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Liberated And Proud 4
Credits: shhfiles
This Story is part 5 of 5 in the series LIBERATED And PROUD
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Liberated And Proud 4

Credits: shhfiles


Author: shhfiles


Di nanaman ako nakapasok sa school. Does that bother me? Not at all. Madali naman pakiusapan ang mga teacher sa exclusive school kung saan ako nag aaral. I just need to ask a doctor’s note from our family doctor and it’s done.

I must admit. My body isn’t used to that hard fucking Kardo just gave me. Masakit ang katawan ko at pakiramdam ko ay namaga ang pussy ko. All this time I thought I was enjoying sex to its fullest. Di pa pala. I know I would look for that kind of ectasy again. And I know very well to keep Kardo as my in-house fuck buddy.

“Good afternoon, Mam..”

Malagkit ang tingin ni Kardo nang sumaludo pa ito bago makalabas ang aking sasakyan sa gate. I texted Lee na pupunta ako sa kanila after school. I was so eafer to tell her about my last night’s sexcapade.

Ngumiti lang ako nang matamis sa security guard, which I do not usually do, so malamang that gave him an idea na we are cool. I even bit my lower lip bago apakan ang gas pedal ng sasakyan at tuluyang umalis.

I feel like a total slut. But what can I do? It is not like boboyfriend-in ko ang sekyu. It is just so convenient to have him there ready when I need drilling. He’s there for maintenance. That’s for sure.

As usual, Lee was more tha ecstaic when I told him my story.

“So, nasarapan ka?”

Malanding tanong ng best friend sa akin.

“Yes. Can you believe that? The best fuck so far..”

“You dirty, Dana. You are a bad, bad, girl..”

Sagot muli nito saka humagikgik.

Matagal akong tumambay sa bahay nito that night. Ang dami pa naming napag usapan. Ikinuwento ko dito lahat ng nangyari kagabi. How Kardo fucked me until I almost lost all my shit and how I look forward to doing more sex with him. Nagkwento din ito how the thing between her and her dad’s trainer started.

“Well, he’s so sexy kasi to start with. Pag nakita mo sya, baka malaglag agad ang panty mo. Haha! He’s lean, tall, dark, and handsome..”

“So how did you two start it?”

“I seduced him, of course. No employee in their right mind would dare take advantage of us, their employers, so I took the liberty of letting him know na..gusto ko syang tikman.”

“It started when Dad was late. Crush ko na sya noon pa, so all I needed was the right opportunity. So yeah…Dad was late. I asked him if he could train me while waiting for Dad. I wore a sexy training outfit and while he was correcting some of my exercises, I started touching him..”


“Di sya pumalag. Before I knew it, he was banging me right on the floor of the workout room. It was superb!”

Nag iimagine ako habang nagkkwento si Lee. I could see how my equally seductive friend’s and the hunk trainer’s body were clashing. It must have been hot! I unknowingly bit my lip.

“So? Are you up for switch?”


Nagulat ako sa tanong na iyon ng kaibigan. Lee can be very straightforward. What she told me was intriguing but I was not thinking of anything beyond.

“Sabi ko, gusto mo ba tikman trainer ni Dad? Then in return, I will taste Kardo..”

Seryoso nga ang kaibigan. Oh, how liberated can she get?

“If you want, you can stay a little longer. You will meet him. It is Dad’s schedule to train today.”

Di nga nagtagal ay dumating ang trainer na sinasabi nito. Kasabay nito ang isa sa mga kasama sa bahay nina Lee na malamang ay syang nagbukas ng bahay para dito.

And yes..he was magnanimous. Malaki ang katawan nito at matangakad. I felt so tiny in front of him when we greeted him. For some reason, I could see myself reclining on his muscled chests while he’s pounding me..

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Ano ba ‘tong naiisip ko? But come to think of it. Why not? There will be no strings attached and my pussy will be happy.

