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Nico & Kate
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Nico, was the new boyfriend of Kate.

Both from the same school, he was just one year older than her. They met each-other at the school’s cafeteria and she immediately liked him.

Last year’s boys were hot, she was used to say with her girl friends and she had been lucky to find one for herself.

There was just something about Nico, that for sure she couldn’t say to her friends.

He had a few unusual behaviors and he didn’t hide it to Kate that much.

Nico was used to tell her that his behaviors was normal. That many guys were doing that and she could have seen it if only she had watched movies like “50 shades of Grey”.

Since then, Kate had always been a simple girl. All for school, friends and family. Nico was her first boyfriend and everything she knew about sex, was just because of him or the girl friends’ gossips.

But Nico, as far as she heard from her friends, was different.

None of her friends ever told her about their boyfriend forcing them watch porn and remake the scenes of the movie. Kate had lost her virginity with Nico, while a scene of a Japanese gang bang was on the big screen TV in his room.

He wasn’t really good at sex, but just Kate didn’t have had any experience before, so for her was “just ok” as she told to her friend Dana, once speaking about it. Of course, she didn’t spilled out all the porn side of the story. She was just still too shy to tell it to someone. Not even her best friend.

Days were just passing by and his requests to her were just becoming weirder somehow.

Lately Nico, had started talking about group sex, as the one they were watching in YouPorn and about swingers couples.

“Sometimes you can hook a couple online and just have sex partners’ exchange” said once to Kate.

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Kate on her side was kinda shocked about it.

She was grown in a catholic and conservative family. His mom and dad were together since the college and, as far as she knew, they never cheated each other. Like ever!

But Nico, showing it on his cellphone, was showing Kate about this alterworld online, where people of all the ages, were used to know each other and enjoy casual sex.

“I met a few girls too before you were my girlfriend” he told her.

While showing her this alter thing, Kate noticed that his Twitter was full of pictures of them together.

Nico was used to take pictures of them while having sex, but he had always promise her that were just pictures taken for him to remember the nice time they had together.

“Why there’s picture of us fucking and me naked online?” she asked annoyed.

Nico stammering, tried to explain her that was just for fun. Just to show how lucky he was to have her as girlfriend.

Just the comments and the conversations under the tweet, were definitely the opposite of what he was saying.

Old men were commenting her pictures. Couples were asking if they could have shared her somehow and Nico’s answers were mostly positive.

But what really shocked her, was a word that later she went to check on Google.


That’s the way Nico defined himself in a few tweets.

Kate, since then, didn’t really know what that was meaning, but Google made it very clear to her.

Her pictures and those tweets showing what they were used to do in the privacy of Nico’s room, were just a satisfying way for him to excited and satisfied.

“Why the fact you exposed me” started yelling Kate. “I thought you loved me” continued.

Nico, scared to lose her, just answered back, that he was doing it because he was really proud of her so beautiful and sexy and that other men should have seen her and crave for her. “But you’re just mine Kate” he ended saying kissing her.

His kiss and his arms around her, made Kate once again feel safe and happy to have him.

The twist happened a Saturday night.

Nico and Kate, had spent the afternoon with some other friends watching a movie at the cinema and then having a pizza all together.

“We need to go” said suddenly Nico.

Kate, surprised, asked him where. She didn’t have any clue of what he was saying and she just didn’t want to leave that early. They were enjoying the time at the restaurant.

“Where do we have to go?” asked back Kate.

Taking her by the wrist and pulling her up from the chair, he just said “let’s go”.

Nico really never used violence on her, but he was quite famous around to be a guy with temper.

He stopped a taxi and made Kate go in before him.

Kate pouting and annoyed, asked him “Where are you taking me?”.

The address Nico gave to the taxi driver was unknown to her and on the opposite side of the city. Way far from both their places.

“I wanna make you know my new friends. They are a couple, you’ll love them” just said Nico back.

Brian and Daisy, were a couple way older than Nico and Kate. Married since a few years, they were one of the “swingers couple”, that Nico mentioned before, and how they introduced themselves.

