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My Oddyssey: Wicked Game: A Long Wet Night (After Dark part 2)
Credits: sisterchastity
This Story is part 2 of 5 in the series My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts
My Oddyssey: Wicked Game: A Long Wet Night (After Dark part 2)
Credits: sisterchastity


Author: sisterchastity


(playing in a loop on my playlistand in this order, my phone on a small dock on the low square table, cord plugged into a socket on the wood beam in the center of the hut)

“Because The Night” (10,000 Maniacs), “Once in a lifetime” (Gregorian feat. Sisters of Oz), “Shake the Disease” (Hooverphonic), “Heaven is a place on Earth” (Belinda Carlisle), “Get into the Groove” (Madonna), “Let’s go to Bed (The Cure), “I touch Myself” (Divinyls),”Burning up” (Madonna)”, “Wild Thing” (by X not Joan Jett), “Cherry Pie” (Warrant), “Pour some sugar on me” (Def Leppard), “I Feel You (Depeche Mode), “Save a Prayer” (Duran Duran), “World in my eyes” (Depeche Mode),”After Dark” (Tito & Tarantula), “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak), “Stripped” (Depeche Mode)

So there we were, dancing in partly open shirts and undies, singing, shouting, laughing, sharing smokes, sweedys and a bottle of sensuous Pinot Noir, tasting and taking wine from each other’s mouths. We went swaying sexilly, pressing our bodies hard, arms in the air and around each other, going very wild or slow and passionate moving with a song’s rhythm and tempo, as therain poured in buckets, with lightning and thunder, cold moist wind blowing, and yet our bodies are drowning in sweat.

Light from vehicles would occasionally cut through the hut, but Lexie seemed stripped of her inhibitionsas she’s totally lost, so drunk and high and burning with intense passion, as am I.

The lightning and thunder lessened and the rain have weakeneda little. Leaning on each other’s foreheads , one arm around my neck, as the bottle of Pinot Noir hang from the other, my handscaressing her sexyhips, our eyes closed, our bodies moving sensously to “Shake the Disease”. Her phone suddenly rang. “Hold this muna bhey” she said handing me the bottle, she went to get her phone from her jeans’ pocket. “Sino to?” she murmured as she slowly sank to the bamboo sofa, she didn’t answer the call.

I sat down on the couch and put my legs over hers. I lit a slimmy and then put it to her pouting mouth and she takes a puff.

“Who’zit girl?”I said brushing hair behind her ear, “di ko lam eh, unknown number” she said blowing out smoke as her samsung kept ringing. “Don’t you wanna answer it?” I said planting soft kisses on her cheek and neck making her moan. “Mhmm, n-Naahhh, I don’t answer unknown calls” she said caressing my cheek. “Uhmm parang din na ako” I said.

She then received a text message from the same number. “Babes aku 2, nakiheram ng silpn, wala ku mketa nung primium nyo, puydi b lyt nlng?” so it was bo.

“knino ka nkitxt? WAG KA MAGSAMA HA?!! Mghnp ka khit sa bars, 8 bottles nlang nang premium” she texted back pressing hard on the keys

“d babes s mnong gard 2, e babes, pnu 2 nbile ku n” He texted back. (Hmm they write how they say the words)

She groaned and texted “AY PUTANG INA YUN ANG GUSTO KO, ISOLI MO YAN!!! WAG KANG BABALIK DITO KUNG YAN DALA MO” pressing even harder on the keys.

I giggled “Baby he has the car hahaha” I said “hihihi para matagal bheeyy mmmmhhh” she said with a naughty look and did a cutesy, pouting her lips. She then pulled me by my shirt and we suck lips. She received another text message but she puts the phone back to her jean’s pocket.

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As we were engaged in scorching hot and wet kissing and feeling, a phone rang with a different ringtone and her eyes widened. “Ay shit! wait baby!” she exclaimed and quickly gets another phone from her coach bag. (hmm she carries two phones, a samsung g and and an iphone6)

“Hello Honeybhe!” she said sounding melodious and affectionate (malambing I think), she then covered her iphone and whispered “it’s my real boyfriend” and giggled. “Oh, oooh kay” I whispered back with an awed expression.

“Yes honey, I’m ok, what about you? bakit gising kapa?….overtime?” She talked with her boyfriend whilst caressing my thighs.

“Oh my god yes bhe, I’m enjoying myself so much” she said looking at me and caressing my cheek “I’m having soooow much fun (doing an english accent) best vacation evahhhh!” she said and did a cutesy face and then kissed me and then takes a puff of the slimmy and blows out the smoke, head tilted up.

“Yeah, yeah I know I told you I should’ve stayed instead with my family because Puerto is so frickin’ boring, huh?…” she went on, “yes that I can’t wait to get back there, but uhm well” she then looks at me running her fingers on my face “it became interesting uhmm fun, huh? of course I miss you na very much, you silly boy! We go to El Nido or Coron next time or perhaps Amanpulo, if, you can afford it hahaha joke! Of course share tayo”.

I then plant soft kisses on her cheeks and neck making her moan softly, gently squeezing my thighs. I then licked her ears and it tickled her “Ayyy! hihihi” she pressed her phone to her breast and mouthed “hey ano ba? I’m on the phone!” followed with a frowned smile and I taunted her bite-lipped and she sticked out her tongue.

I again licked and sucked her earlobe and she went giggling again, she squeezed my cheeks and mouthed “Baby, stop!”

“Uh, what? Oh nothing honey, what’s that? What made it fun and interesting? well uhmm” she again caressed my thighs “basta it just happened” she then she kissed my hand and lips. “Wala! SIRA! (chuckling) kaw lang putotoy ko mmwhah!” (well she wasn’t lying)

(I Touch Myself playing)

We each took last puffs of the slimmy and I flicked it out the hut. I held her face and again planted soft kisses which then became hot and wet kissing, sucking, and licking, going down her supple neck and shoulders, going behind her ears and nape. She went gasping and struggled to moan softly, head turning as she lets me explore her with my mouth.