Ipinakilala ako ng kaibigan sa trainer. His name is Mike. Half-Hindu, half Filipino. That explains the gorgeous color and the eyes that seems always piercing. Sa tangkad nito ay mas lalo akong nagmukhang teenager. Hinawakan nito ang aking kamay when we shook hands and naramdaman ko ang pagpisil nito doon.

DI kaya? Is he attracted to me? I bet yes. Who would not? I know I am irresistable.

That time I was wearing a tank top and tight shorts. Very casual and sexy at the same time. I know he did not miss my proud tits that were showing a little dahil medyo mababa ang neckline ng blouse ko. Ewan ko pero naeexcite ako.

Naughty Lee did not bother being civil with Mike in front of me. Nang makarating kami sa main living room where no other house helpers could go unless called upon, she grabbed Mike’s nape and kissed him. Torrid! In front of me!

Mukhang nagulat pa ang lalake at gustong kumawala until Lee told him na alam ko ang tungkol sa kanila.

I was stunned by what happened next: They both hungrily torrid-kissed each other na parang walang nanonood sa kanila. Lee’s hands were all over the dude. Oh well, both of them were all over each other. Kelan kaya huling nagsex ang mga ito?

Di nagtagal ay kitang kita ko nang hilahin ni Lee pababa ang trainer shorts ng lalake sabay luhod sa harap nito. Man, that was another huge, dark cock. I gulped at the scene. Di nag aksaya ng oras si Lee and slid that thing inside her mouth knowing very that I was there watching. Tumingin pa ito sa gawi ko with teasing eyes and smirked.

Lee was eating Mike’s cock like it’s a lollipop. Gamit ang dulo ng dila ay pinaikot ikot nito iyon sa ulo ng burat ng lalake. Dila, subo, salsal ang ginawa ng kaibigan. Lalong lumaki ang burat ng lalake sa aking paningin. How could this even fit Lee’s pussy? Sa isip-isip ko.

Not long after ay si Lee naman ang ngayon ay hinuhubaran ng lalake. Lee was just wearing lose shirt and shorts. She didn’t even wear a bra, which I knew, and apparently was not wearing panties, too! Oh boy she was so ready for this.

“ are so gooood…”

Tila pusang nagppurr si Lee habang ngayon ay bukakang-bukaka at nakahiga sa couch while Mike was eating her drenching pussy. It had been a long time since I saw Lee’s nakedness. We grew up together all right and sometimes would dress up together. Her body blossomed. She was looking like a goddess. I know I did as well and I was well aware of it, but looking at Lee now, she is hot.

Shaved din ang pussy nito like mine and from where I was standing, I could see her pinkish flesh down there. She has a beatiful kitty.

The sound Mike’s tongue made as it slid deep inside Lee’s pussy made me feel something. I was getting aroused at the sight. Gamit ang isang kamay ay ipinasok pa ni Mike ang dalawang daliri at saka fininger-fuck ang kaibigan kong ngayon ay parang maloloka sa sarap. Her beutiful face was distorted with pleasure.

What is Lee up to? Why did she allow me to see this? Magulo ang utak ko. I wanted to leave but my legs won’t move.

Di nagtagal ay nagpalit ng posisyon ang dalawa. Lee was on all four while still on the couch and Mike, holding his gigantic shaft, was aiming at her visibly soaked pussy. Di nagtagal ay dahan-dahang nawala sa paningin ko ang burat ng lalake. Its hugeness was then all inside Lee’s!

Nagsimulang gumalaw ang lalake. He started this rapid push and pull. He moved like an jockey riding a racing horse. It was so intense that I could hear their body colliding.



Their moans could be heard all over the place. Lee’s breasts were swishing and bumping on each other. They looked so gorgeous. Habang tinitira patalikod ay magkasabay na nilamas ni Mike ang mga iyon.

“Ahhhhh…Mike you are so goood.. fuck me..fuck me harder!”

At iyon nga ang ginawa ng kapareha ng kaibigan. He fucked her like an earthquake. I did not know Lee was into rough sex. I could see how Mike groped her breasts and how she seemed to be taking pleasure of it.