Kate was kinda shocked that he took her there without even ask for her consent, but Brian and Daisy seemed her nice persons and were making feel her comfortable. Just she didn’t want to be there, because she knew what was going to happen.

“Nico, I just wanna leave” she whispered him, while the couple was in the kitchen preparing a drink for all of them.

“You do as I say” raised his voice Nico. “They’re just not gonna fuck you” continued.

His deal with the couple, was to go down slow on Kate. That was her first experience with swingers, and the couple agreed to go with the flow and see how far could Kate go.

And so it ended.

After a few drinks, Brian and Daisy started to kiss each other on the sofa right in front of Nico and Kate.

Also Nico, started to kiss Kate and remove her clothes, leaving her just with her cotton panties and bra.

Meanwhile, on the other sofa, things were getting hot.

Daisy was already sucking Brian’s dick. He wasn’t big, but surely bigger than Nico and see them having sex was making Kate horny.

She started touching Nico’s leg trying to reach his bulge, but he just stopped her.

“You’re not for me tonight” suddenly said Nico, pointing the couple on the other sofa and pushing her away.

It was too late to leave, especially when Daisy called her to sit beside.

“Help me holding Brian’s dick” she said to Kate, which obediently held that hard piece of meat that Daisy was sucking. Her tiny hand, was also moving up and down to jerk him.

Meanwhile on the other sofa, Nico had unzipped his jeans and started masturbating watching the scene, while he was recording everything with his cellphone.

Kate, kneeling in front of the sofa was watching Brian and Daisy fuck and their hands were roaming around her body. Brian’s hand on her small boobs and Daisy’s one rubbing her pussy from over the panties.

She had tried to move aside Kate’s panties, but she whispered “no please” and Daisy respected her choice and went no further.

Seeing Daisy and Brian fuck, was for Kate like watching one of those porn videos that Nico was used to show her on the smartphone, just it was all real and, it became more real, when Brian took her wrist and wanted her to jerk him because he was cumming, with Daisy open mouth in front of him.

A warm sprinkle of cum splatted all over the face of Daisy and a few drops messed Kate’s hand.

“Lick it clean” said Nico looking at her.

“Please Nico…” she started saying whimpering.

Daisy, seeing that she was uncomfortable and kinda scared, just took Kate’s hand and licked clean her fingers, then kissed her on the cheek to go then back to Brian and kiss him passionately.

“You stupid whore. You ruined my night” yelled Nico to Kate, right outside the gate of the couple’s condominium.

“I didn’t even cum and it’s all your fault” he kept on yelling her.

It was true. Nico didn’t cum, because he was expecting to see Kate used by the couple for their pleasure. Yes they touched her. She also jerked Brian and made him cum, but that wasn’t enough for Nico to be satisfied.

“Next time I’ll do as I say or this video in my phone will go straight to your parents” yelled straight in her face, making Kate crying.

The street where they were was dark, quiet and they were slowly walking to reach some other streets where to get a taxi.

“Get down and suck my dick now you stupid bitch” said Nico pushing Kate down holding her shoulder.

Kate was really small compared to him. A 4’2 sparrow, almost crashing under his hand.

In the dark of the alley, Kate unzipped Nico’s jeans, took out his flaccid dick and started sucking him. She was able to feel his dick throbbing and growing inside her mouth. Kate was sucking him, when he put his hands on her head and pushed his dick deep inside her mouth. She was feeling choked and able to breath just by her nose. Nico’s hands were pushing her against him and he was moving his hips like to fuck her head. It lasted a few bumps and he came straight in Kate’s throat, making her feel almost throw up to the point that some cum started run from her nose.

Back in her room, Kate went straight to the toilet. The big mirror over the sink was reflecting the image of one of those extreme porn star in Youporn’s videos.

Her smudged lipstick and her teary eyes with the leaking mascara, were making her really look like a slut.

Crying, she washed her face, thinking back to the words of Nico.

He should have been sending the video of her to the family and that would have been the end of her life.

