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The Bad Girl: Epilogue
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The Bad Girl: Epilogue


Author: Crystalite


The Bitch. That’s what people used to call me. I really don’t mind. After all, everyone has a past. And I happen to have a rather interesting and colorful past.

I was the woman everyone loved to adore and loathe. I was who everyone wanted. I was the object of their fantasies.

I had everything: wealth, popularity and most of all, power.

Love? Who said I needed love? I scorned love. It drives any sane person to madness.

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It wasn’t until I met Sherwin Xu that everything changed. I had this unexplainable happiness inside me. I never knew a bitch could feel this way. Was it love? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I felt happy and carefree with him. Yet, I was a coward. I could not bring myself to admit it and say it to him.

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I kept it. It was my little secret and I lost him.

For years, I went back to my old ways, my old self: Reina Yang, The Bitch.

But somehow, I had this emptiness inside me. I longed for that certain time when I was happy, happy to be myself, to bare my whole being without being judged. I was looking for the missing piece of the puzzle of my life. In more ways than one, I longed for him, yearned for his presence. I missed him.

Finally, we met again. I was ecstatic, but once again, I hid it. He had changed. He wasn’t the dorky guy I fell in love with. He was now more than a man.

However, he wanted nothing from me. All he ever cared about and wanted was revenge, to bring Reina Yang, the Bitch, down.

He was successful. He had his moment. He had inevitably and unintentionally shamed, humiliated, destroyed me.

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I was much too hurt and humiliated. I fled. I needed time to recover.

Nevertheless, after all the drama in my life, the black clouds lifted to reveal the sun. It showered me with love and happiness and my old life was gone.

I can never be more content than this. I have found the missing part of my puzzle, and he’s just right next to me. Sleeping soundly beside me. Sherwin Xu, the love of my life…and now, my life.

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Bad Girl, you say? My husband loves it that way. Especially when we’re alone, and… you know what I mean.

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The Bitch still lives in me. I’m still the Bad Girl. I wouldn’t be me without that sordid past but most importantly, I’m just Reina Yang… Mrs. Sherwin Xu.


Author’ Note: Thank you for accompanying me in this journey. I know The Bad Girl is not widely accepted as it is not in Tagalog. Nevertheless, I am glad that there are some who took time to read and follow the series. To you, I am grateful.

Posting The Bad Girl brought back so many memories, good and bad. My then best friend (co-author) and I still haven’t reconciled and we haven’t talked to each other for almost a decade, now. Sad, I know. But maybe, someday, I will have the courage to reach out to her and that everything will go back the way it was. Just like Reina Yang, huh? Anyway, enough of that. Once again, thank you for being my captive audience.

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