Diary Confessions of My Wife 01 3/5 (1)

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Diary Confessions of My Wife 01

Written by jacobswell69


Part I

Dear Diary,


My day was very hectic, sobrang dami ng work ko
kanina… Nakakapagod, nakakabagot….
Anyways, gusto kong mag-unwind, I feel horny, I
feel hot…. I feel like confessing to you….

Anyways, matagal-tagal ko na ring gustong i-
share ang mga sexual experiences ko. Probably,
you would not believe this really happened in real
life but believe me, totoo ang lahat ng mga ito.

Let’s start with me. Call me Dianne, married, with
a three year old son and a medical doctor. Mirko
is m y hubby and we have been married for six
years. By the way, I’m already 27 years old so
you can tell by my age and by the length of our
marriage na marami na akong sexual
experiences but aside from the usual things that
married couples do, marami kam ing mga kinky
ctivities and those are what I’m going to share to a
all you ladies and horny men….

Mirko wasn’t my first BF, he’s actually my third but yung two previous BFs ko hanggang
BJ lng sila… hehehe…. Medyo conservative pa ako nun…. Ewan ko but with Mirko , I gave
ver ything to him even before we got married… dun na e nag-start na mag-iba yung desire
ko for men… let’s just say, he aroused the VAMP in me….. lahat yata ng positions
nagawa na namin kahit nung magBF pa lang kam i…. When we were both students,
madalas, after school dun ako sa apartment nya tumatambay…. Of course walang tao
dun, so what do you expect eh di super sex to the max kami ni Mirko….

His apartment is on the second
floor fronting another building
across the street.. di naman
masyadong kalayuan ang
building pero di mo m are-
recognize yung face nung nasa
other building but you can very
well tell kung may ginagawang
milagro ang nasa kabilang
building.… one time, we were
both very horny we were having
a great foreplay ng biglang
maisip ni Mirko na buksan yung
malaking window sa room
nya… it so happen na
kasalukuyang under renovation
ang building sa kabila so may

mga construction workers sa rooftop… kitang kita talaga
kami if those men would just look sa building namin….

I was so wet and horny, di ko na inisip na baka ma-
ize kami… actually parang mas lalo akong recogn
nalibugan dun sa ginawa ni Mirko. So I played along, I
never expected na makikita kam i coz the guys were too
busy with their work… nagulat na lang ako when we
were having a 69 and giving Mir ko the BJ of his life,
when I lift up my face I saw these guys, about 8 or nine
of them, sitting on the edge of the rooftop and eagerly
watching me blow my BFs dick….

At first medyo
kinabahan ako but I
pretended I didn’t
saw them….. so I continued on w hat I’m doing…
ewan ko but after a while mas lalo akong na-
arouse…. I started to enjoy the feeling na pinapanuod
kami so I got wilder and kinkier…. Probably Mirko
noticed it kaya lalo din syang ginanahan sa pag-lick
sa pussy ko….

Gosshhhh…….. I was so wet inside I could not
anymore… right then and there nilabasan control it
ako…. Halos malunod yata si Mirko sa lumabas na
juice ko….. I came but I wanted more… so without
hesitation I asked Mirko to fuck me dog- style…. I was
now directly facing the guys while Mirko is fucking me
like hell…. Ingat na ingat yung mga guys na kakatago
siguro akala nila hindi ko pa sila nakikita…. Sabi ko
sa sarili ko….. You fools, I’m already giving you a live
show you haven’t seen in your entire life…..

We did almost all possible position pero syempre I gave the guys the best possible angle
para masiyahan sila sa
panunuod… and when Mirko
was about to cummmm….. I
pulled out his dick from my
pussy… grabbed it and put it
inside my mouth… guess
what…. I swallowed every
ounce of his love juice… my
mouth was full and dripping
wet….. you can tell by the faces
of those guys that they are now
very very hard and would
definitely want to have a piece
of me….. but much to their
surprise, after I wiped my
mouth with my BF’s love juice, I
ed at them and smiled…. look

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Mukhang napahiya kaya bigla silang nagtago… Mirko had no idea that the guys have
been watching us all along…..

From then on, we begun to do other adventurous
things like having sex in public places, dressing
room s, movie houses, swimming pools, along the
beach, you name it we have done it…. We loved
it so much especially when we know someone is
watching us…. It became our fetish…..

