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Almost Paradise (Part 2)
This Story is part 2 of 4 in the series Almost Paradise
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“Patience Andrea, honey, patience!” I mimicked him coyly. “You are such a tease.” I said as I hugged myself to cover my exposed breasts. Josh stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me “Later hon–look over there first!” He said so I tilted over to see where he’s pointing at.

The beach area is now very dark from our place. There were lit lamps scattered on the sand and it flickered like hundreds of fireflies from afar. “Whoa! That’s so sweet! Do they have something like that in Bora?” I haven’t been to Boracay and it’s in the target list also but we chose to go in Krabi instead. “Hmmm not that I can remember, maybe in some other stations” he leaned over to kiss my cheeks, then my shoulders alternately. “Shall we take a shower then let’s have dinner? Seems you don’t have any plans on hitting it on me here in the pool–” I wasn’t able to finish my sentence as he passionately kissed me. “You are still the same as before– always impatient! You have to really work out on that one.” He smirked at me and I made faces on him mischievously. “Hang on a sec” and he went over to get my cover up. He put it on me and suddenly he lifted me. “Hey! Put me down now!”

“As a tradition, the groom has to carry the bride inside the house during their honeymoon, remember?” He said sheepishly. “But we’re not having our honeymoon!” I snarled back. “Well, we can always pretend to be, I mean what we will be doing later, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is like having a honeymoon afterall…”

The front door is just a few steps away from the pool and Josh put me down when we reached the balcony. “I’ll get the towels, hang on a sec OK?” He went inside and I took a quick glance of the place. “Here you go hon–” I rolled my eyes on him as I reached out for the towel. “What was that for huh?”

“Nothing!” I said as I entered the door and headed straight to the shower. I took off my cover-ups and turned the shower on. The water is warm and soothing. I noticed that Josh entered the bathroom carrying a big red pouch. I smiled secretly when I saw him take out its contents. He joined me in the shower and he started soaping my shoulders and then my back. His hands found its way to my breasts and my anticipation grew stronger. I squeezed some shower gel into may palms and turned around so Josh and I are now face to face.

I soaped his chest then his shoulders down to his arms and then to his torso. My hands lingered for quite some time in his waist then moved its way down to his butt, I kneeled down as my hands moved to his right thigh and down to his legs then I did the same thing on his left. I felt him sigh when he realized that I intentionally skipped soaping his cock. I stood up and squeezed some more gel into my palms.

I can feel that Josh is anticipating my next move so I delayed for a few seconds. I tip toed and planted soft kisses on his lips, gently biting his lower lip then my tongue teased the corner of his mouth. I can feel his erection in my tummy so I moved a bit closer so his cock touches my pussy. He opened his mouth with the hope that I will kiss him some more, but I took a step back and started soaping my breasts and down to my tummy. I stared at him slyly and smiled teasingly. He looked down on his erection and then stared back at me. I started soaping my pussy, my eyes still fixed on him. He reached for my breasts and gave a deep sigh as I turned my back on him.

“Honey?” He said as he moved closer. I turned the knob of the shower and the water gushed some more. “Hmmm?” I felt his hands on my waist and his erection on my butt. “Are you teasing me?” He whispered in my ears. “No… Not at all” I said as i rubbed my body to rinse the soap off. “Honey?” He said in between his soft kisses on my nape. “Mmmm?” He turned me around so we can be face to face again. He gently raised my chin and kissed my forehead, then tip of my nose and then my lips.

I have been fighting to not let my guards down so I pretended that it has no effect on me. I rubbed his body so the remaining soap will wash off. He suddenly held my waist and lifted me. I wrapped my legs on waist as I hugged him for additional support. We grinned at each other as he leaned me on the wall. I can feel his erection touching below my butt. “Honey– I… ” His face was so close into mine and i can feel his breath on my skin as he spoke. “I– I. love. you.”

I stared at him and I swear I could not even say a word. My words choked me, for a split second I got a bit confused on what to do or what to say. I unwrapped my legs from his waist and let go of him. I can see the shock on his face as he combed his fingers through his hair. I immediately stepped out of the shower and grabbed my towel to dry myself up.

I looked at him and smiled. His eyes still fixed on me. “I love you too.” I said as I felt my cheeks blush. i stormed out of the bathroom and I felt something strange but very happy.

I peeked on the bathroom door and he caught my eye. “And oh, I love it when you call me Honey.”

To be continued ~~

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