My hand went inside her shirt and fondled her sexy bosoms, twisting, pulling the nipples making them so fucking stiff. She gasped and moaned softly, bite-lipped and her hand kneaded and squeezed my thighs. She pressed her phone to her chest and caressed my cheek and let’s out a moan

“Huh? Uh, uhm wala honey I’m with a friend, girl kasama ko dito sa room ko SIRA!” She then gently pushed me and gestured to me with her face to say something on the phone.

“Hello theah? How are you?” I said still fondling her bosoms. “O ano? see? and she’s a Brit, uhmm well Filipina-Brit, ang ganda-uhmm ang sexy nang voice no bhey? And guess mo sino kamukha?”

“Oh puhleez, just shut it” I murmured shaking my head and she chuckled “basta she’s super-hot bhe” She then looked at me bite-lipped squeezing my thigh.

“Dalhin ko siya sa COD (City of Dreams) tulo laway nang mga manyakers jan, at ikaw baka makipagbreak na sakin hahaha joke honeybhey (chuckling), uhh what’s her name well uhmm” she then looks at me “well, when I take her there nalang hihihihi”.

I took a sip from the bottle and lighted a short sweedy, dark chocolate (sweedy potency vary with flavor and length; the end tips are color coded; apple, grape, earl grey, cinnamon 3 inches, strong: espresso (black roll) and chocolate (brown roll) 2 and 1/2 inches, and a special blend, earl grey with an orange tip).

She took a puff, holds it wincing and then breaths it out slowly “mmmm” she uttered looking at me, nodding with a look of approval.

“Was I smoking? uh n-no, well uhmm konti lang bhey (sounding sheepishly), we’re drinking kasi eh ha? promise konti lang” she takes another puff and then took a sip of the wine before breathing it out slowly.

(Wicked Game playing)

We took turns taking puffs, sipping wine in between, as she talked on the phone. I then took out a small canister of partially melted chocolate truffles from my duffle (from Li). I took a bite of the soft, sensuous confectionery and fed her the other half, letting her lick and suck my fingers. She wiped the chocolate from my lips with her thumb and sucked it and then smiled sweetly and mouthed a kiss.

We fed each other of the truffles, whilst taking puffs and sips, licking each other’s fingers. “What am I eating? Uhmm we’re eating chocolates bhey uhh (looks at the canister) Godiva, uhn no, Teuscher, we’re having chocolate truffles and Pinot Noir sosyaaal no bhey? (chuckles) buy moko nito? Talaga?” she said smiling and then takes the sweedy from my hand and took a long puff, I took the last puff and she flicked the butt end away.

She smudged chocolate on and around her lips, sexily sucks her fingers and then and pulled me to her by my nape, and lets me suck and lick the chocolate from her luscious lips, she then opened her mouth and we kissed torridly. She made a cutesy face and mouthed “I love you”.

Her conversation with her boyfriend gradually went from naughty and sexy to amorous and erotic, raunchy as you may call it as she caress my thighs and suck lips with me from time to time.

I scooped the remaining truffle and she looks on as I sexily smudged it across my face, “Ohhhh fuuckkk” she whispers with an aching look as I slide my hand down to my neck. I let her suck and lick my fingers and then she pulls me to her. She amorously licked and sucked the chocolate going slowly from my neck to my face. I went wincing, bite-lipped struggling not to moan. “Of course I miss you –nna b-bhey” She murmuredsexily while sucking and licking “miss you so much mmmh, I want y-you ssooo baddd” she said on the phone while staring passionatelyinto my eyes.

(Once in a Lifetime playing)

I held her face and planted soft kisses which again became hot and wet kissing, sucking, and licking, going down her supple neck and shoulders, behind her ears and nape. She went gasping and struggled to moan softly, head turning as she lets me explore her with my mouth.

She gasped and moaned softly, bite-lipped and her hand kneaded and squeezed my thighs. She pressed her phone to her chest and caressed my cheek and let’s out a moan “Ahhh shit baby” she whispered softly, wincing in erotic agony, She stuttered while talking with her boyfriend. “W-wh-where iss s-she? uhh m-my B-brit girl uhmm f-friend? sh-she’s s-ssomewhere ohh l-let-uhh let’s c-con-t-ti-n-nue bhey”
she went on doing phone sex with her boyfriend “I want you baby, shit sige suck my boobs ohh suck them very hard oh god yesss!”

I then sat on her, rubbingmy crotch on her thigh very hard, slowly and very sexily bobbing and swaying my hips. My other hand went inside her shirt, and she went bite-lipped, caressing my thighs and then my arm as two hands kneaded and fondled her firm sexy bosoms, twisting and pulling her very stiff nipples.

My left hand slowly slide down and dipped into her panties making gasp and moan “Ohhh my goddd
b-baby ohhh” she uttered as she bring her thighs together squeezing mine between them. She winced as my fingers lovingly explored every inch of her womanhood whilst my other hand fondles her bosoms. She whispered”I love you” sliding her hand to my nape. I can hear her boyfriend also uttering sexy and dirty things, but they’re not what’s making her hot and wet.

My fingers slowly enter her, wriggling and squirming as they go deeper in her tight, wet love-hole. She went gripping my shirt, tears falling, grimacing in erotic agony, struggling not to make a sound as her thongs become soaking wet of her warm sweet lovejuice. “Love me baby ohh god love meee” She whispers as she spreads her thighs, hips bobbing sexily.

I planted soft kisses which again became hot, wet sucking and licking, as my fingers fuck her deeper and harder. “Oh fuck me honeybhey, o god fuck mee h-haarddd!” she tells her boyfriend, gasping and panting.
“Y-yess b-baby ooh shitttt go deeper, ,G-gooo d-deep-deeppeeerr b-baby oohh shit harder ohhh” very loudly “I want you to cum inside mee!”

