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My ODDyssey: Putting Out Fire With Sugar Gasoline
Credits: sisterchastity
This Story is part 5 of 5 in the series My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts
My ODDyssey: Putting Out Fire With Sugar Gasoline
Credits: sisterchastity


Author: sisterchastity


Hello again you guyz, we’ve been very bloody bz as usual, this is a continuation of my or rather our Palawan oddyssey. You may find it less appealing or rather not so sexy as the previous but bloody hell, we might as well end it before I, we start with another story.

By the way, I know many of you wonder how or why is it that I’m able to put down lines in tagalog so well, as spoken by the person, and yet my lines are often if not always in bad tagalog. I have a bloody smashingly good memory, and I had help with the writing especially from Lex and the others.

My pilipino has gotten better since, but the manner I speak it got stuck, not that it matters yes? And besides I reckon it is bloody brilliant to not let locals know, that one is quite familiar if not adequately adept with the language, especially in this country.

Anyhoo let’s get the bloody hell right to it.

So that’s how it went, I would be staying with Lex sharing her flat at the “transient house” and she had spent a couple of nights with me at the retreat, attending our seminars, talks, even our town outreaches, posing as my cousin and putting on a smashingly convincing show of being a “good Catholic.” (I deserve an Oscar tee hee – Lex)

She and I would often go shopping or joy-riding whenever I have free time, always being bloody careful with not getting recognized in public or bumping on to anyone we know particularly bo and I got her in the habit of not using nor mentioning each other’s names in public when among other people.

We’ve met a few lovely people, especially a quite lovely young lass, whom we became really close with and eventually became part of our “inner circle”, our “coven”. She was vacationing with her family and occupying a flat in the same motel where Lex is at, we’ll tell you about those later.

Friday, 5 days after the events of Afterdark.

I got an early off after an early morning mass and wee bit of church activities. It was one cloudy and drizzly day, we were out driving in another rental, in the outskirts of the city shopping for souvenirs, we passed along some garden shops and we stopped at one to have a look around.

For a moment everything seemed to go slow-mo as we enter the place, the drizzling became like feathery snowflakes, as the smell and all things in the shop were giving me erotic imageries. There were few customers, storehelps wearing tattered jerseys and shirts bearing the shop logo.

We got a lot of sneaky leering from the people there and dirty mutterings from the workers and customers alike who had thought we were foreign tourists.

“Can you understand what some of these wankers are saying?” I asked in a hushed tone as they were talking mostly in the local dialect.

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“Hay naku bakla ” she replied, also in hushed tones “not much cebause English and tagalog lang spoken at home as I was growing up but I learned a little from friends and relatives and from what I can understand, it’s about dibs on the americana or koreana, our legs, our skin so fair and smooth, sarap i-lick, want to squeeze the boobies, the round butts, pussies must be fucking tight.”

“They talk about how many times they can fuck/never get tired of fucking who, fuck, fuck, fucky, fucky, fuck, fuck, blah,blah,blah, yada, yada, yadaah… to put it simply, super-mega-libog-maniac of us estos Hijos de la Gran Puta na ma nga dodong na to(giggling).”

“Oh ok, just as I thought. Sooo they thought I’m bloody American and you, a Korean oi?” I said chuckling with an eyebrow raised. “As I’ve said, I reckon you look more like that Japanese pornstar.” (Tina aka ‘Rio’ Yuzuki nanaman nampucha! – Lex)

“Tangna (chuckling) pang x-rated pa talaga beauty ko, well Korean tourists have become quite common, not to mention the popularity of kpop and dramas, and actually they were also arguing whether you’re a white girl or probably either of the two certain uh celebrities? (giggling)”

“Oh, yay! woohoo!” I said in a sarcastic manner “so even when I’m wearing ray-bans.”

“Ahahaha, but then they likely heard us talking in English so they think you’re American.”

“Oh ok, so they haven’t heard of English accents huh?”

“No ka ba beh!” she said in hushed tone, “Ma nga shonga tong ma nga to, I mean these are simpleton bumpkins, ako nga I still can’t tell Aussie from British accents”.

“That’s alright, England has a lot of regional accents,” I said “and the Australian accent is a tad close to a drunk cockney (Sir Michael Caine is a good example of a cockney accent)”.

“Babe your accent is very sexy, you sound like BBC or Downton Abbey,” she said as her arm went snaking around my waist and then went pressing our sides.

“Queen’s English luv, Queen’s English,” I said winking.

We got followed around and they kept offering assistance and or an item, and we responded nicely by making gestures, smiling, shaking heads, lightly waving hands, uttering “m-mm”

“Mga kuya tumitingin lang kami!” Lex finally said in a melodious and a bit “mataray” tone.

“Ay ma nga penay pala akala ko toresta na ano na poriner….” One of them said, sounding embarrassed, scratching his head as they went sheepishly chuckling. They stopped badgering and became busy with other custeez.

“Sobrang libog na libog palibhasa ma nga pangit na to!” she said gigglingly, almost whispering.

“Sobra na naglilibog na libog (chuckling) fuck, that word sound so cracking and sexy!” I said.

“Supaa-nakaka-arouse wagas ba? ahahaha” she exclaimed.

“Well (glancing at the men) your ripped denim shorties are a tad tight,” I said feeling the sides of the shorts which are not too short on the thighs, “I reckon-I-ehr feel parang na ako nag wear nang pek pek shorts hahaha!” I said, as they’re really a tad tight and fitting, as she is a wee slimmer than I am.

In addition to Lex’s low-rise distressed denim shorts, which I changed into whilst driving, I wore my sleeved upper uniform unbuttoned, with a tad filmy, loose-fit crop v-neck undershirt with few small rips and holes on it, underneath I wore one of her translucent cotton bras, since I didn’t bring any and she said “para di obvious nipples mo, also para litaw cleavage, ganda pa naman nang tatas mo.”

Her bras are a tad smaller cup size so you could just imagine how pushy those were. On my feet were her rubber sandals, ray-ban aviators on, my hair in the usual messy bun.

(since I don’t often wear a bra I would use silicone nipple pasties/covers, well, sometimes)

She’s quite looking hot herself, wearing sexy slim-fit field chino-style shorts, the fresh-from-the-cleaners poet blouse I gave her, underneath she’s also wearing an undershirt and a see-through bra. A pair of Oakleys which she would alternately wear with my photochromatic “Diana Prince” faux-prescription glasses.

(as I’ve told you before it is the same pair as what Gal Gadot wore in Wonder Woman, and I’ve been wearing these as part of my “nun” outfit even before the movie came out)

Her hair in a high-amazon ponytail with a bandana bow and the Greek sandals I bought her. (Anime look itech, super kawaii lola mo! – Lex)

“Eh? ang super hot mo kaya sa shorts ko, ang yummy yummy mooo uhmmmm!” she said going gigil, squeezing my bum, as we we’re walking among rows of plants and garden stuff.

“Oi?! ano ba ikaw!” I exclaimed gigglingly as I try to remove her hand from my butt and she went squeezing even harder, making teasing faces, bite-lipped.

“O ano? Let go or…?” I said teasingly with an eyebrow raised, threatening to pull up her shirt though our backs are turned to the people, and we’re a tad far from them. She went on making teasing faces and squeezing my bum. She then grabbed my crotch and went squeezing getting me groaning and more aroused.

“Babe you really look so hot ang super sexy mo talaga in my shorts! mmmhhh!” she muttered.

“Ay shit!” she uttered giggling when I pulled up her shirt, she stopped her squeezing and lets go of my bums and crotch, “Fuck! ang bad mo bakla tang ina ka!” she said giggling fixing herself whilst looking cautiously over her shoulder at the people behind us who didn’t seem to notice.

“Fuck! this place is really giving me sexual nostalgia” I said chuckling. “Wehh, di nga? (teasing) and why is that bitch (chuckling) super hot expi ba to?” Lex said with a raised eyebrow as she was examining pottery.

“Uhmm medyo, basta..” I said sighing as I look around the place, as sexual tensions build up even more. Lex puts down the item, “Oy girl ano?” she said chuckling whilst dusting off her hands followed with sanitizer and tissues and then she jumped from behind me and went clinging on to me like a fucking monkey, arms and legs wrapped around me.

“Tell me, tell me, tell me…” she went like an annoying alarm clock.
“Ahh fuck, bugger! damn it girl get off me!” I exclaimed as I’m losing my balance.

“Come on bitch, tell me!” She said sounding excited, squeezing me arm as we walk around.

“Seriously?” I said chuckling, shaking my head, “Later nalang pwede? You know I get really hot and wet telling my stories.”

“Ahahah, you have your magic drinks with you naman diba?” she said in a hushed tone and then went looking over her shoulder, giggling. “Tera, orgy na to!”

“Sira! Lukaret kikay ka!” I laughingly yelled.

“Sige naaaa! Come on babe, tell me about it!” she said squeezing and tugging my arm as we walked farther among rows and clumps of plants. She turned her head to look behind us as her hand went sliding around my waist whilst her other hand went slowly crawling to my bosoms.

“Oi bakla, how sexy was it? come on tell me!” she said in a low tone whilst fondling my boobs, getting me more heated up and a tad groaning. “Well it does make me wet and hot thinking about it and this fucking place is adding to the sexual “nostalgia,” I said.

“Was there any hot, cute guy in this?”

“Well, there was, but uhm although…” I said

“Talaga?” she said giggling with excitement “so come on tell me!”

“Oi babe, sweed tayo?!” I said in a hushed tone, also to get her mind off the bloody topic.

“Sige!” She uttered gleefully, “Ok, but what if they smell it?” She said as she was taking out our cigarette case from her bag.

“Di naman siguro,” I said as we went looking over our shoulders, at moving figures screened by hanging plants. “I reckon they’re not familiar with flavored prime cannabis blends” I said taking a chocolate sweedy and lighting it.

We kept on walking, partaking sweed, then went straying off path and got into a wee adventure, going through and over plants, pottery, wooden thingies etc.

“O, where are we na?” are we still inside the shop? Lex said as we came to a very shady area with woodworks like benches, wickers and other garden stuff with a garden stone tile floor. There were also some kid toys strewn about.

“We still are luv,” I said as we look at the things in it “I reckon this is their storage area of a sort as it isn’t easily accessible I reckon we be 14 or 15 yards from the storefront.”

Also, we were screened by dense foliage, lattices, rattan crafts, and opaque ornamental glass panels. Above is a roof that extends over the wall, made of rusty sheets with a very gritty fibre-polycarbon in the middle. The area may be shadowy but it doesn’t smell damp nor musty, just a tad woody, perhaps because of the plants and ample ventilation.

“They can’t hear us from here then,” she said looking behind us “besides hellooo? English, may accent paaa, they’re so fucking dense, di nila tayo maaarok (laughing).”

“maa-what?” I said looking puzzled “what the fuck did you just say?”

“they will not fucking understand us girl!” she replied giggling, blowing out smoke.

“It’s not that, silly girl,” I said frowning, shaking my head, as I take the sweedy from her.
I turn away, taking puffs looking at some plants and stuff. There was this big fancy driftwood bench, a tad similar to the one in Lex’s lodge’s patio, a mesh garden lounge chair one would usually find in posh showrooms, in between were two woodslab stools.

There was an old-looking tall mirror propped on the dividers with very worn and weathered frame, obviously not for sale.

Beside the old mirror hanged a large liquor calendar poster with two women facing each other in very seductive poses wearing only scanty bikini bottoms one looking over her shoulder showing a side/underboob as she holds on and caressing the other girl’s boobies with her fingers cleverly positioned and or pressing on the nipple, so only the areola is showing, her other hand dipping in the bottoms and showing a little of smooth shaven pubis, the other girl propping on a coconut tree, sensually untying the lace of the aforementioned girl’s bikini bottoms with her other hand inside it fondling bum as she pulls it down, showing some bum cheek and a little cleft.

(these models must’ve appeared/featured on either FHM or Esquire, the girl holding boobs has tattoos on her right forearm, and the other bitch pulling down her bottoms has text tattoo on her left side parang kay ellen adarna – Lex)

Lex then went up from behind and puts her arms around me, her head on my right shoulder, lips went pouting as she removes my sunglasses, as we both looked at ourselves in the mirror, both getting turned on by the sexy poster.

“Then what is? Is your story really that hot and sexy, was it with a cute guy or was it with another hot girl like moi?” She muttered, sounding sexy as her hands caresses my arms.

“mhmm” I uttered, getting heated up, savouring the supple feel of her hands on my sides and belly, as I get random erotic images.

She took the sweedy from my hand and with hand caressing my belly she pressed her crotch with my bum. She takes the last puff. as we slowly went turning, bodies swaying, sexual tensions build up even higher, as it is then my turn being seduced by her in a public place, and in the daytime!

“Or, is it because this place is also making you sooo horny babe?” she said in a sexy tone, blowing chocolate scented smoke at me as she flicks the butt away, and began fondling my boobs.

“m-mhh, ohh y-yess…” I uttered, a tad shivering, heart beating really fast, as scented cannabis smoke went like incense,heart beating really fast, as everything seems to have become blurry and going slow-mo.

“Well, my pretty girl, it’s making me libog too!” she murmured, planting soft kisses up my neck, “You think they’ll come here?” she said fondling my boobs.

“I-I reckon not anytime soon.” I murmured swooning at the excitement. “If they do we would know.”

She then slowly unbuttons my shirt, getting me more panting and moaning, as we both get high on love chemicals, a dark chocolate-induced sexual euphoria, an erotic trance that made us both forget all that is around us, blank to the risk of being seen.

“Sooo?” she said teasingly, licking and nibbling my nape and ear, “Did you get all naked and got fucked in a garden shop? You had sex with a cute guy in a place like this?” She murmured, fondling my boobies. “Izzz that how it happened sweety?”

“A-actually I uhh…” I uttered panting, as I get engulfed by a boiling sexual deluge.

She then slowly lifts up my undershirt, knuckles caressing my skin, giving me even more goosebumps.

“H-hey, babe nnhhh…” I uttered, as I held on to her hands but the increasing libog made my hands, my entire body numb and shivering from excitement.

“I know you want this.” She murmured teasingly as she slowly pulls my shirt up above my bosoms and then went fondling my bosoms again, kissing my nape and tongue sliding up my ear, as we look at the moving figures through the slits, leaves and blurry glass. Her hands then went for my bra’s front closure.

“You want them to see these, babe?” She murmured teasingly, licking my ear and sucking the earlobe and then pulling it with her teeth as she undoes my bra.

“Mhh oh b-baby…” I went gasping holding on her hands as they slowly expose my sweaty bosoms to the damp air.

“Let those ugly men see your beautiful titties.” Her voice was so devilishly erotic. “Their eyes popping out and blazing, as they go drooling like animals.”

“Imagine them sucking and squeezing your boobs hard likeravenous beasts. You want that so bad do you (my real name) mmhh?” She murmured whilst her hands went squeezing my bosoms even harder, twisting and pulling the nipples and got them even stiffer, as I get more erotic images, bloody wicked sensual scenes looking at the mirror and the poster beside it.

I turned my head and locked lips with her, kissing torridly totally lost in ecstasy, moaning and whimpering in hushed tones. She then unbuttons my shorts, and slowly unzips them, the sound of which got me more excited and libog (gawd I really love that word!).

She dipped inside my moist knickers and fondled my pussy.”Ohhh my-gawdd g-girl!” she said giggling with excitement, “Oh you are so fucking wet!”

“Mmmhhh!” she uttered as she went sucking her fingers.

Beads of sweat began rolling all over my body as her fingers went loving every inch of my womanhood, whilst her other hand went on loving my bosoms.

I went grunting and groaning as her supple fingers slowly enter me, going deep and making squishing noises.

“Those ugly men are suuper libog na libog for us babe, they are so fucking pent up and they want to fuck us, they want to rape us so fucking bad, mmmhm mhhhh, you fucking want that do you (my real name)? You want them to fuck your tight, wet pussy making you go writhing and screaming as they fuck you, (pushing her fingers hard and deep) fuck you very hard again and again and again!” she muttered sternly, whilst her supple fingers fuck me, going deep and hard.

“Ohhh mgawd y-yess uhhfuckk!” I uttered swooning as warm love juice went dripping down my thighs. I went caressing her sides and bum as we slowly sank on to the driftwood bench.

She went on loving me with her mouth and hands as we sat on the bench, whilst our hips went swaying and rocking, pleasuring her crotch with my bum, whilst my hands went caressing her thighs and sexy puwet.

“Scream for me (my real name), scream for me as the ugly men rape you! fucking you hard again and again, their filthy hard cocks going deep in your tight, wet pussy! filling it with their cum!” her voice was seductively stern , devilishly sexy, as her fingers went fucking me deeper and harder.

“ohh fuck d-damn you, g-girl!” I uttered whimpering,we then went kissing torridly, moaning achingly with burning desire as we go.

Our writhing and turning made my denim shorts to go farther down to my knees, and I went struggling with the temptation of totally taking them off, until finally I gave in, I took them off and they fell on to a stool.

“Ay sheeet! (my real name) uhm babe?” Lex exclaimed a tad panicky but giggling, tapping my face, as we were torridly kissing, she stopped fingering me and quickly pulled my shirt down. We sat there in a frozen state as we’re both got slapped hard back to reality by a bare-footed, half-naked boy looking at us.

He’d got a drippy nose and there were crumbs all over his face, he must’ve been between 3 to 4 years old by our reckoning.

“uhnh-hello there poppie…” I said in a calm voice.

“Where the fuck did he come from?” Lex uttered giggling in a hushed tone.

“I have no bloody idea babe,” I said in a hushed tone, “He could be any of those blokes’ kid”
“yah, pwede, but I don’t remember seeing him earlier,” Lex said. “Same here, so how long d’you think he’s been standing there watching us?” I said

“Uhmm maybe he just got here? mmh?” Lex said shrugging, “still, how was he able to get in here?”There’s no fucking way he’d be able to go over the plants, potteries and stuffs as we did, as he would likely break or disturb something and get us alerted.

I then heard the men talking about us even though their voices were a tad muffled “san na yong ma nga magagandang tesay?” One of them said loudly and then they thought we had already left without any of them noticing, they didn’t know we were parked at a lot just beside their shop. I then heard them say “sayang” as they weren’t able to take pictures or get our numbers.

The voices went fading and until only music can be heard, as they must have taken a break for lunch, and possibly one had stayed behind to watch the store.

“Let’s continue babe!” I said in hushed but excited tone.

“fuck omg, seryoso girl?!” Lex exclaimed giggling “baka mahuli tayo nang ma nga dodong! I mean what if they catch us, what if they come here?”

“Uhm I think they’re on lunch break.” I said and she observed for a wee bit.

“Hmm, seems like it,” she then said “but what about our little friend here? We (giggling) let him watch?”

“Uhmm, yeah?!” I said in a sexy taunting tone, rolling my eyes to the boy, “let’s get crazy!” I uttered burning with excitement.

“tang ina ka ang landi landi mo talaga! you’re such a dirty slut!” she said pinching my arm
her eyes gleaming with excitement.

“You think I’m a dirty slut? you started it you filthy whore!” I said smirking with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, you’re a fucking hot and dirty slut,” she said nodding tauntingly “We’re both fucking hot and dirty sluts!” She said in a fainting tone as she brings our lips together.

“m-hmm!” I uttered bite-lipped and we went kissing passionately.

“You want him watching as I do, this?” she said as she slowly pulls my shirt up, exposing my bosoms again.

We went moaning sucking lips as she fondles my bosoms, twisting and pulling the stiff nips.

Her hand then slowly slide down and dipped inside my knickers and got me whimpering and writhing as she suckled my bosoms and her fingers pleasuring every inch of my crotch.

“is he still looking?” Lex asked “mhmm” I uttered nodding.
She then gave a teasing devilish look.

“Ay!” I exclaimed gasping and giggling and I covered my mouth as it was quite loud, as she roughly pulls down my soaking wet panties. We looked at each other teasingly bite-lipped as she slowly pulls it farther down to my knees, we went on kissing as I free myself of my panties and left it hanging on my left thigh.

“Open your legs wide babe” Lex whispered sexily as she gently pushes my thighs open, and I got them wide as I can.

“Yesss, that’s a good girl, just like that” she murmured sexily. “Pakita mo puki mo, let him see your lovely pussy,” she uttered with a tone of desire, looking devilishly sexy, fondling my pussy and then parting the pussy lips with her thumbs. “I want him to see how hot and wet it is!”

“Ohh babe nhh (shuddering breath)!” I murmured achingly.

“is he still watching? is he seeing this?” Lex whispered excitedly and I motioned with pursed lips.

Lex turned and saw the half-naked goblin walking closer, looking very amused, Lex looked at me mouthing “oh my gawd!”

We went on, letting ourselves be overwhelmed by sexual euphoria, becoming willing slaves to our lusts.

My body went grinding sexily, hips rocking and bobbing at the seething hot pleasure of her supple fingers rubbing very hard on my clit and between my pussy lips, as her hot wet tongue went flickering on my nipples.

“mmmhhh (shuddering breath) g-d b-baby deeper, please go deeper” I murmured whimperingly as her fingers went fucking me again, my hips sexily rocking and grinding. She hungrily suckled my boobs as her fingers fuck me very deep and hard.

“Ay shit! (giggling) babe look!” she exclaimed as I was necking her. “Oh-ho-ho my!” I said when I saw the little goblin touching his wee erect peepee.

“He got ti-ga(giggling)ss on us? w-we got him uhm (giggling) how is that possible ehr pwede ba yun?” Lex said sounding titillated and amazed

“Uh yeah? it is quite possible for blokes his age to get visually aroused” I said
“Sheeet! di nga?” she uttered timidly giggling “I mean I thought like when older like 6 or 9-year-old boys can be interested with…”

“Oh shut it!…” I said and locked lips with her and puts her hand to my bosoms. We went on kissing torridly whilst exploring each other’s bodies.

“Unhhh gawd baby we’re so fucking bad, putang ina ang naughty naughty natin shiiittt!” she uttered achingly as I was necking her.
“are we?” I murmured.

“fuck yeah! uhmmm, this is so bad yet so feels so strangely hot and sexy, so fucking kinky!” sounding so fucking titillated.

“I think we should make his pee pee even happier,” I said as I curl her blouse’s lace on my finger then slowly pulls it.

“Hubaran mo ko girl, undress me babe” she murmured achingly “I want him to see me naked”

We went sucking lips as she lets me open her blouse, she lets it fall off her shoulders then smiling wickedly as she teasingly pulls up her shirt and undoes her bra, behaving really hot and sexy, looking at the little imp as she expose her pretty boobs to him.

(for the fucking record, they’re saying kamukha ko si (Rio) Tina Yuzuki, but mas maganda pa boobs ko sa kanya, and hindi po ako mabulbol tseh! – Lex)

I helped her undo her shorts and she took them off along with her wet panties.

“There!” she said smiling devilishly, dangling her shorts and panties and drops them on the bench.

“Nnghh veeah-ry naughty!” I said, and we went kissing torridly, fondling each other’s boobies, our hips went sexily rocking and gyrating, total love slaves to each other, not giving a bloody damn if we get caught.

She then slowly opens her thighs wide, hips sexily bobbing and rocking, as my hand went sliding down, going very erotic very sensual showing her seething nakedness to the wee imp. She opened her thighs even wider as my fingers played with her smooth and very wet pussy, parting the labia.

The kiddie went even closer looking so amused, playing with his stiffy as he watches us go fondling, sucking and licking each other’s bosoms and finger-fucking pussies, going hard and very deep, making our sweet warm love juices go trickling on to the bench.

(Well, he wasn’t playing with his peepee in the manner you guys would, but still, well,

I then went down and went licking and sucking her dripping pussy, and got her moaning and writhing as more of her sweet nectar went trickling on to the bench.

“Om-g g-girrl uhnngh!” She murmured caressing and gently pushing my head “this is so taboo but feels so fucking hot and sexy! It’s just like when a kid saw you naked and fucking yourself with a big fat hotdog!”

After some minutes of passionate frenching and fondling she went down on me, arms coiled around my thighs as her hot sexy mouth went licking and sucking my pussy, fucking it hard with her tongue, getting my hot love-juice to pour out profusely and on to the ground.

She then slowly went crawling up, kissing and licking, spending some minutes suckling each of my bosoms and then went frenching with me.

“Do you want me to fuck you as he (eyes rolling to the kid) watch babe?” she uttered in a devilishly sexy tone whilst squeezing my bosoms.

“Do it!” I said, we again went kissing torridly as she rubs herself on me, she held my hips and went squeezing and kneading them as she fucks me with her wet pussy.

“Uhmmm shitt, ang sarap mo talaga girl, I really love fucking you!” She uttered aching with desire, as her sexy round bums went bobbing and rocking between my thighs.

“You want me (shuddering breath) to fuck you hard?” She said pantingly, staring devilishly.

“Uhmm, yesss! fuck me hard!” I yelled achingly.

She got on to the bench and I wrapped my legs around her, her hands slide to my bum and went squeezing and kneading as our hips went sexily gyrating with each other.

“Oh my gawd you’re so beautiful, (her real name)!” I said achingly with desire, whilst feeling her gorgeous body.

“Yeah? you (shuddering breath) think I’m hot?” she said pantingly as I feel her sweet warm juice as it went oozing more from her pulsing love hole.

“Yess, you’re super hot babe,” I said as my hands went sliding to her bosoms, “I’m so fucking hot and wet for you!”

“T-talaga? libog na libog ka sakin?” she murmured achingly with excitement.

“Yes, I’m so fucking libog of you!” I said almost clawing her bosoms.

“Nakakalibog ka din sobra girl, tang ina shit ang ganda ganda moo!” she murmured achingly as her hands went sliding to my bosoms.

“Super libog na libog ako sayooo!” She said clawing my boobies.

Ahhh shiiit!” she exclaimed whimpering as I twist and pull her very stiff nipples.

“Suck them babe! suck my boobs really hard!” she said achingly whilst looking at the little urchin, “let him watch you suck my boobs as I fuck you!”

I hungrily suckled her bosoms, caressing her all over, getting her moaning and whimpering. Hot sweet nectar went spurting from our pulsing fleshy flowers with her every hard thrust.

“Oh gd that feels so good (my real name), ohh tang ina mo, ang sarap mo talaga girrlll! ang sarap, sarap nang puki mooo!” she uttered achingly with burning desire whilst staring hungrily into my eyes. We took turns sucking and licking bosoms as she went on fucking me with blazing passion.

We both seem to hyperventilate as Lex continue to fuck me, going harder and faster, our moaning and groaning went even louder, as well as the squishing noise our hot and very wet pussies make. Beads of sweat went rolling all over our bodies as they go into spasms.

“Uhmm (my real name) ang sarap mo talaga! Shittt ohhh, your pussy so hot and wet, ang sarap sarap talaga nang puki mo girlll!” she uttered loudly with fiery desire, whimpering in ecstasy.

She went even faster and harder got us both whimpering, our eyes welling up as we come closer to orgasm.

