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Nagising ako past 5 pm na. I decided to go back to the dormitory since I have classes the next day (being a Monday) and I am pissed off with Noel for satisfying himself only during our afternoon fuck. Gising na rin siya and I told him that I need to go back. He was disappointed dahil that night is his off and he wanted to fuck me more. I told myself, “buti nga sa yo.” I just reasoned out that I have an early morning class the next day (which is true) and that I have something to complete that night for submission the next day and the materials are at the dormitory. He reluctantly agreed, dahil wala na rin siyang magawa. I fixed my things, we had an early dinner and went home. I said goodbye to Tito Rolly and he just said smiled and said “ingat ka. Balik ka rito pag may time.” I knew that we will be meeting again soon. Hinatid ako ni Noel sa sakayan where I took the cab for my dormitory. Wala pa ang roommate ko when I arrived at the dormitory, most likely she will be coming the next day from the province. My phone buzzed and it was Noel, asking me if I got in already. He said he missed me already. I just replied and told him that I am already in the dorm and that I missed him too, but I need to work. This is just for him to stop texting me. He said goodnight and will text me the next day.

A few minutes later, another buzz on my phone. It was Tito Rolly. I can’t understand my feeling that time but I was more excited to read his message compared to Noel. He asked me if I am home already and if okay naman ang travel ko. I said yes and it was a short travel considering Sunday and there was light traffic. He asked for my class schedule the next day and I told him that I am free after 3 pm. He asked me if we can have dinner and I immediately said yes.  He asked for the specific location of my dormitory and told me that he will just wait sa labas ng dormitory. I told him that our dormitory has ample parking space and that he will just text me once he is there and I will just go down to meet him. We agreed to meet at around 7 pm for our dinner date.

The next day I went to my usual schedule of attending classes. I had lunch sa University and went home after my last class ended at 3 pm. Upon reaching the dormitory, the lady guard on duty at the door informed me that I have a package at the counter. It arrived daw ng 2pm. I was surprised because I did not expect anything from my family in the province. I went to the counter to claim it and I was surprised to see a box full of roses and another box (which later I found to contain chocolates). Ang ganda ng roses, kulay pink and about two dozen (later I confirmed na two dozen). The Manang at the counter kidded me “iba talaga pag maganda at sexy Cindy, ang ganda ng regalo ng admirer.” I just smiled, took the package and rushed to my room. I checked the small card and it says “Cindy, Hope this brightens up your day. – R –. “I was surprised, galing kay Tito Rolly. It contained two dozen of very nice roses na pink and a box of chocolates.

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It was the first time for me to receive that many roses in one setting. I hurriedly texted Tito Rolly and verify that he sent it. He text back “you like it?” I answered “of course I LOVE IT,” and thanked him for it.  Ang ganda-ganda ng roses, my next problem is where to placed them. I don’t have a vase and I need a bigger vase. I went downstairs to the counter sa lobby ng dormitory and asked Manang if we have a vase in the dorm. Lucky me, mayroon. Not big to accommodate two dozen of roses, so I have to request for two vases.  I promised to return it after. Ang saya-saya ko that time. My room is full of flowers, saka masarap ang chocolates.  I texted Tito Rolly again and told him I am very happy and that I appreciate his gesture. He texted back, “Good to know you like and appreciate it. I hope you will do something in return. Hehehe” I answered back, “I will Tito, I will make you happy later.”

Na pressure ako bigla. I need to show my best sa dinner date later with Tito Rolly. I checked my cabinet for the outfit that I am going to wear.  I decided to wear my pink underwear and purple bra. I am sure Tito Rolly will love it, and then I decided to wear a white short dress with my white rubber shoes. Parang school girl ako. I know older guys have fantasy for school girls. I went to the bathroom to shave the little pubic hairs from my pussy, I want my pussy shaved clean. I sensed na gusto ni Tito ang shaved pussy. I also made sure na mabango ito. I expect him to eat me after our date. I rested sa room ko enjoying the sight and scent of the roses that Tito Rolly gave me and the tasty chocolates. I left some for my roommate and buddy, whom I am sure will be surprise that someone sent me a lot of roses.