When we got married and had our son, I resigned
from the hospital where I used to work mainly
becau se of the tight schedule……

Aside from being a medical doctor, I’m also a
registered nurse so looking for a job in any
company isn’t that too difficult…. I went to work in
one of these private companies, of course,
medically-oriented too but not as demanding of a
time as when I was in a hospital……

The moment I started to work in m y present
company, I can tell from the looks of the
guys that they have a deep crush on me, to
say the least, if not a deep obsession or
desire… kahit may asawa na kasi ako, I st ill
have the body that can create a stir, m en
look at me as though they want to take off
my clothes and rape me from that very

You can say na petite ako, very sexy,
maputi, tamang tam a ang laki ng boobs ko
pero my gosshhhh… grabe daw ang butt
o….. nakakagigil daw… yun daw ang no. 1 asset ko…. Besides having a tattoo at my k
back, may tattoo at piercings din ako sa pussy ko…… of course only Mirko knows that
and some of those lucky guys who were able to watch us doing our exhibitionist
sessions……. mahilig din akong magsuot
ng super tight pants kaya litaw na litaw
talaga ang butt ko tapos minsan kita din
yung tattoo sa likod ko…. You can just
imagine kapag nakatalikod ako, almost all
the guys in the office are having a hard on
especially when I bend down……

By that time, medyo naging wild na rin ang
fantasies nam in ni Mirko, we used to watch
a lot of adult films and one of our new
fantasies is to try swinging with another
couple, guy or girl…… at first parang ayaw
ko but as the days went by, the mere
thought of having another cock in my mouth or pussy makes me really really wet……

When I had a tattoo done near my pussy
and when we had it pierced with a ring,
although masakit yung feeling, I can say
sobrang na-excite ako kasi there is this
other man seeing me naked in close
proximity tapos hawak pa niya pussy
ko…. gosshhhhh…… sobrang libog ako
nun, lalo na nung nakitang kong
nanginginig ang mga kamay nya tapos I
see from his pants na talagang tinitigasan
na sya… kulang na lang hawakan ko titi
niya tapo s isubo ko eh… but he was
professional enough not to do anything
foolish besides andun ang hubby ko eh…
sya, hanggang tingin at hawak lang sya….. kaya sorry na lang

Akala ko nuon nagbibiro lang ang hubby ko when he asked me if we wanted to try
threesome, so I said why not kung payag sya… little did I know may plano na pala sya…
so one night he asked me if we could go to the mall and meet someone, business meeting
daw…. So I tag along, but when we were there already, he told me the real story,
kinabahan talaga ako nun kasi although mahilig kaming mag-experiment, we haven ’ t tried
anythi ng as radical as this before….. sabi
nya eh di meet lang daw namin sya, if I
don’t like the guy then we wouldn’t push
agreed hesitantly… through.. so I

After some tim e dumating yung guy, he
wasn’t so gwapo but you can tell
educated sya at very presentable besides
being so maputi…. He’s very attractive….
Of course di ko pinahalata sa hubby ko
that I wanted that guy’s cock inside my
pussy…. Medyo pakipot m una ng konti….

Pagkatapos mag-usap we all agreed na
magcheck-in na lang sa hotel pero ang
usapan was for me and my hubby to have sex while Rex (guy’s name) will only watch and
masturbate.. pag comfortable na ako saka
lang sya sasali…

Once we were inside the hotel, Mirko
asked Rex to caress me and make me
feel comfortable, medyo magaling syang
maglambing so hindi na ako nagpakipot…
I grabbed his cock and slowly I licked his
hard cock like an ice cream…. I let semi-
my tongue lick his balls until he got a hard

Mirko was just intently watching us but I
can see from where he is sitting that he is

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already hard as hell…. Syempre mas lalo
akong ginanahan at nalibugan when I saw
my hubby enjoying what he’s watching…..
I liked it when a guy licks my pussy so I
told Rex to lick my pussy, laking gulat
niya when he saw that I have tattoos
tapos may pussy ring pa… sobrang na –
excite siguro, he gave me one hell of a
pussy lick….. dun pa lang halos bumaha
na sa room dahil sa dami ng katas na
lumabas sa akin… grabe talaga…..