That night she couldn’t sleep and she tried to avoid Nico for a couple of days even at school.

“Let’s meet 5pm at the park behind the school. You better show if you wanna avoid problems” was Nico’s text she received while having lunch with her classmates. Kate was acting strange since a couple of days and her friends noticed it. “Are you ok Kate?” asked her Michelle. She just nodded and kept on eating her lunch, despite her sudden lack of appetite.

Nico was sit on a bench at the park when Kate arrived.

“Finally you showed” he said not even saying hi.

Kate, a little scared for his way of acting, tried to be just kind to him. She sat beside him and holding his arm laid her head on his shoulder. Despite what happened the other night, Kate was still in love with Nico.

He was her man and, even in a strange way, he was making her feel important and desired.

“Do you have a cigarette” said the guy approaching the bench. He was a quite old homeless living there at the park, usually begging for money, food and just being wasted most of the time, because of alcohol, on a bench or even just in the grass.

Nico, took out his pack and handed a cigarette to the guy.

Even just standing there in the open air, Kate should smell his bad smell. A mix between his bad breath and the smell coming from his dirty clothes.

“Thanks” said smirking the guy.

“See you later replied” Nico and, looking at Kate said “Wanna eat something?”.

She nodded and stood up to leave.

They went to have an early dinner at the closest fast food. Nico was acting like nothing happened before, but Kate wasn’t comfortable anymore with him.

Finished their dinner Nico told Kate that he should have been passing by the park again before bringing her home. He didn’t explain why, but she just followed quietly because he was holding her hand and at the fast food he had been sweet again as he was before.

The sun was already down and the park was quite dark, even the lights of the street lamps were on.

From far, Kate saw again the homeless. He was making a gesture with his hand as if he was saying hello to Nico.

Surprisingly for Kate, Nico greeted him back in the same way.

“He will come back with us tonight” suddenly said Nico to Kate, looking at her as she had no chance to say a word back.

Getting closer to him, Kate was already able to smell his acrid smell. She could have throw up the dinner just if it wasn’t because they were in the outside.

Things went worse once in the elevator. Inside it, the smell was so strong that Kate had a few retching.

“Please make him shower before everything” she whispered to Nico, while she was opening the room’s door and the guy was still a few steps behind.

Kate knew what was going to happen.

Nico once heard Dana talk about her “homeless fetish” as she was used to call it, but never ever in her mind had thought possible that he would have make it happen to her. It was Dana’s fantasy, but of course, he had a crush on her since ever and that fantasy became his too.

Kate took a towel and lended it to the guy, showing him the toilet’s door.

The guy vanished for what to Kate seemed an infinite time, leaving her in the room with Nico, that somehow was transforming in her pimp.

“Prepare yourself” said Nico to Kate, while he was removing his jeans and t-shirt, wearing just his briefs.

She obeyed and removed her clothes, keeping up just her cotton pants and bra as it happened at the couple’s house.

Once out the toilet, completely naked, the guy approached Kate and started touching her. She was motionless as a rock. Petrified for the situation and scared by Nico, once again recording everything with his cellphone.

“Be courteous and satisfy him” suddenly said Nico looking at her.

The smell from the guy wasn’t completely gone, despite the shower. His breath was smelling a mix between cigarette and cheap wine and Kate retched once again while he was trying to kiss her.

“Please no kiss” said Kate to the guy.

The man, turned to Nico, who just nodded approving and said him to continue with a gesture of his hand.

He pushed Kate strongly on the bed with a shove and moved over her, kissing her neck and moving his rough hands on her body. She was feeling those callous fingers like scratching her skin.

Keeping closed her eyes and hoping that everything could end soon, Kate found herself without bra and with the hand of the guy digging inside her panties.

The mouth and the ticklish beard of the guy were rubbing her skin while he was moving down on her body. He was sucking, biting her nipples and squeezing her boobs in his hand, while the other hand was already violating her intimacy.

His gnarled fingers were already inside her after touching her just for a while.

