Quarantine Part 2 4/5 (1)

Quarantine Part 2
Cover by Missile
This Story is part 2 of 2 in the series Quarantine

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Quarantine Part 2

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By Missile


It was your regular morning when I woke up. Sure the bed was wet from all the sweet naughty things we did last night.

I stepped out of the room to see her in an apron on, but when I went in closer she had nothing on but the apron over her budding soft curves. Hi, Sir good morning! , she said in her Filipino accent with a smile. Wait for a minute, I’ll prepare you some breakfast. I sit down and catch up on the morning news.

As she brought the breakfast in, I saw her nips through the holes of the apron. I asked her why are you just wearing an apron, she then said the kitchen was hot and she just woke up from last night. She then said, don’t you like me being “sexy sexy”. As she said that I smiled with a grin and pulled her in for a kiss on the couch. She still feels so sweet even in the morning, noting to myself as I torridly kiss her. I grabbed her breast and pulled it out to suck on it. She draws a cute moan and pant as I sucked on her ample breast, as she sits resting on my pelvis. In the midst of our intimacy, my dick suddenly started knocking on her pussy’s door. She jolts up and says sir, “your titi is hiting hiting my pepe”. Sir, your penis make it small, I’m still a virgin. I then swiftly carried her in my arms and dragged her against the nearest wall, torridly kissing her. With one slip, I could snipe away her virginity if she feels, as her pussy was just dangly on top it; slightly kissing the tip as they exchange their sweet juices. After feeling she’s so wet from the encounter and out of breath, I then brought her down.

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Are you okay, Analyn I then asked. Yes sir, but you are just too wild for me sir. I replied with a smirk.

Hours passed and I’ve been doing my work from home thing. She knocks at my door with lingerie on, sir dinner is ready. Glancing at her then at my hot meal, I saw a whipped cream. I asked what the whipped cream for there is no dessert. sir the dessert is me, she replied. Well, you know what happens next, but that night I didn’t take it yet, because I was waiting for the right moment to pounce on my young delicious piece of ass.

Days again passed with our adventures getting wilder and wilder but without penetration. She’s getting better at sucking my dick, though she still chokes as she takes it fast down her throat. I bought some supplies and toys online, again just in time before they shut down. I had to play my plan into action tonight, lube and toys were ready, and so was daddy. Dinner time came once again, but this time she’s in for a treat. The usual she puts down the tray with my hot meal. I then clasp up near her grabbing her chest and told her to place and tie a handkerchief on top of her eyes. As her vision is blocked, I took out the toys and placed a cloth to avoid smearing the sheets with her virgin blood. I threw her to bed and turned on my toy buzzing in greater and greater magnitude as ramp up the intensity on top of her panties. Soaking it and seeing her wet young slit. I took it off and ate her, as she moaned. I inserted the small vibrator in her bra as I ate. God did she moan, like a surround sound system, echoing across the room.

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I wiped off her pussy juices from my mouth while asking her are you ready for more? Turned the lights a bit more dimly to set the mood, I then proceeded to take the blindfold off of her. A bit sweaty but she seemed to smile, knowing she’ll see the man that turns her into a woman that night. I unclasped her bra, set aside the toys and placed some lube on my throbbing hard fat cock. Upon seeing me rub my dick with lube, she then asked me, sir, that’s too big for me, my pussy is tiny. I replied with a smile, Analyn relax I’ll make it feel good. You like my titi don’t you? Yes sir, its very masarap, as she smiles.

Brought my dick in closer, as she moans a bit. As I brought it closer each time I feel the blood from her vagina swirling around my dick. Digging deeper in trenches she started screaming in pain with a hint of faint moans. She clutches to my back, as she digs in sinking her nails at my back. I brought it out for a peak, blood poured out and the head of my dick was covered in it. She had a sigh of relief for a moment. Then I told her I’m bringing it back in, she just moans and nods her head. I brought in a bit faster and deeper this time, as I did so she started cursing from puta to fuck. As the minutes went by cloth caught the blood and her pussy was in hues of red and pink, she started getting the rhythm of having sex.

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Sir fuck me more, I love it she then said while panting as she lay on the bed. Sir, it’s painful but also it feels so good in my pepe. Do you want me to do it faster? I asked. As she nodded, I thrust deeper while in missionary, this time licking her juicy tits in the process. There some moment she still said ouch, but she moaned more than she did earlier. I then proceeded to doggy her thrusting her even deeper. Blood came gushing through, seems like my dick still had room to carve in her tight pussy. I didn’t wanna push her too much after an hour of our fuckery. I let her rest as the ooze of my cum and her juices along with her blood came coming out. I gave her a pill, just to be safe, and kissed her good night, as we end the night together in bed.

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