The feeling was so intense I could not
control it any longer so I asked Rex to
fuck me…. First he w as on top, he thrusts his prick into my pussy so h ard halos mauntog
ako sa kama… he was rough and yet gentle at the same time…. Pagkatapos nagpalit
kami ng pwesto, I was now on top of him, pinagiling ko ng husto ang balakang ko halos
mabaliw sya say sarap… I can tell, ungol
sya ng ungol eh….

Afterwards, I asked him that we do dog-
style so I can give my hubby a blowjob, the
idea of having another guy fucking me
while I swallow my hubby’s cock is making
me so horny,,,,, so I positioned myself
doggy style and then invited Mirko to join
us….. grabe ang sarap ng feeling, parang
masisira ang ulo ko sa sarap….. we were
enjoying so much when I felt malapit na
nman akong labasan, so I told Rex to keep
on fucking me while I gave my hubby the
best blow job he ever had… I felt Rex
increased the speed of his thrust so I know malapit na rin syang labasan, lalo ko ring
binilisan ang pagsalsal kay Mirko habang subo ko rin ang titi nya…. Dahil dito nilabasan
na nman ako halos kasabay ng pagbulwak ng katas ni Rex nilabasan na rin ang hubby
ko… napuno yata ng katas ang pussy ko pati na ring ang bibig ko halos mapuno na rin….
I swallowed every bit of his juice… sarap
na sarap kasi ako sa lasa ng tamod ng
hubby ko eh……

By the time we check out sa hotel naka-
yata kami… talagang hinang limang round
hina kaming tatlo… from then on naging
regular fuck body na namin si Rex…

Kahit nasa ofis ako laging nasa isip ko
yung mga adventures nam ing 3….
Especially when I see my office mates
staring at me with intense desire…
madalas ini-imagine ko na ka-sex ko
silang lahat ng sabay sabay… maliit lang kasi ang department namin kaya halos close
kaming lahat……

At dahil madalas nga akong magsuot ng
mga tight pants, lagi kong nahuhuling
nakatitig sa akin ang mga male office
mates ko… which made me really horny.
There is this one guy na talagang
attracted ako, let ’ s call him Jaypee.
Jaypee is not so tall but you can tell that
he’s well hung. Maganda ang comple xion,
super cute ang mga eyes at malinis at
mabango tingnan. I’m sure m aba ngo din
ang dick nya, sabi ko sa isip ko….

Most of the time nakikita ko syang
nakatitig sa akin, para bang tulala at nag-iimagine kung ano hitsura ko pag wala akong
suot….. one da y, I went to the
office na naka-super mini skirt
with matching body-hugging
shirt… the moment na pumasok
ako sa office, parang natuklaw ng
ahas ang mga guys….. yung isa
sa kanila di na siguro napigilan
ang sarili at sinabing super sexy
daw ako and he’s wil ling to do
anything just to get a piece of
me…. I politely smiled back…

But when I looked at Jaypee, he
just simply smiled at me and
when I walked to my table
besides his, he whispered “ Ang
sarap mo talaga!!!!” that made
me horny again so I said with a
g rin, “Bakit? Gusto mong tikman?” then I smiled back…. His table is right in front of mine,
so harapan talaga ang mga mesa namin, when I sat on my chair, biglang umandar ang
pagka-naughty ko, I slowly moved my legs giving him a glimpse of whats under that tight
mini skirt…..

Nung una parang ayaw nyang
magpahalata pero di rin nya
napigilan so without any fear,
mitig talaga sya sa akin…. That tu
time parang sasabog na ang
katas ko sa libog, so para bigyan
sya ng mas magandang view,
medyo binukaka ko pa ang legs
ko…. I always wear, t-backs, g-
strings or thongs, never akong
nagsuot ng mga granny

Swerte nya kasi during that time

aside from wearing a skimpy
bikini, super transparent pa
ito.. as if parang wala akong
suot na panty…. I can tell na
nakita nya lahat kasi biglang
lumaki ang mga mata nya, by
this time di na sya mapakali sa
upuan nya. Napansin ko na rin
na talagang tinigasan na sya
kasi kita ko rin from under his
table ang umbok sa pants
nya… to my surprise he
suddenly grabbed his cock
from under his pants, that gave
me a good idea of how big his
cock was…..