She wasn’t even getting wet when he just pushed 2 fingers inside her.

For Kate, being so small, those 2 fingers were like wrecking her pussy.

Tickling her belly, the guy moved down and tried to remove her panties.

Kate was keeping her legs kinda closed. She was feeling uncomfortable and she wasn’t really liking what was happening.

Not being able to remove it in the right way, the guy just snatched her cotton panties, leaving her completely naked with her tiny pussy exposed.

Meanwhile Nico, sit on the armchair, was masturbating and filming everything once again.

“Be kind with the sir” said once more Nico to Kate “Collaborate babe. He’s here to cum”.

It was true that Kate liked to fuck. Despite the size of Nico, the feeling of being fucked was always nice. She had also been able to cum once, without the need of touching herself.

The tongue of the guy on her clit and on her pussy was making her almost forget about the situation. With her eyes closed, she was imagining someone else licking her. Her fantasies were helping her to pass thru the moment and kinda enjoy it.

The guy moved over her. At first she didn’t understand that much what was going to happen, but once she felt something on her lips, she opened her eyes and found that the guy was over her and pushing his hard dick on her lips for a blowjob while he was playing her pussy.

Once again, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to start sucking him.

The head of the guy dick was way bigger than Nico’s one. Being a tiny girl was meaning have also a tiny mouth and she was barely able to suck the tip of that dick. Also she was kinda scared of what would have been if he wanted to fuck her.

But that moment still had to come. The guy moving up over her face, took off his dick from Kate’s mouth and set himself like sit over. His hand pulled up Kate’s face straight against his buttocks. “Lick my ass you bitch” ordered her.

She started licking it. He probably didn’t wash himself well because the taste was sour and he was still a little smelly.

Meanwhile his knotty fingers were still playing her tiny pussy. The two fingers inside her were making Kate feel really opened and very wet. She was dripping from it, but that was good for the moment he would have fucked her.

The guy pulled up her legs, and moved in front of her.

Keeping up her legs high, he spit on her pussy and started rubbing his dick on it. She was starting feeling good about it. Strangely, in her mind, Kate was thinking that it wasn’t that bad being offered to strangers for sex. Besides the guy’s dick was really big and she was curious to feel what could have been.

She didn’t have to wait that much.

The guy, before rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy, suddenly pushed it all inside her. Kate yelled. Surprised and in pain because of his size, she felt like she could have bleed out a lot and she was feeling him hitting her cervix that was down, because she was in her ovulating days.

He didn’t last long. Moving fast and rambling over her, he started to shake and moan, till the moment he just took out his dick from her pussy and pulled up her head to cum on her face, mouth and on her braces.

With her face completely messed up, she just laid down on the bed.

In that moment, Nico stood up, went closer the bed and kneeling beside Kate’s face started masturbating faster, till he came on her face too.

He cleaned the tip of his cock on her face and just dressed up.

“Goodnight spunk eater” he said leaving the room “The guy is staying for the night” Nico continued saying to Kate.

The guy, standing naked at the window, was smoking a cigarette.

Kate just went to the toilet to wash her face and, once again, saw that pornstar’s face in the big mirror. Her feelings were twisted. She didn’t like that Nico was making her being used as someone’s cum dump, but, she was finally experiencing better sex than with him.

That night, the guy fucked her again a few times, but something surprisingly shocking happened while the last time.

It was really late late night and she was already feeling exhausted. After the first short fuck, the guy was resisting more time to time and the last time, was already going on since an hour or so. Her pussy was sore and she was feeling like burning inside out.

The guy’s dick time to time, was becoming softer and harder for no apparent reason. He was old yes, but his dick was looking and feeling really healthy.

But he was having troubles on finishing and Kate was praying to finish as soon as possible because she couldn’t almost stand it anymore.

He was pumping and pumping her, and Kate, already came 3 times since the beginning.

What shocked Kate, was that the guy started moan and groan, moving faster inside her even his dick was feeling like smaller and flaccid inside her pussy.

He just said “I’m coming”, had a couple of spasm and peed inside her pussy.