“Ohhh fuckkk meeeee cum inside me uhhh!” Shegot totally overwhelmed and dropped her phone on the couch, put her arms around me and locked lips with me, whimpering. “Deeper baby, pleassse, harder deeper!” she uttered whimpering with tears falling. “Mmphhh love me oh goddd, bab-y, deeper mmpph!” she uttered between kissing, whimpering with tears falling “fuckk m-meee bbaby ohhhshittttmmphh!”

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(Because the Night playing)

Some minutes havepassed and her phone rang again with her boyie’s ringtone, but we’re so fucking lost in ecstasy, hips bobbing and swaying sexilly, me grinding hard on her thigh, her phone rang many times and then she gently pushed me. She answered her phone and pretended to sound sleepy, I went on fingering her lovehole deep and hard, grinding my hps sexilly on her thigh whilst exploring, sucking, licking her neck with my mouth.

“uhm I’m very sorry honeybhey, ohhh, nakatulog ako diko namalayan”, and then she “yawned”
“Yeah I know I hate it , uhhh when you do that, sorry na ha?” and she again “yawned” much longer this time. “You haven’t cummed? ako din naman bhey eh sorry na ha?”

“Sige na honeybhey, your sweetie is very sleepy, so tired, drunk and (moans softly)si s-sleepy na talaga, bawi nalang ako sayo ha? call me or I’ll call you tomorrow ok? Sweet dreams honeybhey, I miss you, I love you, mmwhahh”.

“Shake the Disease” (Hooverphonic), “Heaven is a place on Earth” (Belinda Carlisle), “Get into the Groove” (Madonna), “Let’s go to Bed (The Cure), “I touch Myself” (Divinyls), “Burning up” (Madonna)”, “Wild Thing” (by X not Joan Jett & the Blackhearts), “Cherry Pie” (Warrant), “Pour some sugar on me” (Def Leppard), “I Feel You (Depeche Mode),

She drops her phone on the couch and puts her arms around my neck. “Ohhh b-baby, love meee” she kept saying amorously whilst kissing and sucking and pulling my earlobe gently with her teeth. Her hand then slide down and dipped inside my wet panties, rubbed my pussy making me gasp and moan, This went on for some minutes.

We stared hard at each other bitelipped as her fingers slowly enter my lovehole, making me moan even louder.

“Ohhh my god shit baby your pussy is so tight talaga!” she said with an aching tone “ohhh shit baby p-please go deeper” I replied moaning.

We locked mouths and kissed torridly moaning loudly, hips bobbing and swaying sexiilly as we finger fuck each other. Our phones then buzzed with different tones (I keep getting calls and messages since 7 pm, and mostly from the sisters). She took her hand out of my knickers and I did the same and properly sat on her lap but with our crotches touching.

“SHIIIITTTT! (sighed) putang ina!” she uttered in a very annoyed tone, lightly frowning and wewent giggling. We didn’t answer nor read the messages and just put the phones on silent.

She again puts her arms around my neck “Ohhh god baby” she said sighing “I have never felt anything like this before, no one has ever made me so fucking hot and so fucking wet, shit! you’re driving me crazy!” I smiled sweetly caressing her sides and then made cutesy faces at her, taunting with my tongue sticking out. “Fuck yooouuu!, tang ina ka,BITCH! (chuckling) and also made taunting cutesy face with her tongue sticking out.

“Uhmm maybe it’s the sweedys and the alcohol perhaps?” I said “we’ve been smoking and drinking
since uhmm 9?”

“I don’t think so bhey” she said caressing me behind the ears. “Or perhaps, maybe, but no, iba eh, I can’t fucking explain it, ah basta kasi nilandi mo ko tang ina ka ang ganda, ganda, ganda mooo! mmhhmm!” she said going gigil squeezing, pinching my cheeks. “Ow??!” I said with an eyebrow raised.

“Ayy! sorry sorry baby I’m so sorry uhmm” she said sounding concerned and kisses me all over my face.
“Shit ang tibo ko na talaga sayo tang inaaa!” she said staring amorously into my eyes.

“Problem?” I said caressing her lips with mine , pulling them. “No, I-fuc-king, love-it!” and we french kissed, her eyes rolled back, showing only the whites, it was a bit scary but in a very sexy kind of way.

(Shake the Disease (Hooverphonic) playing)

We turned, mouths locked, hands on each other, and she’s sitting on my lap. Her hands felt a bit clawing as we continue to tongue and suck, feeling each other, moaning hungrily. We stopped kissing and stared amorously into each other’s eyes, saliva stringing from our lips. I then groaned and growled at her, baring teeth. “Hmm?” she uttered smirking with eyebrow raised, she then groaned, also baring teeth and then snaps at me growling (I want to eat you up).

“Meron ka pang sweedys bhey? penge ha?” She said digging in my duffle. “I think I still, uhmm meron pa” I said and reached into my duffle and hand her a small, rectangular antique tin box. “Bongga naman what museum you stole this from?” she said chuckling. “Lukaret!” I said chuckling. “Hmmm” she uttered with inquisitive look on her face as she saw something among the sticks.

“What flavor is this?” she said holding the longest sweedy with an orange tip “oh that’s earl grey, Li’s latest baby” I said.

“Oh reaaahhhly?” she said doing an english accent, “so you can have yoh spot-o-tea and get high too?”
“Heh, heh! cute! hilarious!” I said scoffing.

I lit up the stick and she took a long puff, holds it with eyes closed and breaths it out slowly. “Owh nawt bad, I feel ve-aarry british awlreadey!” she said acting like a “london” posh. I scoffed with a raised eyebrow and she lets me take a puff.

She took a long puff and then suck lips with me with smoke coming out from her mouth. “Let’s dance baby” she whispered amorously.

(“Shake the Disease” (Hooverphonic), “Heaven is a place on Earth” (Belinda Carlisle), “Get into the Groove” (Madonna), “Let’s go to Bed (The Cure), “I touch Myself” (Divinyls), “Burning up” (Madonna)”, “Wild Thing” (by X not Joan Jett), “Cherry Pie” (Warrant), “Pour some sugar on me” (Def Leppard), “I Feel You (Depeche Mode) playing)

Slowly she got of me, swaying sexilly as she pulls me up and again we weredancing, more wild and sexy, very slutty than ever, in partly open shirts and undies, singing, shouting, laughing, sharing asweedy and a bottle of sensuous Pinot Noir, tasting and taking wine from each other’s mouths.

