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Author: 123tinachubby


But before I proceed I would like to say thank you to the people who submitted their answers to my previous question. Funny how majority of the answers sent to me na “DAPAT DI NAG SUSUOT NG MGA SHORTS AND DAMIT NA NAKAKAAKIT” complete BS guys, complete BS.

——- He would suck my nipples in a slow manner, and would sometimes nibble it. “ughh yess sarap..”I closed my eyes savoring the sensation because I know this is just a one night. When I looked at him our eyes met, I bit my lower lip. “higa ka na.” I told him. as soon as he laid down. I went down still rubbing his dick outside his shorts. I looked at him he was just looking at his ceiling with his hands in his head.. I kissed his dick outside his shorts, little soft kisses tracing from his head down to his balls. Then back to his head. I bit the garter of his shorts and pulled it down, when It reached in the area of his shaft I pulled it with my hands leaving him with his underwear. I did have second thoughts If I’m still going to push this when I saw his brief. It was loose and white. I KNOW, JUDGER AKO, but dude have a decency to buy something nice naman. But still choose to push it kasi tignang ako, I need a dick inside my wet pussy.

I started to play with his balls while giving a lick indirectly of his dick. He was moaning. I looked at him and saw him just watching at me, I can see in his eyes that he was getting excited. I can feel his dick getting harder. I slid my hand in his left side brief hole and started to play with his pubic hair just twirling it and me still giving his dick a suck. He held my head, and I twitched “walang hawakan ng ulo.” I told him. ayoko sa lahat is yung I pupush yung hahawakan ulo ko eh. “sorry” he said. I pulled down his brief and behold I saw his dick. Much bigger than my past exes. (HI TO MY EX WHO SENT A PM HERE) I started to lick hi balls first,then licking turned into sucking, I just love sucking balls, a dick w/ less hair or no hair at all is perf for me to suck. Pero at this moment wala akong choice kasi tignang nga ako. He started to moan soft. “hmmm uhmmm… masarap?” asking him with a little giggle “oo.. shit.” I was playing with the tip of his dick I can feel his pre cum. I stopped sucking his balls. Surprised that I stopped he looked at me and I sucked my finger with his pre cum. “shit ang hot”

I then went down again and was now giving directly little kisses to his dick. his dick was average but fat. i was teasing hip licking with the tip of m tongue with his dick head. he was waiting for me so put it insinde my wet hot mouth. I can feel it that he wants. he looked back again up in his ceiling and from that it was my opportunity to surprise him by putting his dick inside my wet mouth. and started to motion my head up and down slowly he was moaning “fuck ang sarap.. shit.. ahhh” he pulled my hair up so he can see me clearly while I’m sucking it. I started to play my pussy while sucking him. my libido was up. I can’t wait for his dick to pump inside me deep.

As I was playing with my pussy I can feel myself getting wetter. I was still giving him head, and I would sometimes do a deepthroat which I know that he liked it. he was now motioning my head to go deeper. i stopped sucking and just couldn’t wait for his dick. I postioned myself on top of him. i was tracing his dick in my pussy line. slowly I put it inside me. at first it didn’t went through, during this time it was already 7 months when I had my last sexual intercourse. i opened my labia and positioned his dick head in the entrance of my we pussy. his head went in it was so new. and slowly my pussy swallowed his dick. we both moaned. ” ahhhh, fuck ang laki mo.” “ang init mo”

to be continued.

all feedbacks will be highly appreciated.

– I already started writing my first experience and will just send it to selected people, who gave a good answer to my previous question, once done.

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