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Then I heard na bumukas ang pinto ng bedroom namin. Irish had two towels in her hands, and threw them at me.

I gave one to Kyle as I finally opened the glass door to the balcony. I wrapped the other towel around my waist after wiping some sweat of my body.

“Thanks, pre.”


“Man, do you often do this, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Define often.”

“Well, you know, like every month o every week ba may gimmick kayong ganito?”

“Pare, if you’re asking if we already had a full-scale threesome, the answer is yes.”

“Wow. You’re a lucky guy.”

“Must be.”

“Your girlfriend’s body is to die for. Lahat sa tropa drools for Irish, just so you know.”

“I know.”

“And man, thanks for letting me play with her breasts. Ah breast lang pala. Di ko abot yung isa.”

“You’re welcome.”

I grabbed the bottle of beers and cheered Kyle on. He asked for another bottle. We were on our fourth bottle for the night.

I heard some movement in our living room. I looked and saw Irish talking to Manang. Parang may hinahanap sila.

“Kyle, wanna freshen up?”

“Sana nga pre, if it’s not asking too much.”

Then I asked for Manang.

“Manang, makikigamit po ng banyo sa guestroom si Kyle.”

“Ok po sir, malinis naman po yun, may towels din pong naka-ready.”

Kyle went to take a shower, while Irish was in the kitchen. I was left briefly on my own at the balcony. Manang approached me, “sir may papagawa pa ba kayo?”

“Wala naman po nang.”

“Matutulog na po kase ako sana, pagtapos maligo ng bisita nyo.”

“Sure po.”

Irish interrupted us.

“Yey, Manang nakita ko na ang tequilla!” They were apparently looking for my girlfriend’s favorite drink.

I saw a saucer of salt, slices of lime, a shot glass and a bottle of tequila in my girlfriend’s hands as she walked to the balcony.

“Can I join?”

“Of course.”

Irish was wearing her usual sleeping attire, a big loose shirt na Hello Kitty.

“Aren’t you freshening up honey?”

“Later na lang hon, before we sleep, tapos ng inuman.”


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Just then I heard Kyle, “Salamat po Manang!” He was walking back to the balcony, wearing a shirt and a pair of running shorts.

“Hey Irish.”

“Hey Kyle.”

There was a bit of awkward silence between them.

Irish took two successive shots of tequila, perhaps to relax.

“Body shot tayo?” Kyle offered.

“Gagu,” my girlfriend objected.

“Sungit naman.”

“What time do you plan to go home pre?” I asked Kyle.

“Any time you send me home pre. Maybe after a couple of bottles?”

“Nag-drive ka ba?”

“Hindi pre, nag-Uber lang ako.”

“Good, so pwede ka pang uninom.”

Irish was quiet and looking sleepy.

“Antok ka na, luv?”

“Not really.”

Then she leaned on my shoulder. I placed my arms around her.

I gave her another shot of tequila. She gulped uneventfully. No lime, just a dash of salt.

I broke open a bag of spicy chips. It went well with our bottle of beer.

Kyle was looking so lustfully at Irish. Then broke his silence. “Thank you ha, Irish.”

My girlfriend just smiled at him.

“Did you like it?”

“Oh yes. Of course! They are perfect. Soft but very firm.”

“Can’t claim any credit. I was just born with these breasts.”

“Don’t get mad please ha. Rhea’s breasts are bigger but not very firm na.”

“Why will I get mad, obvious namang boobsie girlfriend mo?”

“I meant to say, your breasts are to die for.”

Awkward silence again. Gave another shot for Irish.

“She takes very good care of her breasts pare. She does push-ups every morning, to firm up her chest muscles.”

“Wow. Talaga. I mean, I know you run and swim. Didn’t know you do some body building too.”

“I seldom go to the gym na nga e. So here na lang sa condo, a bit of weights and push ups, pag may time.”

Irish was already slurring. Medyo lasing na girlfriend ko. However, she poured another shot. And drank them just like that. Then she fell between my chest and shoulder.

“Tama na honey, that’s your sixth shot na.” She didn’t respond, and I felt her body get soft and weak next to me.

“Go to bed na luv.” She was limp on my chest. I lifted her and carried her.

“Kyle ihiga ko lang ‘to ha.”

“Sige pre, take your time.”

I carried Irish to our bedroom. Turned on the aircon, turned off the lamp by her bedside and turned on the lamp by my side. She was drunk.

“Hon, are you ok?”

She murmured something.



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She was breathing softly. Before I knew it, she was slightly snoring na. She must have passed out, after six shots of Patron.

One thing about Irish, when she’s drunk, she sleeps like a log. As in, ang hirap niya gisingin.

I placed a small blanket over her then went back to Kyle.

“Knocked out sweetheart ko pre.”

“E sunod-sunod naman shot nya e.”

“Yeah, I think she wanted to sleep na rin.”

I popped open another bottle. I was also feeling drowsy na.

“Pre I think I need to make a cup of coffee. Pampagising.”

“Ako din pre, please.”

I stood up and went to the kitchen, started to brew my favorite Sumatra beans. Then I sat on the breakfast table, while waiting. Kyle locked the glass door and decided to join me, with all the empty beer bottles in his hands. “San ko lagay to?”

“Leave them near the sink pre, si Manang na bahala dyan bukas.”

Our coffee was ready. It helped. We were wide awake again.

After a couple of sips and more kwentuhan, I got up to check on Irish.

“Pre tignan ko lang si Irish ha?”

“Sige lang pre.”

When I entered our room, she was still sleeping. However, she removed the blanket I placed over her. And her big Hello Kitty shirt was also out of place, nakataas sa may hita nya, halos kita na ang biyak nya. I was thinking if I should cover her with a blanket or pabayaan ko na lang para di sya maistorbo.

Then I heard Kyle’s footsteps behind me, peeping inside our bedroom as I was checking Irish.

“Tulog na tulog na ba pre?”

I didn’t answer. Then I heard him say, “Wow! Pamatay talaga katawan ng girlfriend mo.”

“Pssst, baka magising si Manang.”

“Ooops, sorry pre.”

I went inside our bedroom, but kept the door open. Kyle followed me.

I moved Irish’s body a bit to one side of the bed.

“Parang lasing na lasing gf mo pre.” Kyle teased.

“Yep, when she passed out this way, no one and nothing can wake her up.” I was speaking from experience, when I was able to literally fuck Irish in our hotel room without waking her up, the last time she got drunk with tequila in KL after a client party.

“Lance pare, in that case, can I at least touch her there?”

That turned me on, I admit. Knowing my girlfriend was passed out sleeping and chances are she won’t even know what happened the next day.

I closed our bedroom door. Then I sat beside Irish, and kissed her face. She was really passed out. I kissed her lips. She still didn’t move. I touched her breasts. Ran my finger sa puke nya. She was still quite wet with my cum. But she still did not show any sign of waking up.

“Pre, hanggang hawak lang ha, to be clear. You cannot fuck her. She won’t like it. And I will kill you.”

“Wow, oo naman pare! Sure!”

Kyle jumped at the chance, sat on our bed and placed his hands on my girlfriend’s cunt, gingerly, almost adoringly.

“Wow!” which he said with his mouth wide open.

Then he leaned forward to kiss her thighs, legs, sa singit. And moved his mouth closer, papunta sa puke ni Irish.

To be continued…

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