“Wild thing!” We shouted in unison, singing along with the song
“You make my heart sing!
You make everything…groovy
Wild thing!”

Wild thing, I…think I love you
But I wanna know for sure!
So come on, and hold me tight


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(pressing our bodies hard, shaking, swaying sexily)

You move me…..

“Come on, come on,come on wild thing !
Shake it, shake it,shake it, shake it, wild thing !”

(“Cherry Pie” (Warrant), “Pour some sugar on me” (Def Leppard), “I Feel You (Depeche Mode) playing)

We went on swaying sexilly, singing, laughing, shaking our hips, pressing our bodies hard, arms in the air and around each other, going very wild or slow and passionate moving with a song’s rhythm and tempo, light from vehicles would occasionally cut through the hut, as the rain kept pouring in buckets, with lightning and thunder, cold moist wind blowing, and yet our bodies are drowning in sweat.

I feel you, your sun, it shines.
I feel you within my mind.
You take me there, you take me where the kingdom comes.
You take me to, and lead me through Babylon.

my hands on her hips, her right arm coiled around my neck, staring fiercely into each other’s eyes, crotches pressing hard, as we sexilly sway and rock our bodies.

This is the morning of our love.
It’s just the dawning of our love.

I feel you, your heart, it sings.
I feel you, the joy it brings.
Where heaven waits, those golden gates, and back again.
You take me to, you lead me through oblivion.

This is the morning of our love.
It’s just the dawning of our love.
I feel you, your precious soul, and I am whole.
I feel you, your rising sun, my kingdom comes.

We pressed our bodies very hard, still rocking and swaying sexily, we kissed torridly and then hungrily explored each other with our mouths.

I feel you, each move you make.
I feel you, each breath you take.
Where angels sing and spread their wings my love’s on high.
You take me home to glory’s throne by and by.

This is the morning of our love.
It’s just the dawning of our love.
This is the morning of our love.
It’s just the dawning of our love.

A bit exhausted, we slowly sank on the cushioned papag, she got on my lap, cowgirl style. We smoked and drank, petting and feeling each other.

(I forgot to mention the papag’s cushion is just like the bamboo couch’s, just 5 inches thick, also still in plastic packaging though with lots of holes andrips).

(Save a Prayer playing)

The rain weaken and the winds became a breeze and as we were kissing she pushed me on the bed and I had to plug the mouth of the bottle with my thumb to keep it from spilling. She rubbed herself hard on me as she hungrily explored me with her mouth. “Uhmm I want to eat you up my baby!” she said going gigil on me.

I took a long puff and struggled to get up, “Ayy! babe!”she yelled giggling and held on to me (kasi para akong mahuhulog sa floor? – Lex) I put the bottle down on the floor my other arm around her waist.
I grabbed her by the hair and locked mouths with her, breathing out the sweedy smoke. She coiled her arms tighly around my neck, sexily rubbing her herself, as we went kissing torridly, tonguing,

I let go of her mouth and she hooks on panting, smoke coming out, saliva stringing from our lips. “That’s for being naughty” I said with a teasing face, whilst caressing her thighs, she taunted me, sticking out her tongue, I snap-growled at her which gave her jump “Ayyihihihihi!” she exclaimed giggling as she quickly retreated her tongue.

She took the sweedy from my hand and took a long puff, head tilted upwards and then slowly blows the smoke on my face in a taunting, sexy manner.”Yoh fault my deaah girl” she said doing her best English accent. “Nilandi mo ko, bitch!” she said rubbing her nose with mine doing a cutesy face.

“Yeah?” I said with an eyebrow raised “Yeah!” she replied also with a brow raised running her fingers on my cheek. She held my face and suck pulled my lip with hers.

“Talaga?!” I said squeezing her bums hard then jerked my hips up making her gasp. “Talaga!” she snapped and she also jerked her hips. Kneading and squeezing her bums hard I began slowly rocking and bobbing my hips, rubbing our crothes hard.

“tang uhmmm” she uttered smiling bite-lipped “Fuuckkk ang sarap nang puki mo girrllll! shittang ina ang tambok!” She murmured giggling then lets me have a puff followed by a drink of Pinot.

I went on bobbing and rocking my hips, rubbing our juicy pubes hard, pushing her sexy bums as I knead and squeeze them. “Ohhh baby, ba-baka mag cum ako sa ginagawa mo” she murmured giggling slightly “That’s the idea isn’t it?” I said giving a taunting, teasing smile as very warm juice poured from our loveboxes.

“Ohhh uhmmm b-babyyyy! d-don’t stoppshiitt!” she kept uttering sexily, bobbing and rocking her hips with mine, until we heard some honking from the road but we went on and then it was followed by more honking. She got up, kneeling and craning her neck. I planted soft kisses on her smooth, lean belly as I look up to her. She ran her fingers my hair as she kept craning her neck looking out the hut. I’m hearing engines running and some men shouting at each other and laughing.

“What is it sweetie?” I asked whilst kissing her belly. “Uhmm wala, kala ko si bo na and he may brought company” she said sinking down slowly as the vehicles left, lights going in opposite directions.

“Tang ina storbo pakshet!” she said very annoyedas she kissed me, she then took a puff and then a drink then passed the bottle to me. She lets me take a puff and I had drink first before blowing out the smoke. She got up, smiling as she pull me up from the bed. She took the last puff and then took the bottle from my hand and put it down on the sofa.

She then puts my arms around her neck and slides her hands to my hips. We stared into each other’s eyes aswe sexilly sway to “World In My Eyes”.

