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Drunk GF Cums
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Drunk GF Cums


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Author: amerasian


I understood Kyle’s request was out of sexual desire to penetrate my girlfriend. I also wanted to respect what Irish told me, na hindi niya type si Kyle and that to me is her flat refusal to go on all the way sex with him.

However, from her cunt, my girlfriend seemed ready for another fuck.

What she last told me stands though.

“No pare, don’t do that or let’s stop this.”

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“Pare naman…”

“Irish won’t like it.”

“But she doesn’t have to know.”

“Does not work that way.”

Kyle, still sitting on our bed, gave up and simply resumed fondling my girlfriend’s cunt. However, I did notice he fingered her more aggressively. Parang sobrang gigil.

My girlfriend’s body was moving slightly as she was getting hard fingered by Kyle. Suddenly, I noticed some movement on Irish’s face. She seems to have gained some consciousness tough her eyes are still shut.

Tuloy-tuloy ang pag-finger sa kanya si Kyle while he was jerking off rather furiously. Then he changed his position, approached the breasts of Irish by the side of her body. He went up to kiss her face, then her lips. He moved her face to the right, para humarap sa kanya.

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Tapos yumuko siya to kiss her lips. With his right hand jacking his cock off while his left hand still mashing my gf’s cunt.

A slight sound came out of Irish’s mouth. Her eyes are still tightly shut. I realized she was probably close to having an orgasm. Kyle was encouraged. He decided to maul her lips with his mouth. Dinilaan niya ang bibig ni Irish.


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I saw my girlfriend’s body move slightly. I noticed a slight shake on her legs. Kyle stopped kissing her and moved back to between her legs quickly. Kinain niya uli ang puke ni Irish. And then jammed two fingers inside. I can hear the slurping sound. Irish suddenly moved a bit more actively, though she was still asleep. Her face was not changing in terms of expression. But her body was shaking slightly pa rin.

Kyle ate her like there’s no tomorrow. Tumatagas katas ni Irish sa bibig niya. Pabilis ng pabilis na rin ang jakol niya, while his other hand tuloy pa rin ang pag-finger sa puke ni Irish.

Tapos I heard a quiet sound from my girlfriend’s mouth, then a violent shaking of her body. Mukhang nag-orgasm si Irish. I held her hand and kissed her. Lasang beer ang bibig niya from Kyle’s mouth.

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“Sleep some more, hon.”

She did not open her eyes but I felt her holding my hand more tightly.

She was breathing faster. Kyle was still fingering and eating her.

Then I was surprised when she slightly opened her eyes very narrowly, and whispered softly to me.

“If you’re kissing me, who’s down on me?”

I just smiled. And touched her face.

“Oh shit, pinakain mo puke ko sa friend mo!”


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She said it in a manner that’s not complaining. Then her body jolted again. Another orgasm. I kissed her and fondled her breasts.

Kyle was still between her legs and started moaning himself. He stopped eating Irish, positioned himself between her legs then sprayed his cum over her cunt. Tumalsik ang tamod niya sa hita, puke at tiyan ni Irish. Then he rubbed his cum over her cunt.

Irish was obviously still too drunk, and came back to sleep while I was kissing her.

“Hon, you want to clean up?”

She did not respond anymore.

Kyle collapsed with his head on my girlfriend’s leg.

To be continued…

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