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Me: Daaaaaannn ohhhhhh shiiiit ahhhhhh mmmmmm

Me: Deeeperrrr ahhhhhh mmmmmmm yesssss

Me: Ammmm fuckkkk soooo gooooodddd aaaahhhhhmmm

This is me while fucking my boyfriend. My name is Moira, 20 years old, at 2nd year college sa isang all girls university. I’m five foot six and I weigh around 170+ pounds leaning more to the chubby side of the big women spectrum. And yeah, I love having sex with my boyfriend – Dan, 3-4 times a week. I’m not a nympho nor a sex maniac, it’s just that I love having sex with my love.

Aside from sex we sometimes course to sex over the phone or SOP or sometimes video sex. Well, ganun talaga kami ka active sa sex. Sabi namin sa isa’t isa we are compatible to each other when it comes to bed. And ofcourse, nagpapainject ako not him knowing kase ayoko mabuntis also so we use condom everytime we go, kahit safe ako.

My boyfriend Dan who is 3 years older than me is already working as the assistant sales manager sa isang electronics distribution company. Kaya pag out of town or country siya like going to Singapore or Dubai thats when we resort to SOP or video sex.

Me: Ohhhhh deeeppperrrr ahhhhh ahhhhh…

Me: Ohhhhh shiiiiit ahhhhhh I’m gonna cum again babe ahhhhhh oooohhhhh shiiiiiiitttt

Me: Nnnnnnnn oooohhhh shhhiiiiiiitt ahhhhhh I caaannttt ohhhhhh

Me: Daaaannn ooohhhh deepeeerrr I’m cuuuummm mmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmiiiiiiinnngggg

Dan: Sige pa baby, push that finger deeper… I’m fuckingggg you hard with my cooock.


Me: Ohh oohhh ooohhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm

I came 3 times while Dan watches me in Dubai.

Dan: That was great baby.

Me: Oooohhh I’m soaking wet oh see the bedsheet?

Dan: Me too, I fucking came twice.

Me: Go ahead cleanup and I’ll do the same. Call you back in 5 minutes okay? Love you, muwah!

Dan: Okay babe, talk to you later… muwah!

When my boyfriend came back home from his two week trip, we celebrated his successful trip with a BANG. We checked in sa Agoda and stayed there for 2 nights just fucking the whole time.

But my studies and his work made us more distant lalu na nuong napromote siya as the manager for distribution and marketing.

Me: No seriously? Two months? Fuck, thats too long baby.

Dan: Yeah, I have to coz it part of my job.

[sad face]

Dan: I will call you everyday. Don’t be sad please.

I was still in shock and maybe because I was too afraid to lose him and I was irrational that time nakipag cool off ako sa kanya.

Nawalan din sya ng time para makipag arrange sa akin because he was too busy with his new job and his re-assignment abroad.

So I went out with my friends and nag inom kame sa bar. I was so drunk and wasted that night that my girlfriends would not even want to take me home to my condo unit.

Sarah: Yes tito, opo tito… please, she’s so drunk.

My friend called my dad to pick me up sa bar where we stayed from 7 PM to 9 AM just drinking. And me? Well I am blanked out.

Nagising na ata ako mga 6 PM na at madilim na sa labas. I woke up in my old room sa house ng parents ko sa Greenhills.

Dad: There you are. How are you? Take this…

Inabot sa akin ni dad ang isang malaking bote ng pineapple juice to ease my hangover.

Me: Thanks dad.

Dad: You don’t have to but when you do just talk to me okay?

Me: Thanks dad.

Papalabas na siya ng pinto ng…

Me: Dad, thanks ulit for picking me up sa bar. I’d rather be here than sa condo.

My dad just smiled at me and left.

We ate dinner together and talked mostly about school, my plans after college and other stuffs except my boyfriend… my ex-boyfriend.

Around 11 PM, I was having a hard time sleeping so I went out of my room and gone to my parents room to look for dad. He was not there.

By the way, my dad and mom is already separated. My mom now lives in Italy with her new husband.

I found my dad sitting at couch with his feet up on the stool watching a movie in the family room.

Me: What are you watching?

Dad: The Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and that dude.

I sat beside my dad then he put his one arm around me. It was so comforting, I laid my head on his chest while I watched the movie with him.

I didn’t noticed that I fell asleep within the movie at nagising na lang ako where the movie is at its last minutes. I looked at my dad who also fell asleep. I can hear him lightly snoring.

I didn’t know what came over me that night when my hand ended up in his crotch area. He was wearing his jammy shorts kaya manipis. I started caressing his crotch, playing whats inside it which is apparently sleeping too.

I was not in my correct mind because I kept on caressing it. Then one of my fingers accidentally went in between the gaps of the buttons and touched the head of his cock.

Ewan ko bat kinilig ako that time.

Ako: (in my thoughts) Hihihihi lambot ng bola.