Let me take you on a trip
Around the world and back
And you won’t have to move
You just sit still

Her soft, supple hands caressed my back, inside my shirt and then slides inside my knickers and lovingly fondle and knead my bums

Now let your mind do the walking
And let my body do the talking
Let me show you the world in my eyes

“uhmm baby you have such nice arse” she uttered amorously “uhmmm!” bite-lipped as she kneads and squeeze them. I slide my hands to her smooth round bums and caressed them (I waswearing thongs – Lex) “you too sugar, uhmm you too” I said.

I’ll take you to the highest mountain
To the depths of the deepest sea
And we won’t need a map
Believe me

She hungrily suck and lick me, her lovely, sensuous mouth exploring every inch of my face, neck and shoulders, moaning loudly as she went.

Now let my body do the moving
And let my hands do the soothing
Let me show you the world in my eyes

That’s all there is
Nothing more than you can feel now
That’s all there is

“Oh myy gawwwd b-baabbyyy, ohh shittt love mee uhhh looove meee!!!” I kept uttering, whimpering, gasping, head turning, fingers running through her hair whilst my other hand caress her smooth, round bums.

Let me put you on a ship
On a long, long trip
Your lips close to my lips

Her right hand slowly slides to my pussy, making me gasp and groan and the electricy running down my spine became more intense, at the same time, lightning flashed followed seconds later by a very deafening bang, crackle and rumble but we didn’t flinched.

All the islands in the ocean
All the heaven’s in motion
Let me show you the world in my eyes

That’s all there is
Nothing more than you can touch now
That’s all there is

Let me show you the world in my eyes

She sqeezed and fondled me, fingers going hard between my pussy lips ang got my clit so stiff and hot, I felt so weak at the knees. I went gasping and whimpering as I hang on to her, as she went on exploring me with her sexy mouth whilst fondling my wet pussy.

(After Dark, Wicked Game playing)

We then had our thighs between each other’s legs, hips swaying, groins rubbing hard, as our hands went exploring eachother’s bodies. We went on dancing slowly, feeling, caressing, mouths hungrily exploring.

(“Stripped” playing)

Come with me
Into the trees
We’ll lay on the grass
And let the hours pass

Take my hand
Come back to the land
Let’s get away
Just for one day

Locked lips, kissing torridly, Lex slowly open my shirt, popping the snap buttons. I also slowly unbutton her shirt. She roughly took my shirt off and threw them on the sofa.

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone
Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

The rains weakend as I slowly open her shirt, pulled it over her lovely shoulders. She went behind me as we continue to sway sexilly, we turned facing the road and she slowly pull my undershirt up as the lights from some incoming vehicles from left and right become brighter.

The crude bamboo mat and lattice “wall” of the hut only blocking below our chests, the leaves and the overgrowth provide some bit of shielding.(bamboo mat: “sawali” – Lex) and even with just weak light inside the hut we are pretty much exposed as we’re (by estimate) barely 70 feet from the road.

Has nothing on this
You’re breathing in fumes
I taste when we kiss

Take my hand
Come back to the land
Where everything’s ours
For a few hours

She pulled myshirt up and exposed my bosoms, I get very excited with erotic goosebumps everytime lights from passing vehicles would shine on them while Lex lovingly fondle them, kneading and squeezing.

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone
Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

“Let them see you baby” she said pressing her cheek with mine, fondling my bosoms, “let them see your hot body” she whispered as she suck pull my earlobe, her hands exploring my body. Her words and actions, so fucking scorching, I felt hotter than ever.

Let me hear you
Make decisions
Without your television
Let me hear you speaking
Just for me

“Oh my gawd bab-byyy!” I yelled whimpered as she twist and pull my very stiff nipples, her scorching hot mouth exploring my neck and shoulders, as my left hand’s fingers run through her hair. Lights kept cutting through the hut as more vehicles pass.

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

Let me hear you speaking
Just for me

Let me see you
Stripped down to the bone

she pulled my undershirt down as the last vehicle, a motor scooter passed. I turned to her and and we suck lips “uhmm baby, best night ever” she murmured sexilly. She then made me sit on the sofa, lips sucking and then she whispered “wait my sweet baby” and went to my docked phone on the low square table.

Let me hear you crying
Just for me

She scanned back to After Dark, and went back to me. “Shit naadik nako sa song nato” she said and she did a very sexy lapdance for me.

“My god baby, I’ve never felt so fucking hot and sexy doing this for a girl” she murmured. “You do this to any of your boyfriends?” I said caressing her thigh and took a puff.

She got on to my lap “actually” she said and paused running the tips of her fingers on my face, “uhmm I haven’t done a lapdance to anyone, you’re the first my sexy baby” and she let her shirt fall on the floor, she opened her bra, exposing her lovely boobs (shit! really just like my cheesecakes’, my Saeko).

She threw her bra near my duffle and then caressed my boobs and then she went bite-lipped, looking fierce as she suddenly ripped my shirt making me gasp. “Ohhh baby, kinky” I moaned as it got me more libog, tingling with excitement. She hungrily looked at my exposed bosoms as her hands slowly crawl to them.

“Shit tang ina ang ganda talaga nang boobs mo girl nakakatomboy talagaaa!” she said amorously, aching with desire, going gigil as she kneads and squeezes.

We fondled each other’s sexy bosoms, twisting, pulling the stiff nipples, moaning loudly as we kiss torridly. We then take turns hungrily licking and suckling each other’s boobs, getting harder with every turn.

“I want to see all of you baby, you’re all mine tonight” she said sexilly staring passionately into my eyes as her hands slide down to my undies’ sides.

As she was about to pull my knickers we heard a quick honk andher eyes widened with panic, as a car went revving as it slowly drive up to the hut. “Ay shittt, nandito na si bo! pakshet, oh my god!” as the car’s lights become brighter She quickly grabbed my shirt and puts them over me “ay shit mali!” and she hurriedly helped me put on my shirt properly.

“shit! shit oh my god shit!” she kept saying while panting, losing her mind she grabbed her bra and tried to put them on but buried them in my duffle instead.

