remarked putting on denims.

“Oh?” I said with an eyebrow raised and turned and put on the headdress and then with a rosary around my neck “sooo, what about now?”

“hm” she uttered, lip pursing “that’s a quick transformation, still you could start a new fashion trend girl”

I then changed into a pair of simple women’s trousers, but still had the upper uniform on.

“girl why did you change into that?” she asks

“well I’m not yet sister ****** and I still yet to return the car

“o-ok, but di ka naman obvious na madre wearing the skirt, like I said you’re like a school girl”

“mehhh! I’m not big fan of skirts” I said

“pek pek shorts? You’re ok with those?” she said and went chuckling

“what shorts?” I asked frowning , chuckling.

“hot pants girl! I mean really short hot pants” she said giggling

“only at home” I said “but I prefer just knickers even when relaxing out in our garden, like lazing on a hammock.

“wow, you can do that without anyone seeing you?” she said

“uhuh, and among other things” I said smiling teasingly and winking at her “I told you we’d have those pool barbecues and outdoor movie parties yes? Most of us would be just in shirts and knickers and we’d just turn off most of the lights if the party gets wild”

“I’d really want to see that bloody wicked crib of yours” she said in a forced accent

“It could be yours too” I said winking at her “Yeah?” she said eyes went gleaming

“We have one rule though” I said

“and what is that?”

“No boys allowed” I said
“really? How come your nephew can hang out in your house? She said

“He’s still pretty much a kid but once he’s 13 he’s off-limits and he’s ok with that” I said
“I see, hmm that’s not so bad, anything else?”

“well, we share an underwear drawer, but I won’t be wearing yours (giggling) but you can share with Feebz and Cai as they also often wear those bloody thongs” I said.

“Ahahaha, grabeh so kinky” she said chuckling “but I’m currently sharing a condo with some workmates, let me think about it” she said.

We went out for a smoke after we put my stuff in the car, as we tour the grounds of her inn, and especially check out the Jurassic patio, gazebo or whatever as I’m intrigued by it, and Lex also hasn’t seen what’s inside the jungle-esque foliage

“shit babe baka may snakes dito” Lex said giggling as we cautiously navigate through the leaves.

“uy dong! anong ginagawa mo dito?!” Lex said smiling as were both surprised seeing the young help inside the mini Jurassic park.

“ay mam!” he went sheepishly seeing us “naglilinis at nagdidilig po” he said and I saw he’s got a tingting walis and pagdankot (walis tingting at pandakot SHUNGA! ahihihihi – Lex) and a pail of water with a dipper which he splashes plants with.

“ngehhh?! May tumatambay dito?” Lex said lip curling with an eyebrow raised

“meron naman ati, bihira lang kasi di pansin tsaka kala nila malamuk”

“uhmm” she uttered nodding as she looks around

“but it’s cool here ha? Di ba no babe?” she said as indeed we felt the drop in temperature

“Yeah it is, it’s quite fascinating luv” I said looking around “and I reckon it isn’t malamok here as there are lots of lavender and lemongrass

“yeah oo nga, true true” she said “eh snakes dong ? uhm may ahas ba dito?”

“minsan po lalo na pag maulan” he replied “nung isang araw po nung wala ka, may nahuli po, banda dyan ati o” he said pointing to a spot where Lex is standing.

“ay sheeet!” she exclaimed and went clinging on to me “tang ina malaki ba? Nahuli ba? Anyareeh!” she said a tad panicky

“malaki po, mga (stretching his arms, estimating) siguro ati ma nga ganito kahaba, nahuli po tapos pinatay”

“sana chi-neck nyo baka meron pa, sheet i-check mooo!” Lex said stamping her feet, sounding a tad hysterical

“wala na po te” the lad said smiling, chuckling “sigurado kaaa?” Lex said in a mataray tone still squeezing my arm

“opo” the boy replied chuckling.

We then sat down on a driftwood bench “hmm, parang ang sarap uminom dito, lalo na pag umuulan don’t you think so babe?”

“have drinks? Heah? Yeah I reckon too” I said putting my feet up on a driftwood table and she rolled over to me resting her head on my shoulder with an arm over me and had a thigh over mine, and made the lad looking perplexed like he must’ve been thinking are these two hot girls lovers? He then showed the lights/lamps inside Jurassic patio, getting Lex in saying “wow, bongga!”

“Babe would like some coconut water or some juice?” she then said

“yeah, I’m a tad thirsty” I said

“hoy dong, uh ano..” she called out to the boy as he was leaving the place

“no yun ati?”

“uhm ano uhh ba ulit pangalan mo?” she said squinting

“Edoy po mam, te” he said smiling

“doy, eto o, bili mo naman kami nang buko juice oh, isa lang yung 500ml ” she said in a melodious tone handing some 50php notes to the lad.

