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The two strangers
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Kate was walking along the street going back home.
She had lost the last bus, because she stopped outside school talking with her girl friends.
She just broke up with her boyfriend, the night before, after almost one year together.
As usual, after dinner she went his house. He was just living in the neighbor and her parents were ok about it. Their families knew each other and they were trusting them on meeting at his house.
Nothing much happened before. Just some soft petting, but that night he was kinda horny and willing for more.
Kate didn’t change her clothes after school. She was still wearing her uniform when she went Jimmy’s house. As usual, they started kissing, caressing over the clothes, and Kate, noticed that Jimmy was more horny than usual.
That night his dick was hard. Small but super hard.
He was rubbing himself on her. Dry humping on her while his hands were playing her nipples under the shirt.
Kate was feeling Jimmy super excited and she was worried he wouldn’t have stopped to just that, when he started slipping his hand under her skirt.
It happened before that he touched her pussy. Also happened before he would have took her virginity, but she had always denied it.
Her family, very conservative, made her grow up with a sense of decency and god-fears about being virgin till the marriage.
“Baby I’m so horny” said Jimmy “let me just rub my dick on you” continued looking Kate in the eyes.
She liked it before. Him just dry humping her on the panties. Feel him hard and rub on her pussy made her cum before and she wanted it again.
He was going on and on since a while, when Kate noticed him moving aside her panties. She felt his dick rubbing on her pubic hair at first, but trying to push between her lips after a little while.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Kate yelled while pushing Jimmy away.
“Baby…” he was starting to say, when the room’s door opened and Jimmy’s mom showed.
“What’s happening here?” she yelled looking at them.
“Ask your son” answered Kate, leaving the room to go home.
She didn’t really know what went on between Jimmy and his mother.
She didn’t really care about it. It was over, and she texted him right once she got home about it.
Her eyes were still swollen the morning after when she got school, and all her friends started asking what was happened.
So after school, she just stopped out the gate and talked to her friends.
Chit chatting, time passed by and she lost her bus, and now, she was walking on the side of the provincial road going back home.
Just it was a hot day and she was completely soaked wet from sweating.
More over, anytime a truck was passing by, she was jumping scared because of the nasty truck drivers honking at her from behind.

Kate was just half way home when a car approached.
She heard it slow down. First the noise of the engine slowing down and then the scratch of the tires on the gravel on the side of the street.
“Hey. What do you do all alone on the side of the street? Don’t you know is dangerous?” asked the guy on the passenger side.
“Yes sir, I know. But I’m very careful about it” answered ashamed Kate, looking up to the guy, while stopping beside the car.
“Jump on. We take you home” said the driver of the car looking at Kate and at the guy on the passenger side.
Kate was such an innocent girl. She was never seeing the bad side of the things. An adult asking her to jump in his car to bring her home, for her, was just a concern adult for a teenager, being nice and bringing her home.
Besides, the two guys were foreigners and that was making Kate more comfortable than jump on a car with two of her fellow citizens.
So, she just said “Ok” and jumped on the back seat of the big SUV, sure that she would have being home in a while.
She was in the car since a few minutes, when the driver said “we’ll just take a shortcut”.
Kate just knew the bus way back to her home. She wasn’t really aware of what other ways could have been taken to go back to her town from the city where her school was.
Her worries started to raise, when she saw the SUV take a road in the bush and stop in the middle of nowhere.
“Sir why do we stop here?” asked Kate.
“Let’s know each other better” said the driver looking back at her.
Kate was worried for her safety. She shouldn’t have said yes, was thinking.
The guy on the passenger side, suddenly jumped on the back seat beside her and Kate moved against the door.
She heard like a “click”. The car’s doors were just locked by the driver.
“Sir please…” started saying Kate, when the guy beside her just shushed her with his finger on her lips.
“Do you know why girls exist?” started saying the guy.
“You girls, are on this earth to please us men” continued saying.
“Women are created to please men. Sort of sex toys for guys”.
Kate was frozen still listening those words.
She wanted to escape. Yell. Call for help.
But she was a 4’2 little girl and they were in the bush. In the middle of nowhere.
Her fears got bigger when the driver jumped on the back seat too, and the guy that was on the passenger side just moved her in the middle of them two.
“Please…” she tried again to say.
“What’s not clear of your rule here” said quite annoyed the driver while rubbing his dick inside his jeans.
The passenger guy started to touch Kate’s breast thru the shirt.