He didn’t cum. Just peed, flooding her blankets and mattress.

The guy rolled on his back like exhausted and Kate run in the toilet to wash and clean herself.

Coming back in the room, she just yelled frustrated “Get the fuck out”, suddenly waking up the guy who fell asleep.

Once the door closed, Kate started crying. Feeling miserable for herself.

Slave for an abusive boyfriend that was happy to make her fuck by strangers.

That wasn’t what she expected from their relationship.

It was a Sunday morning and Kate was still lazy in bed when someone knocked at her door. She wasn’t waiting for anyone and that surprised her a lot.

Also there wasn’t many students at her dormitory because of the weekend, so all her friends were away.

She stood up from her bed and went to open the door wearing just her pajama.

“It’s me, open” she heard the voice of Nico from behind the door.

She opened up, worries that something was happened. They didn’t talk a few days already and she almost forgot about his threatening on those vids he had taken.

“Hey” she said, while he was already walking inside the room and going to her computer.

Nico sat at the desktop, started opening the browser and her facebook account.

“What are you doing?” asked Kate.

“I have a new customer for you slut” suddenly said Nico.

The feeling of terror pervaded her mind again. He was planning for her to meet who knows who else.

He started typing a name on the screen. Sam something. Kate wasn’t able to read fast enough his name, when Nico started a chat, from her account.

“Don’t talk. Don’t say anything” ordered her Nico.

Kate was like petrified while he was typing, but the worst came when an income call started ringing on the computer.

“Do anything he will ask and we’re good” said again Nico turning the screen and the webcam on her, so for the guy to see her but not him which was typing as it was Kate.

She was still wearing pajama and her outlook was still sleepy. She didn’t really see herself that sexy with wrinkled hair and eye-bags when just woke up, but the guy was typing a lot of compliments on the screen and Nico was answering like flattered. He was also typing things that Kate would have never ever said to such a king of guy.

This Sam was looking really like a perv. Fat, oily skin, a disgusting outlook.

Untreated beard, hairy body and a belly so big that Kate asked herself how he could see his dick standing… but that was something she would have found out soon.

His cam was showing him just from the belly and up when they started chatting, but he started slowly moving it down while he was typing and asking to see her more.

Nico, with a hand gesture, ordered Kate to follow the instructions of the guy.

Kate started removing her top, showing her small boobs with pink nipples. Then moving down to her knee her pajama pants and moving around while he was asking her to see the butt.

In that moment, the guy, moved down his cam revealing a really big deformed dick. It was something she didn’t expect to see. Maybe 8 inches of knotty and irregularly curved meat that he was stroking while looking at her.

“Turn and show me your tiny asshole” he typed.

Kate, a little shy, moved down her pink panties revealing her tiny hole.

Out of the corner of her eye, she started see him stroke his cock faster and suddenly cum a yellowish spunk all over his fat hairy belly.

Nico meanwhile, was typing words she would have never ever said to such a kind of guy, but she just wanted to finish that thing and what he was saying didn’t really matter much, till some else other words revealed on the screen.

“Ok, I want you come my apartment tonight at 8pm” typed the man, sending also his address.

Nico closed the chat and looked at Kate like a hungry wolf look at his prey. Wearing just a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, was easy to see that he got hard. While typing and chatting, Kate was able to see he was rubbing his cock excited for the guy words and for what was happening.

“Come here babe” he said to Kate.

Standing there wearing just her panties, Kate wasn’t able to move or even think clear. Once again Nico was selling her out to a dirty foreigner stranger.

He held her wrist strongly and pulled her close to him.

“I said come here you slut” he yelled.

“When I say something, you do it, or I send those vids to all your family and friends” repeated madly looking to Kate.

Kate started cry and he pulled her closer, holding her with an arm on legs and the other around the belly like to hug her.

“Don’t cry, it’s gonna be ok” whispered Nico kissing her belly and, once again holding her wrist, pulling her arm on his dick to jerk it off.

Kate, powerlessly, reacted starting moving her hand up and down.