My phone buzz again, I am excited na baka si Tito Rolly na. It was Noel. He asked how was my day. May duty daw siya that night. I just told him that it was tiring day sa school and I am just resting sa dormitory. He told me na miss na niya ako and that if I can stay at their house again sa weekend. I told him that I will think about it first because I have school projects to be submitted and I may need the weekend to complete them. Although I don’t want to be there sa house nila and be fuck by him. I would rather have Tito Rolly fuck me outside their house, para masolo niya ako.  Medyo malungkot ang text ng boyfriend ko, try my best na lang daw to free my weekend so we can be together. I just told him that I will update him by Friday, anyway Monday pa lang naman. Napansin ko past 6 pm na. I told Noel na I will do something and will text him na lang. I got ready na, excited ako makita ulit si Tito Rolly.

Before 7 pm, Tito Rolly texted me na malapit na siya. I told him that I will meet him na lang sa parking lot. Buti at hindi siya naligaw. Montero na silver ang sasakyan ni Tito Rolly with dark tint. He was happy to see me. Maganda raw talaga ako. And bagay sa akin and school girl outfit. I kissed him sa cheek and hugged him while thanking him sa flowers and chocolates. He asked me if puede raw mag mall muna kami before we eat, I hope di pa raw ako hungry. He will shop me raw as he promised me. Lalo akong naging happy, it has been a while since I shopped since my budget is just enough for my daily expenses and school requirements. We went to the mall and Tito Rolly told me that he will buy me a nice undies. We went to this popular lingerie store and he bought me red undies (thong and bra) set. The set is quite expensive because these are very nice, Tito Rolly told me gift niya dahil good girl daw ako. Then we went to another shop since may nakita raw siya na nice short skirt and a white polo, bagay daw sa akin. Nakita ko ang naka display sa shop and I loved it the moment I saw it. The shirt is short and will enhance my long legs and the white polo is cute and will fit my complexion. Maganda ang taste ni Tito Rolly sa mga damit. I was very happy with the shopping date.

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After the shopping, nag dinner kami sa isang American resto sa mall. Tito Rolly asked me that if I am free on Wednesday, he will ask me to meet his good friend Danny, a businessman. He wants to introduce me to Danny para ipakita sa kanya the hot girlfriend in me. Dahil ang class ko that Wednesday is only until 3 pm and I don’t have class the next day (Thursday), I told Tito Rolly yes, we can meet his friend Danny. I teased him that perhaps we can have an overnight after the dinner with Danny, para masolo niya ako. Tito just smiled at me and then told me to wear the clothes he bought for me. I told him yes, I will wear the clothes that he bought me for the Wednesday’s dinner meeting.

We had a sumptuous dinner, I had margarita to down the food I ordered. After dinner, I was waiting for Tito Rolly to invite me to a motel. But I was disappointed na he will bring me back to the dormitory daw kasi he has to be at the hospital early the next day and as he told me, “may pasok din ako the next day” (which was true naman). I flirted with him by asking him, “Tito I really want give you something in return for the gifts that you gave me today, can we not fuck kahit sandal lang?”  He replied to me “horny ka ba, my dear?” and I nodded and gave him a naughty smile. He just smiled back and told me “sa Wednesday mo na ilabas lahat ng naughtiness mo. I want you to be extra naughty sa meet up with Danny.” I promised me that I will, for him.

After dinner, he drove me back sa dormitory namin. I don’t want to be feeling lame na walang mangyayari tonight, plus the fact that I am also horny sa excitement with the shopping and the alcohol from the margarita. I told him to park muna sa parking lot ng dormitory so we can talk a bit since about 10 pm pa lang naman. The parking lot of our dormitory is big and may area na madilim. I motioned him to park sa dark area. I want to fuck this guy as sign of my appreciation. I told him I will give him BJ so he will be relaxed driving home. I started kissing him, mabango ang breathe ni Tito Rolly and I liked it. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and took out his now-hard dick. He was hesitating at first, telling me that the guard may inspect the parked vehicles. I told him that we have a single guard and she is stationed at the door, and that no one inspects the parked vehicles. That made Tito Rolly calmed down. I unbuttoned his polo shirt, raised the undershirt up and started licking his nipples, while continuously stroking his cock. That made him moan and whispered to me “you are the best Cindy, I love what you are doing my dear.” It made me aggressive a bit. I licked his earlobe and whispered to him, “I want to swallow your cum.” I then went down on him and started sucking his cock. It made him moan some more. He was stroking my hair gently while I was moving my head up and down. After a few minutes, he told me “I don’t want to cum yet. Please do something for me.”