“Oh gawdd, this is so fucking wrong!” She muttered achingly “but I feel so very sexy doing it with you mmhhh! I feel so damn hot and sexy making love to you with a kid watching!”

“mmhhh I-I love you too you (her real name)!” I uttered whimpering and sobbing.

“You’re my bitch, (shuddering breath) my hot sexy bitch!” she said pantingly.

“Yes, I’m your bitch!” I yelled sobbing.

“You’re my bitch, uhhh, as I am yours babe!” she yelled tears falling.

She then went slowing down and we stared into each other’s eyes, a tad shaken, after hearing a voice calling someone’s name.

“B-babe? uhnn?” Lex uttered sounding nervous as the voice become louder. I shushed her putting a finger on her lips, as I try to observe. I then motioned to Lex with my face to where it’s coming from, to my reckon about a few yards to my right, but not in the shop.

“Keep fucking me, baby!” I muttered as I was necking and fondling her boobs, and she went on fucking me, as we go fondling and suckling each other’s bosoms.

The boy then turned to the direction of the voice as it is a tad clearer and I saw a figure moving from a distance filtered by the foliage and lattices.

“Fuck it!” we both muttered in shuddering breaths, discarding any shred of inhibition.

“Uhmm I d-don’t (shuddering breaths) care if we-uhh g-get caught!” She said gasping and then grabbed my bum, kneading and squeezing as her sexy hips went rocking faster, our hot sloshy pussies grinding harder than ever. “Let them see this, tang ina magpakantot tayo girl!”

“I can’t stop (panting and gasping) fucking you! your pussy feels so hot and sooo wet, my pussy feels burning with yours, uhhhh!” She uttered as we look into each other’s eyes with aching, burning desire,

“Yess baby, uhnnh( shuddering breaths) don’t stop!” I said gasping, sobbing, my hands sliding down her bum, squeezing and pushing it “yes harder, fuck me harder!”

“Let them see us, uhmm yeah! let them fuck us! mag-pa rape tayo girl uhhh! I want them fucking us again and again!” she yelled as we went moaning and gasping whilst clawing at each other bums.

We stared achingly at each other’s eyes, hyperventilating, bodies suffering intense erotic convulsions as we’re seconds away from a big orgasm.

“I love you babe (panting and whimpering) so fucking much, I feel so sexy with you” she whispered. We went kissing torridly, moaning and whimpering with tears as we both came hard, hot sweet-smelling love juices went gushing forth from our pulsing pussies and went dripping down our thighs and puddling on the bench.

“Oh my gawd, oh my gawdd shit I love you giiirrrl! I fucking love you so much, ohh gawd I love you so much, babe!” We kept saying pantingly as we kiss and feel each other, warm juices still pouring from our pulsing pussies.

“Sarap ba girl?” she whispered, still on top of me, running her index finger on my cheek and lips “do you like me (pressing her pussy with mine) fucking you?”

“Oh m-gd yesss!” I said squeezing her bum “You’re ssssuper hot, ang sobra sexy mooo uhmmm!” and she went giggling.

“Ahahaha super nakakalibog ka din, sheeet libog na libog ako sayo ang ganda- gandamooo-uhmmmh!” squeezing my face going gigil.

“Basang basa ma nga puki natin girl, ang sarap sarap naman kasi talaga nang puki mo bakla, ang tamboookkkuhmmm!” she said grinding our pussies hard.

We went passionately kissing whilst rubbing our bodies together, and we suddenly stopped as the voice became really loud and clear, and the figure is a lot closer.

“Oh my godsshit!” We both exclaimed, she quickly pulled down my shirt and then became lost, and kept uttering “oh my gd, oh my gd, shit, shit” whilst shaking her wrists.

“Babe! (real name) Oi!” I uttered as I give her gentle slapping on the face which was enough to bring her round. I fixed her bra and she pulled down her shirt and then we hurriedly put our shorts back on.

We got up from the bench and as we were zipping up, a head appeared from behind our covers, and we quickly turned our backs.

It revealed to be a scrawny looking old man about 60-ish to our reckoning.

(pero parang boses manang palengkera, so I can’t tell if ale or whatever yung padating – Lex)

“Huy ano na naman ginagawa mo detong bata ka? leka na kakain na tayo!” the man said to the boy as Lex was stuffing her panties in her pocket.

We were so sweaty our undershirts went clinging to our bodies, we closed each other’s shirts but no time to lace and button up, so we just folded our arms.

“ay may tao pala” he said nodding sheepishly looking at us.

“Babe!” Lex uttered motioning with her mouth and eyes to my panties which were still hanging on my left knee, I leaned on her as I casually pull them off and scrunched them in my hand.

“uhmm kakaheya nakeketa mo pa tutoy mo sa ma nga magagandang dalaga” the old man said chuckling as he pulls up the kid’s shorts. “Lika na aales pa tayo!” the kid then went pointing at us, chuckling, uttering gibberish, and the lolo went looking puzzled.

I stuffed my knickers in my pocket and we walked a few feet away, lighting up slimmies.

“Shit tang ina that was too close, muntik na tayo mahuli ni lolo!” Lex said giggling in a low tone and looking a tad shaken.

“I remember (blowing out smoke) you said something earlier about you wanting us getting caught and raped?” I said chuckling with an eyebrow raised.

“Like yaahh, hellooow?! We we’re so frickin’ hot and wet as in we say stupid things when we climax and close to cumming?”

“Is that how you roll when you and your boyfriend do it?” I asked.

“Na-ah, I told you I wasn’t like this whenever I have sex, I barely talk and just go moaning, because of you, sex became more exciting, I’ve never experienced such gushing orgasms.”

“And nagkakantot ka with no condoms, and cumming hard getting creampied!” I said chuckling.

“At uber pangit na thunder pa omgee! Aieeee!” she said, “Tapos going so bold and daring in public places, I still can’t get over what I did kanina, what we did, never thought I would be that wild with a kid watching, tang ina ang landi landi ko! NATIN!” and she cackled with laughter.

“Sooo what if we got caught nikanina?” I said

“Eh? di ba we went very x-rated pa nga while he watched?”

“Ay gaga!” I said chuckling “What I meant was, what if we were caught doing it by those blokes, or by that old man?”

“Ahh” she said nodding “Ok.”

“Would you want us get sausage-stuffed?”

“Hahaha, tang ina shit! gang-rape!” she said blowing out smoke “I don’t know, ikaw, what do you think girl?”

“I reckon you would.” I said and she cackled even more with laughter.

The wind went blowing and opening our shirts, and we went moaning as we savoured its moist, cool feel, flavored with the scent of the garden.

“Uhmmh sheeet, ang sarap nang hangin!” Lex uttered with outstretched arms.
“Oi girl, where’s your bra?” she then asks as she saw my wet undershirt clinging to my bare bosoms.

“Uhmm…” I uttered patting myself as we look around, we flicked our slimmy butts away and walked back in the shed as the old man was brushing crumbs off the kid’s face.

“Hoy girl ano ka ba?” Lex said giggling as she was closing my shirt, as hers was already laced up.

Lex saw my bra on the corner of the bench and she stealingly grabbed it.

“Apo nyo sha kuya?” Lex asked the old man as she stuffs the bra in her back pocket with the straps hanging out.

The old man said the boy is his apo sa pamangkin and his nanay’s cousin works in the shop, or was it he partly owns the shop, ah fuck it! never mind – Lex.

We waved goodbye to the kid and we followed them to see how they got in. The old man had to bend low to go through some obstacles and then walked sideways along the wall. We then saw a part of the wall were many ornamental plants and orchids hang was actually a big wood-framed metal sheet door with a latch and padlock, and we’re actually beside a settlement, but the houses were a tad far from each other.

The ground on the other side is higher and anyone could easily look down on the shed if they would be leaning over the ditch.

We lit up a sweedie to partake, an appledisiac blend, Lex’s favorite flavor.

“Fuck di natin to napansin kanina?!” Lex exclaimed after taking a puff, bending as she went examining the wall.

“What is it luv?” I said.

“Here o,” she said pointing to the wide part of the wall behind our “love” bench that we didn’t notice earlier, is made with screenwall breeze blocks.

“We may not have noticed it because there are these pieces of wood works like rattan and other rubbish hanging and leaning on it, and only now because it became brighter on the other side.” I said. “Or perphaps because we were so fucking libog to notice it?”I said and we went chuckling.

“Shit may nakakita kaya satin? ehr did anyone see us?” Lex said giggling with her arms folded, bending down to examine it closer.

“Hmm, come to think of it, parang out of the corner of my eye, I saw a couple of heads looking down on us ,” I said smirking.

“Sheeet di nga girl?” She said looking worried.

“or was it from the corner of my eye I saw moving figures of blokes who seem to be peeping from behind the screen wall?”

“Naman girl eh, totoo ba to?” she said chuckling but frowning and then taking a puff.
“Just messing with you babe (chuckling), or am I?” I said

“nghhh!” she uttered frowning, pinching my side.

“Don’t fret about it luv, It’s quite shadowy here, and bright on the other side, and there is these rubbish on the screenwall, let alone (craning my neck) those fucking thingies on the other side. So it’s very unlikely somebody were able to see or notice what were doing earlier, unless they’d really come close, but then again there’s a ditch.”

There were things propping on the other side of the screenwall like what appeared to be rusty metal beams, pipes, a big piece of broken-off concrete. I also saw that on the other side of the road, there is a wide empty lot that extends to a grassy field.

“Nonetheless very exciting yes?” I said giggling, exhaling smoke.

“what if someone really saw us? What if we got caught?”
“Well they’ve enjoyed a really hot and sexy show” I said chuckling
“Shonga! I mean like yung old man or anyone else” Lex said.
“Well what if hmmm?” I said with an eyebrow raised. “were you serious about us getting gang-raped?”

“Haliparot ka! (cackling) Oy girl you should button up, kitang kita kaluluwa mo!” she said

“kita uh what?” I said looking puzzled

“I’ts a figure of speech, I mean you’re so fucking exposed, your insides are showing, like your soul.”

“it’s mainit” I said
“Kikay ka anong maiinit? litaw na litaw boobs mo! your wet shirt is clinging on to them, at least wear a bra, here o…” she said as she was reaching for her backpocket.

“maybe later luv” I said.

Minutes I became naughty and pulled my shirt up, exposing my breasts.
“Oh I fucking love the feel of moisty breeze on my naked boobies!” I said loudly, shaking my tatas, almost touching the screenwall, making teasing faces, as there were some passers-by, including a magtataho.

“Shit, ang kikay mo talaga!” Lex said frowning in a hushed tone, as she pulls down my undershirt. “What if someone sees you?”

“Well it’s very likely someone did see us doing it, going very hot and sexy nikanina, and we became quite loud” I said as I wrap my arms around her pulling her to me as she takes a last puff and puts out the sweedy.

“Hay naku! tseh!” she said, very annoyed, arms folded.

“You were so hot nikanina babe, ang sexy mooo!” I murmured whilst planting soft kisses on her and caressing her bums, pressing our bodies.

“Oo na!” she said blushing, trying not to smile.

“You were so fucking hot and sexy” I said as my mouth went exploring her neck and she went moaning.

She coiled her arms around my neck and we went frenching, getting libog again.
Her head went turning, moaning eyes closed as I was necking her, and undoing the lace of her blouse.

“N-no babe, (shuddering breath) s-stop!” she said giggling, holding my arms as I pull her shirt up I continue necking her,”Uhmm girl b-baka may makakita satin, uhhhgh” She murmured pantingly, “We might be uhnghh seen!” she said in fading tone.

Her arms went hanging limp, as I undo her bra and expose her breasts as we look at a passer-by. “I’m so fucking libog for you (her real name) I want you, babe, I want you so bad!” I whispered, necking and fondling her bosoms.

“T-talaga?” she said achingly, giving in to libog, she then went fondling my bosoms.
We went kissing torridly as I take off my button sleeved shirt and then throwing it away and it fell on potted leafy ornamental plants. (Caladiums to be exact)

“Babe uhmm” she murmurs whilst we suck lips, as she lets me take off her blouse.
“B-baka bumalik yung lolo.”

“Then let’s give him a really hot show.” I said heating up with excitement,as I threw her blouse to where my shirt is, that is over the clumps of caladiums.

“Baka di kayanin ni lolo at atakehin sa puso” she said giggling with excitement.

“What now?” I said, necking her whilst undoing her shorts.

“Sabi ko I worry we might give him a heart attack!” She said gigglingly and we went back kissing passionately.

“Are you wet for me girl?” she murmured teasingly.

“Always babe uhmmh” I murmured back as we continue to suck lips.

“Let’s see then,” she murmured with an eyebrow raised as she undoes my shorts and then dips her hand in.

“My gawd babe, you are super wet again!” she exclaimed in a titillated tone, fondling my pussy. Her thighs then went squeezing as if she needed to pee “oh my gawd shit! tang ina ako din girl, mababasa shorts ko!” she uttered giggling.

It didn’t take long for us to get very heated up again, to be very fucking libog for each other.We look achingly at each other’s eyes, not uttering a word, the sexy sounds coming from our mouths and pussies, is fucking enough to mean that we both want to cum hard again.

“Hubad tayo girl, let’s take all our clothes off!” she then said, eyes welling up with excitement.

“Baka may magkakikita sa atin?” I said devilishly taunting,

“So?” She replied, with an eyebrow raised. She then slowly pull my shirt up, exposing my boobies, looking at two blokes who were talking and laughing as they go walking pass near the wall. “Gusto ko hubad tayo, let’s get completely fucking naked!” she uttered fondling my boobs, “I want to be totally naked with you.” She then takes off her undershirt.

She then pulls me to her by my nape and we went frenching as she roughly pulls my shorts down my thighs exposing my crotch and bum. She lets me take off her bra and we threw it and her undershirt to where our blouses were but each went hanging on to some plants.

We’re still kissing torridly as I made her sit on the fancy dark brown-lacquer mesh chair which was on an angle almost facing the screenwall. Still kissing, she took off her sandals and got her feet up on the chair.

I pulled her shorts off and dropped them on a woodslab stool. I stood up and took off my undershirt and shorts and also dropped them on the stool. She went teasingly bite-lipped as she slide her hands down my naked body. She then took my hands and pulls me to her.

“C’mere sexy!” she said very excitedly, as I get on the big lounge chair with her. “Tang ina shit ka girl, your body so fucking nakakalibog talaga!” Lex uttered swooning as we went kissing torridly, whilst feeling and rubbing bodies, her feet caressing my legs, we went moaning loudly, burning with fiery desire as beads of sweat went rolling on our naked scorching hot bodies.

“B-babe, there are people” She then murmured, giggling with excitement and I heard laughing and shouting of men and children coming from the other side of the wall.

“Do you want to stop?” I said as I was necking her.

“N-no, uhnhhd-don’t stop, (shuddering breath and giggling) they don’t seem to notice us, just uhh passers-by.”

I went kissing, sucking and licking down her body, she went moaning loudly with her body sexily writhing and arching.

“Ohh babe ang sarap, ohhh gawd grabeehh ang sarap shit!” She uttered whimpering, her lovely hips gyrating and rocking, thighs squeezing, as I hungrily suckled her bosoms whilst my fingers fuck her, sweet-smelling love juice went oozing from her pulsing puki.

I got on the footrest, her body kept swaying sexily as she slowly spread her thighs. I parted her pussy lips and watched her lovely contracting lovehole.

“B-babe, p-please…” she uttered in a begging tone with an aching look with her eyes welling up, her fingers caressing my face. “I want them to watch as you eat my pussy!”

I looked at her fiercely as I began lapping her, tonguing from her anus and then hungrily sucking her stiff clit and pubis.

“Ohhh gawd, that feels so good babe ohh fuck, tang inaaa mo girl!” she uttered gasping, and whimpering, her body went twisting and arching even more as I went fucking her with my tongue, getting it deep in her sweet love hole as I can.

I went on eating her hot wet puki, sucking and licking her sweet warm juices whilst clawing at her bum, with her legs over the arm rests, running her fingers through my hair, gently pushing down.

With the footrest joined with our “love” chair we went scissoring with passionate kissing, fondling and suckling bosoms, pushing and clawing each other’s bums.

“B-babe,” Lex uttered whilst necking me, “Are there people outside? (shuddering breath) madami bang tao?”

“Yess sweetie, unghh!” I replied in shuddering breaths “I’m seeing uhmmh men, and a few kids.”

“Yeah? puro sila guys?” She said sounding titillated,

“Mhmm” I uttered.

“Then I want them to see this, I want them to see our hot naked bodies, I want the ugly bastards watching us and take out their filthy cocks and go masturbating to us!” she uttered achingly.

“I want that too, babe, gawd I want that to happen so bad” I said achingly.

We went on, kissing and fondling relishing the very erotic fantasy of men and kids clamoring as they go watching us through the screenwall, feasting their lecherous eyes on our naked hot bodies and wanking to us.

“Sweetie,” I murmured whilst we kiss “what if they come here, those men outside, or the shop workers catching us naked?”

“Magpa-rape tayo babe!” She replied achingly “Magpakantot tayo! (shuddering breaths) I want them to rape us, violate our bodies!” She said as her fingers slowly enter my pulsing lovehole.

“Oh my gawd babe, gusto ko, gusto ko magkakantot tayo nila ohh I want that so bad, I want to get raped with you!” I uttered whimperingly, aching, burning with desire as I also finger her pulsing puki.

“Yesss, gusto kong makantot tang ina! I want our beautiful bodies get violated!” She murmured whimpering with tears falling, her hips, her entire body writhing sexily as our our fingers go very deep and hard fucking each other’s pussies.

“I want us to get raped, by those ugly men, (shuddering breaths) by kids! I want them going like ravenous demonic beasts all over our lovely naked bodies,” she uttered gasping, sobbing with desire “I want to see them taking turns raping your gorgeous body, fucking your lovely tight and wet pussy, as I also get violated, be raped again and again!”

“Pakita mo puki mo girl, show them your very lovely pussy” She uttered burning with passion.

My hips slowly went gyrating sexily as I open my thighs, relishing at the fantasy of those men and kids outside, watching, clamoring and pleasuring themselves to us.

“Ohhh gawd, (gasping and swooning) that’s it babe, show them that hot and wet pussy!” She said achingly. “Ohhh shit tang ina ka girl ang sexy mo talagaaa!”

“Show them your body sweetie,” I said as we kiss “Let them to see your beautiful nakedness.”

“Yesss, uhmmh I want them to,” She uttered achingly eyes welling up as she slowy turn to the screenwall, spreading her thighs, hips slowly gyrating, sexily rocking and bobbing.

“Ohh baby, gawddd (her real name) I love you so much!” I said with tears falling as well
“I love you too (my real name) so so much!” She uttered whimpering and we pulled each other by the nape and went locking lips.

Later we did a 69, with me on the chair and her on top of me.

We know many of you would be wondering how we were able to do it on a mesh or wicker chair, well it is rounded, with the back rest pretty much inclined like a pool chair. It looks as if it was actually designed to allow any sexual activity regardless of position, but it would be a tad more comfy if we had cushions on it.

We went on hungrily eating each other’s pussies, whilst clawing bums, totally lost with each other, no bloody qualms about getting caught, or perhaps not only because we think we had the place to ourselves, but also the people outside were oblivious to the seethingly hot action happening on the other side of the wall.

We went on until we both climaxed. She then got up and straddled me, and went hungrily suckling my bosoms as she rubs herself on me and then we went kissing passionately, tasting sweet lovejuice from other’s mouths as we continue rubbing bodies.

We then went tribbing again,necking, moaning loudly whilst clawing each other’s bums and bosoms. Our hips went rocking and swaying sexily, hot and dripping wet pussies squishing loudly as we grind them harder than before.

“Uhh shiiit babe, gusto kong ma-rape, tang ina gusto kong makantot!” Lex uttered whimpering as we go grinding even harder and faster.

“Gusto ko (her real name), gusto ko sila magkakantot tayo!” I also uttered, panting and whimpering and then we slide our hands down to each other’s crotches and two fingers slowly went snaking in the pulsing loveholes.

“Yesss (my real name), I want their cocks going deep and hard in our pussies!” she uttered panting and sobbing, as our crotches went grinding and squeezing hard, pushing our fingers even deeper “I want to watch them raping you habang kinakantot din ako!”

“Uhmmmh yess, I want them cumming inside our pussies” I said pantingly, as hot spurts went from our pulsing pussies with each hard thrust of our fingers. “I want their tamod in our pussies!”

“I (shuddering breath) want that too girl, I want our pussies get filled, I want our pussies oozing with their hot cum!” She uttered in an aching tone as our hips went rocking sexily to the fingers fucking each other’s pussies.

We went kissing torridly, whimpering and moaning, grunting, and groaning loudly with tears falling, as again our hot love juices went gushing forth from our pulsing love holes and drowning our hands.

We went on finger fucking and kissing as warm sweet cum keep oozing out of our swollen pukis until we became weak and numb from exhaustion, and we went on kissing passionately as we slowly sank on the chair.

We lay there, side by side on the chair, gasping and panting, sucking lips and petting as moist breeze blowing through the screen wall caress our sweaty bodies.

“I love you so much (my real name)” she murmured running her index finger on my lips.

“I love you too (her real name) so so much.” I murmured back, making circles around her nipple which was still stiff.

“Tibong tibo talaga ako sayo girl, tang ina mo, grabeh nakakalibog wagas ka talaga!” she said gigglingly, pinching my cheek and I went taunting her bite-lipped.

“Kainis ka talaga!” she said gigglingly in an annoyed tone. “Ganda mooo! uhhmmmmh!” she uttered squeezing my boob and twist-pulling the nipple.

We again shared a passionate kiss. “I cummed so fucking hard for you babe,” she murmured as we suck lips, and toe-caressing each other’s legs.

“I cummed very hard for you too sweetie,” I murmured sliding my hand to her pussy “You made me cum hard fucking me nikanina.”

“Yeah? Talaga?” she said blushing and giggling, sounding titillated sliding her hand to my pussy. “Eto kasi eh, ang sarap sarap talaga nitooo, ang tamboook! mmhh-mmhh!” she uttered making cute taunting faces bite-lipped, whilst going gigil on my pussy.

“Baby?!” She uttered frowning but smiling, as my fingers began rubbing hard on her clit and between her pussy lips. She then made taunting faces bite-lipped, grunting as she does the same to my puki.

“I reckon we better get out of here …” I said after we got rested.
“Yah, let’s!” Lex said sounding mataray. “Tara na at baka magkaroon pa nang round 3, and talagang ma (chuckling) gang-rape tayo nang tuluyan.”

We got ourselves off the chair, and went stretching, we saw that we got a lot of creases, and red chair marks all over, as we went cleaning up each other with wet naps.

We put on knickers and shirts and sat on the stools whilst we continue to smoke the apple sweedy and sharing a bottle of watermelon drink as we look out the screen wall.

“Hmm ok ah, parang wala pang tao sa shop” Lex said blowing out smoke.
“Yeah I think so too luv, but I’m hearing faint music” I said
“Baka may naiwan to watch the store, narinig kaya tayo girl?” she said chuckling.
“Maaaybe!” I said tauntingly as I take a puff.

“Lukaret!” she said chuckling as she roughly takes the sweedy from me.
“But what if talaga tapos nakita tayo, hubad na hubad and naglalandian wagas?!” she uttered giggling “tang ina ang super swerte ni dodong, first class x-rated live show!”

“Aaand gusto mo magkakantot ka?” I said squeezing her thigh
“(laughing) ikaw muna, panoorin ko kayo!” she said cackling. “Hayaan kong muna magpakasasa sa katawan mo yung pangit!”

“Huh?” I said brow creasing.

“(Laughing) I said, I’d let the ugly bastard have his fun on your body first!” She said pinching my side, “and very sure ako, he won’t be interested in fucking me after that!”

“Reaahhly now?” I said blowing smoke.

Lex then stood up from her stool and went stretching and then walked towards the screenwall, she got herself really close as in only a few inches between her and the wall and began behaving whorishly to the people on the other side, pulling her shirt up exposing her sweaty boobies, fondling herself all over as she went dancing seductively to some bloody cheesy pop music coming loudly from somewhere, but I must say she went a bloody lot sultrier than any stripper. (Naman! – Lex)

“What bloody fuck are you doing girl?” I said chuckling arms folded.

“Woooo!” she uttered repeatedly, going very loud, dancing naughtily, turning, swaying shaking her tushy with arms raised and then she cackled with laughter.

“Who’s the haliparot now?” I yelled laughing and she continue going loud and very malandi, not giving a fucking damn if anyone might see her. She then stopped and went leaning towards the wall as she pulls her shirt down, and I saw two short figures standing outside the wall and then the other went on walking leaving the shorter one and then I heard trickling sounds. Lex went stooping with her arms crossed, pressing on her bosoms as she cautiously looks out the wall.

“Ay girl, come dali!” She then said in a hushed voice but giggling with excitement like a silly little girl as she pulls me to her.

“Alright, alright, what the bloody fuck is it?!” I said chuckling, brow creasing as I get up from the stool and she shushed me, giggling.

“Hoy, dong pssst!” she uttered in a hushed voice to the figure on the other side and can’t bloody stop giggling as I come closer.

I saw a boy squatting at the edge of the ditch looking at us, who was a lot older than the other kid earlier. He looked very gobsmacked, mouth gaping seeing two hot girls just in their shirts and panties.

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Lex moved aside some stuff on the screenwall, revealing a few broken blocks with gaps and again went dancing provocatively, teasing and fondling herself all over much to the boy’s delight. He got on the piece of broken concrete in the ditch and went leaning on the screenwall with hands over each side of his face to get a better view of us through the gaps.

Lex took a long puff of the sweedy and went teasingly blowing smoke on to the boy’s face. She continue to dance sexily as she puts a put foot up on the bench and slowly slides her hand, dipping inside her panties whilst her other hand fondle her bosoms inside her shirt. Her hips went rocking and swaying sensually as she plays with her pussy and boobs.

She then went slowly turning, pulling her shirt up, sexily exposing her back and then went full 360 facing the boy again, the boy’s eyes widened even more with excitement as she was showing underboobs with her shirt pressing and pulling her nipples, and then his eyes welled up as all of Lex’s boobs went popping out. She went on dancing provocatively as she plays with her bosoms.

She then turned to me, “Landiin mo ko girl dali!” She murmured giggling and we each took long last puff of the sweedy and she flicked it out of the wall and then put my hands to her bosoms.

She went necking and caressing me all over as I sensually played with her bosoms, twisting and pulling the stiff nipples. I also got overwhelmed with burning excitement and had my body swaying fucking seductively her, as we go necking, kissing torridly and fondling each other all over, as the boy watches with delight.

“Hubad tayo girl” she then murmured passionately, as she went necking and fondling me.

“Shirts off? you sure ok with the little wanker?” I whispered giggling with excitement.

“No, let’s take them all off, as in hubad lahat girl!” she murmured staring at me devilishly sexy and giggling with excitement, “Let the little wanker see us butt naked!”