Nico’s finger had moved aside her panties and was playing with her pussy and teasing her tiny asshole. He was using her wetness to give way to his finger to her back hole and he almost did it, when he suddenly pushed Kate down on her knees in front of him. “I’m coming, open your mouth you whore” groaned to Kate.

He started jerk himself faster and a warm spray of sperm ended up over her face and her lips.

“Clean me up now” ordered Nico pulling Kate’s head on his dick that was already getting flaccid.

She did it for a while and then stood up running to the toilet, locking the door behind her. She opened the water and washed her mouth, spitting out Nico’s taste which in that moment was making her feel sick.

Watching her reflection in the mirror, Kate started to cry profusely, thinking about who she was before meeting him.

“Be ready at 7pm and wear that slutty outfit I gave you” were the last words she heard from Nico before the entrance door slammed.

Kate spent most of her Sunday crying in her bed and hoping that 7pm would never arrive, but Nico knocked at her door 6.30.

She wasn’t ready.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?” said annoyed Nico entering her room.

Kate stammered something about 7pm which he didn’t listen. He just went to her cabinet and started opening her drawers searching for the sexiest lingerie and the sexy schoolgirl outfit he gave her to role-play just a few weeks before.

“Wear these and the red high heels” ordered her.

Kate, keeping her head down for the shame and the fear of him, started to wear the fishnet jumpsuit, those tiny bra and g-string with over a white shirt and the red checkered mini skirt.

“Look at you” started saying Nico “from innocent school girl teenager to disgusting slut in a month” continued.

Kate shivered for the shame hearing those words, just because it was true.

She knew what did he turn her into, but she wasn’t able to react and that was making her feel guilty.

“C’mon bitch, wear those shoes and put the lipstick on. We are getting late” Nico ended say.

The feeling of be a slut got worse when they walked inside the taxi.

The driver, a middle aged man, started looking at her from the rearview mirror insistently.

Kate was trying to look away, outside the car window to not feel dirty as she was feeling when his hungry eyes were on her.

Nico noticed the driver looking and moved closer to Kate to whisper her “Let’s make this man happy too”.

Looking at the rearview mirror, Nico winked to the guy and started caressing Kate’s leg from the knee, up to the thighs moving the skirt up and revealing her tiny g-string.

With a gesture of his hand, the driver adjusted the mirror for a better view, while the hand of Nico was moving on a side Kate’s panties showing off her slightly hairy pussy.

Nico noticed the taxi driver rubbing his dick while driving and got excited too.

“Keep your legs open” he whispered to Kate, while he was taking her hand to touch him and playing her pussy thru the fishnet jumpsuit with the other hand.

It didn’t take long for Nico to cum and mess the car mat a few minutes before reaching their destination.

The apartment of the American guy, was in one of the most elegant area of the city.

Going down the taxi, all the people in the street turned to Kate because of her outfit. Also the guard at the concierge and the elevator guy, looked at her like to the cheapest whore and that made Kate feel really bad.

When Sam opened his door, Kate became more afraid.

On webcam she hadn’t been able to understand how tall or big he should have been.

He was a 6’4 guy probably weighing 300 pound and the disgusting outlook she noticed in the video-call was even worse in real.

The apartment was dark and smokey. A strong smell of cigarettes and dirt pervaded the air inside the living room where he welcomed them.

Dirty glasses and empty bottles of liquor were on the table, in the center of the room, right beside a full ashtray.

Kate would have been running away from there in zero time if only Nico wasn’t holding her hand and the guy didn’t lock the door behind them.

“So we have a deal” said Sam looking at Nico which just nodded back, leaving the Kate in the middle of the room and going to sit on the armchair.

Sam was looking like a mountain beside Kate.

He started touching her hair and smelling it. She was feeling really like a sparrow ready to be eaten by the wolf. Kate was finding the way that Sam was acting really disgusting. He was touching her while grunting like a hog and hardly breathing.

His huge hand started to touch her breast thru the shirt and bra, murmuring dirty words that Kate was trying to not listen.