“uh dami nyan te, uh mam” budoy said “magkano ba” sayo na to o” Lex said still holding out the notes to the boy.

“ay wagna te” he said sheepishly scratching his head “sige na po”

“hindi, eto na o” Lex insisted “wag na mam ako na po, bili ko nalang ikaw” he said

“eh? Ano ba talaga mam, ate?” she said chuckling “lilibre mo ko? (chuckling) ok, thank youuu!”

And he went nodding sheepishly at us and hurried off

“Dong! yung pinakamalamig ha?” Lex yelled to the lad

“Well now, I told you he’s got the hots for you luv” I said smirking

“LUKARET! Uhmmm!” she snapped twisting my nipple

After spending some 45 minutes more inside the mini jungle, sharing coconut water, we then went out to the car.

“ay babes nandito pa pala yung trash sa compartment!” Lex yelled as we forgot about the rubbish bags, we put them all outside with the other rubbish, getting stares and more often gazes from passers-by and motorists, and some blokes probably locals or tourists in vehicles would go yelling “hi!” Lex and I just ignored them, “bloody tossers! cunts and wankers!” I would mutter

(di ko na ita- translate baka may tamaan sa inyo ahihihi – Lex)

We then drove off to the car rental place to return the car, I didn’t complain about the bloody tarp and naugahyde sheets hanging behind the front seats, and I got them ripped yes?. We then got a cab and had the cabbie drive us to the nunhouse or rather some blocks before it.

“babes you haven’t changed to your alter-ego” she said chuckling whilst were in the car.

“that’s ok luv, even the nuns can be just in normal but modest clothes, and I’m just a sister” I said in hushed tones as the cabbie kept looking from the rear view.

We got off the cab (I reckon you were able to figure out why I prefer getting off not exactly at my house) somewhere in a main road, in a not so busy district. As we near the nun house I put the rosary around my neck. And then arranged my hair with a religious themed barrette and put on a pair of glasses.

“Uy super hero clark kent change ba to?” Lex remarked as we walk

“Uhm Diana Prince” I said smiling, and coincidently those alter ego glasses happen to look like what Gal Gadot is wearing in Wonder Woman, a RayBan RX7046 frame, heh! This story happened a year before it got released in theaters.

“may grado ba yan-ehr I mean are those prescriptions or churva ek ek lang?” she asked

“oh these? These are just window glasses, but I do have another pair ” I said showing her the other pair with the same frames “just in case they get —- checked” Lex tries them on “don’t move your eyes down” I said to her

“well? How do I look?” she said doing a pose

“hmmm, very pretty, as in whorishly nerdy” I said snickering

“fuck you bitch!” She said chuckling and takes them off and rubs her eyes,

“You are very hot with those on babe” I said bringing her close , arm on her waist.

“hmm para wala naman grado” she said

“well they’re progressive, and the grade isn’t that intense, I keep looking straight when I wear these though.

I finished doing my hair, looking very modest and still a tad stylish.

“hmm” lex uttered, checking me out, walking backwards “from schoolgirl to uhmm terror music teacher or some science or taray math teacher who is every schoolboy’s wet dream” she said and went chuckling and I made taunting faces at her.

We went inside the compound and proceeded to where my sisters and bosses are. Again she posed as my cousin but modified her name to Brit or Bri, as in Bianca Regina Italia, somehow to get the favor of my Italian boss, well somehow it worked, also because she behaved to be so sweet, intelligent, and well not so very kikay and garutay (ahihihi – Lex)

After a sumptuous lunch, she stayed for the presentation and merienda and later I got her cab to take her home. Later she got very buggered as we were phoning kasi I told her I may not be able to drop her a visit as the next 3 days will be fucking bloody busy, but I’m sure to phone her as often as I can.

But later in the afternoon the next day, I got permission from boss nun that I can go stay with my “relatives” if the schedule isn’t busy. I got into a cab and went to her place but didn’t inform her, it was around a quarter past 6pm, there were a few people in the grounds, guests they are I reckon.

And what fucking surprise she got when she opened the door, after I ringed the bell, she went shrieking like some wanton bitch. (sobra ka ah! – Lex) getting so much attention.

” ******! Babe!” She went screaming loudly and then jumped on to me, arms and legs went locking around me, “oh m’ g-d babe” I went grunting as I’m losing my balance as I carry her, I kicked the door behind me and we fell on the bed kissing and necking with her on top.

From then on she wouldn’t go anywhere (in Puerto) unless I’m with her, I would be staying with her in her flat, whenever opportunity allows, and once she spent a night with me in the nunhouse

so that ends Afterdark, but our Palawan oddyssey isn’t over, so till the next time fellas , peace and love to y’all and keep WANKING! MMMWHAHHH! – SisterChasity + Lex

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