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If we ever meet again (Part 4)
This Story is part 4 of 4 in the series If we ever meet again
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Ohmylord! I am in such a hurry that I have forgotten that I am just wearing my blouse. Good thing it was a bit long and it concealed my undies. I asked him to come in but gave him the sssshhh! Signal. I grabbed the bath robe that’s on top of my dresser and put it on while I went back to bed and Josh sat on the sofa beside my bed, his eyes fixed on me.

“I’m back sorry to keep you waiting, some delivery guy just dropped by my food” I smirked at Josh. The discussion went on for another 30 minutes and Josh was just sitting there, listening to our call. “Andrea, tell us how your day went before we wrap up the call, if you don’t mind” Asked Andrew, followed by “No plans on going out tonight? Party, drink, date out some boys?”

“Hello? Can you go through my calendar and see for yourself if I can still party, drink and meet out with some boys? You know what, I totally hate you for giving me a very hectic schedule” I snarled back at my boss. “It’s not my fault that you want to go on your own. I told you I can go with you next week but you insisted to go now. Right Ria?” He is now mocking at me and asking my staff to take his side. Josh on the other hand gave a scowl at me. “Okay why don’t we call it a day…” “No wait up — ” my boss interrupted. “Thanks Ria, Andy, Finn, have a good night! Boss – can we take this off line now?” I snapped back. “Okay then, Happy hunting, Bye!” Then the call got cut.

“What– on– earth– are– you– doing–here?” I shifted my attention to Josh. “Dinner, maybe? You’ve been all over the place, your schedule is as mad as hell and I figured out that you are dead tired by now which, clearly shows by the looks of you now. So I saved you the trouble of going out so that you can rest instead.” I opened my mouth to argue but no words came out. “Shall we have dinner now?” Josh asked me with the tone close to begging. “I need to take another call. It will be another 20-30 minutes or so, and this is quite important”. I said. “Then take the call, I’ll wait”

My call with Pierre finished after 40 minutes. “Shall we have dinner? Now, what do you have in there?” I asked as I moved closely to Josh. “I bought a noodle from Pho Hoa, but it’s dead cold now” “Oh pity! But never mind, I’m okay with that as long as you’ll share with me okay? I cannot finish that anyway.” He just nodded.

We sat side by side on the sofa. We started chit-chatting about some random topics – how I’m living my life overseas, if I am always as busy as today, then Josh asked if I have a boyfriend. “Boyfriends are just a major pain in the ass” I exclaimed.
“I don’t believe you!”
“Then don’t”
“Why are you here though, aside from brining me some dinner?”
“I just want to catch up with you. We haven’t seen each other for the past 3 years”
“Hahahahaha that’s 50% bullshit. I mean for chrissake, all along you know very well where to find me.”
“I know… but I have my own reasons”
“Yeah, I know.. You and your reasons.” I stood up and started clearing the center table. “It’s nearly 10, I think it’s time for you to leave.”
“I’ll stay here with you, if you don’t mind. Just for this one night?”
I did not answer him back because I don’t know what to say. Ohmylord! Did he just asked me if he can stay for tonight. Ohmyfuckinglord. Being the flirt that I was, I started to get wet down there.

“Are you sure or not?” I chuckled at him. And we both laughed. Josh is leaning on the sofa, his eyes fixed at me, so I moved and stood in front of him. “What if I don’t want you to stay here?” I said in a very seductive voice. “Then I’ll stay just right outside your door” said Josh. “No, you can’t!” He reached out for my hands and pulled me towards him. I pulled back.

He leaned back at the sofa again, eyes fixed on mine. Then I immediately sat on his lap while our face are barely and inch apart. “Do you know how much I am dying to do this to you? Do you know how much I longed to kiss you, feel your lips with mine…” I paused and examined his expression. I looked at him directly into his eyes. “Do you want me now, as much as you have wanted me before?” he did not answer but instead he kissed me. A deep, exploring kiss that I longed so much from him. His breath is on my lips and the odd sensation makes me want to kiss him more. Believe it or not this is the first time I was able to hold him this close, our first kiss even!

He moved his hands over my hips and rubbed it gently. It was not purely sexual, but loving and comforting kind of rubbing altogether. He continued kissing me slowly, passionately and I am lost in his feeling. His kisses were sweet and it started to get too demanding. This goes on for like eternity but we have to stop to catch our breaths.

I looked at him and his eyes met mine. I was still there in front of him, biting my lower lip and suppressing the feeling that’s overwhelming me. “You know how much I am dying to do this to you. At the same time you also know how much I respect you. You know that I cannot go any further than this.” Josh broke the silence between us. I did not say a word. “I know. I’m sorry for pushing you too far” my voice sounded cold and odd. He hugged me so tight that I don’t want to him to let go. But I had to let go, I stood up and went inside the bathroom. Tears came flooding in as I closed the door. I felt somewhat rejected — I wondered if Josh really liked me.

Sometimes I wished Josh was never too gentleman, because I wanted him so bad. I wanted to touch him, feel his manhood, strip him off, kiss him all over and give him the best ever blow job that he’ll ever have in his entire life. But why? Why does he have to respect me so much?

I took off the bathrobe, unbuttoned my blouse, unhooked my bra, and strip off my undies. I turned the shower on and the cold water coming from it gave me shivers. I stayed there, my eyes closed tightly. I have to wash off the heat that was engulfing me and it took me quite a while to move and start soaping my body. How can chance be so kind and cruel to me at the same time, at this point in time?