She wasn’t yet fully blossomed, just wearing a push up bra that was making her look like she had breast.
The guy started unbutton her uniform’s shirt and noticed the bra.
“Hey look… she’s still a flat baby girl” he said to the driver.
Kate was scared and frozen. She didn’t know what to do. She was at the mercy of two men that probably were on the edge to take advantage of her innocence.
The driver removed her shirt and her bra showing her puffy nipples that were looking hard.
Kate was somehow getting excited by the situation, even she was scared that the two men would have done something bad if she tried to react to their advances.
The passenger guy started pinch Kate’s nipples. Playing it and talking to the driver in a foreigner language that Kate wasn’t able to understand.
They were maybe german. Both around 40 years old.
Actually two handsome men, tall and with built muscles.
When Kate said yes to them to bring her home, in the back seat she started fantasize about them naked, but now that this was happening she was scared as fuck about it.
The driver took Kate’s hand and pulled over his dick.
Thru the jeans, Kate was holding, against her will, a really big piece of meat.
That Jimmy’s little thing she used to hold, was maybe a finger of this guy.
“Squeeze it” said the guy to Kate.
She started to think, that maybe, if she just gave them what they wanted, she would have been set free soon and this sort of nightmare would have end soon. So she started to squeeze the guy’s dick thru the jeans.
On her right side, also the other guy took her hand and pulled on his dick.
Her small hands were holding two hard huge pieces of meat, and she wasn’t really feeling bad about it.
The driver started to kiss her neck. Like sucking her neck, more than just kissing. Kate was feeling his lips like a sucker on her skin.
She bent her back on the seater and let him do it.
Meanwhile the passenger, was unzipping his jeans and holding Kate’s wrist to pull out his dick.
Her hand reached it. If it seemed big while squeezing it in the jeans, she got shocked when she felt the warm of it in her hand.
Sure she was a small girl, but that probably were 8 or maybe 9 inches of hard, warm and pulsating meat.
The guy said something to the driver, that again Kate wasn’t able to understand, but he nodded and she felt his hand pulling her head down on that dick.
“Suck it little slut” he said.
“Sir, I never…” she started to say, but he pushed her head down and his dick shushed her mouth.
His hand was rhythmically moving her head up and down, when Kate felt the driver touching her thighs.
The driver hand’s skin was rough. The feeling was like sandpaper scratching her thighs’ skin while moving up. She felt the hand move up and up, to reach the edge of her underpants garter.
His fingers moved her panties aside, revealing her tiny and slightly hairy pussy.
Kate tried to tell the guy she was still virgin, but the guy was pushing the dick inside her mouth and what came out was just an incomprehensible moan.
His rough finger was moving up and down from her pussy to her ass, slowly pushing time to time. Teasing and making her get wet.
What at first was a fear of being raped, it was getting exciting, but still Kate didn’t know what was gonna happen.
The driver pulled up her skirt and, with a fast movement of his hands, snatched Kate’s panties leaving her pussy completely exposed.
Once again, the two guys said something incompressible to Kate. Just, what happened, made it more clear to her.
The guys pulled down the back seat, which connected to the 3rd lane of seaters, made it look more like a bed inside the SUV.
The passenger guy, started to slip over the seat, trying to make Kate slide too, but his dick slipped out her mouth, so that Kate was able to talk.
“Sir please I’m still virgin” she said almost begging, but wasn’t a good idea.
In the driver’s eyes, turned on like a light and he started again saying something to the other guy.
“You’re the gift we deserved today” said the passenger to Kate.
“We found you for a reason” said the driver.
The two guys, started talking her like they were preaching. Telling her that girls like her were born for a reason. Like having a mission. Making men happy.
Kate was born for men’s pleasure.
Their words, started to become a sort of brainwash. All those things her mother taught her, seemed just useless teachings. Reach the wedding as a virgin was just a waste of time, were saying the two guys.
Get married unexperienced and still virgin, could have been a mistake for her.
Also, try just one dick, would have made her not taste the whole possibilities.
“it’s like always eat the same dish. You won’t know what else you like” said the driver to Kate.
Her innocent mind was fully corrupted by two unknown guys, but she was embracing the idea of being a pleasure toy for guys.
Their attentions and their hands on her body were making her feel good.
She could feel her pussy wet. Dripping wet, actually, while the guy was sliding his fingers on her.
The passenger guy, moved again Kate up on his lap and holding his hard dick, nodded to Kate to suck him again.
