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Author: pestengahem


Dean of Student Affairs
Act I, Chapter 01 – A Private Meeting with the Dean
By Pesteng Ahem

This is my first ever story. I welcome your feedback, both positive and negative.

“Relaks, Miss Mendez,” I whispered. “Kaya mo ‘yan.”

“Awk… Aaaaawwwwwwkkk… Hindi ko talaga kaya, Sir.” She stopped what she was doing, lay her hands on her lap and looked up at me. Her breath was ragged from exertion and her eyes were a little watery from her effort. I have to give it to her — she really was trying her best. However, her best just wasn’t satisfactory. She was, after all, a university scholar. This just wouldn’t do. Not at all.

“Hija, hindi ka pa nangangalahati, handa ka nang sumuko?” I needed to be careful that she wasn’t thoroughly discouraged, especially at this crucial point in her training.

I caught the attention of my PhD student who was seated on my couch and closely observing the proceedings. “Miss Collins, please demonstrate the manoeuvre once again for the benefit of Miss Mendez.” Saige, my 24-year-old student and all-around Girl Friday, rose from the couch in my office and took her position next to the kneeling Crissy — real name Cristina Nancy Simsuangco Mendez.

Saige Collins was quite the find. In the three years that I’ve held the position of Professor of Psychology and Dean of Student Affairs at the Trinitas University of the Philippines (TUP), I’ve been busy with teaching, research and administrative duties. Saige’s skills have been crucial in keeping my lab running. She had to go through numerous hoops to land the gig as my PhD student. I’m well known in the university and overseas for adhering strictly to the highest levels of academic performance. I am uncompromising in my standards. Students from all over the world apply to be supervised by me, but I’m very selective in whom I accept for training. If you can’t live up to my expectations, you’re finished in this field. Prior to Saige’s arrival, three students had already quit because of the demands of the training. I hear they’ve since abandoned their dreams and are quietly raising children for their seamen husbands in their home provinces. So much for ambition!

Saige joined my team eleven months ago. Two years ago, I received 57 million pesos over five years from the Health Research Council of New Zealand to conduct research into the process of maternal-infant bonding in mothers who abused narcotic substances. The grant specifically provided for funding to recruit and train PhD students from New Zealand. Saige had just finished her master’s in cognitive neuroscience from Auckland University when she saw the advertisement to join my lab in Manila.

Saige is slim and tall, standing 5’8″ without shoes. Her Irish heritage is obvious from her flaming red hair that came down to the middle of her back, alabaster skin and peppering of freckles over her face, neck, shoulders and upper chest. The weather in the Philippines is nothing like Auckland, but Saige took to it quite well. She loves basking in the sun and working on her tan on the balcony of the lab at the top floor of the Science Building. She was now sporting a nice glow.

Today, she was dressed tastefully in a tight red t-shirt and stressed designer jeans. The only thing that prevented many males and quite a few females from ogling her 38DD chest and 34-inch ass was the white lab coat that she always wore around campus. I was clear about this when I hired her. I could not afford any hijinks in the lab, especially given the sensitivity of the work we were doing as well as my reputation. Her body was one such distraction and she was to dress professionally at all times.

As it happened, the lab coat, her t-shirt and jeans were on the couch right next to those of Crissy. Her bra and panties weren’t in the pile of clothes because she never wore any. These, too, were my explicit instructions. Crissy had yet to learn this, but that would happen in time. All in good time.

As her naked frame rose from the couch and she made her way next to the equally naked Crissy, I noticed that Saige was slowly rubbing her clit with her right hand. Fuck, I loved this girl! Crissy noticed it too and was trying not to stare at the beautiful woman coming closer.

Saige knelt to the right of Crissy and slowly rubbed her back and shoulders with her left hand to put her at ease. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Practice makes perfect.”

“First things first,” she said. “The Dean likes to see your face when you suck his cock. Why don’t we take your hair into a ponytail so it gets out of the way? Can you do that for me, baby girl?”

Crissy nodded and slowly gathered her shoulder-length hair into a ponytail using a hair tie in the shape of a Pokemon. She used both her hands to perform the action, causing her to thrust her tits out involuntarily as she tied her hair back.