I fixed myself to the passenger seat and asked him what he wants? He told me, “show me how you masturbate. Masturbate here sa car.” I was surprised a bit sa request ni Tito, but okay lang naman sa akin. I just told him, “sure Tito, anything for you.” I then started removing my thongs. Nilagay ko sa dashboard niya. He picked it up and smelled it (hahaha, guys loved smelling my undies). He then told me, “mabango Cindy. I love you girl.” I told him that I prepared for our date, ayoko na mapahiya ako sa kanya. I started rubbing my pussy with my two fingers and in a few seconds, it started to get wet. Tito raised the hem of my dress so he can see my fingers rubbing my pussy despite na medyo madilim. “Wet ka na ba?” He asked. I just nodded and said “yes, Tito.” I then inserted my two fingers inside my pussy and let out a soft moan, “Tito…” I looked at him. I started moving my fingers inside and out my pussy faster. I raised my right leg sa dashboard ng SVU niya para my legs will be wide apart. I told him to finger fuck me, “Tito, ipasok mo fingers mo inside my pussy, please.” I am now begging him. Libog na libog na ako.

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He inserted his two fingers inside my pussy and commented “juicy, soft and warm ang pussy mo, my dear.” I just nodded and told him to do it faster. Maya-maya pa, I can feel that I am about to cum, so I told him to do it faster. He responded by finger fucking me faster. I then told him “I am cumming Tito. I am cumming.” And then my juice was rushing out of my pussy. Marami ang cum, “madami ang lumabas Cindy. You are really horny.” Tito Rolly said. I just smiled and told him na-excite kasi ako.

I took the hand that he used to finger fuck me and lick the cum from his fingers. It made him smiled. I was licking my own cum from the fingers of Tito Rolly. He then told me na siya naman i-satisfy ko, pointing to his cock. I returned the favor by sucking him. Sinarapan ko maigi ang pag blowjib kay Tito Rolly. After a few minutes, I can feel his body shaking a bit, alam ko na he is about to cum. He uttered, “Cindy I am cumming.” I did not release his cock from my mouth. Gusto ko lumabas lahat ang cum niya sa mouth ko so I can swallow it, which I did. Tuwang-tuwa si Tito Rolly. “You’re a good girl Cindy. Good girls swallow.” I just smiled and replied to him, “I will be your good girl Tito.”

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We fixed ourselves after our parking lot sex adventure. We said goodbye to each other, he will fetch me early on Wednesday daw since sa Makati ang venue ng dinner. He went home na and I went up to my room na rin. My roommate Joy was already inside the room when I got in. She was surprised sa dami ng flowers and sa dami ng items that I shopped. I told her that I have a generous boyfriend, sabay tawa. I give her the chocolates that Tito Rolly gave me. Napagod na rin ako sa ginawa naming and I went to the bathroom to wash. When I returned, Joy was intrigued by my new generous boyfriend and I told her na ipapakilala ko siya pag may time.

After a few minues, my phone buzzed. Si Tito Rolly. Kararating lang daw niya and he wants to tell me that enjoy daw siya sa parking lot adventure namin. He also told me na nag-iwan daw ako ng maraming red lipstick marks sa white brief niya. Hahaha. Naka red lipstick ako and I guess marami naiwan sa cock niya. He texted “I love your wildness Cindy. Let us do more sexual adventures.” I replied “I love to be with you Rolly,” first time that I dropped the word “Tito” sa communication namin. “Let us have more Rolly-Cindy Sexual Adventures.”

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