“Ok, so you want us to go very x-rated as he watch hmm?” I uttered, beaming devilishly.
“Oh, hell yeah!” she also uttered devilishly, brows twitching, and we went tonguing and lips-sucking as we go undress each other.

She slowly pulls my shirt up, exposing my boobs in the same manner as she did hers, much to our peeping tom’s delight. She then went suckling and clawing my bosoms as we take our shirts off and dropping them on the stool.

She then slowly went down on my body, going really sultry, licking sucking, caressing, teasing the boy as she teasingly pulls down my knickers, and then roughly pulls them down to my knees.

I freed my legs of my panties and she puts them on the stool and then had me put a foot up on the bench.She parted my pussy lips and I moved closer, with my hips slowly grinding, so as to give the boy a better view of my hot and flushing pussy.

“Yess, that’s it girl show him your pussy!” Lex murmured.

Lex then had her tongue go licking and flickering on my pussy, whilst looking teasingly at the boy. My hips went swaying and rocking sexily, one hand pushing her head, the other fondling my bosoms. She then had two fingers fucking my pussy as she suck and lick it, and it didn’t take long for love juice to go dripping down my thighs.

We went back to kissing torridly and fondling, and the boy was really pressing his face and his scrawny arms were able to fit through the gaps of some blocks.

We then decided to take it up a notch and go interactive, so we went leaning closer to the wall and let the kid fondle our bosoms, getting us even more excited and burning with intense libog.

We went grunting and groaning at the seething sensation of swarthy little hands greedily squeezing and clawing our boobies and if he were able stick his entire head through the gap in the wall we would’ve let him suckle us as well.

Our hands then slowly went sliding to our crotch and as our keep on grinding. She then pulls her knickers to her thighs and we parted our pussy lips, and then two fingers slowly went snaking into each other’s lovehole, and we went fingering, kissing, suckling and fondling much to the bloody delight of our very happy peeping Tom, getting those fucking greedy hands of his to go clawing and squeezing even harder!

We went on as more passers-by come and go, oblivious to the very x-rated activity being enjoyed by a fucking minor.

We then move our “love” chair closer to the screen wall and I got on it first. “C’mere sexy!” I said teasingly, mimicking her “Ay!” she exclaimed gigglingly as I pull her to me, and then I went slowly sucking, licking, and kissing down her body as I take off her soaking wet knickers. Her hips went rocking and bobbing as she shows her wet pussy to the kid.

“Go, babe mmh eat my pussy as he watch!” she uttered achingly, parting her pussy lips.
I went a tad more ravenous on her pussy, sucking it hard and fucking it with my tongue, whilst her body sexily went swaying as she teasingly fondles her titties, looking at the boy. I got her more dripping wet and then I slowly went crawling, licking and sucking up her body.

“I want you to fuck me baby,” she said in an aching tone, as we were kissing and rubbing bodies, eyes welling with desire, “I want him to watch as you fuck me hard with your lovely pussy!”

“Yeah?.” I murmured as I finger and lick her pussy.

“Yeah, fuck me hard as he watch!” Lex uttered with a wickedly excited look.

“Fuck me baby! Hurry, take me! fuck me hard as he watch!” she begged whimpering. I held her lovely hips as I press my pussy hard with hers.

“Ohhh gawd, babe, shit!” she uttered gasping, grabbing my arms as I ram her hard, hot juices went spurting from our pulsing pussies.

She locked her legs around me, and went hanging on to me with her arms coiled around my neck, moaning and sobbing loudly with tears falling as her head went turning, her body convulsing, writhing with intense passion.

I went clawing her bum, as I go harder and faster, “Yess harder, baby, fuck me harder! putang ina girl, awwww sheeeett ang (shuddering breaths) sarap sarap nang puki mooo!” she uttered gasping clawing my bum.

We went on fucking, whilst looking teasingly at the boy and the passers-by from behind the wall, both relishing the fantasy of more men and little boys watching us, all clamoring as they go watching through the screenwall, feasting their lecherous eyes on our seething nakedness, whilst pleasuring themselves.

She then went necking whilst clawing and suckling my boobies, whimpering with desire. The hot spurts from our pussies became more intense with my every thrust, our pussies making loud sucking and squishing noises.

“Are (shuddering breaths) you enjoying this babe?” I said

“Fuck yeah, babe (panting) this is so fucking kinky and sexy! my g’d I’ve never felt so excited and feverish, naked and having sex with someone watching, a fucking kid watching!” she uttered passionately.

“I love you so much (my real name), (shuddering breaths) gd I fucking love you so much!” she kept saying as I also went necking her and suckling her bosoms.

It didn’t take us long to reach climax.
“G-gusto mo (panting) yung boy nanagkakantot ka?” I said.
“Yes, gusto kong (panting) makantot nung kid, tang ina magpakantot tayo girl!” she exclaimed sobbing, rocking her hips.

“Uhmmh babe I want that (shuddering breaths) so bad, gusto ko magkakantot n-n’ya tayo!” I went whimpering.

“Yess babe, ohhh shit, I want to see kids ravishing your body, taking turns fucking your hot, tight pussy, putang ina habang kinakantot din ako!” she went yelling.

“Tang-ina girl, magpa gang-rape tayo sa ma nga bata!” Lex uttered loudly.

“Babe, I’m cumming! (gasping) shit, I want him to see our pussies cumming hard!” she yelled sobbing, pushing and clawing my bum hard, her lovely hips rocking and gyrating with mine.

“Yes, girl, mmhh me too!” I uttered gasping, as our bodies went into spasms.

“Gusto ko sabay tayo, uhh please, I want to cum hard with you!” She uttered whimpering. “I want you gushing, I want to feel your love juice inside my pussy!”

She coiled her arms around me and we locked lips to keep from going loud, as my hips went ramming violently, and we went cumming very hard, our tears falling, bodies convulsing as again our hot sweet love juices went gushing forth from our pulsing pukis and went puddling on the tiles under our love chair.

I kept on fucking her pussy until I became bloody weak from exhaustion. We went kissing passionately, bodies pressed as we slowly sank to the chair.

We went on, slowly rubbing bodies, sucking lips as we catch our breaths.
“You like it babe?” I whispered.

“Like yeah?! tang ina parang mas nag cum ako nang sobra ngayon!” she said chuckling.
“Gawd tang ina mas masarap ka pa talaga kumantot girl, parang mas nilabasan ako nang grabeng grabe ngayon! (chuckling) ehr I really think I cummed harder this time.”

“You’re not a bad pussy fucker yourself luv” I said running my fingers on her face “And we may have cummed harder this time because of the excitement.”

“Yeah, tingin ko nga (giggling), I’ve never done anything so taboo, so sinful, twice tayo nag make love with minors watching.” She said.

“Any feeling of remorse?” I said

“Hell no! na-a-ah?!” she uttered chuckling, “I fucking enjoyed it!”

“Is he still there?” I said in a hushed tone.

“Hell yeah! he still is.” She replied giggling and in a hushed tone. “Ang sobrang swerte ni dodong!”

“Izz he wanking?” I said as I slowy rock my hips between her thighs.

“Di ako sure girl, di ko mashado makita.” She said

“Well then,” I said smiling devilishly, “perhaps he likes seeing this” I said as had my bum rocking and bobbing even more.

“Tang ina, (giggling) round four ba ‘to?!” she said chuckling.

“Ayaw mo?” I said.

“Pwede (giggling)” she said.

Lex coiled her arms around me and we went kissing passionately. We slowly get up on the chair, our hips went rocking and bobbing sexily, as we go fondling and kissing.

“Oh shit!” we both uttered giggling, as the boy began calling his mates. We quickly got up from the chair and grabbed our clothes from the stool, our sandals and her bag and went giggling and screaming timidly as we ran for cover.

We watched from behind our covers, with hands on our mouths, giggling and struggling to keep ourselves from being heard, as a group of boys converge and went looking through the screenwall with hands over their eyes, the taller ones even went leaning over the ditch as they look down over the wall.

“Wala naman eh!” one of them shouted angrily, as they only saw the liquor calendar poster with girls wearing only bikini bottoms hanging beside the old mirror, and they all went jeering and whacking the poor bastard as he tries to convince his mates of what he saw, describing in detail, especially the part where he “nahawakan our big and magaganda na suso”.

(Uh my boobs aren’t that big, not below average either unless you’ve got really big hands teehee! – Lex)

“(giggling) ay, kawawa naman si totoy,” Lex murmured with her hands over her mouth as the boys go dispersing. “well anyhoo he got very lucky naman.”

“True,” I said giggling “I reckon he has something to wank on to till he gets his first fuck”

“How are your boobs babe? ang bata pa ang tindi lumamas nang boobs, gigil na gigil and putang ina sheeet!” She said giggling as we were putting clothes back on.

“Well duh? he got so fucking excited, fondling boobies for the first time, I ” I said chuckling.

“And ang swerte ni mokong, ang gaganda nang boobs at nang ma nga girls na nahawakan niya!” Lex said cackling.

“Did that lucky horny imp saw you as you were dancing like a whore?” I asked we were putting on clothes.

“Actually he and another boy was just passing by and then the older kid went ahead as he made weewee sa ditch, and then he must’ve heard my whooping tapos yun na!” Lex said chuckling.

“We’re you bloody serious about getting gang-raped by kids?” I said chuckling.

“Maybe,” She said giggling, “truth of the matter is, I find the idea really kinky, and I was also chanelling to when you were fucking that kid in the car and to your dream of us being ravished by street kids as we were close to cumming.”

“So you want that to happen when opportunity presents?” I said.

“Well uhm, yeah, the hell why not?! we make tiempo nang kids like nung dodong who fucked you in the car!” she said chuckling as she puts on knickers. “Ay, kinantot mo pala!” she said and went cackling.

We put on our knickers and then shorts, Lex puts on her bra, but I didn’t ask for mine which was still in her shorts’ backpocket.

After putting on our undershirts, we went for our blouses which were on the caladiums.

Again she scolded me for not wanting to wear a bra and we argued for a while until I let her have one middle button of my sleeve shirt fastened.

After navigating through and over greenery, dense foliage and stuff we came out to the other side of the shop.

“O san na yung ma nga utaw?” Lex said as nobody seem to be watching shop, though there is music playing from somewhere.

“W-wha uhm ano ang utaw?” I said, forehead creasing.

“Tao, girl, people, nasan na yung ma nga mokong na dodong?” she said “tagal nang lunch break nila ah?” she said looking at her watch, “(chuckling) almost 2 hours and a fucking half tayong naglandian?”

We then saw a bloke sleeping on the desk, with a celly being charged as it plays music and then the shop boys came back and looked very surprised when they saw us.
coming in from the other side, as we were fixing our hair.

“Kakarating niyo lang uli po mam byutipul?” One of them asked

“Kanina pa kami nandito kuya” Lex said and they all went looking puzzled.

“ay nandeto lang pala kayo ma nga mam? di kayo omales?” a shorter bloke asked

(actually lahat sila punggok, except for one dodong na siguro ka height ko – Lex)

“naglibot libot kami dito kuya” Lex said.

They woke up the one sleeping on the desk and told him to go with another bloke, and we saw them go to the direction of the shed. Later they came back groaning as they heave the big heavy driftwood “love” bench, which actually look more like a modern art sofa without cushions.

“O bakit basa yan?” one of them remarked and the other replied partly in local dialect. As there are splashes and a puddle of milky, translucent fluid.

Lex and I looked at each other smirking, trying not to giggle, as it a puddle of our love juices, and of course they will also wonder about the splashes on the other love chair, and the puddle of the same fluid on the tiled floor beneath it.

They then had it checked if it’s urine, and the young worker smelt it and said it isn’t, and it doesn’t stink, though it smelt “kakaiba,” according to Lex the boy said it smelt strange with a hint of rice washing and they asked if somebody cooked rice in that area and had spilt rice water on the bench.

They had the bench wiped and the young worker kept smelling his rag looking puzzled.

“Hmm I reckon he’s a virgin” I said chuckling in a hushed tone.
“Or maybe, mabahong fifi lang alam niya!” Lex said giggling

Lex then asked how much for the bench, and they said it’s 21.5k but it already has a buyer and they had already paid a down.

She then asked about the our beautiful garden “love” chair and they said it’s an 22.5, so she asked why it’s so mahal, and they said it’s a “pasadya” or as Lex had explained to me, it’s a custom-made, a nigh-copy of a Kenneth Cobonpue, materials and all (of course those things are really bloody damn expensive, but even for a nigh-copy I reckon the price is still bloody fucking preposterous!)

A previous customer had given a downpayment and had the color changed but they haven’t heard from them since and recently a customer from manila showed interest and asked them to hold it for them.

Lex offered to buy it but at a lower price, as we’re also will be purchasing some jars and stuff, which got our eyes on earlier, and if ever we get the chair we will have it sent along with the other items via express to any of our shops’ address.

Lex never got the price she wanted and so she told them we’d think about it, but she got a pretty good price for the other stuffs.

(di lang si Siz may powers ang beauty heh!- Lex)

I had Lex fill out the OR and she put down the names Quirina Landifa and Poquena Valandra but left the contact numbers, addresses blank. (tang ina pati enye di gumagana
dito sa fss – Lex)

After paying with notes, the men asked if they can have a selfie with us, for the shop’s customer board as they do have one and I saw pictures of customers including foreigners with remarks under each picture, I smiled and bluntly refused.

“No” I said and Lex went smirking shaking her head.
“ay uh sigi po” he said sheepishly.

“Ayaw n’yo naman ibenta sa gusto naming price yung chair kuya!” Lex said chuckling as she was filling out paperwork.

And they offered to negotiate again but Lex said it’s ok kasi there isn’t enough space in the boot (car trunk) anyway, and we’ll think about re-negotiating for it.

They examine the forms Lex filled out, and went looking puzzled perhaps because of the unique names.

“ay mam yo hab namber po?”

“m-mm” I uttered shaking my head as I put on my glasses.

“may number bang sinulat kuya? so WALA!” Lex said a tad scoffing, “Andito naman contact numbers niyo sa receipt di ba?”

We opened the boot (car trunk) and then bought some bananas, mangoes, cashew and cashew products, and coconut water from the store where we’re parked at. I stood by the car smoking and drinking, checking the items as they get loaded in.

“Anong problema kuya?” Lex said from the other side of the trunk as one of the men was staring with his mouth open as he got a good view of my bare belly and underboobs showing through my thin wet shirt which was clinging them.

The bloke got awakened from his trance and hit his head on the trunklid.

“Babe!” Lex uttered sternly and motioned with her face as the breeze keep blowing my shirt open. I nodded and casually closed my shirt.

Lex then realized she still has my bra in her backpocket and wondered if the blokes noticed the straps dangling from it.

We then drove off from the place. Eating bananas because we were very hungry, and as I was driving I asked Lex about the names she put on the OR and her explanation got me laughing really fucking hard.

We then had a late lunch at the patio of a restaurant called La Terrasse and again she badgered me about my garden story. “Sobrang erotic nostalgia ba talaga yung garden shop babe?” She asked as we were eating.

“Well, the place does give sexy memories, but it has its own very erotic vibe and also because you were there with me, “Awwhhh!” she uttered swooning, squeezing my hand. “And conditions really allowed us to get so fucking wild!” I said chuckling.

“Imagine, we did it and and we fucking cummed three times? At ang super daring natin sheeet!(giggling) tang ina! we cummed hard twice with kids watching us having sex! Ay! Oopsie!” she uttered looking embarrased, putting a hand to her mouth, looking if anyone has heard her.

She’s also very curious to know about who I did it with as she’s fucking curious about the “cute” guy. I told her that it was actually more than one garden shop and that got her even more interested to know and kept badgering me to tell.

So I finally told some of it to her as we were having halo-halo and slimmies later in the afternoon while parked at the edge of a steep slope on the side of the road which looks out to sea, sitting on the bonnet (car hood) and watching the sunset.

(Noki Nocs halo halo yum! – Lex)

Though it was not quite like as she had expected but still it got her titillated and exclaiming “Sheeet Omgeee! fuck ang super hot!” and yes I forgot about her “Tang ina, sheeet!” and lots of it.

I promised to tell her all about the other stories later evening over drinks at her flat.

We drove home, with a lot of suff in the trunk (or boot as we call it in England), including a rubber maid cooler we had bought, beers and bottles of not-so-expensive bubblies, brown bags of leftovers and snacks in the back.

(I suggest you tryJacqueline Leonne Brut Ros, Benedicte & Stephane Tissot Cremant du Jura Rose, Domaine Jean Francois Ganevat Cremant du Jura Brut La Combe Rotalier, or LaMarca Proseccoif you haven’t yet, not pricey but good)

We stopped at a pizzeria to pick up the pizzas we’ve placed an order for earlier (If ever any of you guys are in Puerto Princessa, try McCoy’s, if you haven’t yet, sarap promise – Lex).

Now we’ve mentioned to you earlier about a lovely young girl we met in puerto, who was also staying at the same motel (or pension house) with her family, their flat is at the far end. She was 13 and over 3 quarters then, almost as tall as Lex, and both Lex and I agree she’s a spitting image, very kamukha ni India Eisley except that she has lovely hazel brown eyes instead of green like India’s.

Her family lives in Copenhagen, but her parents wanted her to go to school here, she is part Austrian from her father’s side (as he is about 1/8 filipino) and part everything else from her mum’s. Like Lex, she goes home (to Denmark) for the holidays and summer vacays.

(Pretty tisayin din mum nya hindi gandang exotic tee hee- Lex)

Coincidently she also goes to the same school as Klo, Cazz and the other teeneez do.

(si Cazz yung kamukha ni Malina Weissman or rather her character Violet Baudelaire, that’s why before Sis. Chazi says she looks like Emily Browning, but I think mas kamukha niya si Malina, of course this erotic story happened before the Netflix series came out – Lex).

We’ll call her Eindi (as in India Eisley) or Andi nalang kung hirap kayong basahin – Lex,

Anyhoo moving on, she and her family, that is her uncle and aunt (na parang sosing terrorprof – Lex) a yaya and her younger cousin, went to El Nido with their other friends and relatives, and were in Puerto to visit the spots before flying back home, her uncle already went home to attend to some business matters.

We went touring with them, offered to drive, we went to Baker’s Hill, the Subterranean River, Crocodile farm, Eco parks, shopping for pearls and other souvenirs yada, yadah…

If it’s just Eindi, we’d have girl-day outs; shopping, spas, road trips, food trips…

She was a regular guest and not a day would pass that she wouldn’t be hanging out at Lex’s flat and sometimes would sleep-over if her aunt allows it, and before she comes over she would first either call or text “Hi Siz anong food nyo?”

We got home and gave one of the pizzas, the biggest one which is a pizzahut (yuck! kasi walang yellowcab along the way and pizzahut is more popular among the locals – Lex) to the staff and we asked them to re-heat the other three pizzas from McCoy’s along with the leftovers from our lunch and extra takeouts, and will come back for them later after we take a bath.

Later that evening there was a really heavy downpour and Lex and I went drinking and eating pizzas and leftovers as I tell her my erotic stories.

Were already a tad drunk as we’ve already downed 2 beers and half a bottle of bubbly. Suddenly there was a power outage we sobbered up kasi there was no AC and it became bloody humid and maiinit so Lex and I decided to continue drinking in the “Jurassic / Jungle / Rainforest” patio as we haven’t done that yet.

As we were prepping up, Andi texted us and as usual “Siz…ano fud nyo?”
We texted her to meet or rather join us at the patio. “And her reply text was “w8 ko muna m2log cna Tta, c yah l8r guyz uhmmwuah!”

“Ano girl ganito lang tayo?” Lex said giggling with excitement about us going outdoors in our night clothes, that is shirts and knickers.

“Um Yea-uh?” I said (like saying duh?)

“Wala naman si edoy pag Fridays and Saturdays, well as I’ve been told.” she said scanning the area, and sina manang and kuya maybe sleeping na kasi no koriyentey!” though it’s barely a quarter past 8.

We headed out in the rain, with a big towel over us, and Lex holding a pension house brolly. We went grunting and groaning as we each hold a side handle of the icebox filled with ice and drinks.On top of the cooler were pizza boxes, on my other hand I held an eco shopping bag with brown bags of re-heated leftover food from our lunch and some extras in aluminium foils, paper towels, forks, gel sanitizer, a scented candle, Lex’s Beats Pill speaker, 1 large thrashbag and Lex’s “kutkutins.”

(nagkaroon ng silbi ang pilates, pero tang ina ang bigat pakshet! Lex)

We hurried up giggling, screaming timidly, not because of the trikes and other vehicles or that people might see us, but because the rain began to pour again in buckets until we finally made it to the patio which is isn’t far from Lex’s flat. Going slowly and carefully as we went grunting and groaning, making our way down the stone steps which bend to the lower area.

“hooo! tang inang pakshet na ulan yan!” Lex uttered in annoyance, almost dropping the cooler. “Ahh! fuck ang bigat!” she uttered whilst shaking her hand and massaging her arms.

“Yeah? talaga lang ha?” I said tauntingly with an eyebrow raised, “Hellooow? I’m also carrying this bloody bag!”

Our eyes haven’t adjusted to the darkness so we used our phones’ light to help us see to set things down. After wiping other off with paper towels we went about arranging the food and stuff on the low stone table and then setting up a rubbish bag and aluminium foil ash cups.

We then continue drinking and eating, slumped on the big bench, which is a tad similar to our love bench back in the garden shop, with music from my iphone, a scented candle burning in a can, smoking, getting more drunk as I go on telling her my erotic stories. The rain went pouring hard but the foliage and overgrowth was very dense, and the pergola also had a polycarbonate roof so we only get a tad more than feathery drizzles and mists.

“O, san na si kikay?” Lex said looking at her phone’s clock and then she texted Andi.

At about 5 past nine we heard Eindi’s voice calling from outside the thick foliage.

“Siz? guyz? I’m here, are you in there?” she called in hushed but clear tones.

Lex then called her phone, “In here sweetie! come on in!” Lex said on her phone.

The power went back on as Eindi carefully makes her way down the stone steps, trying to avoid the wet leaves. We didn’t turn on the garden lamps, as we have ample illumination, and we want to keep it discrete, club-dark and sexy.

Andi went in the patio with a brolly which was also bearing the pension house’s name, Both of her hands went holding on to the dripping brolly along with her celly. She was wearing a cute cinnamoroll night shirt over bubblegum pink jameez, and usual havaianas. Her dark chestnut hair in a messy bun secured with a clamp, showing her pretty slender neck.

“Oh wow!” she uttered in amazement, looking around whilst shaking her brolly “it’s like a frikkin’ forest in here!”

She carefully puts down the brolly and walked over to us and uttered “Whoah!” as she got fucking surprised seeing us just in panties and undershirts as though the place is very shady if not a tad shadowy in the daytime, it wasn’t very dark at night as light from posts would be cutting through the dense foliage, and also we have a wee candle burning.

“Ay, bakit nakapanties lang kayo guyz?!” She exclaimed giggling, and Lex shushed her.

“Shhh! Ingay mo kikay ka! c’mere girl besame mucho muna, give us some sugah baby!” Lex said as she pulls Andi to her.

They did our usual greeting, hugging, cheek to cheek, followed by a really tight hug but then Lex went necking her making noises, and squeezing her bum, and she went flinching and giggling as she got tickled, and then followed by three lip smoochings.

“Ganda mooo uhmmm!” Lex uttered squeezing her cheeks, shaking her head.

“Hey ate (my real name or rather the nickname)!, my ate preeetteee!” She said smiling as she went over to me, “Hey dahling!” I said and we did the same.

“Wow, ako di pretty?” Lex said chuckling.

“Pretty too” Andi said holding out 2 fingers to her as we were hugging tight.

“Potah, (cackling) ano ako second runner up?” Lex said.

“So, why the hell are you dressed like that, just in panties?” She asked, hands reversed on her hips. “Ehr-I mean why just in undies?”

“shongah! (giggling) panties lang? we’re wearing shirts too, hellooo?” Lex said tugging her shirt.

“Uh-E-yeah, I also said un-deeez, that includes your undershirts, hellooo?!” she retorted rolling her eyes “Aren’t you guyz afraid of being seen?”

“No?!” Lex and I replied shaking heads as we take a drink from our bottles.

“And isn’t it malamok here?” she said rubbing her arms.

“Actually it’s not!” I said puffing out smoke.

“Oookay!” she said shrugging, sitting down.

“Dahling why don’t you take off your jameez too? It’s only us girls here” I said brushing hair behind her ear and getting her tickled.

“Yeah, shirt and panties ka na lang din girl!” Lex urged “it’s just like a fucking sleepover, medyo daring nga lang.” chuckling.

“Uhm well…I dunno uh…” Eindi uttered sounding hesitant, looking around.

“Come on girl! tayo tayo lang naman, just like the last time and it’s not like you’re going butt naked.” Lex said giggling.

“Yeah?! last time we were indoors and I have boyshorts on!” Eindi said.

“Don’t worry my dear, no one else will see you, if anyone does, well three times the hotness, super swerte ni dodong!” Lex said and she cackled with laughter. “Come on, hubad na!”

“O-ok!” Eindi said, giggling with excitement.

We helped her take her jamz off, untying the laces and revealing her very shapely and supple nubile legs. She was wearing a light blue young teen knickers.

“Hu-wow! ang ganda naman talaga nang legs mo girl, parang ako kutis porcelana!” Lex remarked giggling, pinching her thigh “mmmhhh!” she uttered going bite-lipped.

(Lex’s complexion is a tad hard to describe, it’s not very morena, but sort of semi-mediterranean or olive-skinned and like what I’ve said before, beautiful and like silky, milky latte’ gelato)

(Oo, pero kamukha ko yung Japanese porn star Rio, tseh! – Lex)

Eindi went blushing as she sank onto the bench.

“O hubarin na din natin shirt mo ‘day” Lex as she was pulling her shirt up.

“Uhm no, siz, uhh” Eindi uttered stopping her.

“O why? you’re wearing undershirt naman, kami nga walang bras o!” Lex said tugging her crop tank.

“Uh i-yeah, but uhm maybe later?”

“OOOhkay, bahala ka” Lex said and lets go of Eindi’s shirt.

“Omgee, this is so frikking exciting!” She said, still a tad nervy, cringing as she looks around.

“Ay! Aieee! (giggling)” Andi went uttering as Lex grab her crotch.

“At ang fifi mo, ang tambok din mmmhh!” Lex said going gigil on her crotch.

“Ang bad mo talagaa siz!” Eindi uttered very annoyed.

“Why is it not malamok here? di ba gardens are always malamok? Here pa it’s the frikking Amazon!” Eindi asked rubbing her thighs.

“Well, (blowing out smoke) it pretty has much of the greenies which skeeterz hate.” I said shaking my fingers to the herbage. “There are citronellas, lilacs, marigolds…”

“Uh, yeah, I’ve read about those” She said.

There’s also an artificial waterfall which can also be fed by rainwater, which is like the ones we have in our garden pool back home.

“So, ano food n’yo?” She said as she bends to the table and began pawing through the food..