Saige took the opportunity the move her left hand around Crissy’s back to touch lightly the side of Crissy’s left tit. This caused Crissy’s body to tense a little. “You’ve got a great body, sweetie. What size are your tits,” Saige asked. “Wait. Don’t tell me. Let me guess.” Saige moved her left hand to cup Crissy’s left tit from behind and felt its weight and size. I noticed that Saige’s right hand hadn’t left her pussy. In fact, she was slowly inserting a long middle finger into her bald snatch as she slowly mashed Crissy’s tit.

“Ugghhh…” Crissy moaned. She had never had another woman touch her like this before.

“Sshhhh… I need to get a good feel to properly estimate its size. Keep your hands behind your head, sweetie. This won’t take a moment.” It was clear that Saige wasn’t so much interested in estimating the young girl’s tit size as she was trying to bring her nipple to full attention. Saige had taken the pink nipple between the index and middle finger of her left hand and using it to stretch the entire tit from Crissy’s chest. The tit sprung back with little sag when Saige released the trapped nipple. God bless teenagers’ tits! I couldn’t wait to cum all over them and Saige knew this.

Saige’s right hand was now moving in and out of her bald pussy much more noticeably. This was because her ring finger had joined her middle finger in her pussy. In the bright lights of my office, I could clearly see the juices coating her fingers.

“Hmmm…. 35C, I think.”

“Hindi po. 35B po.”

“Wow, you must have a long line of boys wanting to ask for your number! Do you have a boyfriend, sweetie?”

“Ay, wala pa po.”

“That’s a shame, sweetie. You need to feel what a body like yours can do.”

Crissy still had her hands behind her head and Saige was still playing with Crissy’s left tit. Saige was still thrusting her right hand in and out of her pussy and the object of Crissy’s training — my cock — was still throbbing in front of their faces.

“OK, sweetie. Pay attention,” Saige said. “You have to go slowly and treat the Dean’s cock gently. After all, this is what pays for your tuition.” Saige pulled her fingers from her pussy and used her right hand to grasp my cock. She started at the base and allowed her hand to travel up to the tip, spreading her pussy juices up the shaft. My cock was coated in a thin sheen of pussy juice. This was not lost to Crissy.

“Come closer to me, sweetie, and cup the Dean’s balls with your left hand.” Without stopping her caressing of Crissy’s tit, Saige pulled her closer to my cock. Crissy grabbed my balls a little too roughly and a grunted in displeasure.

“Easy, baby girl. They’re very sensitive to squeezing. Gently cup the sack and try to feel each ball in turn. Don’t squeeze, just feel. Why don’t you follow what I do on your gorgeous tits.” Saige positioned herself behind Crissy and grabbed her right tit with her left hand. She slowly caressed Crissy’s right tit and I could feel Crissy mimic the pressure and movements with her left hand on my balls.

“That’s it, sweetie. You’re doing so good. Look how hard the Dean is now!” Saige was slowly moving her right hand from the base to the tip of my cock using a snug grip learnt after months of training. “He’s getting a little dry. We must make sure that the Dean’s cock is well lubricated. Why don’t you spit on it a little, sweetie?”

Crissy was taken aback by the request and it showed on her face. “Haha don’t worry. There’s nothing gross about a little spit. Here, let me go first and you can try.” Saige gathered up the spit in her mouth and positioned her head above my shaft, letting the glob of saliva drip slowly onto the head of my cock. “See? Easy. Now you try it.”

Saige pulled the nipple on Crissy’s right tit to encourage her to move closer to my cock. Once in position over the middle of the shaft, Crissy allowed a small strand of spit to drip from her mouth. “That’s good for a first try. Well done!” Crissy was pleased with Saige’s encouragement and smiled a little.

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“Now we spread the spit evenly over the cock. While I do that, why don’t you lubricate the Dean’s balls. We wouldn’t want to forget that.”

Crissy quickly complied and positioned herself between my legs. She realised that she couldn’t get her mouth to a position above my balls as my torso was in the way. She was about to say so, when Saige used her left hand to guide the back of Crissy’s head closer to my balls.