She quickly picked her shirt up from the floor and hurriedly put them on. She pulled my shirt over my thighs and then sat on the couch as the car’s hood appeared as it makes it’s stop. She puts her arms around me and I feel her heartbeat racing fast.

She looked very anxious as we hear the door open and crappy music came out and then feet went shuffling through the wet grass.

“Oh my god!” she gasped as someone opened the rear compartment, “relax baby it’s just the compartment”I whispered brushing hair behind her ear. “S-hit b-baka kasi I’m fucking worried baka may ma nga k-kasama si bo” she murmured rather quivering.

She put her legs over my lap andtakes the sweedy from my hand and took a long deep puff. She blows out the smoke as bo came in with bags heavy with ice and drinks and he’s so fucking wet, he’s dripping on the floor.


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“Sori babes, naghanap aman pako nang gustu mu” bo said pantingly as he takes off his shirt with his back turned, showing his very ugly, bony physique he was a bit hairy (but not as hairy as manong) and a wee bent-backed or stoop shouldered (hukot or medyo kuba – Lex).

“Ang bilis mo nga eh, grabehh!” she said sarcasticaly pulling her shirt over her thighs and then muttered”tang ina ka!”.

Bo hung squeezed the water from his shirt and shemagh and hung them over a wire and went back to the car and then came back with a big paper bag. “Buksan ko ilaw babes and dilim dito” he said as he walked stumbling towards us.

“Wagna, ok nato” Lex said “chaka,(paused) uhm, naka panty lang kami” she said hushed and embarassed.

“Ha!” bo exclaimed as he looked from behind the paper bag he’s carrying “b-bakit kayo uh…” he stuttered as he saw us with no pants on, our lovely legs exposed.

“n-nabasa kami hinanap yung ano uhm (wincing, scratches her head then lightly slapping her thigh) celphone!” Lex said pulling her shirt over her thighs. “A-anong s-silpon uh y-yung saken?” bo stuttered as he can’t take his eyes off from our lovely bare legs. “N-nak na-nakita ba? n-nab-basa b-ba b-babes?”.

“Oo!” Lex retorted “uh hindi nabasa, oo nakita na, nandito pala sa loob”.
“Babes uh e-eto oh fud uh snaks mo” bo shakingly said handing the bag to Lex as he can’t take his eyes off our legs. Lex had him put down the bag of munchies on the couch beside her.

“Uhh ah eh b-babes g-gustu nyyu man nang bir nyu uhh pina-koha ko yung t-algang pinakamalamig”. bo offered.

“Talaga? ok sige” she repliedand bo turned to the plastic bags. “Just one bo” and she turned to me squeezing my cheeks “share nalang kami ni ********”, we made cutesy faces at each other, lips pouting.

“Uh babes sex lang nabile ko man na primyum wala na daw kasing malamig man, (paused) piru, may inaluk yung witir eto oh, lasang primyum din daw, midyu mahal nga lang man so tri lang man binile ku” he said and showed a big bottle of Qingtao beer (pronounced ‘Cheeng-dow’).

“chekwa beer?” Lex said chuckling (I hate that word as much as pinoy) “that is served sa COD (again it’s City of Dreams) “alam mo yan girl?” she asked “yes, it’s actually german style beer, it’s quite good really” I said before taking the last puff and then flicked the color tip out the hut.

“Ah sige bo yan nalang muna” (if you’ve noticed she’s no longer referring to bo as bhey). Bo hands her a still frosty bottle, she sniffs it and then put the bottle’s mouth to her sexy lips.

She hands me to bottle after taking a drink “Ahhh, it’s good ha? ang lamiiig! sarap!” she said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand “toldja” I said before taking a drink from the bottle.

Bo opened himself a bottle of redhorse and sat on the floor beside the low table just in his slightly wet cargo shorts. He will look away shyly whenever I will look at him.

Lex and I shared the beer and a stick of slimy and then she took out a big bag of lays and a can of dip from the paper bag (yahoo! gluten free!). She would feed me dipped chips and would occasionally offer the bag to bo.

We finished the big bottle in less than 15 minutes. “Babes, sweedy tayo, yung apple ha?” Lex whispered, “yeah sure” I replied and took the last green tipped stick from the tin box and lit it up.
She took a puff holds it and took a sip of the wine before breathing it out slowly.

“O, gusto mo try?” she said offering bo the bottle, “ok lang man ako babes mi ridhors man ako, baka man sumakit chan ko” he replied rubbing his rather bulgy and slightly hairy tummy. “Ok” Lex said rather coldly and put down the bottle between us.

She then asked bo for the other bottle of Qingtao. She let me have the first drink and then she took a puff of the sweedy before taking a long drink from the bottle.

She removed her legs from my lap, pulled my shirt over thighs and sat with legs folded, she still feels uneasy with bo around and would keep pulling her shirt over her thighs. I sat with my legs crossed under (indian style) and whenever the wind expose my tummy and panties Lex would bring the ends of my shirt together.

“Baby you need to button up” she said in a hushed tone rolling her eyes to bo. I stopped her as she was about to snap on the remaining buttons of my shirt, “Wag mainit” I said with a teasing smile, “Umh-hmm” she uttered with an eyebrow raised “Ang landi moo!” she mutters, and we went giggling.

We talked and laughed sharing the beer and sweedy, feeding each other dipped chips. Lex became more relaxed as she sat with her chin resting on a knee, I then open my thighs, letting bo see my bare abdomen and panties. I lean on my elbow as it rest on my raised knee, pretending that I’m unaware he’s looking. He swallowed hard as I rock and swing my other leg.

“Hey baby! what are you? ano ka ba?!! argghhh!” Lex exclaimed in a hushed tone, “W-haat?” I replied giggling and then she motioned with her face at bo sitting on the floor behind her. “Sooo?” I replied teasingly, shrugging, “Tang ina what do you mean so?” she said with a frowned smile, I taunted her doing a cutesy face and then mouthed a kiss. “Kaiinis ka talalga! hmmphh” she muttered going bitelipped.

“If he tries to touch you I will smash this fucking bottle on his fucking ugly mug” she said holding the heavy wine bottle by the neck. “I mean it!” she said chuckling.