Nico, sat far from them was filming everything and enjoying the scene.

Sam, started to remove the shirt at first and then the skirt, leaving Kate just with the lingerie and the fishnet jumpsuit.

“You’re so beautiful. I want you” groaned Sam to Kate while grabbing his bulge.

He held her by the wrist and took her to the table.

After had remove everything that was on it, he put his hand under Kate’s armpit and made her stand on the table.

“Dance for me and remove your bra and panties sensually” he ordered while turning on the music.

Kate, scared and wanting everything to get over as soon as possible, started to dance on the note of “Careless whispers”.

She started removing first her bra, letting it fall on the table.

While dancing with her eyes closed, she was trying to not thing about what could have happened in a while.

The guy, excited, was also removing his t-shirt on the notes of the song, thinking that Kate was looking at him.

The light from the chandelier, wasn’t letting him see Kate’s eyes closed.

“Tha panties now” he ordered and, Kate, started to move it sensually from her hips, letting it slip down to her red high heels shoes.

Sam slipped out the g-string from Kate’s feet and started sniffing it and pushing it into his mouth, while his hands had already unzipped his short leaving him naked beside the table.

Another song was starting when he took her hand and pulled Kate down.

“Lay down on the table” he said.

Kate, wearing just the fishnet jumpsuit and her shoes, was laying down and Sam, over her, was sniffing her skin and time to time kissing her.

He licked her neck, down on her chest, sucked her nipples that suddenly got hard and moved down.

Kate’s hairy pussy was still trapped inside the fishnet, which the guy snatched biting and pulling it to open it between her legs.

His unkept beard was making her feel itchy. His lips on her skin and his tongue licking her body, were somehow arousing her to the point that, when Sam started fingering her, she was already wet.

“Hmmm my baby likes it” moaned Sam pushing deep his knotted finger inside Kate’s pussy. His hand was so big that the feeling for her was like when Nico fucked her for the first time.

Putting his head behind Kate’s head and making her slide on the table, he pushed her close to him standing there.

“Suck me” ordered her holding his hard dick and pointing it to her mouth.

Her lips opened as much as she could, but he was really big and she was definitely too small to swallow it.

Sam pushing his cock in her mouth was giving pain to her jaws and she was able just to breath from her nose. Also the smell of Sam’s dick was making her wanna puke to the point that time to time retchings were hitting Kate and making her spit out a lot of saliva on his cock and messing the table under her head.

“Fuck you” Sam started yelling at Nico “You told me she’s a good sucker but she’s not” continued turning Kate on her belly over the table.

Grabbing her by the hips, he made her legs slide down the table, letting her belly lay over it.

With two power slap, he grabbed her buttocks and opened while he was going down.

Kate felt his tongue between her legs, licking her pussy from the clit to the asshole and back. Feeling his rough hands squeezing her butt cheeks and stretching both her holes.

He suddenly moved up standing behind her. Kate felt Sam’s tip of the dick rubbing her from the pussy to the ass and back. He went on and on like that for a while to make his dick wet on her pussy.

The feeling she had when he started pushing his dick inside her was weirdly overwhelming. Something crazy with mixed feelings between the pain she was feeling and the satisfaction because of his big size dick digging her in like she never felt before.

The feeling of his 8” cock inside was definitely fulfilling and she was amazed to see that he was able to get all in.

The more he was pumping inside her, the more she was feeling good. That curved and knotty dick was giving her probably the best feeling she ever got while sex. Definitely the best comparing Nico’s performances.

Sam started moaning and grunting again and his breath was getting faster and faster, so was Kate’s breath too. She was sure to be so close to cum, to move herself towards the guy anytime he was hitting, to feel his cock hitting her cervix harder. He held Kate’s hips strongly and kept on moving inside her in a syncopated way.

“I’m cumming” he yelled and Kate felt like a warm river flood her pussy and came with him at the same time moaning loudly too.

She felt the spunk mixed with her juice flow down her legs right in the moment when he pulled out his hard dick from her.