“Ay, wow pizzas!” She exclaimed gleefully opening boxes, and she began stuffing her mouth and forking leftovers and takeouts.

“Mm, mm, mmhhh!” She uttered, bobbing her head, swooning, as she sits between us, with her legs crossed on the bench.

“Hey, slow down there girl, di ka ba nag dinner?” Lex said chuckling caressing her back, and wiping her mouth with a tissue.

“I did.” Andi replied, talking with a stuffed mouth. “We had dinner sa uhm, (swallowing) ewan ko I forgot the frikking name, baliwsaway or balinsawsaw, something ek ek, I didn’t eat much, boring yung food.” She said and forks another food to her mouth then taking a bite of pizza.

“Sarap nang steak and lobsters! eto ano to? and this, what’s this dish? and where did you get the pizzas, sarap din ah.” She asks pawing through the food and then takes another slice.

“Balinsasayaw!” Lex said giggling clawing her nape and she went flinching as she got tickled.

“Ok naman food dun, well that’s it, ok lang, so-so, super bagal na, ma nga shonga pa.” Lex said, “not worth coming back to.”

True we had dinner there, and yes as Eindi had said boring ang food nang balinsasayaw, it’s not that bad but it lacks character, just like in the resto-pub where Lex and I met the first time, and the kind of service they give, well it does reflect a lot, and it’s the kind of restaurant where you should only order drinks in bottles so yeah I reckon they SHOULD close down.

(also filipino food may be comforting, but compared with other cuisine it is boring, so a lot of restos offering fusion or “modernized” filipino cuisine have been popping up yes?)

“Anong drinks niyo ma nga siz? you have sugar-free sodas?” Eindi asks whilst chewing.

“Actually, dahling no…” I said as I stoop to open the cooler. “Let’s see, we do have green tea, coconut water, uhm… ” I said tapping my chin “Welch’s, lightbeers aaand…” I said as I take out the bubbly that’s been chilling there.

“I’ll take a beer.” she said.

Lex and I looked at each other, “are you sure dahling?” I said.

“Yeah! I had beers before.” she said

“Talaga lang ha? this is not apple juice like last time.” Lex said with an eyebrow raised.

“Yah! In Denmark I’ve tried nissel, pskel, Erdinger Kristall, I had, sapporo, kirin, coors, sanmig dry, sanmig…”

“Ok, ok, sabi mo eh!” I said chuckling, opening her a corona and then popping a lime in it. “I reckon this’ll work for you.” I said handing her the bottle.

“Prost!” Andi uttered as we all clinked our bottles in a toast before taking a drink. Lex and I finished our beers and I popped the cork of our pink bubbly.

Eindi then burped loudly and excused herself “Wow happy tummy!” lex said chuckling as she lights up slimmies.

“(chewing) Siz pwede pa puff?” Andi asked as Lex was handing me my lit up cig.

“Ay naku inday,” Lex replied blowing smoke with her head tilted up “you’re very young pa!”
Eindi downed her bottle and asked for another.

“What are you listening to?” she asked curious about the kind of music that were playing on my phone.

“These are my jam luv.” I said blowing smoke away. (You know the kind I mostly listen too, even though I was born in the mid 90s)

“Ma nga di pa tayong tatlo pinapanganak ‘day !” Lex said chuckling before taking a drink of the bubbly. “Meron din naman hindi, but still ma nga babeez or kiddeez pa kami ni ate (my real name) mo.”

“I know they’re pretty old but I’ve heard them from movies and TV shows” Eindi said, head bobbing, moving to the music of Cat People (Putting out Fire) by Bowie as she continue eating.

I then let Lex play club music from her phone much to their delight and a tad bane to me.
but nothing is more bloody bane than a fucking filipino karaoke party! Thank all that is good and bloody sane we don’t have those in our neighborhood back in the mainland except where my nunhouse is.

(mabaldado na sana ang lahat na walang consideracion at delicadesa na makapal ang face ipangalandakan ang mala-pusang sinasakal nilang boses – Lex)

We went on drinking and eating, occassionaly going to our flat to take a wee, and or get more beers and snacks, either 2 or all of us would go. She and Lex would always go giggling, and screaming timidly everytime they go running to the house and back as they were only in their knickers and shirts.

They didn’t bring a brolly one time when the rain subsided but then it went pouring hard again and they came back dripping wet in the patio, and Eindi reminded me of a scene in a movie where India Eisley’s character is a psychotic babysitter.

“Fuck, tang inang ulan yan traidor!” Lex exclaimed cackling as they dry each other off with paper towels.

We talked about many things, boyfriends and stuff, each revealing lots, but we haven’t told her about my “alter ego”, yet, among other secret things. Eindi said she hasn’t kissed any boy yet, as in snogging (making out – Lex).

She hasn’t seen porn but she has watched r-rateds and shows with a lot of sex and titties like game of thrones, and was really curious about hardcore porn, so we let her watch some selections on our phones, the usuals including interracials and povs, and of course girl to girl action.

As expected she went “Aaiieeee! (giggling) ay shit, omgeee! ay ang laki!, Aaiiieee,” or sometimes “ewww!” grimacing, and or cringing “yuck kadiri!” seeing cocks spitting cum, and or girls eating them, and more grimacings, often cursing in Austrian-German, giggling and timid screamings whilst wincing, squeezing herself and huddling with us. She is quite fascinated with lesbian porn though, especially where there are more than two women are involved.

“So, san kayo galing? what did you guyz do today?” she asks, eating crisps with Lex.

“W-well uhmm…” Lex said as we look at each other as I was re-lighting the candle.
“Ayan nilalafang mo na!”

“Hindi nga!” Eindi uttered as she went forking food and then takes another pizza.

“Nag shopping lang, (blowing smoke away) tapos nag lunch.” Lex said and she takes a drink of the bubbly.

“Wala kayong dessert?” Andi asks as she went pawing through the food.

“Nag Nocs halo-halo lang kami!” Lex said as she passes the bottle to me.

“Ay daya n’yo!” Eindi said with a mouth full “di n’yo ko sinama!”

“Tulog ka pa ata kanina ‘day, and besides may ginawa pa kami!” Lex said giggling.

“Like what?” Eindi asks sounding very inquisitive “come on guyz tell me!”

“What the bloody hell!” I said “We’re all a tad drunk anyway.”

We told her everything as in every bloody damn fucking thing we did in the garden shop.
and she went like “Oh my god! …ay shittt! really? talagaa?!” with lots of giggling and fainting screams.

“So uhm you guyz are uhm, Bi’s uhh lesbians?” she asked sheepishly not wanting to offend.

“Uhmm actually we’re more than those sweetie, quite different I must say” Lex replied in a fainting tone, “we’re still pretty much straights.” I went nodding as she (Eindi) looks at me doe-eyed, and yet very astonished.

“Like uhmm, really super besteez with uhm extra benefits!” Lex said and I went smirking with an eyebrow raised.

“Really? that’s how you put it?” and Lex made silly taunting faces, with her tongue sticking out.

“Anyway,” I said, taking her hand “I know it’s a tad weird for you to take in, but si ate (Lex’s real name) and I along with the other girls share a very special friendship, more than just besties, more than sisters, more than lovers…”

“Yeah, I get it, (nodding, smiling staring into space) I really bloody FUCKING get it!” Andi said chuckling, eyes sparkling, and then takes a drink.

“Ha, she gets it.” I said, as Lex and I looked each other nodding, lip-pursing.

“But uhmm, (swallows) do your boyfriends know?” she said.

“Oh ho ho, hell no!” Lex said chuckling, “It’s an all girl club, a no boy zone, one of our rules is ‘thou shalt not party with boyfriends’, ” and I winked at her (Eindi).

(another rule, no tattoos and body piercings, so Li don’t often has her nose stud and navel piercing whenever we see each other)

“Oh, u-huh…” Andi uttered nodding staring into space “Achso, fucking amazing!” and then takes another drink of her limed corona.

We went on talking, letting Andi partake of the bubbly, she became more vulgar with her speaking as her cheeks went even went more flushing. She then took off her still damp shirt, revealing a thin, loose fit camisole and teenie bra.

“hmmm, anong cig yan? ang bango smells like apple strudel?” Eindi remarked as Lex was lighting up a sweedy.

“Wow sosi nang lola mo, bongga, apple strudel!” Lex said chuckling then coughed a little whilst blowing out smoke as she hands me the sweedy.

“Ano nga yan?” Andi asked as I was taking a puff.

“Uh it’s ano dahling uhmm…” I said blowing out smoke and then she gasped as she had guessed what it is.

“Hhh, oiiida!, MJ yan?!” she exclaimed as I hand it back to Lex.

“Mhmm” I uttered nodding.

“Talaga? oh my fucking gawd shit! Saan galing? Where did you guyz get it? Where do you buy it?”

“We don’t smoke any other weed babygirl except this kind” I said.

“Galing UK my dear, (takes a puff) gawa ni Li, our girlfriend in London” Lex said wincing and then slowly went blowing out smoke.

“Aren’t they illegal?”

“Yes they are dahling” I said as I take the sweedy from Lex.

“Sooo, how do you guyz get them? and you said your girlfriend Li makes them?” Andi asked looking so fucking amazed.

I told Eindi pretty much about our special sweedies, that Li grows them in her secret “garden” how she makes each flavor, and how she sends the sweeteez to us, of course I won’t be disclosing them to you, and I reckon you have a pretty good idea of what Li’s major is.

(Each strain is grown in it’s own unique specially treated soil, some even volcanic soil. So I may sound pretentious to say that ours are far more exquisite, and a tad “healthier” compared with the rubbish sold locally that many of you folks may be smoking).

“Ah ang galing, Dass ist ur cool! Ist ur Krass!” she said, “what about others like uhm, crack, ecstasy or cocaine?”

“No, we’re not into those bloody rubbish things dahling.” I said wincing.

“We haven’t tried any of those, sweetie, e-vah!” Lex said

“And neither should you, my pretty sugar muffin!” I said gently squeezing Eindi’s face shaking it and then giving her a smooch.

“P-pweding pa try? can I have a puff?” Andi asked sheepishly.

“Well, uhmm…” Lex uttered as she looks at me.

“Puh-leez?” she begged, doing a cute pouting face, and I nodded to Lex.

“Alright, sige na nga, o here o” Lex said

“Oh yay!” Eindi uttered, looking so thrilled and excited.

“Take it slow babygirl” Lex said holding the sweedy to her mouth “puff konti, that’s it, then slowly take it in”

Andi went coughing lightly, and we went rubbing her back, “now let it out dahling.” I said

“Oh wow,” she uttered lip-smacking, “it’s fucking weird, but sweet, fruity, spicy, uhmm smokey?”

Lex and I went chuckling shaking our heads.

“And?” Lex said, and Eindi takes another puff, holding it, and slowly breathes it out.

The was silence for some minutes, the downpour became zen.

“It’s fucking bloody spectacular!” Andi exclaimed doing a forced accent that sounded like if a Newcastle fucked a Cockney. (producing a hybrid accent that is)

“Wow, taga Middle-earth ka girl?” Lex said chuckling.

“Does your girl Li sell this?” Eindi asks.

“Oh, ho no, cupcake, these are exclusive only to us, within our circle.” I said winking at her.

We went back to playing my kind of music. And we went on drinking, laughing, partaking sweedy, with mostly 80s like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” playing on my phone.

(What can I say, I’m a popculture-philiac)

Eindi became more vulgar, laughing loudly, talking silly sometimes speaking in Austrian German with some Danish.

“Ay naku, ‘day, that’s enough sweed for you!” Lex said laughing.

The rains went pouring harder, allowing us to get louder, and Eindi and Lex went dancing, holding beer bottles, whooping and cackling mad, Eindi showed no qualms on being more scantilly dressed outdoor, even as vehicle lights would go cutting through the dense overgrowth of hibiscus and bougainvilleas.

“So ate (Lex’s real name) how did you dance naked? Especially when may nanonood na kid?” Andi asks as she sat rocking with arms around her legs.

“Uhmm, well… hirap i-describe!” Lex said then looks sensually at me bite-lipped and then looks at me. “Ganito nalang, uh babe give me some music, uhmm make it steamy and sticky-slippery.”

I then made a selection from my playlist; Cat People (Putting Out Fire), A Girl Like You (E. Collins), Shake the Disease (Hooverphonic), The Look, Poison (Alice Cooper), Pour Some Sugar on Me, I Hate Myself for Loving You, Cherry Pie, I Touch myself, Get Into the Groove …

Lex took a long puff and then began her very sexy dancing, but bloody damn more hotter, bloody lot fucking seductive than how she went at the garden shop, with sweet cannabis smoke coming from her mouth and nostrils like incense, her body moving very well to the tempo and melody of every song. I had my phone on videocon on her so that anyone, our girlfriends that is, who got notified and is available would see her.

Eindi and I, along with the girls who were present in the vidcon, went screaming, cheering. whooping, and laughing, especially when she got on the stone table, barefoot, and let loose her hair, her dancing became more sultry running her hands through her hair and then turned around, swaying her tushy to us as she slowly lifts her shirt up, exposing her supple back, as trike and vehicle lights went cutting through the leaves, then she turned around, with arms pressing on her boobies.

The girls on my phone went yelling and chanting “Yeah you go girl! take it off bitch, TAKE-IT-OFF-TAKE-IT-OFF…!”

She then sexily takes off her shirt and throws it at Eindi, who then went timidly screaming and giggling “Aieee! Oh my gawd, shit shit!” with hands on her mouth as Lex sensually fondles her bosoms.

Lex went down the table and puts her right foot up on the bench. Her sexy hips went sensually swaying and rocking as she gets her crotch close to Eindi’s face as her left hand went sliding down whilst her toes were caressing Eindi’s inner thighs getting her screaming timidly and giggling, scrunching Lex’s shirt.

“Ayeiii!” Andi uttered giggling, thighs closing as Lex’s toes went pressing and caressing her crotch.

Lex dipped inside her moist, transluscent knickers and began fondling and rubbing her pussy, moaning as she went, and then her fingers went fucking her lovehole as her sexy hips continue swaying and rocking sensually to the music. Andi was speechless as she watches with her mouth open, looking fucking gobsmacked.

“Ay shiiiittt! Oh my gaawwwd!” Eindi uttered giggling as Lex’s knickers became sopping wet of love juice and it went dripping down her thighs. She takes out her hand and I sexily sucked and licked her fingers, as Andi watches, gaping with astonishment.

After some more dancing and fondling of her boobs and pussy, Lex collapsed on the bench between us, very sweaty, panting and laughing.

“Ho-lee shit! Oh my fucking gawd! putang ina ang super hot mo siz!” Andi exclaimed gigglingly, pinching Lex’s arm and then puts her shirt over her bare bosoms.

The girls on my phone gave rowdy compliments, and those present were, Saeko, Ace, Li, Jade who was vacationing in Cancun with her boyfriend, she watched whilst in her bath, D&, Dd, Jojo, Cazz. Pheebz woke up during the middle of Lex’s dancing and Cai was at work and was only able to join in later and said sayang she had missed the show.

“So who’s Disney channel?” Cai asked, referring to Eindi. They asked if she is ‘assimilating’ are we bringing her ‘into the fold’.

Well that remains to be seen,” I answered “I reckon she has potential, but why don’t you meet her, and tell me what you think.”

They all went meeting Eindi, and Cazz recognized her as being in her school too. “So what
do you dahlingz think?” I asked them as Lex and Andi were talking “Uh yeah, she’s
cool, a little gooey on the side but nothing that can’t be worked on, she’s not your average ‘boobi-paloozi’.” They said.

“I’m glad to hear that dahleengz,” I said “Because I pretty much told her, unpublished Fairy Tales.” I said winking and we ended the call.

“So iz that how you went with the kid watching?” Eindi asks Lex.

“Uhmm well (panting)” Lex said “more or less, and (chuckling, shaking my thigh) I did it with ate (my real name) di ba?”

“Actually dahling” I said, “she danced a tad sexier now than when she did with the kid watching, and she I mean we, were both totally naked.

“Ang sobrang lucky naman talaga, nung kid! double the fun, you let him play with your boobs!” Eindi exclaimed giggling.

“I know right?!” Lex said chuckling “double the cherry pie, 4 times the fun bags, ” she uttered and we went laughing.

“Ang tindi nga lumamas nang boobs yung mokong, hayok na hayok!” Lex said cackling.

“And how old was he again?” Eindi asked.

“Uhmm, ma nga 7 or 8 (turns to me) what do you reckon luv?” Lex said caressing me behind my ear.

“Somewhere around those, could be 10 even, local kids are very short.” I said shrugging, as I take the bottle to my lips.

“Tapos yung first kid who caught you habang nag-do, do kayo, ma nga 3 or 4?” Andi said.

“Uhmm siguro ma nga ganon.” Lex said as she was tying her hair up in a messy bun.

“Tang ina sheeet, I still can’t believe what your ate (my real name) and I did.” Then she pulled me to her and we kissed passionately as Eindi looks on, gobsmacked gaping.

“Uhmm!” Lex uttered bit-lipped squeezing my face. “Shit tang ina ang landi landi natiiinn!”

“Yeah, ang super daring n’yo, tang ina talaga! Sooo you weren’t afraid na you might get caught? Ehr I mean other than by kids?” Andi said wincing.

“Yeah, kaunti.” I said “but I still have a wee shred of consciousness left.”

“Oo, sobrang lakas nang radar ni ate (my real name) mo!” Lex said cackling.

“Sooo first time nyo doing it?” Andi asks.

“Uhmm…(looks at me), in public, no, but in daytime, super risky and daring, kids watching, hell yeah!” Lex said.

“Sooo, how did it feel? I mean as you were… doing it” Andi asked.

“Exhilarating cupcake, super mega kinky, such fucking euphoria!” Lex said squeezing her face, and then Eindi went giggling and screaming timidly as Lex went necking her.

“Yung kid uhmm, did he play with his penis? uhhm nag-masturbate sya habang nag-do do kayo?” Eindi asked sheepishly.

“Uhmm, siguro, maybe, ‘di ko napansin girl, ‘kaw beh?” Lex said, pinching my thigh.

“Perhaps, but I always see his arms through the gaps whenever I look at him, siguro he’s hoping we let him play with our boobies again.” I said.

“Wow, grabeh talagaahh, you let him play with your boobs and seeing you butt naked and then watching you do it!” Andi said giggling with excitement.

“But mas matindi lola mo!” Lex said rolling her eyes to me and takes a drink of bubbly.

“Why is that, ano yun?” Andi asked and Lex and I looked at each other, chuckling shaking our heads as she puts her shirt back on.

“What?! (chuckling) come on guyz tell me!” Eindi begged shaking Lex’s thigh

We then told her about as we were driving back from a rainy “road trip” just wearing shirts and knickers, and we got lost so we got a dripping kid in the car to guide us, the boy thought we were celebrities yada, yada and Lex then told her the boy got a fucking hell of a tip before we got him off the car.

“Aieee, you did that?!” Eindi uttered giggling, “Oh my fucking g-Ach du heilige Scheisse!, you fucked him in the car as Ate (Lex’s real name) drove? shit ang super lucky naman nun! chaka ang daring!”

“Actually I had to pull over because I got libog watching them hahaha, and we also did it while were again parked on the side of the road pero wala na yung boy.” Lex said.

“Really? super risky! May nakakita sanyo? did anyone saw you?” Eindi said sounding very excited.

“Well, I don’t know, really,” I said puffing out smoke “It was pouring hard, and there were few cars on the road.”

“Shit ang lucky naman nun, I’m sure he went bragging it wagas to his friends!” Eindi said.

“Well, that is, if they’re gonna believe his story.” Lex said.

“I reckon his mates would think it’s bloody far-fetched.” I said passing the bubbly to Lex.

“Naman, would anyone believe him getting lucky with Liz…” Lex said chuckling as she takes the bottle.

“SHUT IT!” I snapped at her and she went cackling and making taunting faces.

“So you prefer the other? uhm Saar…”

“NEITHER! WALA!” again I snapped, chuckling.

“Sooo, uh, d-did you uhmm…” Eindi said sheepishly

“Wot?” Lex and I said almost in unison.

“W-well uhm…” Eindi uttered giggling.

“Ano nga?!” Lex said chuckling.

“Did you let the boy uh did he cum inside you?”

“Yeah, he did” I said chuckling and she went gasping.

“Oh my fucking g’d! putang ina shit ate that’s so fucking wild, but aren’t you afraid of getting preggy?” Eindi said, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

“Ay, sweetie may secret kami ni ate mo d’yan” Lex said giggling.

“What is it tell me?” Eindi begged pinching our thighs.

“O bakit ‘day, gusto mong maiyot? magpapakantot ka na ha?” Lex said tauntingly and chuckling.

“Gaga, siraaa!” Eindi retorted, eyes rolling.

“Well dahling…” I said then pausing to take a drink “there are ways to prevent yourself from getting preggers, also if that kid was 10 or 11, very unlikely, but though he’s short, and uncut, judging by his penis size, I reckon he’s about 12 or close to 13.”

“Uhmm, m-malaki ba yung d-dick n’ya?” Eindi said giggling.

“Well I would say it’s fairly ok for his age, I did enjoy it, almost 4 inches, foreskin and all!” I said chuckling “I cummed hard too” I said squeezing and shaking her face, making cutesy face.

“Ayiee! (giggling and timidly screaming) so how does it feel, getting cummed inside?” Eindi asked.

“Dahling… (turning to Lex) why don’t you answer that, since you’ve bloody experienced it the first time the night before…” I said and I winked at her.

“Naa…?” Eindi uttered brow creasing.

The rains have subsided, so we became a tad less loud, often speaking in nigh-hushed tones as Lex tells Andi pretty much in detail of what happened during the events of ‘Afterdark’.

“Ay Anong flavor yan siz? why is it longer than the other one?”Andi asks as I lit up another sweedy.

“I think, you would say amoy strawberry shortcake.” Lex said chuckling

“We call this stick ‘The Pink Lava’, it’s got a certain cannabis strain grown in volcanic soil with concentrated strawberries, berry liqeur, rose oil, spices…”

“You have other flavors with you?

“This is our last one, for tonight” I said blowing out smoke away from her but Eindi went wafting.

“Uhmm bango, parang akong nasa patisserie! amoy strawberry pastry! ” Eindi remarked.

“Sabi ko na nga ba eh!” Lex said chuckling

“P-patikim din?” Andi said, as I was passing Lex the sweedy.

“Ay nako, langhapin mo nalang yung usok namin!” then realizing the daftness of what she has just said “Ay shonga ko, that came out fucking stupid!” Lex said rolling her eyes, before taking a puff but blows the smoke away.

“Go on, let her,” I said “It’s just like the appledisiac.”

“O ayan,” Lex said, handing her the sweedy much to her delight, looking giddy as she takes a puff.

“Hey sweetie!” Lex exclaimed “hoy, kikay, hitit buga ka, di yan cuban cigar!”

Eindi takes in the smoke and then went coughing, and we went rubbing her back.

“Yan na nga ba sinasabi ko eh!” Lex said.

“Wait siz!” Eindi said, as Lex was about to take the sweedy from her. She took deep breaths and then takes another puff, going lightly, holds in the smoke then breaths it out slowly with her eyes closed.

“O ano? Happy?” Lex said.

“Fuck yeah!” Eindi replied nodding “KRASS! Das ist verdammt nochmal fantastisch!” , as smoke came out like incense from her mouth and nose.

We went talking, partaking sweedy and the bubbly, Eindi finished all the pizzas despite them being no longer warm.

“Hey I know that song!” she said as she sucks on a lime, as “Afterdark” is being heard from the speaker.

“It’s from uhm, ano ba yun ahh fuck,scheisse! (tapping her thighs, wincing), ahverdammt! ayun! From Dusk Till Dawn!” She exclaimed.

“You’ve seen that luv?” I said.

“Yeah, I like that film, saw it on cable, and I downloaded the un-edited online. Very young and super sexy si Salma Hayek then she turned she into this snake-looking vampire.

“I like the pussy pussy guy!” Lex said.

“Ah yaahh!” Eindi exclaimed cackling, “I fucking love that scene, ‘tiz so funny!”

“How did he go? uhmm.” Lex said “pano nga ba yun?” scratching her head

I then went searching online and we recited Cheech Marin’s character Chet’s movie line from my phone, Lex and Andi even went mimicking Chet’s actions, and trying to sound hispanic.

“Pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister we’re slashing pussy in half! Give us an offer on our vast selection of pussy, this is a pussy blow out! All right, we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, we got hot pussy, cold pussy, we got wet pussy, we got

[all sniffing]

Smeeeelly pussy, (giggling) we got hairy pussy, bloody pussy, we got (Eindi mimics action) snappin’ pussy, we got silk pussy, velvet pussy, naugahyde pussy, we even got horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy! Come on, you want pussy, come on in, pussy lovers! If we don’t got it, you don’t want it! Come on in, pussy lovers!

Attention pussy shoppers! Take advantage of our penny pussy sale! If you buy one piece of pussy at the regular price, you get another piece of pussy of equal or lesser value for only a penny! Try and beat pussy for a penny! If you can find cheaper pussy anywhere else, (bringing our heads together) FUCK IT!”

More Filipino Sex Stories :  Kantutan ng Isang Katulong at Ang Kanyang Amo PART 2

and we all went cackling, rolling with laughter, with hands on our mouths, struggling to keep ourselves from going too loud.

“Since these fucking local channels are dubbing even American/ English shows into tagalog, how would they do it?” Eindi said.

“Oo nga no?” Lex said chuckling.

“Yeah I wonder how they would, paano sila mag-tatalagugin iyong scene?” I said pondering, blowing out smoke.

“Tatagalogin!” Lex said cackling, squeezing my face. “Anyhoo they would definitely be cutting that scene!”

“But still, it will be fucking funny dubbed in tagalog!” Eindi said.

“Well it may probably go like this,” Lex said and took a puff and then a drink, and she recited the quote in tagalog with gestures whilst reading it from my phone;

“Puki, puki, puki! halina kayong ma nga mahihilig sa puki! Dito sa Kurot Dyoga tinataga namin ang puki. Tawad na, pili na sa ma nga puki namin, blowout na to! Meron kaming (gesturing to us) PUKING TISAY, uhh puking negra!

uhm, puking (putting a hand under a chin, doing a pose) KASTILA! puking chekwa, may puking mainit, puking malamig, puking basa, puking tuyo, meron kaming hmmmmhh (sniffing) MA-LAN-SAAANG pukiii!”

We went rolling in laughter and then she went on;

“Meron kaming puking mabalbon, puking kalbo, (chuckling) puking madugo,”

“Yuuck, eeww?!” Andi exclaimed giggling and wincing.

“meron kaming uhh (mimics crocodile action with her hands towards Eindi getting her flinching and giggling) puking nananagpang, may puking masutla, puking magaspang, puking malambot, puking MAKUNAT,

meron din kaming puking kabayo, puki nang aso, puki nang manok! Halina kayo, gusto niyo nang puki?, tera na, ma nga mahihilig sa puki! Kung ano man wala kami, ayaw niyo nun! Halina kayong ma nga hayok sa PU-KIII!!!”