Then, like my hands has its own mind I started un-buttoning his jammy. I slid his sleeping john out of his jammy, siguro it was about 4 inches then I gently placed my hands over it pero minsan I’d picked it with my fingers.

Dad: Ungggg

I looked at him and when everything was clear I went back to playing with my dad’s penis. I started noticing that it was kinda growing. My eyes went back and forth sa face nya at sa penis niya. Is he dreaming?

Nagulat ako when it grew to a semi erected 6 inch cock. Na-excite ako and my heart started beating fast. I was crazy enough that I sat down on the floor and started licking the head of his cock.

Para akong bata munching on a lollipop or eating ice cream. Slowly I was giving my dad a blowjob and he was still dreaming. I stared at his face while my head goes up and down his cock. I can’t stop myself, luka luka na ata ako.

Then my dad’s cock grew to it’s big and hard form of 7 1/2 inches. Siguro nanaginip na rin siya about sex. Hindi ko rin napigilan sarili ko and was giving in and performing a full blowjob on my dad’s erection.

Me: Ommmmm mmmmm mmmmmm ummmmmmm mmmmmmm

I was feeling it and I was so drowned from the moment that I was literally making love with dad’s cock. The same cock that conceived me.


Dad’s hands pressed my head down as he spurted semen in my throat. Na shock ako and I was not expecting it.

Dad: Moira? It was YOU??!

Napatingin ako kay dad while his cum was dripping from my lips.

Me: Sorry dd… dad I was…

I was so scared I jumped and hugged him crying.

Me: Hu huh hu… sorry dad, I’m so sorry. I was so lonely… and… sorry talaga… hu hu hu huuu

Dad: It’s fine… don’t worry it is fine. No harm done. Kaya ka ba naglasing?

Me: Yeah, I was lonely. I broke up with Dan (even though I was thinking cool off)… and I missed him… I miss.. I missed.. I miss having… ss.. eh.. exx… with him.

Me: Hu hu hu sorry dad.

Dad: Shhhhh shhhh stop crying it is okay… its okay with me.

Then my dad gently pressed his lips on mine. I suddenly felt light headed. I open my mouth and we started french kissing. We kissed for about 10 minutes or so and then I started kissing his neck to his chest then to his stomach. I noticed that his cock is up and ready again.

Me: I think it liked me.

Dad: Yes I think it liked what you did.

I stood up and pulled my shorts and panty down. I straddled on top of him and slowly lowered my hips.

I was already wet when we were kissing and his stiff cock slipped inside me.

FUCK, para akong hihimatayin sa sarap. I can feel the big round head of his cock sliding and scraping the walls of my vagina. I can’t believe he was this huge inside me. It took me 3 minutes before I was able to take all of his cock sa loob ng pussy ko.

Dad: Ahhhmmmmm

I started moving slowly as my dad held my hips. I was riding my dad… NO… I was fucking my dad… and it feels GOOD.

Me: Shhhiiiitttt ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh noooooooooo ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh

Dad: Ahhhhhh whooooooooh.

Slowly and getting a little faster as I grind my hips over his cock.

I was really feeling it. I was happy and in heat while I slowly move up and down.

I un-did my bra then removed my shirt and bra and threw it on the floor.

Dad: They are so big Moira.

Lalu akong nag-init when dad placed his hands on my boobs. He caressed my boobs while I move on top of him.

Dad: Ooohhhhh ahhhhhh saaaraaaaaapppp ahhhhh

Me: Masarap ba dad? Masarap baaa????

Dad: Yes, babyyyyy ahhhh I love your breasts. Mmmmm

I moved up and down while dad sucks my boobs until my big orgasm was waiting to explode.

Dad: Ahh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ummmmm

Ako: Ooohhhh shhhiiiit fuckkk meeeh ahhhh shhhiiii shhhiiiiit.

Dad: Ummmm mmmmm myyyuhhhmmmm

Me: Ooohhh daaadddd ahhhh daaaaddddd I’mmmm ahhhhhhh commmmiiiinggh

Dad: Ooooo ahhhhh, what abbbouut meeeeee ahhhhh

Me: Ahhhh daaad cum insiiiideeee meeeeehhh ahhhhh


We both exploded and our fluids mixed inside me.

I lay flat on his chest while his cock still rest inside my pussy.

Every weekend I go to my dads house and share the bed with him.

Me: Ahhhhh ahhhhhh daaaddddd nooooooohhhh ooooohhh ooohhhhh mmmmm

My dad was licking, sucking, and kissing my wet pussy.

Dad: Mmmmmmpppp shhhhlllmmmmm ummmmm yummmmmm mmmmnn ooohhhh

Having sex with my dad eased the pain of being away with Dan and my loneliness was gone.

Me: Daaadddd, fuck me fuck me fuck meeeehhhhh

I no longer need SOP or video chat, my dad’s cock fulfilled my sexual desires.


Duon sa magtatanong kung Ako ito at Dad ko. The answer is a big NO. Fiction nga eh diba.

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