She asked bo to open us a bottle of premium, we finished it quickly and had another bottle. Quite drunk, Lex caressed my thigh with her toesas we talked. Beads of sweat appeared on her chest as I also caress her thighs with my toes.

(Get into the Groove, Let’s go to Bed playing)

I lit up a slimmy and we each took a puff and I put it on the ashtray on the shoulder of the sofa. My hands slowly crawling on her thighs, fingers going like spider legs, “and where are those going?” she said giggling.

“Hey bhey, stop! hey ano ba?!!” she exclaimed in a hushed tone, giggling, stopping my hand from unbuttoning her shirt. I smirked teasingly bite-lipped “baby ano baaa?! stop it!” she kept saying holding my hands. I then tickled her, “ayyhiiihihii! fuck! ano baaa?!!!(giggling)!! shitt!bhey stopp shitt! stop it!”

“Ay tang ina bahala ka!” she said, letting go of my hands, she took a puff and then a drink and burped loudly as she lets me unbutton her shirt.

“There, now pareho na tayo, feeling cool and sexy mmhh” I said tauntingly, licking my lips. “Tsehh!” she retorted leaning on her elbow, rolling her eyes, trying not to smile “ewan ko sayo!”

The wind blew her her shirt open, exposing her sexy tummy, she didn’t flinched as it blows even more exposing her sexy smooth thigh and bums to bo who’s on his third bottle of redhorse.

I rest my chin on her raised knee doing a cutesy face pouting my lips while caressing her thigh. “baby?” I murmured pouting my lips and she rolled her eyes still leaning on her elbow.

She then giggled softly biting the tip of her finger. “What is it?” I asked smiling caressing her thigh.
“It uhmm, it felt kinda…..” she murmured sheepishly and then went smiling bite-lipped “Kinda what?” I asked smiling, “kinky” she murmured giggling.

(I touch Myself, Burning Up playing)

We caressed each other’s thighs, staring amorously into each other’s eyes. Slowly, her toes slide to my crotch, “baby?!!!” I murmured smiling, slightly frowning, and she taunted me with a cutesy face. I went bite-lipped and moaned softly as her toes went under the sides of my panties, going up and down my groin.

I pressed my toes on her crotch, making her gasp. Shegroaned softly, bite-lipped, as I rub and squeeze her pussy with my toes. “Baby?!” she murmured wincing, and I taunted her, grinning bite-lipped.

My toes then went inside her wet panties “ahhh shit uhmmm” she uttered arching forward as my toes fondled her soft wet pussy.

“Bad ka talaga!” she murmured frowning “mhhmmm” she uttered doing a cutesy face, lips pouting.
“Ohh my godd, ohhh shit baby ohhh” she kept whispering, as I continue to pleasure her with my toes, her sexy hips rocking very slowly while she caresses my calf, hands squeezing, kneading slowly going up and down from knee to feet her toes caressing my groin.

She went gasping and panting as my little toes fuck her, big toe rubbing her stiff clit, and warm, sweet smelling lovejuice poured from her lovehole.

Bo then put down his redhorse and stood up and we paused, the floors creaked as he walked out, “where’s he going?” Lex whispered, “he went into the privy” I said “hmm baka he needed to pee or poop” she said giggling, “or maybe he will wank himself” I said with a naughty smile. “Lukaret!” she said chuckling “tangna shit, obvious batayo?” she said hushed, a wee concerned tone, I shrugged lips pouting.

We then heard splashing from the privy as a pail gets filled with water (privy: banyo, cr, ok?- Lex), “mmm, naligo?” lex said with a puzzled face, “well he got all heated up” I said “ganun?” she said chuckling “nag init ang pangit watching us? I don’t think we’re that obvious”. At that moment I’m not really certain whether or not bo was aware of our steamy scene, we’re so fucking into each other.

“If ever, shit tang ina ang landi landi natin!” she said giggling “so?” I said caressing her thighs, toes loving her pussy, staring amorously into her eyes. “Anong so? Ah ayyyy ooh my good shitt, ohh baby” she exclaimed gasping as my toes went even harder. Her toes then went inside my panties and mimicked whatever my toes is doing to her soft wet pussy.

(I feel You playing)

“Ohh shit, b-baby ohhhh ggoodddd a-unghhnsaraapp tang inaa!” Lex whimpered, gasping and panting, wincing in erotic agony, as I go harder whilst planting soft kisses on her knee.

“B-baby uhmm b-baka m-makita tayo n-ni bo…” She murmured, I held her shirt and slowly pull her “Let him see” I said smiling teasingly “Bad ka talaga” she said giggling as we bring ourselves together.

We kissed torridly, consumed by blazing passion, moaning loudly, our toes going hard making, sexy squishing noises with eachother’s soft wet pussies, our lovely hips went rocking and bobbing. “I love you baby uhmmm I love you uhmm” I whispered, my eyes tearing up, as my mouth lovingly explored her face and neck, sucking and pulling her ear.

“Ohhh gooddd baby, I love y-youu sooo much, d-don’t stopp!” she whimpered tears falling. The areas of the couch were sitting on became sopping wet of sweet-smelling nectar flowing profusely from our loveholes.

And then lightning struck as we climaxed, and the lights everwhere went out, the rains became stronger and the wind blowit inside the hut, wetting us.

“th-this isss ssoooo kinky b-babyshhiitt ohhh” She whimpered between moans and groans, “You like it baby?” I whispered back whilst loving her with my mouth “oh my g-godd yess ohhhh f-fuuuckkk yesss ohhh!”.

(Save a Prayer playing)

We totally lost ourselvesas we neared orgasm, moaning and groaning more louder than ever, sexy hips rocking, bobbing spasmodically.

Lex then passed out and fell on my shoulder. “Ohh baby…” I murmured planting soft kisses on her, petting and caressing her. Bo then came out of the privy, looking around, stumbling as he walk backthe hut.