“It won’t be possible for you to drip the saliva on the Dean’s balls while he’s standing over us, so you’ll need to lubricate them more directly. Take them into your mouth, baby girl. Don’t forget to be gentle.” With Saige’s hand grabbing hold of her ponytail and pushing her head closer to the junction between my legs, Crissy couldn’t help but open her mouth and accept my balls. I grunted as little as she opened wide.

“Good girl. Make sure you coat them evenly,” Saige whispered. “Use your tongue.”

Saige looked up at me and I winked at her and smiled. She took her right hand off my cock and returned it to between her pussy lips. Using her index and ring fingers, she spread wide her swollen lips to give me a view of her pink inner lips and her small clit, which she was rubbing with her middle finger. She was licking her lips and her eyes were glazed as she stared at Crissy’s pussy from behind.

I was enjoying Crissy’s mouth on my balls. She was gaining the confidence to be a little more experimental, liberally running her tongue around the sac, coating it with saliva, using suction and her lips to accompany her movements. Saige held her in that position for a couple of minutes until she pulled Crissy back by her hair.

“Mmmppp…” Crissy’s mouth dislodged from my balls with a small pop.

Crissy looked a little confused about the suddenness of Saige’s action. Not as confused, however, as when Saige suddenly kissed Crissy right on the mouth, snaking her tongue between the younger girl’s open lips. Crissy reacted with some surprise, but couldn’t pull away because Saige still had hold of her hair from behind her head.

The kiss ended after a few seconds. “Good job, sweetie! I’m so proud of you,” Saige said as she gave Crissy a peck on the cheek. Crissy was still a little wary, but smiled upon hearing the compliment. She was also a little flushed from the French kiss.

“Now, baby girl, why don’t you grab the Dean’s cock from the base and hold it steady for me. Keep your other hand on his balls. It’s time for your demonstration.” Crissy did as she was told. I braced myself by leaning slightly on my desk. Saige’s left hand released Crissy’s tits and rested on the front of my right thigh.

Saige kissed the head of my cock lovingly before taking it in her mouth. She had this way of using her lips to simulate the entry of my cock into a pussy that just drop me wild. She used her tongue to swirl around the head, under the crown and on the frenulum at the base of of the head. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips slowly.

Saige then allowed my cock to slam into her cheek as she bobbed her head up and down. Spit was escaping her mouth and running down the shaft onto Crissy’s hand. Crissy face was inches from Saige’s mouth and my cock and she was transfixed by the sight of someone who clearly enjoyed what she was doing.

“Mmmm… Slurpp sluuuuurrrrp slurrrrrrp sluuurrrp.” The sound of Saige’s blowjob filled my large office. Her blowjobs were usually sloppy and this was no different. Crissy’s right hand was coated in it now and it was dripping onto the carpet below. Saige’s right hand was still busy thursting in and out of her pussy. Crissy, too, was getting into it. I felt her left hand caressing my balls to the timing of Saige’s sucking.

Saige raised her head and released my cock with a sucking sound. She licked around the shaft and looked Crissy straight in the eye. “Sorry, baby girl. I forgot that I needed to show you what to do. I got carried away.” Saige winked at Crissy and both of them smiled.

“The Dean likes sloppy blowjobs. You need to make sure that you use a lot of saliva. Start from the head like this… mmmmmmm… and close your lips around it. With my lips closed, you can’t actually see what my tongue is doing. Let me show you.” Saige released my cock head from her mouth and showed Crissy how to lick around the head.

“Pay special attention to this part of the head,” she said. “This part at the base is particularly sensitive and drives the Dean wild.” Saige pursed her lips and slowly sucked around the frenulum. I voiced my approval.

“Puta ka, Saige. Ang galing mo talaga.” I grabbed her by the back of her head and thrust the entire length of my cock into her mouth. Her face was buried in my lower abdomen and she was gagging. I held her there for a few seconds and released her.

“Uuurrkkkk… (Cough) (cough). Thank you, Sir. May I have some more?”

“Maybe later. Continue your lesson,” I said.

She gave me a little pout, but turned to Crissy, who was amazed that her mentor managed to swallow an eight-inch cock without choking.