Again we went laughing and then she went on.

“Sa ma nga mamimili nang puki, samantalahin na ang puday barya bagsak presyo. Pag bumili kayo nang isang klaseng puki sa regular na presyo, babayaran n’yo lang ang isa pang puki na kasing halaga or mas mababa sa halagang isang sentimo lang! San kayo makakakita n’yan? Kung meron pang mas murang puki d’yan eh di (making blossoming gesture) CHAROT!”

“My gawd bitch, that’s fucking tagalog overload, ano iyung magnanagnapang? and hayok?” I said laughing.

“Snapping siz! well, I think!” Eindi said gigglingly “And uhm hayok uhmm…”

“Ravenous!” Lex said cackling “as in animals! and it’s (grabbing my crotch) nananagpang uhmmmh!”

We let Eindi have another puff, and she breathed out slowly, smoke going like incense, whilst looking spaced out, and then went as if she’s trying to make smoke rings.

“Siz would you play that song again from the start?” Andi then said as I was re-lighting the candle, and then she got up from the bench and went stretching and fixing her panties.

“Sure dahling” I said getting my phone, sliding my finger on it to play Afterdark again.

She then went under the waterfall and got herself dripping wet, getting her shirt to go clinging on to her shapely body.

“Hey, what are you doing luv / babygirl?!” Lex and I said almost in unison and she went up on the table barefoot and after moving some items with her foot she looked at us teasingly as music went from Lex’s bluetooth speaker, Eindi began dancing provocatively.

“Oh—my—fuck-ing—–gawd!” Lex uttered as we’re both got gobsmacked as we were being treated to a seething spectacle by Eindi who’s totally devoid of inhibitions. We went holding on each other’s thighs as before our eyes our babygirl, the sweet innocent raven-haired princess, has transformed into an angel of sex, no scratch that, a sex goddess.

Eindi’s nubile body went very sensual, seethingly seductive, heavily inspired by Lex’s very erotic dancing and doing her best mimicking of Salma Hayek’s sultry dancing sans the snake.

We got so bloody gobsmacked and Lex just held her slimmy between her fingers letting it burn and the ash fell on her thigh, “Ay, sheeet!” she exclaimed and she brushed it off and puts the slimmy in a beer bottle.

(What you can do is watch that scene from Dusk ’till Dawn, and replace Salma with a young India Eisley with brown eyes wearing teeny night shirt and panties, without the snake – Lex)

She then slowly pulls her shirt up, hips swaying sexilly, exposing her lean tummy, and slowly went further up revealing her light blue teeny bra. Her hands than went sliding to her back, and undoes her bra, sexily takes it off and then throws it to us and Lex caught them.

Her shirt was so soaking wet and thin it went clinging to her bosoms, showing underboobs, nonetheless still a very nakakalibog sight.

It began to rain hard again accompanied with flashings and thunderings as she let her hair loose, the winds went blowing and the misting added more to the seething sensuality as she slowly had her fingers running through her wet silky chestnut hair,showing no qualms being scantilly clothed even with light from different sources went cutting through bougainvilleas and hibiscus, streaking across her body.

She then went caressing our thighs with her toes as she fondles her bosoms.She has good bearing, despite being bloody zonked (drunk and high), because she does ballet with a bit of jazz and gymnastics in school, which is also why she has got a shapely body.

“Sweet — shagging –mother – of sizzling flaming Aphrodite!” I uttered to Lex getting so sensually mesmerized with Eindi’s sultry dancing. “(Her real name) dahling this fucking makes me want to break a rule so that the dahleengz could see this.

“I know right?” Lex murmured back, leaning to me. “I never knew I could be so turned on by such a young lovely girl, at ang boobs ah, ang bibilog for a 14-year old.

(break rule of no recording and storing of raunchies on phones or gadgets, and I didn’t bother to have another vidcon, as I don’t want to disturb my dahleengz)

Her toes then went for our inner thighs getting us titillated even more, and got Lex to bring her hands to her mouth, uttering “oh my god!” in muffled tone.

Eindi’s toes went crawling under our knickers, pinching and pressing the edges of our crotch and sides.

“What the bloody fuck have we done?” I murmured, looking transfixed, as I get more aroused.

“I know right?” Lex said with hands till on her mouth but a tad less muffled.

Her lovely form kept on swaying seductively to the music as her fingers went sexily wrapping around the bottleneck of the bubbly in my hand, and went sensually stroking the bottle as if it were a fucking cock.

She then took the bubbly from my hand, and tilted her head, hips rocking and swaying as she pours the pink liquid to her mouth letting it trickle down her neck, staining her shirt, as her foot slowly went up, caressing our arms and sides and going up to our shoulders.

Swaying sexily she began pouring bubbly on her leg, and it went trickling down, and staining our shirts. Lex and I went licking and sucking the wine from her foot and toes, caressing it as our mouths slowly go up her thigh, as the song is ending.

“Ay! Aaieee!” Lex and I went yelling as Eindi slipped and lost her bearing. I was able to catch the bottle and Lex was able catch her by her hips.

“Ay! hihihi” Eindi went uttering as Lex caught her.

“O-my gawd, dahling, are you ok?” I said quite shaken as I put down the bottle, as she went sinkingon Lex’s lap, straddling her. Lex pulled down her shirt and went hugging her tight, with her head on her shoulder, Andi chuckling, looking so stoned, as her arms went hanging limp.

“Mhh-I got you sweetie, you’re ok, you’re ok” Lex uttered as she went rocking hugging her tight, and I caressing her back.

Eindi’s hands then went coiling around Lex’s neck, moaning and smiling, I then leaned and kissed her and she coiled her arm around my neck.

“Mmmh, I love you guyzzz! Ich liebe dich meine Schlampen!” she murmured

“You gave us a fright there dahling!” I said as we went huddling. She then looks at us caressing our necks.

“You like?” Eindi uttered sleepily.

Lex and I looked at each other and uttered “Fuck Yeah?!!!” chuckling.

“My gawd, you were so super hot babygirl!” I said

“Yah! ang sexy sexy mo girl uhmmmh!” Lex uttered squeezing her sweet buns (bum).

“Talaga?” Andi uttered smiling “Did I dance like Salma?”

“A bloody lot better sweetheart!” I said giggling.

“Oo talaga, sheeet! (giggling) you were so fucking hot as I am, singgaling mo si Ate (Lex’s real name)!” Lex said and she went cackling, and I went scoffing, rolling my eyes.

“O bakeeet! hindi ba?!” Lex went snapping with an eyebrow raised.

“Oo na! Oo na! Ikaw na!” I said tauntingly.

“Naman!” Lex said haughtily. “Pero ikaw girl (at Eindi, squeezing her buns, bite-lipped) mmhhh tang ina ang luufeeet mooo! mmmmhh! na-arouse wagas mo kami!”

“Talaga?! (blushing) I made you guyz hot? I got you fucking excited?” Eindi said looking very alive and fucking pleased. She brought our faces together and Lex and I began planting soft kisses on her lovely face getting her giggling.

“Mwuah! mwuah! mwuah!” she uttered as she went smooching with us.

Blazing flames of passion overwhelm us, and we began sucking lips with her, it was very hot, wet and sweet. We then went necking her and she would go flinching as she is very ticklish. “Ohh siz…” Eindi utters caressing our nape, her moaning a tad louder with her head turning, as she gets introduced to pleasures she had never felt before.

Eindi went on moaning, as we continue kissing, licking and sucking, loving every inch of her luscious, supple neck whilst caressing her lovely thighs, moaning with desire as we went. Lex’s hands then went sliding inside her knickers, and went fondling her sweet round buns and my hand under her shirt and began caressing her supple back, and she went flinching and arching as she gets back tickled.

We again went for her mouth, and we went frenching with her, all moaning with burning desire for each other. Eindi got more aroused and she went clawing our nape and shoulders.

She then went straddling on our thighs, her knees pressing our crotches, getting Lex and I gasping and grunting, as we continue kissing torridly with her. As one would lock lips with her the other would go necking her.

Our kissing was so fucking hot and wet, saliva went stringing from our mouths.
“Oh my g-god m-my first kiss is with girls.” She murmured a tad stuttering as she wipes her mouth.

“You like it sweety?” Lex asked as she run her thumb across Andi’s wet luscious lips, and I went smiling, kissing her hand.

She lovingly looks at us whilst caressing our cheeks, her eyes sparkling.

“I-I uhm..” she uttered and licks her lips. “Hell yeah?! I fucking like it!” and we all went giggling.

“I never felt this, t-t uhmm I feel so fucking tingly! I feel like I got little flying things inside me, and I’m so fucking hot, feverish!” she went exclaiming.

“Omg!” She then exclaimed giggling with excitement “guyz look, I got very wet!” and we saw her knickers really became soaking wet of her luvjooz.

“You also got us very wet babygirl!” I said, caressing her thigh, lightly rubbing my crotch on her knee.

“Yeah?!” she uttered with delight, and Lex went nodding.

“And, oh shit my nipples feel strange, omg they’re so fucking stiff!” Eindi said giggling as she feels her nipples, we went chuckling.

“O-my god! kayo din guyz aiiieeeee hihihi!” She utters seeing our stiffles.

“Shhh! ingay mo kikay!” Lex said chuckling in a hushed tone lightly pinching her side.

Andi then went bite-lipped as she pulls up our shirts, exposing our bosoms.

“Ang ganda ganda nang boobz n’yo guyz!” she said giggling as she fondles our bosoms, “And gawd! ang stiff din ng nipplez!” She uttered a tad swooning as all her fingers went pulling and gently twisting our nipples.

“You got us really hot and wet for you babygirl!” I said as we enjoy the soft, velvety feel of her warm supple hands on our bosoms.

“Yeah?!” she uttered giggling.

“Yeah mmhh sweety,” Lex said caressing her arm “Ang sarap mo naman mag fondle nang boobz!” she remarked giggling.

“Guyz, y-you think my boobs are also pretty?” She uttered and she slowly pulls up her shirt, exposing her young, but round, firm breasts with stiff, pinkish cherry-like nipples.

“You have lovely boobs dahling” I said.

“R-really?” Eindi uttered, a tad swooning, eyes sparkling.

“Mmmh, yummy din kaya nang boobs mo girl.” Lex said as our hands slowly went sliding to her bosoms.

Andi went moaning, with her eyes closed, getting overwhelmed by unfamiliar seething sensations as we went fondling her sweet bosoms, lightly pinching and pulling the very stiff nipples. Her lovely hips began rocking slowly getting her knees to go pressing on our crotches.

“mmhh ssshittt!” Lex uttered as our sexy hips also went slowly rocking, as Eindi’s fondling of our bosoms become more intense, mimicking our hands.

“Mmmh guyz, your crotches are so wet” Andi murmured, as indeed our knickers became more soaking wet.

“You’re making us so fucking wet dahling!” I murmured “Uhmmh, yeah!” Lex murmured a tad achingly.

“Guyz, uhmm, kiss uli tayo?!” Eindi said sheepishly giggling.

“C’mere babygirl!” Lex uttered giggling as we bring our faces together.

We went even more passionate than ever, frenching, necking with Eindi as we fondle each other’s bosoms.

“Uhmmh guyz,” Eindi uttered achingly “let’s take our shirts off! no let’s get fucking naked!”

“Are you sure sweetie?” I murmured,

“Hell fucking yeah, I want to do it with you guyz” Eindi uttered panting with excitement.

Lex and I help her take off her shirt, and then we help each other take off ours, and continued loving each other with our mouths and hands.

“Ohh my gawd, ohh fuck, I love you guyz so much, oh my very pretty aa-tes!” Andi uttered achingly as we were necking her, licking and nibbling her tender ears whilst fondling her all over.

“We love you too, babygirl, so so much!”Lex uttered in a passionate tone.

“Ohh guyz my nipples are so fucking stiff!” Andi uttered whimpering, so Lex and I went down and hungrily suckled her bosoms, getting her sobbing and whimpering even more, as the seething pleasure got her clawing our bosoms.

Lex and I then took off our knickers whilst sucking and licking her lovely shoulders. Our lovely hips went sensually rocking and swaying, rubbing our wet pulsing pussies hard on Eindi’s thighs.

“Ohh guyz my nipples are so fucking stiff shit!” Andi uttered whimpering, so Lex and I went down and hungrily suckled her bosoms, getting her sobbing and whimpering even more.

“Oh m’gd, shit, shiiit!, guyz awww fuck ang sarap!” Eindi uttered a tad whimpering clawing and caressing our nape as we went on loving her bosoms with our mouth, tongues went flickering on her stiff nipples.

Our hands then went sliding down, dipping in her soaking wet panties. She has very little pubic hair, which feels soft and feathery.

(Parang fifi nina Saeko, Ace, Jojo, Cazz and Alx pag di nag shave – Lex)

“Oh guyz, shit, (shuddering breath) oh gawwd, oh my gawd! that feels so good ohh gawwd!” she uttered achingly panting, and gasping, her lovely body convulsing, swaying, and rocking to the overwhelmingly burning pleasure she’s getting for the first time, as our supple fingers went loving every inch of her untouched womanhood, seething sensations a lovely young girl like her deserve.

Our supple fingers went rubbing her virgin pussy hard, getting it pulsing and very wet as ours, her pussy lips swollen, her clit, became very stiff and hot as hers.

Lex and I took turns fondling Eindi’s boobs and rubbing her virgin pussy and each other’s, as well as frenching and necking her, but we would be suckling Eindi’s boobs together.

“I’m close baby!” Lex murmured sobbing and gasping as we were necking Eindi.
“M-me too babe! (shuddering breath) me too” I murmured back as I also climaxed.
“Let’s make our sweet babygirl cum hard” Lex uttered whimpering “I want us to all cum very hard together!”

Our lovely hips went rocking faster, grinding our soft wet pussies harder on Andi’s thighs as we go fondling and rubbing her pussy.

Andi went loudly sobbing, and whimpering, tears falling, body going into involuntary spasms as she was very close to having her first gushing orgasm.

We went passionately kissing with her, moaning loudly, whimpering with tears as beads of sweat went rolling all over our scorching bodies as they went convulsing.

Eindi came very hard, and hot, sweet-smelling love juice went gushing forth from her pulsing virgin lovehole, drowning our hands.

Lex and I also went cumming hard on Andi’s thighs as we keep on rubbing her pussy hard.

Eindi collapsed on us as we fell on the bench’s backrest, and we lay there panting and gasping, bodies still convulsing, as our sweet warm juices keep pouring out from our pulsing loveholes.

We took out our cum-drenched hands out of her soaking panties and went sucking and licking her sweet warm virgin nectar from each other’s fingers.

Eindi can’t stop sobbing with tears falling and we petted her planting soft kisses on her cheeks.

“Uhmm I love you so much guyz, my very pretty ates,” Eindi murmured.
“We love you too lovely dahling, so very much.” I murmured back, as we wentt huddling.

“Babe, oi bru!” Lex uttered shaking my shoulder, and I woke up realizing we all had passed out. Lex and I still naked, and Eindi sleeping soundly with her head on my lap, her hips on Lex’s.

Lex said she woke up on her boyfriend’s ringtone as he would always ring her whenever he goes on a break, and it’s longer because it’s his lunch break.

(He was on graveyard then – Lex)

“Buti nalang nasa bandang puwet ko to.” She said gigglingly as she checks her phone for any messages “nagising din ako sa vibrate!”

“Babe, it’s almost 3 na,” She then said ” I think we better get back sa house, baka makatulog uli tayo and we don’t want the sun rising on us, also maaga nagigising ang ma nga utaw dito.”

“Huh, wha?” I said rubbing my eyes.

“The staff, bitch, they get up early” she said

We both wake up Eindi, and she went moaning as we got her up sitting and Lex help her put her shirt back on, and then she fell back to my lap.

“(My real name), I’ll be the one taking her to the house” Lex said as we were putting shirts back on.

“You go on and take her to the house girl, I’ll clean up here” I said.

“You sure luv? tulungan muna kita?” She said.
“No I’m fine girl, you two go now” I said lighting up a slimmy.

“Iwan muna natin here yang cooler?” She asks as she is putting on knickers.

“Yeah, sure!” I said shrugging.

She puts our gadgets and speaker in a plastic bag and then slings Andi’s Jameez and bra over her shoulder and help her get up from my lap, grunting and groaning.

“Unghh tang ina! bigat mo girl, come na sweety, let’s go home” as she held Eindi by her waist. Eindi went moaning and uttering gibberish as she puts her arms around Lex.

“Uhmm, I love you ateee, you’re so pretteeee uhmmmh” Eindi uttered sounding really zonked as she went necking Lex.

“Yeah? matagal na, since I was born, tera na kikay!” Lex said and takes the plastic bag with gadgets.

I watched my two dahlings, whilst tying up my hair, just in their shirts and panties as they slowly make their way up the steps, Lex appeared to be more hirap than when she was carrying the cooler with me. I secured my hair with Eindi’s hairclamp and then I put my wet panties back on.

I went picking up rubbish from the stone table, whilst forking leftovers to my mouth; empty bottles, empty boxes, aluminium foils and paper bags and other litter, putting them in the big trash bag.

I put the sanitizer, paper towels, used forks wrapped in tissues, and unopened crisps and snacks and unopened drinks in the eco bag, I’m English and also, waste not want not yes? and after checking if I’ve missed anything, I tied up the rubbish bag and made my way out of the patio grunting as I carry the heavy bags with me.

I didn’t risk coming out in the light and just put the heavy rubbish bag near the entrance.

I went in our pad, the AC was on, and saw Eindi lying on the bed, in the fetal position without her knickers. Lex came out of the bath, just in her knickers, as I was putting the drinks in the small fridge. She has a tower around her neck, which covered her bosoms, another towel over her arm, and a basin of semi-hot water.

“How’s sugar plum fairy here?” I said as I get on the bed and went petting Eindi.

“Hay naku ‘day, lasheng na lasheng, so fucking stoned! tang ina ang hirap, buti nalang we’re malapit lang from Jurassic Park!” Lex said chuckling.

I help Eindi get up on the bed, and we took off her shirt, seeing her completely naked in full light.

“Uhmm ang pretty mo talaga inday!” Lex uttered squeezing her face then gave her a smooch. She went moaning and speaking in Austrian German with a wee bit of Danish with her eyes shut as we clean her up. Lex then took out one of her unused knickers from her bag and tore the packing open with her teeth and took out a translucent pink cotton bikini-style.

“Oh thank gawd they’re neither T’s or G’s” I said chuckling as I take my shirt off, and she made taunting faces with her tongue sticking out whilst helping Eindi put on the panties.

“Mmhh, sizz!” Eindi went moaning as she went clinging on to me uttering something in Austrian German. “Oh my, I was going to take a quick hot shower luv.” I said chuckling.

We then dress her in one of Lex’s white nightshirts.
“Dito ka muna sweetie ha? shower lang kami ni ate(my real name)” Lex said as we lay her on the bed.

“you make bilizz!” Eindi uttered sleepily as she goes to a fetal position. “Yes we will ma cherie” I murmured and gave her a smooch.

Lex and I had a quick hot shower, then got on the bed wearing kimono robes, sharing a slimmy as we dry our hair.

“I think we just made her official huh?” Lex said as we were petting Andi as she sleeps on her lap.

“I reckon we did” I said chuckling, we then share a passionate kiss, and she mouthed “I love you.”

“This is just like when Veeny (Cai) and I met a similarly lovely young lass in boracay” I then said.

“Uh yeah?” she said “It was your first and last in boracay, and you and Cai were just 16 then? so what happened nga pala?” she said.

“Well,” I said then pausing to take a puff “well as we were walking along the beach (blowing smoke) I heard a song by Saeko and her girlband being played, and we met this girl who’s a Jpop fan, and who’s 13 and 3 quarters then and we bonded and yada, yada, yada, anyhoo will tell you more about it.”

“So what’s her name and how’s she now?” Lex asked as she takes the slimmy from my hand.

“Well,” I said ” her nickname is Ting Ting, and Cai said she and I could be sisters as we look very much alike. Well we haven’t heard from her recently, and the last time we saw her she was 15 and then only through Cai’s social media, she turned 18 and she was (making quotation gestures) still a virgin then.”

“So magkamukha kayo, that means she looks like either a younger Sarah or.. ” Lex said smiling mischievously.

“I would say she is more kahawig of the Liza girl, but a tad more oriental eyed” I said.

“And what do you mean by (mimicking my gestures) ‘virgin’?” Lex said giggling

“Basta, I’m too bloody spent to make kuwento.” I said yawning.

We slept cuddling with Eindi and with the night light on.

Later I got woken up by Andi’s phone buzzing under my feet. I picked it up and it was her aunt who was really upset of Eindi taking off at night without letting her know, or rather her stealing out in a rainy night. but wasn’t very worried as she knows she’s with us. I told her we went movie binging and eating pizzas all night at Lex’s flat, and that she’s still sleeping.

I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t and Lex then gets up the bed.
“Who was (yawning) it babe?” She asks sleepily, rubbing her eyes, “I heard you talking on the phone.”

I told her it was Eindi’s aunt who called on her phone, she was a tad fuming because she stole out last night, but cooled down rather quickly, knowing she’s with us.

“Hay naku naman kasi, di nagpapaalam ang bratinella!” Lex said chuckling petting Eindi.

“Dahling would you get us some breakfast?” I later then said.

“May dadalhin na breakfast, o (looking at her phone) 7:28 na so padating na, and they’d be bringing for 2, I can even place an order for extras” Lex said.

“Ayaw ko iyun,” I said, “I’m craving for a herb bagel, or croissant with some herbed creamcheese or jam, crispy bacon and cherry tomatoes, biscuits or toasts and sausages, salmon pate’ and really strong french roast coffee.

“Yeah I think I can get those, teka wash muna ko.” Lex said and then there was knocking on the door, and it was breakfast. Lex ties her robe as she went for the door and told the lady they can have the breakfast and handed her a bag of mangoes we had bought and requested they wash and cut them up for us.

“So what’s for breakfast?” I asked.

“Hotsilog” Lex replied as she got on the bed with two bananas.

“Ano iyon?” I said, brow creasing.

“You haven’t had that? (chuckling) well it’s jumbo hotdog, shanghai fly lies, and egg sunneez” Lex said.

“Hotdog and rice, I really find that weird” I said

“Hahaha, I enjoyed eating that as a child, with banana ketchup” Lex said

“Ugh!” I uttered wincing.

“I got us bananas though.” she said as she throws me one.

“I thought you like jumbo hotdogs, really fat and… tender, juicy, tasty, they’re good for fucking pussies!” Lex said in a singing tone and chuckling.

“LUKARET!” I yelled chuckling, throwing a piece of banana at her.
“Aieee!” she uttered flinching and giggling, “Oops!” as the piece fell on Andi’s cheek, and she went moaning.

Lex carefully picks it up and popped it in her mouth.

We then went lying on the bed with Eindi between us, petting her and planting soft kisses on her lovely face and neck, she smiled as she went moaning.

Lex then got up and went to the bath. She came out minutes later and puts on bra, shirt and denims.

“May pabibili ka pa girl? you want me to get you anything else?” she said as she was tying hair up in a messy bun.

“Just breakfast luv, and yeah slimmies, if we’re running low and ooh, sugarfree gum and pocari sweat please” I said.

“Gotcha!” she said and took the car keys and made her way out the flat. I was able to sleep a little and she came back a tad over half an hour later bearing bags and cardboard tray with 3 coffees.

“I don’t know if she would like it black so I got her a vanilla latte and or 2 shot caramel machiatto” she said as I help her set the bags down on the bed and then she gets the bed table, and puts the tray of coffees on it and then she went out of the house again.

“Hey sweetheart,” I said tapping Eindi gently on the cheek “coffee’s on”

She went moaning as I help her get up

“Mawnin’ dahling” I murmured and she smiled,

“Uhmm siz! mawnin’!” she uttered sleepily and coiled her arms around me.

Lex then entered the house moving backwards.

“Sige po, thank you, salamaaat!” She said in a melodious tone, and shut the door with her foot.

She came in bearing a tray of mango slices, and three short glasses of mango-banana smoothies.

“Oi babe!” she said grunting “girl patulong!”

I went over to help set the tray down on the bed, “Why didn’t you get help with these?” I said

“Ano papapasukin ko dito naka panties lang kayo?” Lex said sharply, cranky or rather in a “mataray” tone

“Was that edoy?” I asked

“No, it’s a kuya,” she replied as she was taking off her jeans, “and I also requested him to bring the cooler sa may door, but emptying it first of water. (seeing Eindi sitting up) “O gising na pala ang kikay!”

“Mawnin’ Ate!” Eindi uttered still a tad sleepily.

“Mawnin’ babygirl!” Lex said gleefully as she went over Eindi and they went hugging, rocking, as she smooches her on the cheek.

“Ok, let’s get down to bizniz!” Lex uttered and clears her throat “az per ordered, ze ‘ot black French roast, pour vous m’dmoiselle?” Lex said doing her best French accent as she hands me my coffee

“Ah, merci!” I said and then went swooning after taking some sips. “Oh Magnifique,parfait, c’est si bon..”

“And you sweetie? whaddya want, yung machiatto or vanilla latte?” Lex asked Eindi, and she chose the latte, “Oh yay! I get the 2 shot ma-keee!” Lex uttered gleefully as she takes the coffee.

“Oi ikaw bruha ka, di ka nagpapalam sa tita mong t-rex!” Lex said chuckling, poking her side and Eindi flinched.

(T-Rex as in Terrorasaurus Rex or puydi din Tita-na-serious Rex – Lex)

“I did!” Eindi uttered whilst sipping her coffee “I left a note on my pillow, or was it on the table? anyway what did she say?” Andi said.

“Well, it’s all green luv, she knows you’re with us, she’s just fucking upset you didn’t make paalam. Anyhoo let’s tuck in, what did you get us luv?” I said to Lex.

Lex went taking out food take-out containers from the bags and opening them, and Eindi and I went wafting as they go steaming.

“Oh by the way the deli-cafe has your smoked salmon pate'” Lex said shaking a chilled plastic container of pate’.

“Oh, bravo!” I said.

Lex got us bacon and sausage slices, with potato croquettes, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms with toast points and herb butter in chiplets, 3 each of warm croissant and bagels, with some cream cheese and jam on the side, a nine inch frittata and some warm breakfast biscuits, and we all tucked in.

“Siz (to me) pa try nang coffee mo?” Eindi asked as we were eating.
“Ok, but I don’t think you’d like it dahling, it neither has cream nor sugar” I said.

She took a long sip and then her eyes widened and went lightly coughing with a hand on her mouth.

Whoah! heilige sheisse! (cough) good mawnin’ !” She uttered.

“Haha gising ba?” Lex said as she dabs butter on her toast.

“Hell yeah?! tang ina pakshet!” Andi said rolling her eyes.

“Where is the buto?” Eindi asks as we’re having the smoothies and mangoes.

“Eh? tinapon na inday.” Lex said.

“Sayang! I like sucking on those” Andi said as we were spooning each other mangoes.