With her pussy exposed and the driver touching her. Kate felt something pushing on her.
She didn’t really thought of what was happening. She felt her wet pussy touched by something and, just a moment after, she was yelling because she felt like wrecked.
The driver, without any kindness, just pushed his hard dick inside Kate’s pussy.
The pain she felt made her scream. She’d been never fucked before and her pussy wasn’t ready to take such a big piece of meat.
With her eyes full of tears and her mouth filled up with the dick of the passenger guy, Kate was feeling degraded and at the lowest point of her life.
She didn’t know what was gonna happen in a while.
Kate was feeling her pussy torn apart and she felt a sort of relief when the guy pulled out his dick from her.
Also the passenger guy moved her away from sucking him.
Something was about to happen and Kate was in between from being scared and excited for what was next.
The passenger guy laid down on his back, asking Kate to move over him.
Kate, with her pussy still bleeding a little because of her virginity loss, moved towards the guy’s lap and up to his dick.
Also him had a big dick, almost the same size of the driver.
Just he moved inside her slowly. In a more gentle way.
Kate felt it all slide in, up to her cervix and pushing to get deeper, while she was sliding down on it.
The driver, posted himself behind her.
She felt his rough hands on her breast. His fingers pinching her nipples and his dick sliding between her buttocks.
She was feeling it still wet. She knew his dick was wet from her pussy in a mix of blood and fluids from her being horny.
The passenger guy was moving Kate’s hips up and down. Fucking her in a better way than the driver did before. She felt just used and corrupted by him.
Moving up and down, Kate was feeling the driver dick slightly caressing her in the middle of her butt cheeks.
The driver said something in his language and she didn’t understood, but the passenger guy stopped her from moving and pulled her chest to him, like to embrace her. Just she didn’t understood that wasn’t a caring embrace.
With the passenger guy dick deep down her pussy, Kate felt the driver poking her asshole with his dick.
“No please” she started saying, but the passenger put his hand on her mouth to not make her shout.
She felt like a spit fall on her ass and then another which reached her asshole.
The driver guy started rub the head of his dick right where his spit landed and then pushed it against her tiny hole.
The feeling of being wrecked before in her pussy, was nothing compared to what she felt when he pushed his dick in her ass.
Despite the guy hand on her mouth Kate yelled in pain and started crying hard.
But that didn’t stop the driver to go on.
He started fucking her ass without mercy and so did the passenger guy, who seemed more kind till a few mins before.
Kate, once again, was being mislead by his behavior back then.
She was being used as a cum dump by the two guys.
Her two holes were being wrecked and opened by the two guys which were fucking her like an expert whore, while she was just a teenage virgin till a few minutes before.
Crying and moaning at the same time, Kate was trying to say something, but the guys were pushing their fingers in her mouth and she was just able to moan while the two dicks were tearing apart her tiny holes.
Also the two guys were groaning and moaning while fucking her.
“Let’s all cum together” said the driver.
Kate got more scared. She was in the middle of her period and in the most dangerous days for her fertility, that’s also why she was dripping wet since they started touching her.
The pumping of the two dicks started to become harder and faster. Kate was literally getting hit by the two guys and the pain in her holes was really getting intense. While the tears were running down her cheeks, her body down there was also dripping wet, but for the pleasure mixed with the pain she was feeling.
She was literally at the edge of have her third or forth orgasm. She already forgot about it.
The driver and the passenger guy started groaning and saying something in their language, but this time Kate understood that they were coming and they were doing it together.
She felt them cum inside her.
All her fears of getting pregnant in that moment just vanished because she cummed also, almost at the same time.
Feeling all that cum flow inside her made her feel so good.
They were laying one over another, hard breathing, when the driver said “It’s time to bring her home” while pulling careless his dick out from Kate’s ass.
She felt like she was open wide. A sense of emptiness reached her mind and right while his dick left her ass, she couldn’t stand but fart, squirting out some sperm.
The passenger guy started laughing and moved her off his dick because his cum also was dripping out Kate’s pussy.
She was still laying on the back seat when the SUV started moving and the passenger moved back to his front seat.
“We’re arrived” the driver said.
Kate fell asleep on the way back home. She was feeling exhausted and still in pain when she left the car.
She was barely able to walk the small alley back to her house.
“Kate, where have you been?” asked her mother once she stepped inside the house.
“I lost the bus and had to walk back home mom” she answered.
“I’m super tired. Will just take a shower and sleep” she continued.

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