“You need to relax the muscles at the back of your throat. Otherwise, the Dean’s cock will stimulate your gag reflex and close off your pharynx. You need to take it in stages. After a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it. Now watch.”

Saige’s left hand guided Crissy’s right hand from my cock and placed it on her own tits. She looked the younger girl in the eyes and nodded to her. The girl understood and started to play with Saige’s large tits, paying special attention to the nipples. This allowed Saige to quicken the pace of her masturbation.

While Saige’s eyes were locked onto Crissy’s, the older girl took my cock into her mouth and bobbed her head forward and back. I met her motion my thrusting my pelvis. “Awwwk… Aaawwkkkwkwk… Aaawwwwkkk…”

Then, I held her head steady and continued to pound her mouth. “Slurpp sluuuuurrrrp.”

Crissy’s face was pretty close to the action and I could feel her breath on my hip. “Ito ang inaasahan ko mula sa iyo, Miss Mendez.” When she heard me address her, Crissy turned her head to face me. I held her eyes as I kept thrusting my cock into Saige’s exquisite oral orifice. “Kailangan mong maging handa upang bigyan ako ng iyong buong commitment. Kung hindi ka ganap na nakatuon sa aking programa ng pagsasanay, maaari kang umalis at huminto sa pag-aaksaya ng aking oras. Naiintindihan mo ba ako, Miss Mendez?”

I was thrusting more forcefully into Saige. Her eyes were tearing and her muffled cries were getting louder. “Awwwkkkk… Aaawwkkkwkwk… Aaawwwwkkk… Aaawwkkkwkwk… Awkkk…” She was enjoying this as much as I was!

I pullout my cock out of her mouth. Saige was breathing heavily not only from my rough face fucking, but also because of her own fingers in her sopping wet pussy and Crissy’s continued attention on her tits.

My cock was now covered with Saige’s spit. It was red and throbbing and quite angry. With my left hand, I grabbed hold of Saige’s hair. At the same time, I grabbed Crissy by the ponytail with my right. I positioned them together to share a French kiss, locking their lips together. I noticed that Crissy took the initiative this time and took hold of Saige’s face and thrust her tongue into the older girl’s mouth. Saige was still in the middle of pleasuring herself.

I began to pull them them apart, but not to dislodge them. I forced my cock between the mouths of the two kissing beauties. This caused them to kiss around my cock head. I could feel both of their tongues slide around the head and up and down the shaft. Holding them steady by the backs of their heads, I thrust my cock forward and back while between two sets of lips.

I noticed that Saige’s movements were becoming erratic. She was about to cum!

With my right hand still on Crissy’s ponytail, I pulled her head back and turned her face towards me. “Miss Mendez, obserbahan mo ang isang totoong disipulo ng aking conditioning.” I took my cock and aimed it at Saige’s mouth.

“Slurpppp… Aaawwwkkkk…” Saige was almost there. Her legs were spread out wide and her right hand was a blur. She had three fingers going in and out of her drenched pussy. Her thigh muscles were shaking from the pleasure.

“Kahit na gusto niyang magparaos, hindi siya maglalakas-loob na kumpletuhin ito nang wala ang aking pahintulot. Tama ba ako, Miss Collins?” I pulled out my cock to allow her to respond.


“Hindi kita naintindihan, Miss Collins.”

“Shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiittttttt aaaaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh!”

“Ano’ng kailangan mo, Miss Collins?”

“Uuugghhhhh… Uuuuuhhhhhh…”

Crissy was transfixed by Saige’s clear desire for release. I noticed that Crissy’s hand was now unconsciouly stroking my freed cock to the rhythm of Saige’s finger fucking. In addition, Crissy was playing with her own tits.

I turned to Crissy. “Ano sa palagay mo ang dapat nating gawin sa kanya, Miss Mendez?”

Saige pleaded with her eyes to Crissy. “Pleeeeaaaasssse, baby girl. Ugh… Ugghhh… I neeeeed thiiiiiss soooo badly. Please give me permission to cum. Pleeeaasssee. Oooohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.”

Crissy turned to her to speak.

[To be continued…]
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