“The flesh was scraped muna and added na d’yan sa banana-mango smoothie mo.” Lex said

“Ah ok” she said.

After breakfast Lex and I lit up slimmies, and we smoked by the window with the shutters opened and with a fan blowing the smoke out. We then all went burping loudly simultaneously.

“Oh! happy days!” I uttered, blowing out smoke.

“Teka napoo-poo ako!” Eindi then said rubbing her tummy.

“So it was you!” Lex said chuckling blowing out smoke.

“What?” Andi asks, forehead creasing.

“Ikaw yung umutot kanina!” Lex said and went cackling, pointing at her.

“Hindi ah, I didn’t fart baka ikaw!” Eindi snapped, chuckling.

“Oh ho ho no, no my dear, (shaking her head) I know my brand and mabango utot ko, yung kanina amoy panis na kanal! ambantooot!” Lex went on cackling.

“No, baka si ate (my real name) hmmm malansaaang pu….!” Eindi said chuckling.

“Oh shut it! leave me the fuck out of it you whores!” I snapped lightly chuckling.

(So there, if any of you blokes are still in the dark about this issue, yes even hot girls fart!)

“Pahiram towel, ligo din ako” Eindi said as she hurriedly gets off the bed.

“Ayan sa may chair pukikay, sa banyo meron din” Lex said.

Eindi hurried to the bath, but left the door open.

“Hoy pukikay sara mo door! buksan mo vent, ambantot!” Lex yelled chuckling.

“Siraaa! Tseeeh!” Andi yelled back and slammed the door.

“You had fun last night luv?” I said blowing out smoke.

“Hell yeah babe! best party yet!” Lex said swooning, blowing out smoke. “My first girl threesome, sheeet sarap talaga! lalo na kasi it’s fucking daring outdoor sex!” and we went laughing.

“But with you girl, it is always hot, exciting and sexy!” she murmured, and we shared a long and passionate kiss.

“I can’t wait to do it with my other new sisters!” She an aching tone, fingers caressing my cheek, as we went passionately staring into each other’s eyes.

“Are there still virgins among them girl?” She said whilst lying on my lap, petting with me.
“Depends on your definition of virgin” I said.

“I mean just like babygirl here, hasn’t done it with a boy only with girls?”

“As the matter of fact yes,” I said “There’s Alx, a little older than Eindi, then Elle, the koreana, Jojo… We don’t encourage them to go fucking boys, actually I mean if you’re going do it, do it because you are burning with desire to do it, but also responsible enough, not because you’re fucking pressured and then regretting it later, if you think you’re not ready then don’t.”

“And most importantly, always make sure you don’t get the short end of the stick.”

“Amen!” Lex uttered, and we lightly bumped fists.

Eindi came out 40 minutes later towelling her hair, wearing the same shirt and knickers.

“Ay nag sweeds kayo?” She said as she approaches the bed.

“No, we didn’t dahling” I said.

“Hindi pwede lagi-lagi yun ‘day!” Lex said chuckling

“Pa puff na lang!” Eindi said as she gets on the bed.

“Ay naku tumigil kang bruha ka!” Lex said sharply as she gets up from my lap and puts out her slimmy.

Eindi got herself between us and went resting on Lex, with Lex’s arms around her.

“Siz pa puff?” Eindi asked as I’m still smoking.

“Hay ang KULIT talaga!” Lex uttered squeezing her cheeks.

“I don’t think you would like it luv” I said as I hand her my slimmy.

“lights naman to d’ba?” she said, as she takes it.

She took a long puff and then went coughing.

“Hay ayan kasi, kasi and kulit!” Lex said as we went rubbing and lightly slapping her back.

Lex then went and got her a bottle of green tea from the fridge.

“I thought I could do it (cough) as with the sweedy” Eindi said, eyes tearing, as she drinks her tea.

“Saka ka na mag try mag yosi pag college girl ka na” Lex said whilst rubbing her back.

“Or better not do it at all” I said.

“Is that how you always take it? I mean yung weed, like ordinary slim cigarettes?” Andi asked.

“We also have a hookah-bong at home, but we seldom use it, and sometimes during parties” I said.

“Do you also vape it?”

“Oh, ho no we don’t” I said chuckling “those stupid rubbish things I see many people toot on in public?”

“Mga nga pa-konyong dodong (chuckling)” Lex said “but I do have colleagues who vape.”

“What now?” I said brow-creasing.

“(Laughing) No, I should’ve referred to them as trying to be cool and hip.” She said.

“Well my point is, if you’re going to smoke just bloody take it the usual way, if quitting then just stop.” I said.

We then talked about the things that we did at our “garden party”.

“Was I really very hot, uhmm sexy?” Eindi said referring to her dancing.

“Gawd, you got us fucking gobsmacked!” I said taking the bottle of green tea from her “you were on fire dahling, smashing! You’re more magaling pa than that whore!” I said motioning with my head as I take the bottle to my lips.

“Tseeeh!” Lex snapped tauntingly, “Magsinggaling kami! we’re both fucking hot! uhmmmh!” she uttered squeezing Eindi and then went necking her, making noises, and she went flinching and giggling.

“You had fun last night ma chere?” I said

“Did I ever?!” Eindi answered gleefully “Krass! T’was the best party I’ve had!”

“We enjoyed it too dahling! So much!” I said and we went huddling with her, squeezing her.

“It was really fun, exciting and .. ” Andi went pausing and giggling.

“Aaand?” Lex uttered taunting.

“Ang h-hot, ang super kinky!” She said cringing, feeling a tad awkard.

“Let it out girl!” Lex said

“It was so fucking hot and kinky, I fucking love it!” Andi yelled out loudly in utter exhuberance.

“Hoy!” Lex snapped in a hushed voice “Oi girl ‘di mo kailangang ipagsigawan at ipangalandakan sa buong mundo!” she said chuckling

“Say what now?” I said brow-creasing.

“Sabi ko, she doesn’t have to announce or bloody shout it out to the whole fucking world!” Lex said, again doing her best English accent.

“We’re fucking glad you did dahling” I said and kissed her.

“Sooo does that mean I’m…” Eindi said, eyes twinkling “Uhh you know, a lezzie or bi?”

“Well dahling, nature designed human females to be omni-sexually stimulated, so to speak, since we’re the ones getting entered.” I said.

“What does that mean?” she said.

“Well men and women are very different not only physiologically, don’t ever believe what the fucking feminists say. Lesbians are not males with female physiology, and vice-versa.

“Sooo, there’s no such thing as pusong babae?” Lex said.

“You could say that,” I said and cleared my throat, “There are only two genders, of course I do respect certain people’s sexual, and lifestyle preferences.”

“homosexuality is but an illusion, sexual orientation is a fictional socio-political construct invented and manipulated by idiocrat hypocrites who are pushing for identity politics and gender diversity, equal status rubbish, to justify something that is but another kind of paraphilia, like let’s say necrophilia, pedophilia, fetishism, etc. albeit homosexuality, is now widely considered a normal variant of human sexuality, but at one time was discussed as a sexual deviation by Freud and the others.” I said.

“Ok, I’ll bite” she said.

“To begin with, straight or normal blokes are like horses with blinders…”

“Well that’s a perfect analogy!” Lex said chuckling.

“Oh shut it! anyway,” I went on “what I’m trying to say is, men are aroused and focused only to members of the opposite sex they find appealing, or whatever their fucking fetish is, females on the other hand…”

I went on explaining to them and I decided not to bore you any further with details, after all, most of the readers here are shallow, dense and wants instant gratification yes?

Lex pulled Eindi’s knickers from under her and began sniffing it.

“Hmmm bango, banghooo! hindi malansaaang pu….”

“Ehhh!” Andi uttered in annoyance and grabs her panties from her as Lex went on taunting and laughing.

“Ate (my real name) why aren’t you on instagram, tweeter, or other social medias?” Eindi asks as she was busy with her phone.

“I’m not into those luv and I don’t need those,” I said “I have ample apps to keep in touch, our shops have social media accounts though dahling.”

“Kasi suplada lola mo, briton kasi!” Lex tauntingly said.

“Ay, ako naman napoo-poo-poo!” She then said rubbing her tummy.

“Eeew, amoy malansaaang pu….” Andi uttered chuckling, looking at her phone.

“Ano?!” Lex snapped chuckling.

“Pwet, malansaaang puwet! BAHOOO!” Eindi said tauntingly and giggling, and then she went flinching, screaming timidly and giggling even more as Lex began tickling her.

“Ay-aieeee! Siiizz!” She went uttering, clinging to me for help, thighs squeezing as Lex went grabbing her crotch.

“Malansang puwet palang bruha ka hah?!” Lex said laughing as she went on tickling her.

She then went hurrying to the bath.
“Hmm, ay parang lumabas na, eeeww, yuck, BAHOOO!” Eindi tauntingly yelled, giggling.

“Aieee (giggling)” She uttered flinching as Lex threw her knickers at her.

Lex came of the bath, toweling herself as she was putting shirt Eindi and I were watching videos on her phone.

“Oi, pukikay panties ko?” She said as she gets on on the bed.

“Ayan! ang baho, yak!” Andi said as she throws Lex her knickers.

“Tseeh! baho ka d’yan (sniffs) bango bango nga eh, aye Dios mo, esto huele tan divino! amoy fifi nang kastilang sosi!” She said haughtily, sniffing her knickers.

“Weeeh! Kastila, Oh, mein gott, willst du mich verarschen?you look more Japanese!” Eindi said giggling.

“Oh ho ho ho, I love it when I’m right!” I uttered haughtily chuckling, and Lex made silly taunting faces with her tongue sticking out as she puts on her knickers.

“Watcha watchin’ there anyway bitchez?” Lex asked.

“Some feeds, funny vids…” Eindi and I answered.

We went on watching trivial stuff on social medias, and then some porn on the telly via usb.

“Yung ma nga vajs n’yo ang smooth, like many of these pornstars” Andi said as we were watching some girl to girl action.

“That’s what you call Hollywood shave” Lex said.

“Yeah I know,” Eindi said, “I’m not a fan of these brazilian and french styles, so how do you guyz do yours?”

“Well..” I said and cleared my throat, “If not in salons, we use honey, extra-virgin olive oil and lemons.

“Swerte lola mo” Lex said mouthing at me “She doesn’t grow pubes and hair in her armpits.

“Talaga?, siz gusto ko din mag shave, I want my vaj to be as smooth as yours guyz.” Eindi said.

“Just be au naturel for now luv” I said.

“‘Yeah, wag ka muna mag shave girl,” Lex said and then pulled down Eindi’s knickers,

“O di naman malago pubes mo, it’s barely tutsang, katulad nang legs mo, mala-balahibongpuza, inggit ako” Lex said chuckling.

“What now?” I said forehead-creasing

“like cat’s hair luv, but it’s more soft, thin and feathery” She said fixing Andi’s panties.
“Uhmmh, tambok din talaga fifi mo girl mmmhh!” she uttered squeezing her pubis.

“Engghh!Scheisse! Ah,Verdammt! ang bad mo, you always do that!” Eindi uttered, frowning in annoyance.

“Tambok naman talaga eh!” Lex said chuckling. “Just like your ate (my real name).”

“Look who’s talking, you also got a cameltoe!” Eindi said tauntingly.

“Really!” Lex exclaimed gleefully, “talaga? thank you, danke! umwuah!” she uttered chuckling, examining her crotch.

“You hate it when I grab your crotch pero you enjoyed it wagas last night!” Lex said taungtingly.

“schupf di!” Andi uttered blushing and went sticking out her tongue.

“Oh, ho, ho, ho, don’t go Ms. Hitler on me fraulein!” Lex went on teasing, and Eindi kept taunting with her tongue.

Then Eindi’s aunt called on her phone, telling her to go home.

“O ayan na nga, uwi ka na baka ma-ground ka pa girl!” Lex said chuckling

“Siz, hiram ko muna tong panties mo?” Eindi said as she was putting on her jamz.

“Sayo na, palit tayo akin nalang tong panties mo (sniffing) hmm amoy anime, amoy apple strudel!” Lex said taunting.

“Enghh,Scheisse! give it back here!” Andi protested.

“San mo lalagay to? wala ka namang pockets” Lex said as she was tying the laces of Eindi’s jamz.

“Oi pukikay dalhin mo nalang tong biscuits and chicken empanadas sa tita t-rex mo” Lex said handing a paper bag.

“Ay, cool, she loves empanadas!” Eindi said looking into the bag.

“Oh eto pa, bigay mo nalang sa cousin mo ‘tong blueberry cheescake and banoffee, I uh we’re so fucking full of gluten na!” Lex said handing a plastic container.

“Uwi mo na din kaya girl yung white plastic bag, I think may natira pang 6 mangoes there, para wagas talaga pang-bribe mo” Lex said chuckling.

“Ok, vielen danke ma nga siz!” Eindi said as we went hugging and smooching.

“Uh, uhm how do you say you’re welcome, (looks at me) uh bitte?” Lex said.

“Uh, yeah, it works in Austria” I said shrugging “perfect pronunciation by the way luv.”

“Bon chance, ma cherie!” I said giggling as Eindi walks to the door.

“Tschuss baba, bussi guyz, bis spater!” Andi said as she went out the door.

“Uh, I-yeah, see ya later girl, uhm whatever that means!” Lex yelled.

“Uh, I reckon that’s what she meant luv” I said.

Lex and I then did an hour of yoga, then we slept until 1 pm, and we decided to hit the gym before she drives me back to the nunhouse, to sweat out all the bloody gluten we stuffed our bodies.

As expected Eindi wanted to come with us, and we had to go see her aunt to make paalam for her, and she gave her consent as according to her we’re such “fine and decent lovely young ladies, and very proper” and hopes we rub off even just a wee bit of charm school juice on Eindi.

Later as we were prepping up at our flat, there was a knock at the door, Lex quickly went for our robes as we were only in our tanks and panties.

Eindi then came in with a backpack slung over her shoulder, she quickly kick her shoes off and then pulled down her stressed jeans revealing a cute, seamless, teen lace knickers.

“Tita doesn’t want me going out wearing gym legging shorts, weird n’ya no?” She said as she open her bag to get her leggings.

“Oh…” Lex and I uttered in unison

Hi guyz, my ate pre-teez” she uttered smiling as she approached us wearing a loose fit shirt and panties

“Hey dahling” I said as I reach out to her, we did our usual greeting but ending with her straddling me and instead of smooching she locked lips with me and we did very passionate frenching, moaning loudly as go we pressing and rubbing bodies.

“Oh my gawd, baby!” I uttered with saliva string from our lips “You’re a bloody damn excellent kisser, so exquisite luv, bra-vo!”

“Yeah, talaga?” she said eyes gleaming and licking her lips “Well, it’s because I have a bloody damn excellent teacher, uh I mean (looking at Lex) excellent and very hot teachaaz!”

“Owz?” Lex uttered with an eyebrow raised “magaling na siya mag kiss? Patikim nga, c’mere sexy” and she pulled Eindi to her.

Eindi straddled her as they do the greeting which also ended in passionate kissing with lex squeezing and fondling her bum.

“Uhmmh, sheeet girl, ang galing mo na talaga mag kiss ha, ang saraaap sheeet!” Lex uttered as she went necking Eindi, her hands went inside Eindi’s knickers and continued fondling and squeezing her bum.

“Uhmmmh ateeehh” Eindi uttered with her eyes closed, head turning, her hips sexilly rocking.

“Oi, bitchez..” I muttered but they kept on, and as much as I’m getting turned on watching them and tempting me to join in we’re on a tight sched.

“Ay!” Eindi uttered giggling as lex slammed her on the bed.

“I’m going to rape you my pretty little bitch!” Lex said looking devilishly sexy as she holds her down.

“Ay, ayieee, sssizz (giggling)!” Eindi uttered loudly and flinching as Lex went rougly necking her as she pinned her down.

“Rape! rape! ayeeiii ateeeh stop!” Andi kept yelling, giggling as Lex’s pretty bum, which had a black sheer low rise panties on, went bobbing between her thighs as she continue to ‘ravish’ her.

Lex then became gentler and passionate, and the grunting, screaming, and giggling became sweet sensual moanings as Eindi’s head again went turning with her eyes closed.

“Uhmmm ateee” Andi uttered a tad shivering as they suck lips “Y-you’re making me wet”

“That’s the idea, isn’t it?” Lex muttered and then lets go of Eindi’s wrists.

Andi puts her arms around Lex as they passionately kiss, moaning loudly with desire.

“Ohhh, ate, ateeeeh!” Eindi uttered moaning as Lex continue to “fuck” her

“Oi!” I yelled and gave Lex a hard slap on the bum but they went on.

I then went down and bit her bum like a wolf.

“Ay, shit tang ina, aray, aray! Hey, ano ba girl?!” Lex went yelling as she came to.
“Bitch ka, ang sakit!” she said rubbing her bum.

“You whores aren’t we suppose to be somewhere? Eh?” I said with hands to my hips.

“Ay, shit oo nga pala gym time, get up sweetie!” Lex said as she pulls Eindi up from the bed andI saw both of their crotches have wet patches on them.

“We’ll continue this later, you’re mine bitch mmmmhh!” She uttered pinching Andi’s bum.

“No, you’re my bitch, bitch!” Endi retorted squeezing and shaking Lex’s face.

“Yeah, whatever my pretty little whore, go na bihiz na!” Lex said and slapped her bum.

“Wait guyz I wanna show you something” Eindi said in an excited tone, holding the sides of her knickers.

“Later na girl” Lex said as she made her turn and again slapped her bum.

We all wore shirts over our sports bras, and sweatshirts tide around our waists, over our short leggings, Eindi had laced shorts over her hers, just in case her tita would see her.

After an hour of workout, and for a very late lunch we bought a tomato-basil-feta-goatcheese salad, honey roasted carrots, some light crackers, gluten-free melba toasts and herbed bread sticks to go with organic honey and cheese and also the salmon pate that Lex bought and we got Eindi a large halo-halo from Noc’s.

(buti nalang there are places in Puerto where you can buy these things often pag provincial ang place, 7-11 and fast foods lang meron – Lex)

We then drove up to a slope with very dense tall grass and other plants, and couple of trees with thick leaves touching the ground, and had a picnic on the grass near the edge of cliff that is overlooking a valley dotted with settlements and bordering with the sea.

“Oohhh wow, o-m’gd!” We went exclaiming putting our shades on top of our heads, as we stand at the edge getting overwhelmed by the scenery.

“Ang cool parang view sa Tagaytay!” Lex remarked.

“I reckon this is a tad better luv” I said.

“Yeah, I think so too” Eindi said

“They should put up a view deck here, uhm you think other people had been up here before?” Lex said.

“Well, if there were, it hasn’t been for a quite a while, and we probably were the first to have ever dared drive up here after a very long time.

“Hey, look over there you guys!” Lex said pointing to our left “There seems to be a steep winding pathway going up here.”

“People may have come up here but they haven’t dared drive a car even just a few feet from the road side, let alone all the way up here, the grass and plants make it look inaccessible” Andi said looking down the road, “I think our car is barely noticeable being smothered by grass and foliage and also green pa yung car”

“Oh m’gawd, guyz what are you doing?!” she yelled giggling as she saw us taking off our shirt and shorts.

“Well, experiencing more of nature sweetie, being part of it” Lex said chuckling as she was freeing her legs of her shorts.

“You too dahling, come on, you yourself said we’re barely noticeable from the road” I said as I savor the cool seabreeze that’s caressing my body.

“What about the people down on the valley, and those along the slopes?” Eindi said shaking her fingers to the houses high up on the slopes and on the tops.

“What about them?” Lex asked.

“Like duh? They might see?” Eindi answered.

“Shonga! parang Tagaytay nga o, the houses and settlements on top of the hills and slopes are malayo even if they use binoculars, uhm unless they have a star gazing telescope.

Lex then pull her undershirt, exposing her boobs.

“Hoy ma nga panget! look at my titties you horny ugly bastards! whoooh yeah!” Lex yelled very loudly shaking her bosoms.

“Hey what the hell?! Shut it siz!” Eindi said giggling “and ano ba baka may makakita sayo kikay ka!” and she tries to pull down Lex’s shirt.

“Here pa o, feast your hayok eyes on these, yeehaw!” Lex yelled loudly and she pulled my shirt up exposing my bosoms.

She then pulled down her knickers and went whooping and cackling as she shakes her tush. “Look at my hump, you love my hump, my lovely lady lumps!”

“Bitch!” I muttered chuckling, shaking my head as I blow out smoke.

“Don’t worry dahling,” I said “it’s ok trust me”

“Oh,scheisse!”Eindi exclaimed, “what the hell!” and she also got down to her undershirt and knickers.

“Yaaan! sige let them see that hot stuff babygirl!” Lex said chuckling “Look o, some men are waving to us! Hiiii! you like what you’re seeing mga dodong?!” She yelled waving.

“Ay, siz naman eh!” Eindi said cringing as she covers herself.

“Walaaa! (cackling) naniwala ka naman!” Lex said as she puts her arms around her “Come, let’s just enjoy the view!”

We stood there with our bosoms exposed except for Eindi, as we let the moist cool breeze caress our bodies, with the late afternoon sun making pretty rays through a low fluffly cloud.

“Ahhh sheeet ang saraaap!” Lex uttered

“Yeah! It feels so kinky!” Eindi added.

“Uyy, meron na-a-arouse!” Lex said giggling.

“Hmph!” Eindi uttered with an eyebrow raised and then undoes her bra, she then made
taunting faces at Lex with her tongue sticking out, as she partially expose her boobies.

We then went to the bedsheet we laid over the grass and as I was crawling on all fours Lex suddenly pulled my panties down and went groaning, shaking her head as she bit my bum hard.

“Ah bugger!” I yelled, “Damn, fuck you Bitch!”

“Masakit ba?” She said tauntingly as I went frowning at her rubbing the area of my tush she had bitten.

“Good, payback’s a bitch, bitch!” She uttered giggling and then went sticking her tongue out.

We tucked in at the food we brought, and then went partaking sweedie as Eindi was eating her halo halo,whilst Lex and I shared a big coconut water.

“Ano babygirl, hatid ka muna namin ha bago ko i-drive sa work si ate (my real name) mo” Lex said petting Eindi.

“Sama nalang ako, I want to see where she works at” Eindi said as she finishes her slushy.

“Pano babe, she wants to come along?” Lex said with an eyebrow raised.

“Well, why the bloody hell not!” I said shrugging, blowing out smoke.

The clouds became thicker and it became a tad misty and the winds more damp than before as we then told Eindi of my “alter ego” and as expected, was a shocking revelation for her, but she was very much fucking enthralled nonetheless.

“By the way, I remember you said you want to show us something, what is it dahling?” I said.

“Yeah ano ba yun?” Lex said and then takes a puff of the sweedie.

“Well uhm” Eindi uttered and puts down the slim carrot she was nibbling. She got up on her knees and slowly pull her knickers down.

“Oh my!” I muttered and Lex went gasping as we beheld her lovely smooth pussy

“Ay bakit ka nag shave?” Lex said chuckling.

“You don’t like it?” Eindi said sounding dissappointed as she pull her panties up.

“No dahling, it looks lovely, really” I said as we put our arms around and went petting her.

“We told you that you don’t need to shave yet sweetie” Lex said “Maganda naman pubes mo like I said malago lang nang konti sa hairs mo sa legs and malabahibongpuza (giggling)!”

“There’s that word again” I said “anyhoo our other girls don’t shave very often, sometimes they even let it grow a tad bushy”.

“I just wanted my vaj to be like yours guys” Eindi said lips pouting making circles on our thighs with her finger.

“Oh baby!” Lex said and kissed her head “so how did you do it?”

“Well I did some research online and followed your advice on using warmed honey, but I didn’t have olive oil, but I used my aunt’s shaving cream and razor that she uses on her legs and maybe there too.”

“Eh so you used honey?” I said

“Yeah, we bought some and my uncle took the jugs home but left a small jar of it”

“Hay naku ‘day, a little headsup daming fake na honey sa Palawan, you had to be really sure like this one we bought o” Lex said turning the jar of organic honey we bought.

“But they’re quite pricey too and the seller claimed they’re organic, and we were told the shop sells real honey” Eindi said.

“Ano naman pangalan nang honey? anyway even the pricey and organic ek ek ones were found to be fake, so yuck parang taho lang yang fifi mo, kulang nalang sago!” Lex said chuckling.

“But I didn’t feel any itchiness whatsoever” Eindi said.

“Ah basta, next time if you want to shave your pubes you let us know ok?” Lex said lightly squeezing her cheeks.

“You do that luv, yes?” I said caressing her behind the ear and she nodded.

Lex then went smooching her all over her face.

“Ganda mo talagang bruha kaaaa uhhmmmh!” Lex uttered pinching her cheeks.

“Uhmm, so uh, do you guyz like it?” Eindi asked.

“Yeah?! it looks ravishing, so deliciously delectable, you did a pretty good job dahling!” I said

“Yah! para ka nang anime school girl, uhm hentai na hentai!” Lex said chuckling

“Hindi nga, do you really like it? maganda ba?”

“Dahling you look delicious, so bloody damn hot and sexy!” I said

“Kuleeeet! sinabi nang ang hot mo eh pang hentai, gumanda lalo ang matambok mong fifi uhmmmhh!” Lex uttered squeezing her crotch and Eindi didn’t flinch nor got annoyed.

“Do I make you guyz feel hot?”

“Hell fucking yeah?!” Lex and I uttered in unison, we then went planting soft kisses on her lovely face, which then became very sensual sucking, licking, with fondling.

“Mmmmhh, let’s do it guyz, make love to me again” Eindi muttered whimpering.

“Do you want us to do it in the car sweetie?” Lex murmured in a sexy tone as we continue to love her with our mouths and hands.

“No, (moaning) let’s do it right here, let’s get all naked!” Eindi muttered, a tad shivering

“Sure ka girl?You’re not takot people might see us?” Lex said giggling, her eyes gleaming with excitement

“yeah, hubad tayo, let’s take them all off!” Eindi said, “and fuck it! putang ina let them watch!” She yelled

We each took long puff of the sweedie before Lex flicked it over the cliff.

We continued fondling and kissing, moaning loudly as we undress each other until we were all completely naked.

“Oh m-g’d, you guyz are soooper pretteeee, so fucking hot!” Endi muttered with desire as she fondles our boobs.

“We’re all super hot and sexy dahling!” I said smiling.

“Naman!” Lex said.

“Make love to me guyz, hurry, I’m feeling more feverish now than last night!” Eindi whimpered, aching with desire.

We each went frenching and necking her, whilst fondling her all over, gettingher moaning, as her nubile body went swaying, squirming, and twisting sexilly as we go tasting every inch of her warm supple flesh.

“Ohhh, ateehh, o-m-g’d, siiizzz! Mmmmhh ssscheisse!Ohhh mein gott, sizzz, ate, aahhteeehh!” Andi kept uttering, her body swaying and shivering as we hungrily suckle and lick her luscious perfect C’s, lips pulling, tongues flickering on the stiff pinkish nipples, whilst our hands explore each other’s sweaty bodies, rubbing, caressing soft and very wet pussies.