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Ilang sandali pa ay mas naging mabilis ang galaw ng lalake. I knew he was going to cum. Lee’s mouth made an O shape, her eyes were fixed on something like she was also expecting the same.

They both looked beautiful. Their perfect bodies, now sweaty, were giving in to so much enjoyment they were experiencing.

Di nagtagal, the movement stopped. Mike grabbed Lee’s body and moved closer as I knew he was releasing all his juices to Lee’s pussy. It was done. They laid on the couch hugging each other like lovers. After a while, they dressed up, kissed once again, and both walked towards where I was like a statue standing.

“Nice to meet you..”

Si Mike. I was dumbfounded for while. Di ko maprocess ang nakita.

“Pasensya ka na kay Lee. You know her. She is something..”

Nakangiti pang sabi nito. He looks so sexy. I was still perplexed.

“Haha! She is clearly not herself, Mike. So what now? See you. I am sure Dad is here any minute now..”

Humalik pang muli si Lee sa lalake bago hinawakan ang kamay ko at iginiya ako papunta sa kwarto nito.

“How could you do that??”

Tanong ko sa kaibigan ilang minuto matapos kami makarating sa kwarto nito.

“Which? Fuck Mike in front of you?”

Parang hindi big deal kung sumagot ito.

“Well, what else? You just fucked a guy in front of me. Is that a normal thing?”

“Haha! I just thought of that. But you see, it was fun..I liked you watching..”

Lumapit pa ang kaibigan sa akin at tinitigan ako. Nagtaas ako ng kilay.

“You are weirding me out..”

Muling tumawa ang kaibigan.

“But admit it. It was sexy.. I could see how your reactions changed as you watch us..”

“Oh..yes.. it was that..but still..”

“Still what? Dana, accept your sexuality. Sex is fun! Sex should be free. No inhibitions!”

Parang bata ito ngayon sa harap ko, trying to make me feel better.

“Besides, I want you to try something. Tara..”

Mabilis akong inakay na muli ng kaibigan. We both ended inside her huge bathroom. Nagulat ako nang pagdating doon ay mabilis nitong hinubad ang suot na t-shirt at shorts. Tumambad sa akin ang magandang katawan ng aking best friend. Dripping in her legs were juices from her previous sexcapade. Humarap ito sa akin. Her breasts were tall and proud and with pinkish nips. Her waist was so slim. Her hips were round. She looked oozing hot.

My eyes were gazed on her body. Ang ganda naman ng kaibigan ko. Ang hot pa. Nang hawakan nito ang mga kamay ko and gently placed them on her shoulders, napaurong ako.

“What are you up to?” Bulong ko na para bang may mga tao sa paligid.

“Shhh.. trust me. “

Bulong din nito sabay kuha muli sa aking mga kamay.

“I know you wanted to touch them. Go on…”

Nalilito ako pero her voice made me calm. Yes, it is true that I wanted to touch them. I wanted to feel them…which I slowly did.

Marahan kong ibinaba ang aking mga kamay sa ibabaw ng kanyang dibdib. My hands were shaking. First time kong hahawak ng dibdib ng isang babae. I could even hear my heart trembling.

Mainit ang balat ng kaibigan. Nang marating ko ang rurok ng maumbok nitong suso ay napasinghap ito at pagkatapos ay ngumiti nang matamis sa akin.

“That felt good..Dan..”

Hawak pa din nito ang mga kamay ko at iginiya pa muli ang mga iyon para igalaw. She wanted me to caress her boobs..which I did..

Gosh. Her breasts were so soft. It was firm and soft all the same. Nang matamaan ng aking daliri ang nipples nya ay tila mas lalong tumigas ang mga iyon. They erected.


Ungol ni Lee. For some silly reason, I felt excited. I knew how it feels to be touched that way. I kept touching those sensitive nips. I gently let the tip of my finger play around them while still treading those gorgeous bossoms. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na mahawakan ang ganito kagandang mga suso.

Her already beautiful face became even more beautiful sa paningin ko. Her eyes were dreamy. Alam kong nag eenjoy si Lee sa ginagawa ko. At nag eenjoy din ako sa nakikita ko.