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He was feeling uneasy, then
he grabbed the fone, dialed a number tapos biglang nag-ring ang fone ko…. ako pala ang
tinatawagan nya…. I grabbed the fone and said… “Maganda ba?”

“Yup…..” he said… “sobra pa sa maganda” he added

“Masarap ba” I asked again,,,, then he answered…. Ewan ko, pero mukhang masarap
talaga!!!!! Di ko pa kasi natitikman eh…..

T hen he said, “may tattoo at hikaw pala no?”, I think you are really very horny, di nga ako
n agkamali, sabi nya….
Sabi ko naman, I’m hornier that what you think I am……

He answered, “well then I’d like to find that out! Hehehe”

By this time, walang
kamalay-malay ang
ibang mga office mates
namin kung ano ang
nangyayari between the
two of us…..

To my surprise, he
suddenly pulled off his
prick out of his pants,
kitang kita ko kung
gaano kalaki ang ari nya,
gosh it was so much
bigger than Rex’s or
Mirko’s. Aside from being
too long, it was very thick
at the same time… sabi
ko sarili ko, I got to have
that inside my pussy…..

As if di pa sya nasiyahan, he
started playing with his dick, he
was actually masturbating in
front of me….. he started to stroke
his cock slowly then faster and

Grabe…. I couldn’t believe
what I’m seeing, the thought of
seeing one of my office mates
jerking in front of me made me
really hot.. so what do you
expect, I joined in the fun, hinawi
ko sa side ang thong ko so I
could play with my pussy while
Jaypee’s playing with his
penis….. grabe talaga ang sensation nun… sobrang sarap….

I started to caress my pussy gently in order to make it wet but little did I know basang
basa na pala ito talaga….. so without hesitation I insert ed one finger, I buried it deep
inside me…..oooohhhhhh…. god it felt really

All this time, Jaypee was
also having phone sex
with me so you could just
imagine how intense the
feeling was….

Once in a while, tum itigil kami
sa ginagawa nam in
especially pag may
tumatayo sa mga
officemates namin either
para mag-xerox ng document
coffee…. or make some
Pero I think our officemates
begun to wonder bakit
ganun ang reaction
’re namin dalawa while we at the phone…. Kasi n both talking aman sa sobrang sarap hindi na namin halos maitago
ang init nam in……hahahahahah a

As soon as the coast is clear, we both resumed to what we are doing,,,, a little stroke on
my clit at naramdaman kong lalabasan na ako…. Just as I was cumming, I saw Jaypee
stretch out his legs and split them apart…. I know malapit na rin syang labasan so I was
intently looking at what he’s doing…. Sure enough, pagkatapos ng ilang pagtaas -baba ng
kamay niya sa kanyang penis, nakita ko na lang na parang bulkan na sumabog ang
kanyang katas.. sa sobrang dami halos tumilamsik ito sa floor, good thing may tissue sya
ya even before he exploded may tissue na syang hawak pampunas ng katas nya……… ka

ng ako sa upuan ko pero grabe akong pinagpawisan sa ginawa namin… even Nakaupo la
him, kahit fully airconditioned ang office, tagaktak ang pawis namin.. i rested for a while
then I went to the bathroom to freshen up….

Akala ko tapos na sya, so I left towards the bathroom, pero sinundan pala niya ako….
There was only one common bathroom for both the ladies and the men, kasi nga m aliit lng
naman ang office namin eh…..

As I entered the bathroom, sinundan nya ako sa loob and then he told me… sarap mo
ianne, I’d love to fuck you….. D

Although I was still very hot at that moment, I was still able to resist his invitation to have
sex right there at the office bathroom…. Naisip ko na mukhang kanina pa nagdududa ang
mga officemates namin so I told him…. “Mamaya na lang after office hours, kita tayo,
sasairin ko lahat ng lakas mo….hihihihihi”

“Promise yan ha?” sabi nya…..

“Yup, prom ise yan……

The whole day halos di kami
nakapagtrabaho kasi naman di na halos
mawala sa isipan ko ang gagawin
namin after work….. I can still see his
bbbbiiiggggg cock and I can just
imagine how that felt having his cock
inside my wet pussy……

Damn! I ’m feeling horny again…. My
t as before….. pussy is as dripping we

To be continued…….


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