My Girlfriend Was Being Fucked When I Got Home

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Author: amerasian


After I cleared immigration and got my bags, I quickly went to the Nissan cars counter to get a ride back home. Buti na lang, there were many cars available. In less than 10 minutes, I was on the road.

I chatted on Messenger with Irish.

“In the car na honey.”

“Ok, ingat luv.”

“You ok, my hot girlfriend?”

“Yes. I feel magnificently fucked. Sobrang laki niya hon.”

“Are you hurt?”

“When he penetrated me finally, nabigla ako.”

“What’s happening now?”

“I’m in the bathroom, they’re outside, sa room natin.”


“Cleaning up. I’m leaking a lot. Dami nilang cum sa loob ko.”

“You’re such a slut.”

“Uhuh. I’ve never felt so well fucked.”

“Hope it’s ready for my cock when I get home.”

“Of course. But I am seeing some blood. Medyo marami.”

“Shit, are you ok hon?”

“No worries, I’m ok. Di naman masakit now. Kanina lang medyo.”

“Ba’t may blood?”

“Hon, the head of Nico’s cock is really big. Like almost the size of my fist. And he slammed it inside me. Narinig mo ba that part?”

“Yes, heard all of it.”

“Teka hon, I’ll wash it muna.”

“Ok. I should be there in 20 minutes.”

“See you luv.”

It was the longest 20-minute ride of my life. I had a lot of thoughts racing in my head. After Irish cleans herself up, will Ed and his nephew leave her alone muna? Will she ask for a break, and perhaps take a nap?

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The driver interrupted my thoughts. “Sir, sobrang traffic daw po EDSA, ok lang po ba kung iba ang daanan natin?”

“Yes, whatever is faster, bahala ka na.”

I was then back to my phone and responded to some emails that came in. Then my thoughts were back to Irish. I decided to call her up.

Her phone just kept ringing. I was wondering why. I tried one more time. Wala pa rin, she was not picking up.

It turned out, as Irish would tell me later, that after she cleaned up, she went back to our bed and Ed was there waiting for her. Without warning, Ed grabbed her body and carried her to bed.

“Mam, ihiga ko po kayo sa kama.” Binuhat siya papunta sa kama. Nagulat si Irish. Nakita nyang nakahiga din si Nico, with his back against the wall.

Paghiga ni Irish, Ed instructed Nico. “Pasubo mo kay mam burat mo.”

Irish hesitated at first but Nico moved his cock close to her mouth. She licked the big cockhead. She encircled her tongue around it.

Then she felt Ed was moving between her legs again.

“Ed, parating na si Lance.” He acted as if he didn’t hear what she said, and proceeded to position himself between her legs.

Idinapa nya si Irish. My girlfriend was on her elbow, sucking Nico slowly. “Shit ang laki talaga ng ulo nito.” She then tried to take all of it in her mouth, but she gagged.

Ed is now squarely behind my girlfriend, with his hard cock aimed at her still wet cunt. Tinira nya uli girlfriend ko. Kinantot nya uli puke ni Irish. He has not removed his cock ring, kaya ramdam na naman ni gf ang magang-maga nyang burat. She stopped sucking Nico briefly. She was too distracted by Ed’s delicious cock going in and out of her now slightly swollen cunt.

As I arrived in our condo, Manang opened the door for me and said, “Sir, nagpapahilot daw po si mam sa room nyo.” It’s confirmation they’re all still in the room.

I dropped all my bags and barged into our room, and what I saw made me so horny. Nakadapa si Irish, binabanatan ni Ed from behind, while she was holding on to Nico’s cock.

“Ed, alis ka muna dyan.”

“Opo sir, sorry po, kala ko maya pa kayo.”

I removed my pants and my hard cock sprang into action. I entered my girlfriend’s hole. It was slippery and warm. She felt less tight but I needed to fuck her. She stopped sucking Nico. I fucked her real hard. I fucked her and fucked her and fucker her like I missed her for years. Ang sarap ng puke nya, iba ang pakiramdam pala pag tinamudan ang butas nya. In a way it feels like there’s a warm gel inside her hole, which was getting warmer as I kept fucking her. Puting-puti ang tumutulo sa butas nya. Ed was jerking off beside us, nilalamas ang boobs ni Irish from underneath her body. Si Nico naman nanunuod lang.

I knew I would not last long. I came after less than five minutes, sa sobrang excitement. Then I pulled out and fell on my girlfriend’s side.

Si Ed puwesto uli between my girlfriend’s legs.

“Sir, ok lang po ba?”

I looked at Irish. She was breathing a bit hard, and she just smiled at me as I kissed her. “Welcome home honey.”

Then she gulped and yelled at Ed.

“Ed, ano ginagawa mo???!!!”

“Relax lang kayo mam.”

When I looked at what was happening, I saw the cock of Ed aimed at the anal entrance of my girlfriend. Nakabukaka si Irish kaya kitang-kita ko. I’ve had anal sex with Irish before, pero once pa lang.

Gustong tirahin ni Ed si Irish sa puwet. I wanted to stop him, but my gf looked so sexy with a dripping cunt and a tight anus that’s about to get fucked.

To be continued…

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