“Walang kuryente?” he murmured as he grope for something on the middle post of the hut and then I heard the clicking of a light switch. “Ay pomapasok man ang olan, nababasa kayo babes uh mam! uh teka” he said and walked over to us. His thin hairy calves brushed my leg, giving me sensual goosebumps. He felt it too and he groaned lightly,

“A-ay uh mam iksyus po ha, uh I put uh baba ko lang ma nga trapal, p-para di ka-kayo, git wit, m-mab-basa man n-ni b-babes” he stuttered and he leaned on a knee on the couch, almost touching my groin, and unstraps the tarp, the kind you see on jeepneys. I pretended to be sleeping with Lex as the hairs on his legs kept brushing my calf and thigh as he unrolls the tarp, getting me more excited with erotic goosebumps.

“hooo!” bo uttered “ang lakas man nang olan! uh ok man kayo babes? uh mam?” he said looking down on us. “Tolog ata” he said in a hushed tone “uh babes? uhm-mam?”

He then groped for his redhorse on the floor and then sat on the table beside my docked phone.

The heavy raining continue and the winds kept blowing hard and then power went back on prolly around 20 minutes later. The light inside the hut flickered for about a minute and became steady giving a weak nightlamp illumination.

(World in my Eyes playing)

“Ungkh!” bo uttered as he choked and then swallowed hard as he saw us, almost dropping his bottle. He stared at us drinking his redhorse as we “sleep” seated against the back of the couch. Lex looking so sexy with her head on my shoulder, and me with thighs open. the wind blew, exposing our lean bellies and soaking panties, with our toes still inside them.

“ay nakup!” bo exclaimed, blinking and squinting and then said something in his native dialect, looking at my crotch with Lex’s toes inside my wet panties. Eyes bulging, he became uneasy, obviously got a boner. He pulled the table closer and leaned forward licking his lips and swallowing as he feasts his bulging eyes on us. He took a long drink from his bottle and put it down on the floor.

Hand shaking, he reached for my thigh, and I moaned as I felt his cold, wet and rough palm on my skin the sensation giving me sensual goosebumps all over my body. He quickly retreated his hand and cautiously observed me, and then thinking I’m sleeping soundly he touched my thigh again, hand shaking.
“Uhnng ganda ganda mo talaga mam ang puti puti ang kinis kinis muu!” he uttered in a low tone, sliding his shaky, gnarled hand slowly up my thigh, kneading lightly. I struggled not to moan as I get more libog. He became more bold and caressed me with his other hand.


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bo’s gnarled hands went up and down on my leg, groaning, shaking and panting with desire and saying something in his dialect. His other hand then went for Lexie’s, “ang ganda, ganda mo din babes unghh” he said as he slide his ghastly hand slide on her leg, going under her thigh.

I moaned and put my foot on top of his, startling him and he paused, and then continue caressing us. I moaned as I “wake” up eyes squinting at him. “Uh mam uh!” he exclaimed as he quickly retreat his naughty hands, he toppled his redhorse and it went rolling on the floor.

Lex came around moaning, “Uhmm, baby?” she murmured squinting, “Hey sweetie” I said caressing her cheek, planting soft kisses. “Mmmh w-what happened?” she said sleepily brushing hair behind my ear, unaware bo is there.

“You passed out” I said, as mouth explored her, kissing, licking and sucking “uhmm talagahh? uhm h-how long was I out?” she moaned head turning with eyes closed. “Not very long sweetie” my toes inside her panties fondle her soft pussy again.

(After Dark playing)

“Ohhh baby, I love youu ohhhh!” she whispered as she gets heated up again, her toes also began fondling my pussy again. She held my head and locked lips with me as our toes went even harder on our soft, wet pussies.

Bo was so shocked at the hot, steamy spectacle, watching, with eyes bulging and mouth open. He gasped and groaned as my toes slowly went crawling and sliding on his feet. He groaned even louder and went quivering as my toes went up to his hairy calf.

Lex became aware of bo and her eyes widened and lets go of my lips, “Oh my god shit bhey!” she whispered, hands lightly gripping my shoulders”

“B-baby s-si bb…” she stuttered as I explore her lovingly with my mouth, toes continue loving her pussy.
“uhmm let’s ummhh enjoy, this baby” I whispered, I went kissing, licking, sucking her neck and shoulders.

Lex’s hands went limp on my shoulders as she slowly gives in, “B-babyyy ohhh!” she whimpered and then her hand slides up to my nape. “You’re so bad baby” she whimpered and locked lips with me, loving my pussy with her toes.

Totally stripped of her inhibitions, Lex went wild and hot as she was earlier, surrendering to hot burning passions, her body ready for anything.

(Stripped playing)

Lex and I went on, sides pressing on the sofa’s back, hungrily exploring each other with our mouths, feeling, toes loving our sopping wet pussies.

be became quivering and groaning as my toes caressed his dark, thin legs, the rough hairs tickled my toes as they slowly go up to his groin.
he groaned hard as my feet pressed hard on his hard bulge. He became more sweaty and went spasmic as Icaress his raging beast with my toes.

I pulled the lace of his shorts and he stumbled and fell but was able to grab on to something above our heads. Laces untied, I slowly unzip him and then his shorts dropped to his feet.

His titi’s head partly showing above the garter of his black and red bench briefs ( with the words bench body sewn in bold letters on the garter and mukhang bago pa heh! – Lex), bo’s ugly physique can easily land him a role in a new planet of the apes movie as an almost hairless lanky ape.

My toes went sliding up and down bo’s hairy legs, and he can’t stop quivering, watching with his mouth open. His titi throbbed from inside his undies, showing more of the ugly purplish head.

“Let’s get naked baby” I whispered “baby?” she whimpered amorously and then paused and stared with an aching look on her face, “Let’s get naked” I said again with more passion, looking into her eyes.

“Y-yesss baby, oh godd yesss” she whimpered getting teary eyed, and suck lips with me.

And then with a whimpering, very erotic, begging voice she said”Bo, uhmmm hubaran mo kami…. ”


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