I slowly went down, my mouth and tongue never leaving her body. Her body went flinching when my tongue was probing her navel, I continue moving down, licking and sucking I went, till I got between her thighs.

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She went quivering even more as I plant soft kisses on her inner thighs and all over her womanhood, soft kissing which then became passionate licking and sucking.

I gently parted her throbbing pussy lips and saw her hymen which is still intact, I began lapping and kissing her from her anus to her fleshy pubis, making her moan even louder, as she gets introduced to even more seething pleasures, with her sexy hips swaying and rocking, her sweet lovejuice went oozing profusely.

My hands went sliding to her round tushies, kneading and squeezing them as I hungrily eat her pussy, sucking and licking every inch of her supple inner thighs and crotch whilst Lex went on necking and suckling and fondling her bosoms.

“Ohhhh Ate, Ateeehh, Oh fuck, that feels so good uhmmh m-g’d, m-g’d, ahhhh sshhitt shittt!” she kept uttering, whimpering with tears falling as she ran her fingers through my hair, her other hand fondling Lex’s boobies.

Eindi then let out a loud sexy moan, as seething sensations got her body arching and spastic, thighs squeezing, her hand clawing and pushing my head, as my tongue went probing in her virgin lovehole, going so deep and tasting her insides as it “deflowers” her.

(As I’ve mentioned before, my tongue ‘deflowered’ many young virgin pussies before any cock did haha)

“Oh mein verdammter gott!sizzz, ateehh! Das fhlt sich so gut an!”She uttered whimpering as I push my tongue as deep as I could and ravenously went sucking the warm sweet juices oozing from her pulsing flower.

She went clawing and pushing my head, hips rocking sexily, as I bring her closer and closer to orgasm.

I gently pull Lex down, and together we went sucking and licking, clawing and fondling Eindi’s bum and bosoms, getting both of our tongues as deep as we can in her contracting lovehole.

(I betcha haven’t seen anything like that in any porn, two slender and sexy pointy tongues fucking a virgin pussy at the same time, hentai lang katapat namin behhhh! – Lex)

Eindi’s body went convulsing even more, as she went grabbing and pulling on the sheet, gasping, panting, groaning and grunting and then she out a loud and very sexy yell as she came very hard, gushing on our faces.

We went on lucking and sucking her, her body convulsing as she slowly collapse on the sheet.

Lex and I kissed passionately and went licking sweet smelling juices from each other’s faces. We then held Eindi, who’s still whimpering with tears and petted with her.

“Oh, my g’d, o gawd (sobbing, shuddering breath) oh m-g’d I love you guyz, my pretty atez, fuck I love you so much…!” Eindi kept uttering, caressing our faces. Lex bit her lip, trying to keep herself from giggling.

“Here you go luv, drink up” I said getting her to drink some coconut water as she is still panting and shivering.

“My gawd, girl you taste so fucking sweet!” Lex said as she kisses and lightly nibble Eindi’s hand.”So, ganun pala lasa nang virgin (giggling)!”

“Sira, lukaret!” I yelled at her chuckling.

“I remember that billboard ad…” Lex went on “Nakatikim ka na ba nang kinse anos?”

“What the fuck is that?” I said brow-creasing.

“One of those liquor ads you see when you drive along expressways, anyway it says or rather asks if one had tried or tasted a 15 year old, well hindi pa, pero katursi, oo, may gatas pa sa labi!” and she cackled with laughter. “Ay! (giggling)” she exclaimed shielding herself as I splash her with coconut water.

“Lukaret, haliparot ka talaga!” I yelled chuckling as keep on splashing her.

“Ano ba yan, tang ina, maglalagkit ako!” she said shaking her wrists.

“Oi kikay! would you be a dear and light us a party?” I said.

“Oh sure, dahling, I would love to!” Lex said tauntingly with a forced accent, and she got up brushing off and shaking coconut water from her.

She then made her way down to the car, going cautiously, bending and lightly covering her jewels, despite the tall grass and plants screening us, after all we were very naked outdoors. She came back with the canister of sweedies and knelt down on the sheet.

“So alin dito luv?” she asked, as she opens the canister and I chose the long brown stick with the darker brown and red strip butt end.

“Ay, gusto ko din to!” she said gleefully and lights it up.

“O kaw naman sweetie, hope you like spicy dark chocolate!” She said letting out spicy chocolate weed smoke as she puts the stick to Eindi’s mouth.

Eindi took a puff, coughed lightly and closed her eyes as she slowly exhales the sensually fragrant smoke.

“Mmhh, that’s so nice (lip-smacking) !” She said looking more calm, cheeks still blushing.
“What’s in it siz?”

“Well…” I said as I Lex hands me the stick, “It’s a special blend we don’t have an official name yet, but Seiko likes to call itFaiyachokoreto,anyhoo it’s another strain also grown on specialy-treated volcanic soil, with dark chocolate, cherry liqeur, chili pepper, spices…”

“Hey, guyz, pano yan, you didn’t cum?” Eindi later asked as we were partaking the sweedie.

“Oh (inhaling) we’re not yet done with you sexy” Lex said chuckling letting out sweet smoke.

Eindi looked at me and I winked at her as I blow out smoke.

“Oh, huh… (giggling)” she uttered, folding her legs as sexual tensions build up again as
the sweedie got all of us blushing and flushing all over, sexual fires ablazing.

Lex then took the jar of organic honey and dipped her fingers into it.

“Mmhh…” She utters sexily as she seductively suck the honey from her fingers, and then went tilting her as she pours the honey on to her face and open mouth.

“Oi, you’re wasting it!” Eindi said giggling as the honey went oozing down her body.

“No, I’m not..” Lex said chuckling “it’s the best way of enjoying real pure organic honey.”

“Ay (giggling)!” Eindi uttered with timid screaming, as Lex went drizzling honey on her lips then going down her neck.

Eindi watched biting a finger, eyes gleaming with excitement as Lex poured the sweet golden liquid on her nipples and circling her bosoms, then drizzling her lean stomach, filling her navel.

She had Eindi open her thighs and poured honey all over her thighs and crotch.

“O ayan mas yummy ka na!” Lex said giggling as she slathers the honey on Eindi’s lean tummy.

“Ay, Ayieeee!” Eindi uttered giggling and timidly screaming, bringing her thighs together as Lex went smearing and fondling her crotch and thighs, tickling her.

“Ang sarap talaga nang fifi mo girl, ang tambok tambok din mmmmmhh…!” Lex uttered going gigil on her fleshy pubis.

“Talaga siz? yummy ako?” Eindi said sheepishly giggling slowly opening her thighs, as Lex lovingly fondles her pussy.

“Oh yes, sweetie, you’re so fucking scrumptious, so fucking hot and sexy…” Lex muttered as they bring their heads together.

They kiss passionately, moaning hungrily as they taste honey from each other’s mouths.
Eindi went flinching ang grabbed on Lex’s arm as her fingers went rubbing hard between her soft, saccharine pussy lips. Her hips began sexily rocking and swaying to the exquisitely seething pleasures being given by Lex’s supple fingers, making squishing sounds with her flushing, honey-basted pussy.

Her hips continue to sway and rock sexily as she caresses Lex’s boobies, smearing the honey all over them.

“Yummy, very yummy mmmhh…!” Lex murmured, with honey and saliva stringing from their lips, and they went giggling, making cutesy faces at each other.

She looks at her hand glistening with honey mixed with Eindi’s own sweet nectar then she scooped some more honey from the jar and smeared it lovingly across my face then down my neck.

She took a long puff of the sweedie in my hand and holds it, and passed the stick to Eindi.

She pulled me to her and we went kissing torridly, moaning and groaning hungrily, sharing sweet spicy smoke with honey.

We went on kissing as she slathers the remaining honey all over my body. We went fondling bosoms and fingering pussies, as we go on tonguing and lip-sucking, getting Eindi more fired up, and she began fondling herself holding the sweedie with her fingers, her boobies and the other between her thighs.

“Ah min gud! jer piger er sa smukke, sa utroligt varmt!” She uttered achingly as she went on touching herself whilst taking puffs, but didn’t disturb the thick patch of honey that’s smothering each of her stiff pink nipples.

Sexy moanings came forth from Eindi’s mouth between shuddering breaths, as her bosom kneading became more intense, the patches of honey on her nipples still undisturbed, her supple fingers rubbing her pussy hard.

We took the sweedie from her hand and we each took long last puffs, burning it all away.

We each went frenching and necking with her, whilst fondling her all over, getting her moaning, as her young, nubile body went swaying, squirming, and twisting sexily as we go tasting every inch of her sweet, warm, and very supple flesh.

“Ohhh, ateehh, o-m-g’d, siiizzz! Mmmmhh ssscheisse! Ohhh mein gott, sizzz, mein sussestenateez, aahteeh, aaaahteeehhh!” Andi went uttering again, whimpering with burning desire, her body swaying and shivering even more as we hungrily suckle and lick the honey off her luscious perfect C’s, lips pulling, tongues flickering on the stiff pinkish nipples, whilst our hands explore each other’s sweaty bodies, rubbing, caressing soft and very wet pussies.

They then did the same to me and Eindi went exquisitely well for her first time, pleasuring another girl’s breasts with her luscious mouth, mimicking everything our mouths did on hers perfectly.

“Uhmm, o g’d, that feels so good, (shuddering breaths) go deeper my sweet dahlingz!” I uttered gasping and whimpering as they fuck me with their supple fingers, two of each, getting my hips bobbing and rocking.

“You like it siz?” Eindi muttered as she lovingly looks at me.

“Yess, dahling, go deeper, (shuddering breaths) harder!” I muttered back.

“Ate you’re so tight uhhh, so fucking tight….!”

Lex then pulled her fingers from my pussy, and looks at it as it went stringing and dripping of my love juice, and she mouthed “I love you” and then locked lips with me as my fingers went snaking in her wet and pulsing lovehole.

“Ohhh, baby, just like that, ohh g’d I love you sooo much!” Lex uttered achingly

“Ohhh fuck! ohhh baby!” Lex yelled loudly when I shoved my fingers even harder and deeper into her lovehole.

“Your vaj is so tight siz, and yet feels so soft, so warm and and so fucking wet!” Eindi mutters teary-eyed as her fingers go even deeper and harder.

She and Lex then sucked and licked Lex’s fingers.

“You taste very sweet ate” Eindi said and then went licking her lips

“Yeah?” I uttered fondling her bosoms and then went sliding down to her crotch, feeling her stiff clit and flushing pussy lips.

“Scheisse, ja!” she said achingly, eyes welling up and groaning as I fondle her wet pussy she then pulled me to her and we went kissing torridly as she continue to finger fuck me.

Lex then joined in pleasuring Eindi’s pussy, while also necking us and suckling our boobs, Eindi and I continue to go kissing torridly.

Her fingers went hard between the Eindi’s swollen pussy lips, making Eindi go even more spasmic.

Moist winds began blowing from all directions, as a dark clouds came over us and blanketing the valley, our grounds became more misty, accompanied by rumblings, vying with our moaning and the sexy wet sounds coming from our pulsing flowers as warm nectar went flowing profusely from them, wetting the sheet.

Eindi lets go of my mouth and went moaning loudly (and tang ina sheeet ang sexy pakinggan! – Lex) as Lex’s supple fingers slowly went in her tight lovehole, and I went groaning, gasping making her shove her fingers hard into mine, getting me gasping and groaning.

“Does it hurt sweetie?” Lex muttered

“A little ate,” Eindi uttered whimpering with tears falling “but don’t stop, it feels so good, go deeper siz, please!”

She locked lips with Lex and they went kissing torridly, moaning and whimpering loudly as her fingers gently fuck her tight, pulsing pussy. Then her middle finger slowly went slithering, going all the way in.

They let go of each other’s mouths, saliva stringing from the lips as Eindi again let out a loud sexy moan, grabbing on and clawing Lex’s arm.

“Ohhh ate, ateeehh, ohh g’d!” Eindi uttered whimpering with tears falling, hips rocking and swaying.

“You like it baby?” Lex muttered in a sexy tone, as her finger slowly went twisting and probing.

“m-hmm!” Eindi uttered nodding with her eyes closed and again they went kissing torridly.

“Mmmhh, ateehh, ohhh ssshit ang sarap uhhh, oh g’d! putang ina ang sarap, ohh fuckkk!” Eindi uttered whimpering with tears falling

I let myself climax quickly, also because I was overwhelmed by seething passion. Lex sensed I’m very close to coming, she lets go of Eindi’s mouth and I pulled my fingers from her pussy, and Eindi and I suck and lick Lex’s warm sweet nectar from them.

“Suck my boobies baby, suck them really hard” she said achingly to Eindi

She stopped fingering Eindi, and pulled me to her and locked lips with me and pushed her fingers again into my pussy. We went moaning loudly as we kiss, and the seething pleasuring of supple fingers and watching Eindi hungrily suckling Lex got me gushing hard.

“I love you!” Lex and I whispered to each other as we suck lips.

They pulled their fingers from my pussy but instead of licking and sucking them, they fingered each other, getting my nectar into each of their flowers.

“Uhmmh, ate your vaj also feels tight, and so soft and very wet too” Eindi said.

“Really sweetie?” Lex uttered in swooning tone

“Ja, eine gottin der liebe hat auch deinen korper gesegnet, meine liebe!”Eindi said lovingly in a sexy tone and then looks at me and I beamed and winked at her.

“Uhmm (giggling) Ya, whatever that means sweetie it sounds sexy and romantic and I love your pussy too, so fucking tight, soft and very wet mmmmh!” Lex said going bitelipped as she pushed her middle finger in hard.

“O g’d ateeh I love you unghhh sshittt, I love you so much…!” Eindi went whimpering between kissings, clawing on Lex’s arm.

I got heated up again watching them as they go frenching, necking, suckling, and fingering each other.

“Sizzz, atee…” Lex uttered in a begging tone as she pulls me to them, and that really shot up the sex meter, and got my pussy dripping.

It was Lex’s turn to get pleasured as she propped on big smooth rock that’s partialy covered with our big thick sheet and blue car pillow, we went torridly kissing and necking with her, feeling and caressing her all over, our loud and sexy moanings vying with each other and the rumbling thunder.

We then went hungrily suckling and licking the honey from her lovely bosoms, whilst we finger her.

Sensing she is close to cumming, I went licking and sucking down to her crotch, arms coiling around her sexy thighs and squeezing her bums as I went pleasuring every inch of her womanhood, whilst Eindi went on kissing torridly, necking, suckling and fondling with her.

“Oh g’d, I love g-guys, ahhh shit (shuddering breath) I love you my pretty babies I l-love you so much!” Lex kept whimpering loudly, between gasps and moans with her body sexily, swaying, arching, twisting, and squirming, and her hands caressing and pushing our heads.

I pushed my tongue as deep as I can into her throbbing, tight lovehole, sucking hard the stiff clit and swollen soft pussy lips. Eindi went down and joined me, and did her best mimicking of what our mouths did to her pussy, hungrily sucking and licking, pushing her sexy tongue in as hard as she can with mine.

Lex went convulsing, grabbing and pulling on the sheet, moaning and whimpering loudly with tears falling, hips rocking and swaying.

“Ohhh my f-fucking g’d, oh shitttt my babiesssuhhhh!” She went yelling loudly as she came very hard, gushing hot , sweet juice on our faces.

She went on gasping, panting, and moaning, her convulsing gradually subsides, as we lick and suck her warm nectar.

“Oh guys, I l-love, o-m-g’d, I love you so much!” She kept uttering in shuddering breaths as we petted with her.

“I love you ate…” Eindi muttered caressing pressing her cheek with hers.

“I love you too sweetie, so much” Lex muttered sobbing and she went kissing passionately with us.

“Fuck me ate, as you fucked ate (Lex), I want you to fuck me hard!” Eindi whimpered, aching with burning desire as we went sucking lips.

Lex and I went giggling lightly bite-lipped and we helped her position herself, resting on Lex’s body, legs spread over Lex’s.

We went caressing and kissing with her, rubbing my body with hers, stoking the fire to blazing. My hands then went sensually sliding on her thighs to her round bum. I positioned myself as I lift her, bringing our pussies together.

“Ohh, ate, ateehh” Eindi uttered moaning, looking to my eyes whilst lovingly fondling my titties, as I go pressing hard, though going slowly whilst kneading her bum.

Lex petted and fondled her all over, and would go necking and kissing with her. Eindi’s hands went sliding from my boobs to my tushy and went fondling them and I went suckling her boobies.

“Awwhh, mein gott, ate! uhhh,scheisse!”She uttered whimpering, her toes went curling, hips rocking and bobbing with mine, her fondling of my arse became clawing and kneading, her body begand convulsing, as squishing sounds came from from the grinding of our soft and very wet pussies.

“Ohhh g’d ang sarap, ateeehh, ateeehh….. ohhh fuckkk! yaa that’s it harder, oh mg’d, harder ate fuck me harder!” She went yelling as I went harder and faster,

Moist wind went howling, as the rain fell in drizzles as she held on to my arms, clawing them, her head turning, moaning and groaning with tears falling.

We both reached climax, and I struggled to delay my orgasm, as wanted to cum with her, burning with desire to cum inside her and her in me, I wanted for us to feel each other’s lovejuices pouring at the same time.

“Ateeehhh, ohh!” Eindi yelled loudly, bringing our faces together and we went kissing torridly, moaning, whimpering as we came hard, feeling each other’s hot sweet juices.

“Oh, atee, I love (shuddering breaths) you so much ateeh, oh g’d I….” Eindi kept uttering, whimpering, as I keep on ‘fucking’ her, squeezing out all the love nectar from our pulsing flowers.

“Ako, ‘di mo love?” Lex said giggling as she petted her.

“I love you both so much, my pretty ates (panting) I love you sexy bitches so much!” Eindi uttered.

“Masarap ba mag ‘fuck’ si ate (my name)? I told you so…” Lex said.

“Oh my fucking g’d yes!” Eindi exclaimed “Shit, tang ina ang sarap sobra!” Eindi uttered in shuddering breaths and again went fondling my tushy, with our hips swaying and rocking rubbing pussies.

The rain went pouring as we all spent the next minutes kissing and caressing each other. Then we went bathing and playing in the rain, running barefoot on the grass, splashing bottled drinks at each other and Eindi even went throwing what’s left of her halo-halo at us.

We went screaming and laughing loudly like silly little girls, not giving a fucking care if we get caught or seen as we go playing tag in the pouring rain.

“Huli ka! You’re mine bitch!” Lex yelled cackling as she grabs Eindi and then pinned her on the car hood.

“Aye (giggling) Ayiee…!” Eindi kept uttering with timid screaming as Lex went tickling her with her mouth as she holds her down.

Later the screaming and giggling got replaced by sexy moanings as they go kissing and rubbing bodies, Eindi wrapped her legs around her, pushing her bum.

“Masarap ka din ba mag ‘fuck’ ate?” Eindi asked with an eyebrow raised, giggling.

“Gusto mo ‘ko ma try, ha?” Lex muttered back chuckling also with an eyebrow raised.

“Well, are you a good fucker, bitch?” Eindi said, eyes gleaming with excitement.

Lex then went kissing and necking her, letting go of her wrists.

“Mmmh, ateee…” Eindi uttered moaning, pulling me to her, and we went kissing torridly as as we fondle her bossoms as Lex suckles them, then slowly she sucking and licking down to her crotch.

Her hands went coiling around Eindi’s thighs as she went loving every inch of her womanhood, fucking her deep and hard with her tongue, getting her hips swaying and rocking sexily.

We went on loving Eindi with our mouths and hands as she lay on the carhood, under the pouring rain as vehicles like trucks, cars, and mostly trikes and motorcycles would go passing by who may be oblivious of three hot and very naked young women engaged in a seething activity up on the slope or were they?

The rains went dying down and we helped Eindi get off the carhood as things may get really wild and we would really be seen by anyone as wind kept blowing the grass and leaves that were barely screening us.

We went back to the sheet which got really wet and went squishing as we walk on it.
I sat, propped on the rock with the sheet and pillow which were bloody soaking wet, petting and kissing Eindi as she and Lex went scissor-tribbing.

“You like this babygirl hmmm….?” Lex muttered as she fucks her with Eindi’s left leg over her shoulder.

“O m-g’d, yesss, ohhh schiesse!ang sarap ate uhh ssshiittt, putang ina ang saraaap…fuck me, fuck me!” Eindi uttered whimpering.

“Do you want me to fuck you hard?” Lex said

“Yes, f-fuck me hard, fuck me really hard atee….!”

Lex went harder and faster until climax, toes went curling, bodies convulsing wildly, they locked lips and kissed torridly as they came hard.

After some minutes of petting, we cleaned each other up and put on clothes by the car, no qualms about being seen, even with vehicles and motorbikes passing like every 15 seconds as it was already 30 past six.

As we were putting on clothes Eindi said she wanted to take part in the charade as well and I asked if she would be going as our niece.

“Wow, tita ako, ang tanda ko naman!” Lex said chuckling as she puts on bra

“No, I want to go as another cousin” Eindi said giggling, much to Lex’s delight.

“Oh, me likey-likey that, agree ako!” She said chuckling.

“So, uhmm…guyz, ma nga siz” Eindi went on, “izz that how it feels? I mean uhm like getting fucked, like when doing it with a uhm, a boy?”

Lex and I looked at each other beaming.

“Well dahling it really depends…” I said “but it may be like how you felt today and last night and yes it could even be better, like I said it depends.”

“Pero iba pa din ang titi ‘day!” Lex said chuckling and I went laughing shaking my head.

“But it was really awesome with you guyz…!”

“Owz, talaga?” Lex said chuckling

Krass! Ja?! last night’s and today,Sie fuhlten sich so verdammt fantastisch!” Eindi uttered loudly and gleefully.

“Jusko ‘day! Parang gusto kong kumain nang sausages, schnitzel, at streudel, another German word from you, mag ke-crave na talaga ako nang major major.” Lex said chuckling.

“Well I’m so bloody hap-peey you enjoyed it dahling, uhmmwuah!” Lex said doing a forced accent and kisses her.

“Yeah, It felt so fucking sexy doing it with you ma nga siz…der war wie ein Traum eigentlich, ich konnt’s gar nicht glauben.

“Ay, potah!” Lex said chuckling.

“Sabi ko, it was really amazing, uhmm it felt like a dream, I couldn’t fucking believe it! And it’s Austrian-German.” Eindi said.

“Ah, ooohkay…” Lex said, eyes rolling.

“You guys are so hot…” Eindi went on.

“Naman! Fuck yeah?!” Lex uttered loudly with hands on her hips and shaking them. “Super hot ka din naman babygirl, uhmmm!” pinching her cheeks.

“(giggling) it was fucking amazing talaga, putang ina!” Eindi exclaimed, “I’ve never imagined it would be so kinky doing it with girls, my body is on fire tang ina ang sexy aieeee!” she went, screaming timidly and giggling.

“Like when uhmh (giggling) when you were uhm fucking my vaj with your tongues… tapos you went fingering me…I’m thinking like uhh is it the same as having a dick fucking you…?” She said.

“Was it like when you fingered me, or fucking me with your tongues, I really like it when both of your tongues were fucking my vaj…”

“Iba pa rin ang titi nga!” Lex said chuckling squeezing her cheeks. “But yes, just as your ate (my name) had said, it depends…you really like the boy, you’re all super libog and shit…”

“Soo, guyz you think I’m ready to do it with a guy ehr I mean a boy?” Eindi said looking squeemish.

“You’ll know, your body, your mind, will tell when you’re ready” I said then finger-tapped her nose.

“Pero that guy that you guyz had a threesome with, uhm…”

“What about ‘im?” Lex said.

“Well sabi mo, diba, he’s fugly, as unggoy, diego na addict, those were your words, how were you able to, uhmm well… enjoyed sex with him?” Eindi said looking puzzled.

“Well, hay naku babygirl, I’m uh quite surprised myself really, I’m attracted to really cute guys, you know having sex with them, boyfriends, usual shit, yada-yada…I never thought I would cum hard, and getting creampied the first time, at nang pangit na tite!” Lex said then went cackling shaking her head.

“So, pano nga, or why…how?” Eindi said.

“It’s like uhmm hentai, nothing romantic, just very kinky sex, just like playing with a weird sex toy and also cebause I was doing it with your other ate prettee here (winks at me) aphrodite itech! anyhoo babe kaw nga mag explain, psychology is your forte!” Lex said.

“Well dahling what I’ve explained to you so far about female physiology, and sexual psychology…?” I said, and we’re going to cut off from here, as facebook idiocrats hate science and information stuff.

“But I’m so fucking happy, you’re my first my pretty atez” Eindi said hugging tightly with us

We picked up our rubbish and put them in a bag, then rolled up the sheet, went squeezing as much water from it and also from the pillow before putting them in the trunk.

They drove me to the nunhouse and Eindi met the other sisters and nuns, and the big boss nun herself. The look on their faces were epic when we introduced Eindi as my other cousin.

Kasi parehong super tisay pwedeng cousins nga while moi an oriental beauty na may halong Spanish (bread) ahihihi – Lex

They got invited to stay for dinner, and we gave Eindi a little tour of the place and also to freshen up as dinner was being prepared.

Lex and Eindi are both used to saying prayers before meals, but not to tad long ones.
(buti nalang masarap yung dinner, palibhasa Italiana si big boss mama and also they were informed they’d be having guests, VIPs kamich ahihihi – Lex)

We didn’t have rice, we had a sort of filipino-Italian salad with seagrapes (lato – Lex) grilled shrimps, and salted duck eggs with balsamic vinaigrette, fusilli with baby squid, mussels and tomatoes with garlic pandesal, and a little mango rice pudding for dessert, as my boss has acquired a taste for it.

After a little talk over hot chocolate and dessert, Eindi and Lex thanked their hosts for the lovely meal, and after the boss gave them her blessings they drove back home as we needed to get up early for Sunday mass and other fucking church activities.

Later that night as I was busy working on something for the next day’s activities, I received a videocon invite from Eindi’s phone.

“What is it you whores? I’m bloody busy here” I said in a hushed tone

A desk calendar was blocking the camera and they were giggling and cackling like naughty witches and I lowered the speaker volume.

“Oh-my-fucking…gawd!” I exclaimed chuckling as I saw Lex and Eindi getting it on, wearing shirts and knickers and Eindi is dominating.

“What is it mia cara? Did you say something sister, is there anything wrong?” My boss nun asked tipping her eyeglasses.

No, niente sbagliato, mia madre!”I said, tad shaking, as I quickly close the laptop, almost slamming it.

“sei sicuro?”She said brow-creasing and a brow raised.

“Si, madre mia, assolutamente sicuro!”I said looking up to her, smiling, my heart a tad pounding.

She shrugged, rolling her eyes and turned away shaking her head.I slowly open the laptop as she walks away.

“My gawd bitches, you’re gonna bloody put my arse into a fucking lot of trouble here!” I said in a hushed tone.

