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Months In A Year – In Between May
This Story is part 3 of 5 in the series Months in a Year
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Months In A Year - In Between May


Author: unholysaint


Sorry for the long hiatus. Was busy with all the happenings in work. It was a roller coaster ride, but so worth it. This third installment will have minimal or none sexual encounter. I want to phase it again.

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Nagising ako sa liwanag na tumatama sa mata ko. The very first thing that I did was to check the bed. I was alone, no Mayumi in the bed. I felt so refreshed, trying to remember what happened last night and I was smiling. Door swung and Mayumi entered with a tray full of food.

Good morning sunshine.”Bati nito sa akin. She is now wearing a plain white big shirt. Bumangon ako and sat on the bed, trying to get the tray from her. I motioned her to sit beside me but she refused. She went straight sa sliding door ng room niya, and just staring on the sunny bright city.

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Bumangon ako at niyakap ko siya from behind. She rested her head into my chest. It was so serene, I was kinda shocked not to feel any lust. I could only feel serenity, this has brought the questions I was thinking last night. Medyo naguluhan ako sa sarili, but readily dismissed the thought. She told me to eat the breakfast she prepared and asked me to accompany her sa Tagaytay. I needed to get home first to change my outfit.

It was two in the afternoon when we started our journey to Tagaytay. I was so impressed with her get up, babaeng babae sa outfit niya, yellow flowery dress, just an inch above the knee and stilettos. Nag tour kami sa puzzle museum, overlooking sa Skyranch and headed to Casa Ibarra for dinner. She was bubbly, its just I feel there is something different in the air. Di ko maintindihan kung ano yun, until we had our talk, a serious talk.

“I hope you enjoyed my company for the day, Anj.” panimula niya.

“Of course I do, May. Super enjoyed. Look at the smile on my face.” sabi ko sa kanya.

“That is sooo Joker you know. Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face.”at tawa siya ng tawa habang ginagaya niya si Heath Ledger.

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“I like that movie. Actually one of my fav lines sa any movies.” sabi ko sa kanya. There was a long silence between us after that. Tinitigan ko siya to see what is happening. To my surprise, she was looking straight to me and smiling.

“I never had this kind of excitement, enjoyment, happiness before. I don’t know, what is it, but I am pretty damn sure that I feel good and happy.” panimula niya. I didn’t know how to respond to it. Kinabahan ako, na excite. This is sooo highschool. Fcuk. She continued to talk.

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“I enjoyed everything the last days and weeks. Pero sabi nga nila, there are things that must end.”

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“What do you mean?”

“Max called in this morning. I will help our Sweden branch expanding our trades in Switzerland and Paris. Soon, we will have our sub branches in those two places. HQ wants me work it out.” anito na di ko lang matantiya kung excited ba siya na malungkot o kung ano. Ako naman ay di ko alam ang isasagot. But truly, I am happy for her, to her new assignments. It’s gonna be a big break for her.

“Wow. Just WOW! Haha. Congratulations, di pa man, I know you’re gonna do well. If not, di ka din naman ma aassign dito sa Pinas. genuinely telling her. We had our toast, and continued our dinner.

Marami rami din kaming napagkwentuhan, mostly about sa work at sa mga kung anu anong gagawin niya.

“Maybe, that will be your chance as well to tie up the knot.” sabi ko sa kanya. Di ko rin alam pero there was a bitter taste on my lips saying those words.

“I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe in few more years. I am planning to finish everything first. I am not saying that my doors are closed for falling in love, but it’s not my priority as of now.”

Medyo natahimik ako dun and just nodded my head in agreement to what she have said. There was a dead silence and I felt she was staring at me, when I looked at her, there she was staring at me and smiling. I asked her silently, at umiling lang siya at tumawa tawa. It was a warm and heart felt laugh.

“So when you will fly for Sweden.”tanong ko sa kanya.

“I have to see the document plans tomorrow. But as per Max, if everything is all good in transition, maybe in a week.” anito.

“That was fast.”

“Yeah. It was, but what could we ask for, it’s business and work.”

We stayed a few more hours before we decided to get back sa Manila. We had a a blissful singalong sa kotse habang nasa byahe. Para kaming long lost friend na ngayon lang nagkita. I dropped her off sa place niya, and she asked me to stay. A bit hesitated, I agreed. Who knows, we might not see each other na in a week. It’s a good thing that I brought a pair of clothes.

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She took her shower and I stayed muna sa veranda niya. Di rin naman nag tagal at tinawag niya na ako para ako naman ang mag shower. She was wearing again her fav dress, big shirt. After taking my shower, she was already in bed. Dozing off to dreamland. Nangiti nalang ako and I felt warm seeing her sleeping peacefully. I looked at her and now I am sure of what I feel for her. I am not sure if I should tell her after all. I hugged her from behind and to my surprise, she turned to me and hugged me, but still sleeping. Her face slumped to my chest and stayed there. I kissed her forehead and said my goodnight.

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