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If we ever meet again (Part 2)
This Story is part 2 of 4 in the series If we ever meet again
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It was 9:10AM when I arrived in Coffee Bean. I quickly scanned the place to look for a nice place to have an interview. I could have actually invited the candidate in the hotel lobby but I do not want it to become too formal.

There are a few more tables left in the very far corner. There is one guy occupying a table for two in the left and opposite him is a table that can accomodate four. I took a seat there and put my bag on the empty chair beside me. In my peripheral vision, I noticed that the guy looked at me for a few seconds and then he shifted his eyes back to his laptop. Meanwhile, I took my phone out and dialled the candidate’s number. Three rings and the candidate answered the phone. “Hi Jessie, this is Andrea. Are you on you way here already? Let me know when you are near the place. Thanks!”

I took out my notebook and put it on top of the table as an indication that I have reserved it. I took my bag and went to the counter and gave my credit card to him. “Good morning. Look, I am waiting for somebody and I really need a wi-fi connection right now. Is it possible if I leave you my credit card first then I will order later on when he arrived?” The guy at the counter did not say anything so I just smiled at him sweetly. “Please?” I begged politely. And suddenly he scribbled the wifi password in a notedpad. “Thanks kuya! You are so kind.”

The guy opposite me took a side glance at me again but I pretended that I did not notice him. I connected the iPad to the wifi and dialled my subordinate’s number while I am putting on the headset. When my call connected, I tried my best to lower down my voice because it seems that I am starting to irritate the guy in the opposite table. “Hi Ria, good morning! This will be just a quick one because the candidate is on his way here but I need you to work on this right away. Based on the JD that I have forwarded to you for the Technical Director role, can you please research on the direct competitors? List the companies that have a manufacturing facility in the Philippines and indicate specifically the products they are dealing with mostly. Work on with the first tier first and target to have at least 10 companies to start with. Everything clear?” Ria on the other line just agreed with no questions at all. “Great thanks! Let’s talk again before lunch time okay?”

Just right after I finished the call with Ria, my phone rang showing another candidate’s mobile number. “Hi Marcus good morning!” Marcus is asking for a re-schedule because he was stuck at traffic. “Okay, that can’t be helped but my schedule is quite full the whole day. I might be able to squeeze you in the afternoon though, say around 4:30-5PM?” And that settles it. I opened my calendar to update it, and i could not help but frown looking at how terrible my schedule has been.

The guy opposite my table ordered his second cup of coffee. Hmmm… The smell of Caramel Macchiato lingered the air. God! Now I’m really hungry and very much craving for a coffee. Just as I was about to order my coffee, Jessie came in. I asked him what he fancied for a drink. He said he is okay with Cafe Americano. I offered if he want to grab a sandwich too, but he said he had his breakfast already. I told him to wait for me in our table while I’m getting our drinks.I gave the barista my sweet smile and said “I left my credit card earlier, and now I am going to order. Hmmm… Can I have 1 regular Cafe Americano and 1 regular Caramel Macchiato, having here.”

I waited for our order and went back to our table. I placed Jessie’s coffee in front of him while I placed mine at one corner. Jessie and I started our introductions casually, while I started turning on my Echo. “If you don’t mind Jessie, can I record our discussion?” He said he doesn’t mind, so I started jotting down on my dot paper: Face to face: Jessie Ong.

The guy opposite the table gave a false cough, sarcastic, I may say so I took a sip of my coffee and took the opportunity to look at him directly. He had been glacing sideways and it starts to irritate me. When I turned my face towards him, he blankly stared at his laptop, as if trying to read something that’s not really there. I felt strange because the guy’s features resembles of somebody that I used to know. I shoved off the idea and focused my attention to what Jessie is saying.

Half an hour passed and my discussion with Jessie has became very intensive with details. I have to get all these details from him of course because I am representing him to our client. The guy faked a cough again and just when I turned to look at him, he looked at me too. “Ohmilord!” I mumbled. The guy opposite the table is Josh. And he seemed to have drained all the blood in his face too when he saw me. I looked at Jessie again who paused for a while and looked at me and Josh and smiled. “Carry on please” I told him but I swear that I wished I could just melt right there and then. I sort of wished that Josh would just walk out of the cafe but he just stay there. Eyes fixed on his laptop while his fingers were fiddling his keyboard.

Being a professional as I am, I carried on with our discussion without raising a suspicion from Jessie. Our talk lasted for an hour and twenty minutes and Josh was still there while Jessie and I are wrapping up the interview. Jessie and I stood up to shake hands and as we were shaking hands, a lady carrying a tray with an iced coffee and pastry on it passed by. Jessie slinged his laptop bag to his shoulders and it somehow hit the lady’s hand making the coffee and the pastry spill all over the floor.