It’s almost 11:30pm when I finished showering, I put the bathrobe on and folded my clothes neatly. I am not expecting to see Josh there, at the corner of my mind I even wished that he’ll just leave while I was taking a shower. But he was still there. Our eyes met, and I faked a smile on him. I went over to my luggage. I took a clean undies and a tank top. I went inside the bathroom to put on my stuff and wrapped myself with bathrobe again.

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I grabbed the pack of cigars on my side table. I took one stick, tap it out on my lighter and flicked it for a light. I opened the window in front of the sofa, and stood there while I puffed my cigar. “So, have you decided whether you will stay here tonight or not?” I asked Josh with a shaky voice. “I’ll sleep here with you but if it’s bothering you, I can just stay awake the whole night and just watch you sleep.” I puffed my cigar again and looked at him sheepishly.

“Stop patronizing me.” I said. Then the cigar butt came flying out of the window. “Shall we go to sleep then?”

It was very awkward having Josh lying right beside me. He’s so near yet so far. I would have wanted to do something else but my body is dead tired, my mind is scattered with unnecessary thoughts, my heart in pain and my body in heat. All this are enough to drain all the energy that’s left of me. “Tell me a story, but please don’t wake me up when I fall asleep.” I told Josh. And he started sharing some of the happenings in his life. Last that I can remember is that we were lying on our side facing each other and I saw his face smiling at me while he is telling some story that does not register in my mind then I went into deep slumber.

I was awaken by the alarm of my phone. It was 4am and Josh was still there on my bed, his right hand on my chest. Ohmilord, did he do something to me while I was asleep? I moved his hand away from me as I get up and turned my laptop on. I sat down on the sofa and stared blankly into the screen while I light a cigar. My eyes shifted alternately between Josh and my screen.

“How could I ever possibly have a man sleeping in my bed yet he has his clothes on? How did I survived the night without having sex with him? Impossible!” My thoughts were distracted when I felt a hand on my shoulders. “I remember those days that you were too lazy to work and you just sit there in your office and chatting with me all day. Now you have become too workaholic, it’s not good for your health you know?” Josh grabbed my hand and held it for a while. He was sitting on the side of the bed, “come here.” He said with a tone of begging. “If you please, Ms. Andrea…”

I put my laptop down and walked towards Josh and stood in between his legs. One more step closer and his face will touch my breasts. “I smelled of cigar, you don’t want this kind of smell right?” I whispered to him but he did not answer. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Are you teasing me now then will leave me hanging later on?” His hands travelled down to my hips and butt. His other hand untied my robe which revealed my tank top and my undies. He started with butterfly kisses to my navel, then he used his tongue out to tease it. I kept myself composed even though I was fighting the urge to give in.

He stood up and removed my robe and it fell down on the floor. His started kissing me while his tongue is exploring my mouth aggressively. I don’t know what to do, I was taken aback by his sudden advances. My mind got confused on his behavior last evening and now why suddenly he is taking advances on me? Should I keep my composure or should I give in and reciprocate back? But before my mind can process the answers to my questions, my body responded in so quickly.

I took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. I can already feel his hard-on. He was left with only his boxers. Ohmilord! I am so wanting to take it all inside my mouth. Josh started playing with my nipples with his tongue and lips. I still have my tank top on but I can already feel his warm breath on my skin. I let out a soft moan. Damn how I wanted this so bad.

He laid me on the bed and removed my tank top. His hands started trailing down my stomach, lower and lower down it goes and it reached the most sensitive part of my body. “Like what I have always imagined. Shaved.” He whispered at me. He is now playing with my clit as I let out soft, lustful moans. Josh started to suck my nipples, one after the other. He gently bites it, leaving me wanting for more.

He began to move his lips from my breasts going down to my navel. Farther down it goes and his tongue found what it has been looking for. Ohmylord what a great sensation is brings! I moved my hips to match the rhythm of his tongue as it circles my clit. He inserted his fingers inside me and teased me some more. “You are so wet, so wet my dear” his voice was so soothing yet full of lust. It aroused me some more as I shouted as I cum.

I sat down and pulled Josh for a kiss. I want to taste my juice in his lips. I pulled down his boxers and it revealed his hardened cock which I suddenly grabbed hungrily. I moved my hand on his shaft and moved my face closer to it. I started to suck his penis while my hands played with his balls gently. I flicked my tongue so I can tease the tip of his cock. Oh fuck the feeling!

“Make love to me now” I begged of Josh, but he did not move. “Make love to me…. Please!”
With a swift move, he pinned me against the bed and positioned himself between my legs. I am so ready to welcome him as I opened my legs wide enough for his cock to penetrate my pussy. “Fuck. Me. NOW!” I shouted at him and he started thrusting. Oh lord of all lords of pleasure. I am overwhelmed by lust and every thrust that Josh made sent shivers to my spine and waves of pleasure to my body. Few more minutes of thrusting and I felt the need to explode again.

Josh might have sensed the reaction of my body so he thrusts faster and faster. “I’m coming” he said. “Come inside me, please” faster and faster his thrusting goes and I felt his body stiffened and I felt his hot come shoot inside me. Josh laid down beside me then I moved closer to him. Our skin were flushed and I can feel his sweat on my skin.We were left speechless afterwards.

Josh broke the silence and said “Remember, I used to tell you that there’s this bad side of me that I am trying to tame?” Uhmmm. I said. “Yeah…but since we have come this far, do you still respect me?” There was a long silence– a very awkward silence.

“I will never run out of respect for you. Always remember that.”


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