“Watch us ate, watch me rape this bitch!” Eindi said giggling.

“As much as I want to dahling I’m really busy” I said. “Why don’t you just record it and I’d watch it tomorrow?”

“Eh? bruha ka kala ko ba no recording?” Lex said chuckling

“And it’s no fun, I want you watching, and playing with yourself to us.” Eindi said

“Are you bloody zonked? Your faces are blushing. Did you two whores hit on a stick?” I said brow-creasing

“No, we didn’t bitch!” Lex said tauntingly “But yes we are fucking zonked and horny from the natirang wine and beer from last night!” doing a forced accent.

“Come play with us ate, puhleez?” Eindi said.

“Uhmm well…” I said

“Puhleez…?” Eindi uttered, making cutesy pouting face.

“Oh alright, give me a bloody minute” I said as I gave in to the excitement.

I closed the laptop and unplugged it, and after checking to see if anyone is around especially my boss nun, I quickly but silently made my way outdoors.

The place is a lot smaller than our nunhouse back in the mainland, and since it was quite late and been raining a lot, the people were all likely to be already in their quarters, but still I kept a lookout for any groundskeep, nun or sister who may be walking about.

I walked around looking for a “safe” spot until I came upon one of those bamboo mini “bahay kubo” at the edge of the compound, near the street, which was still quite busy, with vehicles and people, and though bordered only by a metal fence, the foliage provided ample cover except during the daytime.

I turned my head to every direction whilst untying the laces of my nightclothes and opening the laptop, making sure no one is seeing me, but not concerned about the vehicles and people on the other side of the fence as they add to the excitement.

“Here I am dahlings…” I uttered in a hushed voice.

“Hello ate pretteee! Hope you enjoy this!” Eindi said loudly that I had to turn the volume down, she was looking so cute and sexy wearing her hair in a semi-braid fish tail side ponytail,

I watched them getting more turned on as they go kissing torridly with Eindi on top. Lex went moaning loudly, her head tossing and turning as Eindi was necking her. Eindi then tore open Lex’s shirt exposing her boobies as she was necking her she then took off her white camisole.

“Oh, my…” I uttered as Eindi’s action caused a spurt inside my knickers, I began touching myself inside my clothes.

Eindi went on kissing and necking whilst they fondle each other’s bosoms, then Eindi dipped her hand inside Lex’s knickers getting her hips to go swaying and rocking sexily as she played with her pussy.

“Ate hubad ka din, I want to see you naked” Eindi said achingly as she suckled Lex’s bosoms.

I thought “Oh shit, I’m so fucking aroused if any or both the groundskeep, or any man or kid outside see me, fuck, I might let them have me!”

“O-okay, sweetheart…” I muttered, and I took off all my nightclothes, my bra, leaving only panties on. The moist night air and the thrill of getting sexy and daring outdoors was, as always, overwhelming.

She pulled off Lex’s knickers and then went down and began licking and sucking Lex’s inner thighs and every inch of her womanhood. Her hands fondling and kneading Lex’s thighs, bum, and bosoms as she went, and would often look at me as go play with myself.

Eindi looked at me achingly, as she stood kneeling on the bed, with Lex suckling her bosoms with a hand dipped inside her lace teen panties. I was so overwhelmed with seething libog that my panties became sopping wet and to think I had quite a lot of sex since friday.

Lex pulled down Eindi’s panties to her knees and she freed herself of them. I too, took off my knickers and became completely naked for the first time outdoors in that nunhouse.

I played with myself watching them do a seething 69 with Eindi on top, and then a really sexy scissoring whilst Eindi held the phone over them. Eindi then went fucking Lex whilst squeezing and kneading her tushy, and oh my fucking gawd did she look so stunning, so fucking hot doing it!

I get images, as I fondle my bosoms whilst rubbing and fingering my lovehole, images of us of what we did that afternoon, the night before, and of ugly blokes ravishing all three of us outdoors, of a really dark, throbbing hard ugly dick fucking me hard at that very moment.

“D-do you like this ate?” Eindi asked as she looks at me, a tad whimpering, going harder and sexy as she fucks Lex ,”Do I look sexy…?”

“You’re super hot sweetie, (shuddering breaths) you’re both super hot and sexy!” I said in an aching tone, as I struggle with delaying my orgasm.

“Oh, baby oh g’d (Eindi’s real name), baby I’m coming!” Lex said moaning and gasping.

“Ate ohhh ateeh, I-I coming too, ohhh gaaawwddd!” Eindi uttered whimpering with tears falling.

I bit a finger to keep myself from going loud, and they locked lips and kissed torridly, their bodies convulsing as they cum.

I too, had spasms as I finally came hard, and wetting the bamboo bench I was on.

Eindi fell on Lex, and they lay there gasping and panting.

“Sleeping beauty na ang bruha babe!” Lex chuckling petting Eindi as she sleeps soundly on top of her.

“Well that’s good” I said as I was putting on clothes.

“Did you enjoy it bitch?” Lex said

“Oh, very dahling, you’re both fucking, bloody, super hot!” I said chuckling and I blew them a kiss.

“Magaling na ba si Ms. Bratinella babe?” Lex said giggling.

“O yeah…” I said nodding and giggling “She was really smashing! Hope nobody has heard you.”

“Yah, she was, and I don’t think so I mean we weren’t that loud, are we? And isn’t it also raining hard there?” Lex said

“Just a drizzle.” I said

“(yawning) anyhoo babe sleeping beauty na tayo?” Lex said

“Uhuh for you yes, I still to finish up some fucking tasks, and I need to wake up early!” I said..

“Uh ok, you, uwi ka dito tomorrow?” Lex said

“Hindi ako sure, I’d text you or just come knocking” I said

“Alrighty then, love you bitch, goodnight and kisses, mwuah, mwuah, mwuah!” Lex said blowing kisses.

I stealthily went back inside, I finished my work and went to bed.

The day was really busy, after the early Sunday mass at a local church, we had the activity that ended at noon. Then the sisters and I went out to lunch and went to do some errands. I asked permission to stay behind, as I will be meeting my ‘cousins’ and the sisters drove back to base.

Truth is I want to have some alone time for myself, and would just call Lex later to fetch me.I took off my headscarf and as always I had my duffle with me, I put my headdress and rosary in it. and wandered around robinson’s.

The place bored me so I decided to call Lex, so we can just go somewhere, but I had no signal, either the weather was so bad or the network was very shitty that day. I went out of the mall trying to get a fucking signal until my phones’ battery went low as I forgot to charge them that morning.

I just decided to take a cab and go home to Lex’s flat but there were none at the terminal except for those funny looking trike cabs. I went around asking the guard and staff when will the next taxicab will come and I was addressed as either ma’am or miss and not sister, I forgot I don’t have my veil on and I’m not fully buttoned up, though just a wee bit of cleavage was showing.

I was told taxis are very few since not many people take them as the trikes are more popular, and usually when it rains people who live far would take taxicabs.

I waited around for a bit for any cab to come until I decided I would just take a trike home, instead of kicking my heels, besides it may a bit of an experience of local life as I haven’t been on one and I’m tourist after all.

“Ah, fuck it!” I uttered loudly as I remove my faux glasses and walked to where the trikes are but the last one was taken, and among the things which I hated the most is waiting. I decided to walk across the street and try my luck for any cab that may come.

I have everything I need in my duffle except a bloody brolly, and I stood there waiting as the rains become stronger. Some cabs came but they’re all hired, my waving then had a trike pull over. I was hesitant to get in at first as there may be a better ride.

“Oh, what the bloody ‘ell!” I said as I get in weird looking cab as I’m really wet of the rain.

The traffic moved a tad slow, but not as bad as in manila when it rains. The driver kept talking and I responded with nodding, “mhmm” without looking at him, he didn’t even asked where I want to go.

The gangly goat kept talking addressing me as miss, looking at me more than he should at the road, and I had to keep pointing at incoming vehicles.

He said I’m so ganda, ganda, if I’m an artista, and I should be one because I’m so young and I look artistahin, mestiza and shit. He even said I’m very tangkad and kept asking what school I go to and offered to sundo me as he thought I’m a ‘hayskol’ girl but he doesn’t recognize my uniform.

“Pangmayaman segoro iskwila mu no mess? san man? baka puyde ketang masondo hahaha para maketa keta araw araw!” Were his words, sounding a lot like bo. I chuckled as it also reminded me of Lex as she would mimic or do the southern philippine accent whenever she talks funny.

He gave me his name and was asking for mine, but I wasn’t paying attention as I’m very bothered with getting more wet as his bloody trike didn’t have any rain shield.

The ugly wanker went apologizing, and asked if have a change of clothes, he knows I’m carrying a duffle and if I want to magpalit. I was thinking of getting off the bloody trike but it was really pouring hard.

He must’ve thought I said yes, he stopped talking and drove really fast and I don’t know where the bloody fuck he’s taking me as the streets he went turning to weren’t familiar.
We passed by some fields and then he slowed down as the roads became bumpy. I then saw we are approaching an iglesia church, chapel, temple or whatever fuck they call those bloody pointy structures.

I didn’t know they also have Sunday services, or it could’ve beeen some sort of celebration as I’m seeing a lot of people, mostly with brollies going in and out, trikes and other vehicles coming and going, or parked.

His trike then made a turn on the side of the road and went slowly still as it rolled over a makeshift wooden bridge over a wide ditch, and then through a shack with a thatched roof under some big trees with a bamboo fence that’s gilded with all sorts of overgrowth.

It’s like a bloody run-down version of our “love shack” in Afterdark, actually a bloody lot uglier, very drippy, no proper flooring, no electric lights.

“Deto na tayo mess, puydi ka magpalet deto” He said holding out his hand, offering to help me get off his cab. He was really pangit, as Lex would put it “lamang lang nang paligo” si bo, I mean the driver is a tad uglier than bo and much older like 50s or late 40s, and I think a wee shorter too and he even remarked I’m very matangkad.

The place reeks of rancid oil, moldly cloth, damp ground and man odor, there were bottles of gin and ‘ridhoors ber’ and cans scattered about, a soot covered aluminium pot on a makeshift stove of cinder blocks.As I’ve mentioned there’s no light and the low bamboo table had candle wax all over.I reckon the place is where he and his mates would have drinks or it could actually be his house.

He assured me I won’t be seen as even he would go totally naked even during daytime. Although it’s near the iglesia de shithole and the malubak road, it’s already past seven, and the place is dark and grim, even with lights cutting through.

He promised he won’t look, yeah right, the bloody hell he wouldn’t heh! The old gargoyle went out in the rain and went looking bothways and then went back taking off his shirt and disappeared into some corner and then heard water gushing and splashing.

“Oh well, let’s see where will this go…” I said and began undressing. I took off my very damp skirt and rolled it up. As I was unbuttoning my shirt he crept up from behind me and grabbed me.

He went squeezing my boobs and I became aroused as I also felt his hard, throbbing bulge, pressing and rubbing hard on my bum.

He was short and gangly, I could’ve easily beat him unconscious using moves I learnt from self-defense class, or perhaps just oldschool whack and punch, but I felt my body going limp as sexual fires build up to blazing.

His hand went sliding down and grabbed my crotch, and he got me gasping and groaning, squeezing and fondling my bosoms and crotch.

“Dirty bastard…!” I muttered as I became more overwhelmed with lust, I became sweaty, my knickers sopping wet.

As he was about to dip inside my knickers, I broke free of him and turned around, as I don’t want my pussy to just get raw-fondled by fingers the fuck knows where they’ve been, and also I want to examine my rapist thoroughly.

He was shirtless and had a lot of hair on his starved-looking body, which was dripping wet and seemed he did wash himself with soap and water but still he reeks of wet animal and cheap gin.

He then tore open my shirt, including my undies, and got me aroused even more. He went looking even more beastly as he saw my boobies.

“(Something in local dialect) ang ganda nang ma nga susu moooo!” He said in a ravenous tone as his gnarled hands went trembling as he grabbed my bosoms and went squeezing and kneading them, eyes popping out grunting and groaning as he went.

“Uhh damn you… dirty bastard….!” I uttered achingly as he hungrily went suckling them, my body went limp, I felt as if I got injected by a powerful sedative. I let him dip inside my panties and fondle my pussy.

He was saying something as he went rubbing and fondling my pussy, and the only words that I understood were tambok, subrang kines. He pushed me on the table and pulled my wet knickers off.

“Ang ganda ganda mu man bata ka!” he said groaning with desire as he looks at my body. He unzipped his short trousers and pulled them down with his underwear.

He had a small dick, really, about just a little over 4 inches to my reckon, and a very hairy groin.

He again went squeezing and suckling his bosoms, groaning hungrily whilst rubbing his throbbing ugly wee wanker hard on my pussy.

He opened my thighs and positioned himself to fuck me, I watched bite-lipped as the ugly little beastie enter me, I went moaning as I feel it throbbing as it slowly go in.

“Ahhh, ang sikep nang poday muu!” He uttered loudly, grunting and asked if I’m a virgin, I nodded, grimacing, and moaning. It got him really excited and shoved his cock in very hard.

He went grunting and groaning like a rabid beast as he fucked me, whilst necking and suckling my bosoms. He then freed himself of his shorts and underwear and got on the table, pinning me as he continue to rape me.

I went whimpering and moaning, my body swaying and arching, as the ugly hairy creature on top me kept ramming my pussy hard with his cock, whilst hungrily suckling my boobies.

He then grabbed my bum, and went squeezing and kneading them as he fuck faster and harder. He then went convulsing and groaning loudly as he came inside me.

“Ahh you bastard uhh…!” I uttered wincing as the ugly little monster inside my pussy went shooting it’s hot, thick sputum.

He was muttering something in the local dialect as he kept ramming my pussy until he got spent. He then pulled his cock which was still hard and throbbing, I got up on the table and watch him as he staggers, getting weak at the knees.

I hit him on the stomach and then a well placed “karate” chop on his neck and he fell to the grass. I got off the table to check if he’s unconscious.

“You didn’t make me cum you dirty wanker!” I muttered as I look down on him. I quickly cleaned myself up and went stuffing my torn clothing and knickers into my duffle, I didn’t put on any underwear and just my spare uniform trousers and a hooded sweater.

I picked up his clothing including his shirt with tissues, and quickly made my way out of there. I threw his clothes into the ditch, also his phone was in his shorts pocket, and watched smirking as the current carry them away.

I put the hood over my head and went walking briskly but casually, keeping my head down. I passed by the inc shithouse which was still overflowing with people.

I hailed down a passing trike and saw there were some passengers in it.”Labasan?” The young driver said and I nodded without showing my face, I shared a rear seat with another young woman.

After about 15 minutes of very bumpy ride, we got off somewhere in an intersection, I was able to get a cab and told the driver to take me back to robinson’s in puerto because I don’t know Lex’s pension house’s address. When the area became familiar I gave the driver directions to get to the motel. I got off a few meters from Lex’s motel, at the entrance of another motel. I started walking as soon as my cab was out of sight.

“Oi, babe! Hey!” Lex said and hugged me “What happened to you bitch?! you look bloody pissed!” She said chuckling in a forced accent.

“You have no fucking idea!” I said as I drop my duffle. “Right now I want a long hot shower!”

“You sound like someone who got stood up on a date bitch, come tell me!” She said chuckling, pinching me arm as I was undressing.

“We’ll talk about it after I get out of the bloody shower, probably after 2 hours, uhm would you get us some booze luv? Make it really ice cold” I said examining my body in the mirror.

“I got a few bottles in the fridge, bumili ako after the misa, nagsimba ko kasama sina Eindi” She said.

“Do we have a bottle left of the bubbly?” I asked.

“Ubos na namin kagabi, bili nalang ako, food babe ano gusto mo?”

“Bahala na ikaw” I said as I was walking to the bath.

I spent about over an hour sitting on the bathroom floor under the hot shower after soaping and scrubbing off. I dozed off and woke up to Lex’s kikay voice.

“Babe, I’m home!” She yelled.

I went out of the shower with a small towel wrapped around me. I saw edoy grunting as he carries the cooler inside the house.

“Hoy, babe ano ka ba!” She said in a hushed voice, and pushed me back to the corner as edoy saw me as he was seting the cooler on a quilt mat. I went out to the room again wearing a short kimono.

“Sus, ginoo, parang ganun din!” She muttered with an eyebrow raised. I sat on the bed as I lit up a slimmie, as edoy was wiping the water off the floor. Lex sat beside me and went fixing the kimono.

“Hoy kikay, nagpanties ka ba?” She said almost whispering. “I’m not sure, I don’t remember putting on one.” I said tauntingly and put my knee up and she went shaking her head as she cautiously looks under my kimono.

She saw I was wearing black transluscent knickers, still she stuffed a pillow between my thighs.

Edoy finished up wiping the floor and made paalam.
“Ok, salamat dong ha?” Lex said as she sees him to the door. “O, eto o..” She said handing out a 50 note, and edoy refused saying “wagna ‘te, ok lang man..” nodding and scratching his head.

“Anong ok lang? eto na o nagpunas ka pa nang floor, o eto pa o…” She said adding another 50.

“See? ayaw tanggapin yung tip nang mokong pinilit ko pa, kasi busog na yung mata n’ya, nakabuyangyang yang pukikay mo, pukikay!” Lex said as she closed the door.

“Naka bu-ano?” I said, brow-creasing and chuckling as the word sounded hilarious, especially with how Lex had said it.

“Exposed! Puday mo nakabilad!” Lex said loudly, trying not to laugh. She took off her denims and shirt and jumped onto the bed and went kissing with me.

“Ang kikay kikay moooo….” She muttered as we went sucking lips her hand sliding down to my crotch.

“Gustung gusto mo binubuyangyang puday mooo ummmhh…!” She said going gigil, squeezing my crotch, and I went blowing smoke on her face.

“So, what happened to you bitch?” She said fixing my kimono.
“Open us up some booze, and we’ll tell ya..” I said.

“Di pa malamig yung bubbly, kakalagay lang sa cooler, but I got some beers chillin’ since morning” She said and went to get them from the fridge.

“So what have you got us here?” looking at some shopping bags smelling of mexican spice.

“Sabi mo bahala ako eh, eh di pako nagdidinner and I’m craving for…” She said as she approaches the bed holding frosty bottles.

“Would you pop these babe?” She said handing me the bottles, “Hooo, lamiiig!” she uttered in a shivering tone, whilst shaking her hands and then patting them on her thighs.

She began getting food containers from the bags and setting them on the bed.

“Eto o, I got us chili fries and nachos…” She said

“Uy, favorite ni Ace…she bloody adores those” I said.

“Talaga?” she said gleefully “Pag magaganda talaga pareho nang gusto…” she said chuckling.

She also got us spicy chicken tenders, wings and taters with ranch, bbq, and honey mustard dips, sliders and onion rings, mini pizzas, and bags of her favorite crisps or “kutkutins”.

“Bloody ‘ell luv, magsayang lang ang workout natin!” I said chuckling as I hand her a bottle.

“Wala lang, like I’ve said, nagke-crave ako and just in case we’ll have company…baka lang” She said with a wink, munching on an onion ring.

“Pero alam ko ‘di makaka-hangout si bruhilda kasi 4 nights na s’yang nagsleepover” She said.

We clinked our bottles in a toast, and went drinking and eating as I tell her what happened.

Her initial reaction was of course “Whaaat?! na-rape ka?!” and then much laughing and giggling as my story became hilarious and exciting for her.

“Mas nag-enjoy ka pa kay bo! Aieee…!” She said cackling.

“Eh? diba, nag-enjoy din ikaw sobra sobra? sabi mo ikaw you haven’t fucked and cummed like that” I said chuckling.

“I’m just bloody, lasheng and bangag then…” She said and went taunting with her tongue sticking out.

And then there was buzzing at the door and Lex and I looked at each other, eyes widening, as we each have our bottle on our lips.

The door wasn’t locked, and Eindi let herself in.

“O pukikay! kala ko ba may preventive suspension ka? Ano nag wizzkapo ka na naman?”
Lex said chucking.

“Di ah, I made paalam kay tita, pahirapan pa nga eh verdammt scheisse! and gusto I go home before 12 pero sabi ko what if it became pouring very hard, dala daw ako nang umbrella, oida! ay nako bahala na, anyhooo she knows where I’m at…” Eindi said as she takes off her jammiez, getting down to her undies.

“Sus, nakaamoy ka kasi nang lafang…bruha ka pag na tag kaming B-I nang tita mo…” Lex said chuckling.

“Ay dami food!” Eindi exclaimed and almost went jumping onto the bed and began stuffing her mouth.

“Hoy bastos ka ah! Where are our hugz and kiziizz?!” Lex yelled chuckling.

“Ay, sorry..” Eindi said with a mouthful. Eindi turned to me and went hugging and smooching with me being careful not to touch me with her oily and sauced fingers, she then turned to Lex

“Uhm, wait…” Eindi said with a hand on her mouth.

“Ayan, nahirinan na, takaw kasi…” Lex said chuckling.

Eindi then took Lex’s bottle from her hand, and took a long drink, pausing in between.

“Ay bratinellang kikay! Hoy that’s my beer go get your own bitch!” Lex said.

“Oh yay!” Eindi uttered and went for the small fridge.

Oida! You haveHoegaarden Rosee? Das it ur Krass!”Eindi exclaimed, holding a bottle.

“Yah, haven’t tried it, mahal nga eh so 3 lang binili ko” Lex said.

“And ano ‘to?Schwarzbier? (reads the label)Cerveza Negra? pa try nito…” Eindi said as she closed the fridge.

She got on the bed again and I popped the bottle for her as she went hugging and kissing with Lex.

We clinked our bottles in a toast and Eindi yelled “Zuhm Vohl!”

“Hay, naku pukikay tataba ka nyang ginagawa mo!” Lex said cackling as Eindi went on eating.

“You’d be ballooning, and tatambok lalo fifi mo, uhmmmhh!” Lex said, squeezing her crotch.

“No…” I said as I put my arms around Eindi and pulling her to me, “This lovely lass will always be hot and sexy!” I said hugging her and went kissing her, then went fondling her.

“Mmhh…!” I uttered squeezing her crotching and got her giggling and squeezing her thighs as she got tickled.

“Hay, sloppy, not very lady like!” Lex said chuckling as she wipes Eindi’s mouth with a wetnap.

Eindi turned to me and smiled and we went smooching then she fed me with the piece of chicken she’s eating, then made cutesy faces as she chews, and then we went smooching some more.

“Ako wala?” Lex said

Eindi put a chili fry between her teeth and leaned towards Lex and they each bit off a piece and went smooching whilst chewing. We went on, often feeding each other food, licking and sucking each other’s fingers, downing the food with beers… We then cleared the bed leaving only the bags of kutkutins.

“Dahling would you check if malamig na iyung bubbly natin?” I said to Lex, puffing out smoke by the open window with Eindi leaning on me.

“Siguro malamig na yun, check ko” She said as she went crawling to the cooler.

“O, super lamig na!” She said making rattling noises with the ice, she uncorked the bottle in the cooler to avoid spillage on the bed.

“Siz pwede tayo mag sweed?” Eindi said, caressing my cheek with her fingers as she lay on me.

“Adik!” Lex said cackling as she went crawling back to us with the bottle of bubbly.

“Well…uhmm…” I uttered looking at her as she makes a pouty face, “Alright luv, but just one ok?”

“O, yay!” Eindi said, lightly clapping her hands.

“Oi pukikay kunin mo, nasa drawer nang dresser yung canister!” Lex said chuckling and Eindi went crawling towards the dresser, giggling with excitement.

“So which stick should I take? alin dito?” Eindi said as she opens the canister.

“You choose dahling, but just one!” I said.

“Hmm… Let’s see…” Eindi uttered wiggling her fingers, and then she picked up a long
stick, and went waving it gleefully in the air and then puts the canister back in the drawer.

“Can I be the one to light it? Eindi said, walking on her knees on the bed towards us.

“Gusto mo ikaw mag sindi?” Lex said with an eyebrow raised.

“Alrighty” I said.

“O eto adik o!” Lex said chuckling handing her a lighter.

Eindi lit up the sweedie and went puffing, coughing lightly and then exhaling sensually sweet smoke. She passed the stick to Lex and sat between us. We went on drinking and smoking, and munching on crisps or “kutkutins” with only the nightlamp on.

As always alcohol and weed make a fiery sexual cocktail, and I, still fucking pissed of not having an orgasm being raped earlier. Lex turned off the nightlamp and we left the shutters open, letting in the moist night breeze, even with AC on. We began kissing and fondling whilst undressing each other.

“Uhmm guyz, do you want us to do it in the patio again? Eindi muttered as she went kissing and fondling with us.

“No, here nalang girl, nand’yan si edoy and the other kuyas, baka ma-rape tayo!” Lex said chuckling and winked at me.

“I feel like running outside naked!” Eindi said giggling.

“I know dahling, we feel like that too” I said.

“Besides, we’re beside the window, bukas ang shutters, ang sarap nang hangin, so parang nasa labas tayo” Lex said.

“Eh what if , uhm may sumilip? Kita ba tayo?” Eindi said giggling, looking out the window, the wind blowing her hair.

“It’s raining and patay ilaw natin” Lex said.

“And also I don’t think anyone would be walking about at this hour, and it’s really pouring” I said.

Lex gently pulled Eindi from the window.

“And kung makita tayo ni edoy or kung sino mang mokong, eh di saya n’ya, laruin n’ya titi n’ya watching us hanggang matigok s’ya!” Lex said in a bitchy or rather “mataray” tone.

“Haa, ano?!” Eindi and I uttered, brow-creasing.

“I said mag-masturbate sila to death!” Lex said chuckling

“SIRAA!” Eindi and I uttered in unison giggling.

We went on loving each other, and I got pleasured the most, as my lovely babies went kissing, licking, sucking, and fondling me all over, taking turns eating and tongue-fucking my pussy.

“Ohhh, g’d (Eindi’s real name) baby oh ssshhiittt!” I went uttering loudly as Eindi went “fucking” me hard with Lex loving us with her mouth and hands.

“You look so hot babygirl…” Lex muttered “Fuck your ate (my real name), fuck her hard..”

Even with just light coming through the window, Eindi’s body looked so beautiful as it moves sensually, coupled with her equally sexy moaning. Faster and harder she went, my hand went sliding to her smooth round tush, fondling and kneading them.

“Oh, ate, ateeehh…!” Eindi kept uttering as we come closer and closer to orgasm.We went moaning loudly, our bodies convulsing, I locked lips with her, and went kissing torridly.

I let myself cum as soon as I felt her cumming hard on my pussy. She fell on me panting and whimpering. After some minutes it was Lex’s turn to fuck me. She went hot and sexy as always and got me cumming hard as Eindi did.

Later still we went eating each other’s pussies in a triangle position, then slept naked and cuddling till 7 am.

After yoga and shower they drove me to work, getting coffee and breakfast along the way, and they even attended the seminar and small talk. After which my “cousins” and I had lunch and went joy-riding.

(Di pa tapos, the next part will be about me, behhh! – Lex)

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