Nang igalaw muli nito ang kamay at simulang hubarin ang suot kong blouse ay di ko ito pinigilan.. Bra na lamang ang suot kong pang itaas. She leaned and unhook my bra. Kumawala ang akin ding mayamang mga suso sa harap ng aking best friend. I am a little taller than her and now, our breasts are almost touching.

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My bra slid and I let it fall down the floor. Lee’s hands cupped my breasts. Ginaya nya ang ginagawa ko sa kanya. Nilalamas din nya ngayon ang aking mga suso at nilalaro ng daliri ang aking mga utong. Geessh..

Before I could fathom any more, bumaba ang mukha ng kabigan. She dove down and caught my breast with her mouth. Napadiin ang hawak ko sa kanya when she started licking and sucking my nip. Shocks. She knew what she was doing and I was enjoying it!

Ang unang gentle na pagsupsop ay naging mapusok. Lee was literally feeding from me like a baby. Npasabunot na ako dito at nanghihina ang aking mga tuhod.

“Shit! Lee. What are you doing? Ohhhhh..”

Di ako makapaniwala sa nagaganap. We were friends. We were best friends. How could we be doing such thing? I knew it was wrong but my body was burning with desire. There was no turning back..

Nang hubarin ni Lee ang aking shorts and panties ay di na ako tumutol. Ngayon ay parehas na kaming hubo at hubad sa harapan ng isa’t isa. She kissed me. I kissed back. Our tongues were intertwined. Nalasahan ko pa ang lasa ng katas ng kaibigan na nakuha pa ito kay Mike, but it did not bother me. We were kissing each other torridly and touching each other everywhere.

“You are so sexy, Dana.. I could do this with you every chance I get..”

sabi pa ni Lee habang naglalakbay ang kamay pababa sa aking pekpek. When she reached it, wala itong sinayang na sandali at mabilis na nakapa ang aking tinggil.

“Ahhhh….Lee…that feels awesome..”

Yun na lang ang nasabi ko. Nilaro-laro ng kaibigan ang tinggil ko manaka-nakang pinararaanan ng daliri ang hiwa ko.. ang sarap…

Nang bumaba ang mga halik nito ay tuluyan na akong napasandal sa dingding ng closet nito. Nanghihina ang tuhod ko. This was all so surreal..

The next thing I know: Lee’s tongue was all over my then drenching pussy. Shit! My best friend is tongue fucking me! And it felt so freaking good!

Kusang gumalaw ang aking balakang sa bawa’t pagpasok-labas ng dila ng kaibigan sa aking puke. Gosh! This is a different kind of fun. Nakaluhod ngayon ang kaibigan at kinakain ako. At di ako tumatanggi. Nasasarapan ako sa ginagawa nito.

Nang ipasok nito ang dalawang daliri sa loob ay para akong mababaliw. I never knew a girl like Lee could make me feel this way. My body was draped with desire and lust and passion..! Lee was eating and finger-fucking me!


Mabilis na ngayon ang paggalaw ng kamay nito. I still wonder how Lee could do it, but by the look of it, it didn’t seem like she’d done it first time today. I was looking at her beautiful face with my mouth open. When our eyes met, she stood and right there and then, we started kissing again like we were drinking water from each other’s mouth, all while I was being finger fucked.

The intensity was increasing. I knew I was going to cum. Lee’s hands were steadily attending to me. And I was making her feel good through mashing her breasts. When I felt the intense raging, I let out a loud moan.


It was as if I was a butterfly ready to fly. I felt so new. My body combusted. Nanginginig ang buo kong katawan. My strength was going away. The next thing I knew, Lee was there down again, licking my juice clean.. It was not a dream. It was all so real. I just got fucked by my best friend since childhood.

That night, Lee and I spent hours inside the bathroom. We showered together and explored each other thoroughly. She made me cum multiple times that night. Before the night ended, I made her cum by eating her pussy. It felt so good that I was able to pleasure her. She was my best friend after all. And I knew our friendship won’t be the same again.

After that night, I became a little more liberated..

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