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Unforgetable Ri

Filipino Sex Stories & Libog Stories

By Missile


For her security and privacy, I used another picture as a substitute. Please don’t ask me for her pics. Thank you!

A few years back, swiping left and right on a dating app, I met Ri. She was your typical Filipina collegian, young perky and cute, but her body was a bombshell. I was just a few months late to snipe her virginity. Some guy just took and ran away, so my timing was just right as she was looking for some follow-up action. I just recently got off from ex at the time and was headed for a year in my first job. She, on the other hand, was in her second year.

We chatted for a good two weeks, and a storm of lust was brewing with nudes sent left and right. I still remember it now her breast was so tender and juicy, I’d do anything to suck on those big ones again, SOP’ed some of the days to escalate our lust for one another. Before we decided to meet up. Haha, funny thing is she came from an org event of hers and somehow had to create an e-invite poster to dupe her parents to allow her to have an overnight elsewhere. But that night was one of the best nights we shared.

Met up halfway in a motel, the moment I saw her all I could think of was to fuck that nice piece of ass and touch those jugs. We bought some supplies in a nearby convenience store, checked in and I guess you could imagine what happened next…

Haha but it wouldn’t be a good story if I just let you guys imagine without further narration, would it haha.

So heading up we chatted a bit. Up until I guess the Libog started coming in, as I grabbed and squeezed her breast then thoroughly started kissing her. We started to undress each other, explored her curves and holes. Her pussy still seemed tight as I slid my hand in her wet slit. Took out my fat cock, immediately she started sucking on it. For a recently devirginized girl, she sure knew how to handle her cock. She enjoyed sucking my cock as her past encounters where either small or thin and didn’t have much fucking meat on it. I knocked her down on the bed to eat her fucking pussy, as I swap between my tongue and fingers as I started milking her juices out from her pussy. As she moaned tremendously, my dick flared up hard as can be and rammed it in her pussy hole. Fuck the reaction she had at the time I first struck in and kept pounding her. To date, I can never shake the great feeling I had fucking her. She moaned so well and went nuts whenever I pupped it in, it was like my dick and her pussy synced up to create a symphony of sex. At times I was hitting her womb up and she would tighten up her pussy wall to keep my dick in, God it made me cum a few times whenever she did that.

After rounds of our fucking frenzy, we stopped to check sheets where wet and disarray and sweat just dripping from our bodies. We decided to take a bath, but even while showering we couldn’t leave the L in sheets and started fucking as we took a bath. Fresh from the shower and a quickie later, we rested and ate dinner.

As cool breeze started to hit in from the sweat storm earlier, the L came coming back in. And I sucked her breast again, apparently, she had inverted nips and unlike earlier for her to pop it back up, she needed help to get her L going on. So your explorer had to dig his way in her breast suck it back up teasing her areolas and squeezing her fat juicy tits, it was like milking a cow but way tastier. As soonest, it got up, she went dive down to her pussy and ate her as one hand fondled her clit and another played with her boobs; all while eating her tasty ass pussy.

After more rounds of sex in all the positions we mustered, we rested up and had a few more rounds before the call from the lobby told us time was up. Washed a bit and ended our 12-hour stay, with 11-13 rounds. Chatted for a bit and got lunch as we left then said goodbye. Haha you know before she left I took another squeeze, cant just help fawn over those yummy tits of hers.

We chatted and stuff, planned another session on the days to come.

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