Kate’s legs were shaking and she was barely able to stand when she tried to move away from the table, thinking that everything was over. But it wasn’t.

Sam was still hard like a rock. The Cialis he had taken before Nico and Kate arrived, was still affecting him, keeping him still hard and horny.

“Where’s the toilet?” asked Kate.

“You’re not done yet” answered Nico and the guy moved forward to her once more. Once again, his rough hands pulled Kate up to the table, this time facing him.

His hand squeezed her face, making her lips become pouchy and started kissing her. His breath, a mix of smoke and whiskey, was awful to stand for her.

“Sir please no” she started saying, but he didn’t listen, stopping her to talk pushing his tongue in her mouth and keeping on kiss her torridly.

Her hands were trying to push him away, but her sparrow body had no strength on him at all.

He stopped kissing her, just to push her back down on the table, making her head hit it. The pain she felt, made her feel a little confuse and not really able to understand what was gonna happen.

Sam, pulled up her legs over his shoulder. Holding the heels of her red shoes, to keep her legs spreaded, he started again to rub his hard dick on Kate’s pussy to make himself wet enough.

Kate jumped, waking up from the feeling of confusion that hit the head gave her, when she felt Sam pushing his dick on her asshole.

“No sir…” she started saying, but Sam, almost over her to the point that she was folded with the legs over her shoulder, put his rough hand over her mouth shushing her and kept on pushing his dick into her tiny asshole.

Kate started crying for the pain. She was feeling like wrecked. Also she was sure that he had broke her somehow because of the heavy pain she was feeling.

He kept on pushing inside her, till Kate felt his balls hit her buttocks and like the head of his dick shake her bowels from the inside.

He was fucking her like an angry bull and his dick was smashing her hole.

Kate felt like dizzy while he was pumping her ass and, suddenly, she started to see the room all blurry and passed out.

She woke up when she heard Sam yelling.

“You disgusting whore, look what you did!”.

Kate opened her eyes not understanding what was going on.

Sam was standing in front of the table yelling against her and Nico too.

“You didn’t make her douche before?” was shouting to Nico.

Kate was really confused and still dizzy for what just happened. She moved up from the table and the awful odor suddenly hit her smell.

Looking at Sam, his dick was dirty in shit and blood. Also looking down on the table, between her legs, there was some residues of poop and blood.

She didn’t realized what just happened, not unless Sam moved towards her and pulled her down from the table violently, making her stumble on her heels and fall on the floor.

“Get the fuck out you cunts” yelled throwing the clothes of Kate in the hallway outside his apartment’s door.

Scared and almost naked, Kate ran out the door and pulled up the pile of her clothes, while Nico was pushed out the door with a shove that made him hit the wall.

Inside the elevator, Kate started to covered herself and dress up. She just wanted to run away from that place and possibly run away from Nico’s treat too.

“It’s all your fault you stupid whore” yelled Nico straight to her face.

Kate wasn’t unable to say a word. She was feeling disgusted from what just happened and ashamed for herself, to the point that she just wanted to cry.

“You useless bitch. It’s over. You’re not gonna see me anymore” shouted Nico once they were already on the sidewalk in front of the building and left.

Kate, with the tears in her eyes, felt like a sense of relief.

That abusive relationship was finally over and she could have been going back to her life as she was before, fearing obviously that Nico could have been releasing her videos.

She stopped a taxi, went back home and run straight under the shower, to wash away the invisible dirt that she was feeling covered of.

It was almost passed one month from that night. The pain in her ass was gone a few weeks later and Nico didn’t really contacted her anymore. Not a text, not a call. It was also break time at school, so she didn’t have the chance to see him not even there, since that day.

She was walking back from the market to her home, passing by the park where he sold her out to the homeless, when from far, on a bench, she saw him holding Dana by her shoulder and kissing her like boyfriend and girlfriend.

He found his next “sacrificial victim”, but she knew Dana would have handled the situation better than her. Fuck was her biggest hobby and for sure with Nico she would have expressed herself at the best.

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