The last thing I know, Josh shouted something like “what the?!….” followed by some other words I wasn’t able to hear clearly. His right leg was drenched with Iced coffee and I have the pasty icing all over my shoes. Jessie said sorry to Josh then he settled the issue with the lady as they went over to the other corner. I started handling tissue paper to Josh and he gave me a blank facial expression. I started wiping the icing off my shoes when Josh spoke “I have a meeting too at 12pm here in this cafe. I came in early to prepare but look what happened now!” I was point blank and caught off guard. “I still have another meeting too at 12 and this is clearly an accident. Now if you don’t mind, I have a room upstairs, you have enough time to wash your pants and dry it a bit. At least you don’t smell of coffee and your pants are not sticking on your skin. Do you want my help or not?” I pursed my lips while I looked at him sharply. Josh did not answer me back.

Jessie and the lady passed by me and obviously they have settled the issue. Jessie ordered something and the lady waited at the collection counter then he waved at me and left the place. Josh on the other hand is still wiping off the coffee in his pants. I stuffed all my things inside my bag and turned to Josh “It seems you don’t have any choice though. Set your pride aside and come with me. This will just be very quick”.

When we arrived in my room, I gave him a bathrobe so he can take off his pants. While he is undressing his bottoms, I turned on my laptop and checked my calendar. I am scheduled to call Andrew my boss at 11, and then call a client at 11:30. I still need to check on Ria. Damn such a busy day.

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I told him that he can use the soap inside the bathroom. I gave him a towel just in case he want to wash his legs too. “Do you know how to hand wash?” I asked. “Of course!” He said. “Okay then you can do that on your own. If you need help, give me a wave. I need to make 2 calls. Hurry up now you have barely an hour left.” I walked away and sent Andrew a SMS. “I am available to talk now”.

My phone rang and Andrew is on the line. I gave him an overview about the discussion earlier and my views regarding Jessie. I was pacing the room while giving him the updates. Andrew was about to hang up but I asked him “Hey, are you free at 11:30AM?” “Yup” he answered. “Cool! See, I am scheduled to call Bernice to follow up on the payment for the placement we did. Uhmm..” I paused because Josh is waving at me and I gave him a wait sign. “What’s up?” Andrew asked. “Uhhmm I am really having a bad stomach cramps, must be the coffee… Can you help to call Bernice instead? If you don’t mind but if you have other plans then I can have Ria give her a call then.” “Sure thing. I’ll call Bernice then. Are you really having stomach ache or are you just faking it so you can doze off before another interview?” Andrew said sheepishly. “Yeah, actually I am. Thanks Boss!” Then I hung up.

I went inside the bathroom and Josh was leaning against the sink. The dry part of his pants is hanging in his right shoulders while he was holding the wet part of his pants. I smiled at him and he faked a smile on me. He has this stern look at his face like those expression of “what are you staring at” look. “What now?” I asked and I swear to God that my cheeks flushed. “Do you have a hair blower?” Josh asked. “I don’t have but I’ve a flat iron with me.” “Seriously? How come? That’s too heavy to bring when you are travelling!” He chuckled. “Well in this world of high technology, hasn’t it occured to you that the lord of all lords of flat irons has invented a small one so that we, the people who travel a lot can save money on going to the laundry.” I jeered at him and flashed a wide smirk on my face while trying to contain my urge to hug and kiss him right there and then in my bathroom. “Give that to me. I’ll iron it for you. Hurry and dry yourself up.”

He passed me his pants and I went to get the iron inside my luggage. I plugged it and waited for it to heat up then I started ironing the wet patch on his pants. I am wondering to myself if Josh can also dry up the wet patch that I am having now in my crotch area. It’s getting wetter and wetter by every second that passed. The fact that we are alone in a room — God the thought is driving me crazy.

I was distracted from my thoughts when Josh leaned and kissed my forehead. Being the gentleman as he always is, I know that’s the farthest thing that he can go– but I don’t know. “Let me finish that myself, why don’t you prepare for your next meeting? We should be moving on by 11:50” then he took the iron from me. There he was, with the tiny iron in his hands, leaning a bit while he is doing the thing makes him so delectably delicious. But I have to restrain myself. This is not the right time.

It’s 11:40AM. I went to the bathroom to have a quick re-touch. I applied a few strokes of bronzer to my cheeks, and my MAC Chili red lipstick on my lips. I brushed my hair using my fingers, fixed my tuck in and now I am ready to go.

When I went out of the bathroom, Josh had his pants and shoes on already. “Shall we go?” He asked. “Ready whenever you are” I exclaimed as I grabbed my bag on top of the table.

When waited for the elevator and when it opened there were nobody inside. We came in and there was a few seconds of silence. “You look very beautiful Andrea. I already recognized you this morning, when you came in and talked to the barista. You are the only person who have that tone in your voice that’s why I am sure the Barista obliged immediately in your request. God knows how much I am very thankful that I was there and you were there and I just want to hug you, so tight but I can’t because you are not mine…”

12PM. The elevator door opened and my handphone was ringing. I took the call immediately. “Yeah I received it. I am on my way there. Give me a few minutes. Sorry. Bye!”

I turned to Josh and hugged him. “Thank you for the past one and a half hour. You have my number. It hasn’t changed. You know my email address. It hasn’t changed as well. Drop me a line. Until we meet again.” I let go of him and started to walk away.

To be continued~

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